11+ Awesome Dropshipping Tools | Bring Your Store to the Next Level!

Find out what the best dropshipping tools are in 2019 for your dropshipping store!
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Below you will find more than 11 awesome dropshipping tools that I recommend you use for your dropshipping store. These are tools that will help you start, grow and scale your dropshipping store. You can click on “Page Contents” to directly jump to the tool category you like. Happy dropshipping!

With each tool, I will:
– Post a screenshot of their homepage (you can click on the image to go to their website)
– Tell you the price of the dropshipping tool (if it’s not free)
– Tell you for where you can use that tool for

1. Dropshipping Ecommerce Website Tools

Let’s start my recommend dropshipping tools list with the ecommerce platforms that I suggest.

If your budget allows it, then I highly suggest you use Shopify.

Dropshipping Tools: Shopify
Screenshot of their homepage

Shopify cheapest subscription currently is $29 per month, but you can get a free 14-day trial if you click here.

You can click here to see their current pricing

In case your budget doesn’t allow these monthly costs, then I suggest taking a look at WooCommerce. It’s a free ecommerce plugin that you can use on your WordPress website.

Dropshipping Tools: WooCommerce
Screenshot of their homepage

Hosting your dropshipping store yourself

Yes, WooCommerce is free, but you will need a WordPress website to install it on.

And guess what you will need for your WordPress website? Hosting!

You will need hosting to bring your dropshipping store online. With Shopify, hosting is included for free.

I suggest you take a look at BlueHost when you’re just beginning with your dropshipping store.

Dropshipping Tools: BlueHost
Screenshot of their homepage

And when you’re beginning to get a lot of visitors and want a faster host, then I suggest taking a look at Cloudways

Dropshipping Tools: Cloudways
Screenshot of their homepage

2. Dropshipping Order Processing and Supplier Tools

Next up, you will need to have a tool that processes your dropshipping orders for you.

Some of these tools have their own suppliers, while others let you connect to sites like AliExpress.

First off, Oberlo!

Dropshipping Tools: Oberlo
Screenshot of their homepage
  • Free up to 50 orders per month (After that it’s $29,90 per month, but at that point, you’re getting a lot of sales per month already).
  • Only available on Shopify.
  • Helps you connect your Shopify store to AliExpress or you can use their own verified dropshipping suppliers.

The second tool is called Spocket.

  • Their pricing plans currently start at just $9 per month and they offer a 14-day free trial for each plan.
  • Available on Shopify and WooCommerce.
  • They got their own selection of dropshipping suppliers. Around 60% of them are based in the U.S. or Europe! This means having a faster delivery time!

Alright, next up is Dropified. Most people switch from Oberlo to Dropified after they are getting a lot of sales per month (50+). Dropified got a lot of extra features, like getting cashback on your AliExpress orders.

Dropshipping Tools: Dropified
Screenshot of their homepage
  • If you pay monthly, then the price for 1 store currently is $47 per month (annually it’s $39 per month).
  • Available on Shopify, WooCommerce, CommerceHQ, and GrooveKart.
  • It lets you connect your store to AliExpress and eBay.

And last but not least, AliDropship!

Dropshipping Tools: AliDropship
Screenshot of their homepage
  • The price is currently $89 for a lifetime license. So, no monthly fees like with Shopify!
  • Available on WordPress and WooCommerce.
  • It lets you connect your store to AliExpress.

3. Tools for Product and Market Research

Next up are tools that will help you to do product and market research!

First off is a tool that will help you with market research. It’s called Google Trends!

This awesome tool from Google lets you see how a keyword is doing in the search results (and it’s free).

For example, see the screenshot below to see what’s going on with “Dropshipping”.

It’s definitely trending a lot! See how you can use this?

Alright, one more example!

Do you see that their not that many people searching for fidget spinners any more after the hype went down?

The second tool will help you with the product research on your dropshipping store. It’s called Sell The Trend.

Dropshipping Tools: Sell The Trend
Screenshot of their homepage

It’s one tool, but it contains so many tools, as you can see on the image below.

If you’re interested in this dropshipping tool, then you can click here to start your free 7-day trial or you can click here to read my full review of Sell The Trend.

The subscription price, after the free trial, is currently $39 per month and you will get 2 months for free if you pay yearly.

4. Email Marketing

Let’s continue with the dropshipping tools that you will need for email marketing!

First off, you will need an email marketing service. I suggest you take a look at Omnisend.

Dropshipping Tools: Omnisend
Screenshot of their homepage

You can send up to 15,000 emails per month for free with Omnisend! This is more than enough for when you’re just beginning with dropshipping.

Secondly, you will need a professional email address! With professional I mean something like support@store-name.com, not something like support-store-name@gmail.com

I suggest you take a look at Zoho Mail. With Zoho Mail, you can create a professional email address for free.

Another option is to look if your domain registrar (where you purchased your domain name) offers a free email address.

5. Keeping Track of Your Dropshipping Store Visitors

Alright, let’s move on to the tools that will help you keep track of your dropshipping store visitors.

You probably know this one already, but if you didn’t, I highly recommend you add Google Analytics to your dropshipping store.

Screenshot of their homepage

Google Analytics is free to use and got so many features that you can use to keep track of your visitors.

Although Google Analytics is awesome, I suggest combining it with a tool that creates a heat map for you. This way you will have so much information about what your visitors did on your store.

I suggest you take a look at Hotjar.

Dropshipping Tools: Hotjar
Screenshot of their homepage

The awesome thing about Hotjar is that they have a free version available and their tool works with the most popular platforms out there.

I suggest checking their website for all their available integrations!

6. Social Media Help Tools

Let’s continue this list with tools that will help you with your social media platforms.

The first tool I suggest you take a look at is Tailwind. This tool is mainly used for Pinterest (I use it as well for this blog).

Currently, it’s $15 if you pay monthly, but they have a free trial that lets you schedule up to 100 Pinterest posts for free. Also, you get the first month for free if you click on my link!

Dropshipping Tools: Tailwind
Screenshot of their homepage

Two other great tools (that let you schedule posts for multiple social media platforms) are Later and Buffer. Both have free plans available for you.

One thing though, Later is mainly used for Instagram (as you can see on their homepage).

Screenshot of their homepage
Screenshot of their homepage

7. Researching Competitors

Below you will find two great free tools that I suggest you use to research your competitors.

First off is SimilarWeb. This tool shows you an estimate of the traffic that the website of your competitor is getting.

Dropshipping Tools: SimilarWeb
Screenshot of their homepage

On the screenshot below you will see me using this tool on a dropshipping store.

The second great tool to research your competitors is called Commerce Inspector.

Dropshipping Tools: Commerce Inspector
Screenshot of their homepage

Yes, their paid version contains a lot more than their free version, but their free version is still great.

You can use the free version to easily see the latest products that dropshipping store added (and how many days ago). You can also see the apps that that store is using.

Plus you can easily click on best selling, which will lead you to their all collection page sorted by best selling ( /collections/all?sort_by=best-selling).

For example, see the screenshot below to see this dropshipping tool in action!

8. Tools for SEO

Let’s move on to the SEO tools that you can use if you want to get free traffic to your dropshipping store!

Most people use Ahrefs for their SEO research.

Screenshot of their homepage

Ahrefs lowest monthly plan (not paid yearly) is currently $99, but there is an option to have a 7-day trial for $7.

It’s an expensive tool for sure. That’s why I suggest you to not use any paid SEO tools yet if your budget is tight!

A great free option to do keyword research for your dropshipping store is Keywords Everywhere. This browser extension shows you an estimate of the search volume for your Google search.

Screenshot of their homepage

I got one example for you below how it looks like if you, for example, Google “Color hair wax”.

I used this example before, but you can see here what the estimate search volume is!

I do have two more great tools for you to do keyword research for your dropshipping store.

The first one is called AnswerThePublic. This tool will give you a lot of data regarding what people are searching around your keyword.

Screenshot of their homepage (I love the video on their homepage haha)

And the second one is called Keyword Finder. You type in a keyword and it gives you a lot of keywords back!

Screenshot of their homepage

9. Dropshipping Business Tools

You’re starting a real business when you’re opening your dropshipping store. The tools below will help you with your business.

First off, you can use a tool to track how you spend your time. This way you know what you can improve on your daily schedule to be even more productive.

I suggest you take a look at Toggl because their free version is available for teams up to 5 members!

Screenshot of their homepage

Secondly, you will need a tool that will help you with managing your tasks. This way you will be organized and you will know exactly what to do each day.

Of course, the decision is yours if you use this or not. Some people like it and some people hate it.

The tool I recommend the most is Todoist (I currently use it as well to keep track of all the things I need to do)

Screenshot of their homepage

Todoist is free to use, but you can upgrade to a premium account (or use their business version) if you want more features.

Two other options are Asana and Trello. They both have a free version available!

Screenshot of their homepage
Screenshot of their homepage

10. Dropshipping Tools for Creating Your Advertisements

Let’s move on to the tools that you can use if you want to create advertisements for your dropshipping store!

Creating Video Ads

For video ads, I suggest you use something like Camtasia Studio!

Screenshot of their homepage

It’s a great tool that you can use to make awesome video ads. The price is currently around $260. I suggest checking their website to see their current price!

But yeah that’s definitely not a great choice if your budget is tight.

Another option is to use Adobe Premiere Pro.

Screenshot of their product page

You will need to check their website for the current pricing, but at Adobe they work with monthly (or yearly) plans. You could use the option to pay for all apps if you want to use Photoshop as well (I will talk about that tool below).

But, again, this is an expensive tool (you’re looking at $600 if you want to use all their apps and want to pay per year) So, what if your budget is tight?

You could use Quik from GoPro. It lets you create awesome video’s on your mobile for free.

Screenshot from the Google Play Store

You can click here if you want to check it out on the Google Play Store. Or you can click here if you want to see it on the App Store!

Creating Picture Ads

If you want to create normal picture ads or if you want to design something like your logo, then I suggest you use Photoshop if your budget allows it (like I said above with Premiere Pro).

Screenshot of their product page

It’s the same with the price as with Premiere Pro. You will need to have a subscription to use this app (or multiple apps).

If your budget doesn’t allow any paid tools for this yet, then I highly suggest you check out Canva.

Dropshipping Tools: Canva
Screenshot of their homepage (when not signed in)

I currently use Canva as well to create the images for this blog (like the featured images at the top). The great thing about Canva is that it’s free to use!

11. Tools to Keep Track of How Fast Your Dropshipping Store Loads

Having a fast dropshipping store means having a smaller chance of visitors bouncing, it improves SEO, and it will improve your sales and conversions!

Below you will find the speed tools that I suggest you use.

  • GTmetrix – This is one of the popular ones
Screenshot of their homepage
  • Pingdom – Another popular one to test the speed of a website
Screenshot of their homepage
  • Think with Google – To see how fast your site loads on mobile. You can even scroll down and evaluate the impact of a faster site.
Screenshot of their homepage


So, there you have it! All the dropshipping tools you will need for your dropshipping store in 2019!

I will constantly update this article if I find new dropshipping tools that could be helpful for everyone!

If you’re going to start with dropshipping now (or maybe you have already started), then I wish you the best and please don’t forget that success doesn’t come overnight!

If I forgot a dropshipping tool you really like or if you got any questions regarding dropshipping, then let me know by commenting below or contacting me directly by pressing the “Contact Me” button at the top!

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11+ Awesome Dropshipping Tools | Bring Your Store to the Next Level!
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11+ Awesome Dropshipping Tools | Bring Your Store to the Next Level!
Find out what the best dropshipping tools in 2019 are! Bring your dropshipping store to the next level now! Are you ready?
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  1. can you talk about payment gateway
    and also how quick do you receive payment
    which is better
    what are their conditions over time,any requirement
    do you get the money immediately to fulfil the orders
    thank you

    1. Hi!

      It depends on which platform you’re going to open your dropshipping store, but most of the times PayPal and Stripe are the best options when you’re just beginning with your dropshipping journey.
      Also, you could use Shopify Payments if you use Shopify and if it’s available in your country.

      When someone pays in your store for a product, then you will get that money immediately on your PayPal or Stripe account (depending which payment methods you have and which payment method your customer has selected) so you can fulfill your orders. Do keep in mind that your money could be on hold for some time (read more here).

      I hope that that helped you further. Let me know if you have any more questions or if something was unclear to you!

      Good luck with your dropshipping store ?

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