If you've ever started selling online, you know that your products can make or break your success.

This is why product research is so important.

However, doing it manually is time-consuming and, honestly, a bit of a headache.

That's where product research tools can help. They scan massive amounts of data from online marketplaces and social platforms to find what’s selling and what’s not.

So, in this article, we’re sharing the best product research tools!

The Best Product Research Tools (Free & Paid)

Let's begin!

The Best Product Research Tools: An Overview

Here is an overview of the product research tools covered in this article:

ToolBest ForPricingRead Review
Sell The TrendDropshipping$40 / $100 per monthSell The Trend Review
Jungle ScoutAmazon$49 / $69 / $129 per monthJungle Scout Review
ZIK AnalyticseBay$30 / $60 / $90 per monthZIK Analytics Review
TikTok Creative CenterTikTokFreeTikTok Creative Center Review
Koala InspectorShopify$0 / $8 / $20 per monthKoala Inspector Review
Pinterest TrendsPinterestFreePinterest Trends Review
DropshipFinding product ideas$29 / $49 / $79 per monthDropship Review
WinningHunterAd spying€49 / €79 / €249 per monthWinningHunter Review
TrendingProductsEcommerce in general$147 / $297 per monthTrendingProducts Review
Helium 10Amazon FBA and Walmart$39 / $99 / $399 per monthHelium 10 Review
Thieve.coAliExpress$15 / $49 per monthThieve.co Review
Amazon Movers and ShakersAmazon trendsFreeAmazon Movers and Shakers Review
MineaResearching product ads$49 / $99 / $399 per monthMinea Review

How do you choose a product research tool?

Understanding your target market

With so many product research tools, choosing the perfect one can sometimes feel like finding a needle in a haystack.

Luckily, there are a few simple steps you can take to make that decision easier:

  1. Understand your needs. Will you be dropshipping, selling on Amazon, or marketing on TikTok? Many product research tools are tailor-made for specific platforms, so knowing this will help you filter out many options.
  2. What is your budget? How much you're willing to spend is also important. Some tools offer a ton of features but come with a price tag that matches it.
  3. Check if you like the user interface. Look for a tool with a friendly user interface. You want to spend your time making decisions based on insights, not figuring out how to find them.
  4. Check the reviews. It can never hurt to check the reviews on websites like Trustpilot. They can tell you a lot about what real users think of the product.
  5. Test the tool. Many tools offer free trials or have a basic free version. So, test out your top choices. Sometimes, a tool might look perfect on paper, but trying it out can reveal some deal-breakers you hadn't considered.

We hope that was helpful; let's dive into the product research tools now!

The 13 best product research tools of 2024

Here is the complete list of the best product research tools:

1. Sell The Trend - Best for dropshipping

Homepage of Sell The Trend

The number one product research tool is Sell The Trend.

We have used almost all the product research tools on this list, and this is our favorite.

Sell The Trend contains so many different tools that it will surely blow your mind!

For example, one of the product research tools is called ‘The Nexus’.

You can find a lot (like really A LOT) of products here:

Sell The Trend Nexus product examples

The great thing is that they have a ton of data for each product:

Example of a product in the Nexus

It's great to get inspired.

You can find ideas on what products to sell, Facebook Ads examples, and Shopify dropshipping store examples!

Full review: Sell The Trend Review: Best Dropshipping Tool in 2024?


  • The Nexus. One of the most powerful features of Sell the Trend is the powerful AI engine, which uses an algorithm to show the products trending across all ecommerce stores.
  • A lot of examples. Their data on other online stores is massive! As an example, we found this dropshipping store after around one minute of scrolling through the results:
Calming Dog Bed store
  • A ton of options to find products. There are a few different explorers where you can research products. You can sort by 'Hot Products' and then sort products by 'Sold by most stores' to find the most-sold products:
Sell The Trend product examples
  • AI Brand Builder. Generates custom product descriptions and catchy social media ads in the tone of your brand. It’s similar to ChatGPT but trained and tuned for dropshipping!


  • Their pricing. The main con of Sell The Trend is that the pricing can be expensive for some. Currently, the cheapest plan costs $39.97 monthly.
  • A lot of data. The tool can feel overwhelming when you’ve just started using it (and even if you’ve been using it for a while already).


Sell The Trend's pricing range from $39.97 to $99.97 per month:

Sell The Trend pricing plans

And yes, they do offer a 7-day free trial!

Try Sell The Trend For Free

2. Jungle Scout - Best for Amazon

Jungle Scout homepage

Jungle Scout is one of the best product research tools for Amazon sellers.

It was founded in 2015 by Greg Mercer, an engineer who switched his career to ecommerce.

Since then, Jungle Scout has become the leading all-in-one platform for selling on Amazon.

You can use Jungle Scout to launch your Amazon product, get more reviews, and research products!

Jungle Scout benefits


  • Product Database. Product Database is a searchable catalog of 475 million Amazon products. You can sort by categories, estimated sales, sales rank, revenue, and more to find winning products!
Jungle Scout product database
  • Product Tracker. Once you've made a list of products, you can use the Product Tracker feature to easily compare product ideas and sales metrics. It really helps to choose which product to start selling next on Amazon!
Jungle Scout product tracker
  • Opportunity Finder. With Opportunity Finder, you can find Amazon keywords that have a high volume and low competition:
Jungle Scout opportunity finder


  • It's pricey. The cost of Jungle Scout can be high for new or budget-conscious sellers.
  • Sales data is estimated. The sales data that you see on Jungle Scout is based on estimates, which don't always match the actual sales figures.


Jungle Scout's pricing plans range from $49 to $129 per month:

Jungle Scout pricing

Jungle Scout also offers a free 7-day trial.

Try Jungle Scout For Free

3. ZIK Analytics - Best for eBay

ZIK Analytics homepage

ZIK Analytics is an online platform specifically designed to help eBay sellers with product research.

However, they also have features for AliExpress and Shopify product research!

With ZIK's eBay tools, you can find the latest trends, spy on your competitors, analyze products, and optimize your listings:

ZIK Analytics eBay product research tool


  • Find profitable products. ZIK Analytics offers designated tools for finding products and competitors:
ZIK Analytics find profitable products
  • Unlimited searches. All of ZIK's pricing plans come with unlimited searches.
  • A list of 500 best-selling eBay items. This is included in ZIK's PRO+ plan and could give you a lot of ideas for products to sell!
  • Dropshipping tools. ZIK Analytics also has multiple features designed to help you with eBay dropshipping:
ZIK Analytics dropshipping tools


  • Data is estimated. You should know that ZIK's data is based on estimates (although that is true for many other product research tools).


Pricing plans of ZIK Analytics range from $30 to $90 per month:

ZIK Analytics pricing

ZIK Analytics also offers a $1 trial or your first month for a 50% discount!

Try ZIK Analytics Now

4. TikTok Creative Center - Best for TikTok

TikTok Creative Center homepage

The TikTok Creative Center is a platform designed specifically for TikTok marketers, content creators, and dropshippers who want to find out what makes content go viral.

It includes insights into trending hashtags, top products, and top-performing video ads:

TikTok Creative Center top products

The TikTok Creative Center also allows you to search for specific keywords and phrases related to your brand.

For example, if you're in the fitness niche, you could type 'fitness' into the keyword bar and find various fitness-related product ads.

By filtering the results, you can narrow down the number of videos that appear:

TikTok Creative Center top ads

Tip: Select 'Conversion' as the objective. Otherwise, you may see random videos that aren't used to promote products.


  • Official TikTok data. No estimates here! All data comes straight from TikTok, so you know that it's accurate.
  • Top TikTok videos. The Creative Center includes a large library of top TikTok videos, which can give you lots of product ideas:
TikTok Creative Center videos
  • Free. The TikTok Creative Center is 100% free.

Want to learn more? Check out our product research guide for TikTok here!


  • Limited to TikTok. You can't use this tool to research products on Amazon or Shopify stores, for example. It also doesn't include data like the product's cost from the supplier.


The TikTok Creative Center is a completely free platform.

Try TikTok Creative Center Now

5. Koala Inspector - Best for Shopify

Koala Inspector homepage

Koala Inspector is a browser extension that is great for doing product research on Shopify stores.

It is lightweight and easy to use, and all the data you need is organized.

That means you won't feel overwhelmed when you open it on any Shopify website you want to spy on.

Still, it is packed with powerful features, and it does the job of spying on other Shopify stores exceptionally well.

Koala Inspector products


  • Live sales (revenue checker). This feature shows you how many sales a store has made. You can combine it with a store's traffic sources and ad campaigns to gain valuable insights.
  • Best sellers. You can generate a list of the Shopify store's best-performing products.
  • Product stats. These tell you when the first product was published on the Shopify store, the cheapest product, the most expensive product, the average price of products on the website, and the total number of products.


  • The free plan is limited. After analyzing products on three to five Shopify stores, you will be out of credits.
  • The data is estimated. Once again, be careful that the data you'll get from this tool is based on estimates.


Koala Inspector's pricing plans range from $0 to $20 per month:

Koala Inspector pricing

Koala Inspector also offers a free 3-day trial.

Try Koala Inspector For Free
Pinterest Trends homepage

Next up is a great product research tool for Pinterest: Pinterest Trends!

The pre-populated topics are fascinating to study. For example, at the time of writing this, it was almost Valentine's Day:

Pinterest Trend US

You can also click on any trending keyword in your niche and analyze the results:

Trending keyword product research on Pinterest

Tip: You can learn more about doing product research on Pinterest in this article!


  • View popular Pins. 'Popular Pins' for each term appear below 'related terms.' Clicking on the pins will open the current top searches for the term in a new window.
  • View top trends. Top trends highlight searches that have both high volume and strong growth. You can find many product ideas here!
Pinterest breakdown of top trends
  • Find customer insights. The great thing about Pinterest Trends is that it gives you a detailed view of the popular pins and how customers like to use products. It can help you fine-tune your product descriptions and learn from the products your competitors are selling.


  • It's mostly popularity-type data. Pinterest Trends works best for checking the popularity and trend of a particular product:
Pinterest Trends in the US


Pinterest Trends is free to use!

Try Pinterest Trends Now

7. Dropship - Best for finding product ideas

Dropship homepage

Dropship is a product research tool that helps you find amazing products.

It was founded in 2020 by two brothers who recognized store owners had a hard time finding good products to sell.

Dropship offers many useful features, like a Product Database containing millions of products from other ecommerce stores.

Dropship product research database

And that's not all. Every week on Monday at 12 PM EST, Dropship will add 40 potentially winning products to your portfolio.

Dropship Portfolio calendar

And those aren't just any random products from the database.

The products that appear in your portfolio are picked by an advanced algorithm and then manually screened by a team of specialists.

Dropship Portfolio drop example

Each product comes with a variety of helpful information, including:

  • The product and shipping costs.
  • A product description.
  • The benefits and drawbacks.
  • The saturation level.
  • A list of competitors.
  • Facebook and TikTok content.
  • And much more!
Dropship Portfolio product example

Doesn't that look amazing?


  • Amazing for finding information about competitors. If you've ever asked yourself something like, hmm, I wonder how many sales this store is getting, then Dropship can give you a great estimate!
  • The Portfolio is a great place to find new product ideas. It's also great to see how much additional information Dropship includes for most of the products.
  • Includes free tools. There is an Interest Explorer to find hidden Facebook interests, a ROAS Calculator, a Profit Calculator, and more.
  • Clean and easy-to-use interface. The design is clean, and using the tool is intuitive, even if you've never seen it before.


  • It's not that focused on finding suppliers. You should know that Dropship is currently more focused on showing you products from other online stores instead of from the supplier pages.
  • A bit on the pricier side. Dropship's pricing plans are slightly more expensive than the competition.


Dropship's pricing plans range from $29 to $79 per month:

Dropship pricing

Try Dropship For Free

8. WinningHunter - Best for ad spying

WinningHunter homepage

WinningHunter is a product research tool that helps you find winning products by spying on TikTok and Facebook Ads.

It's designed by a simple principle. If you study ads that people spend a lot of money on, then they must contain winning products, right?

WinningHunter FB advertisements


  • All-in-one tool. A significant pro of WinningHunter is that it provides all the features you need to find winning products. You can spy on both Facebook Ads and TikTok Ads, and you can see lots of metrics for each ad and advertiser:
WinningHunter sales tracker
  • Download TikTok Ads without a watermark. A great extra feature of WinningHunter is the ability to download TikTok Ads without a watermark. This is great if you want to use parts of it for your own ad. Caution: don't run the exact same ad because it will violate TikTok's Terms of Service.
WinningHunter download TikTok without watermark


  • Pricey. Although you can start for free, WinningHunter is relatively pricey, with the cheapest plan being €49 per month.


WinningHunter's pricing plans range from €49 to €249 per month:

WinningHunter pricing

Try WinningHunter For Free

9. TrendingProducts - Best for ecommerce overall

TrendingProducts homepage

Are you looking for an ecommerce product research tool that can do a little bit of everything?

If so, TrendingProducts is a great choice!

It is a tool that consists of an online dashboard as well as a Chrome extension that helps you find suppliers, ads, and trending ecommerce products.

TrendingProducts Product Trends

Whether you're looking at a Shopify store, an Amazon product page, or an item on AliExpress, TrendingProducts will show you relevant details on it.

Here is an overview of the tool's best features:

  • View an online store's number of suppliers, ads, and trending products
TrendingProducts store research
  • See any store's trending products
  • Search for a store's AliExpress or Alibaba suppliers
  • View and download a store's social media ads
  • Download product images from AliExpress or Alibaba
  • Search through 100k+ products sold online
  • Find new product trends
  • And much more!


  • Lots of features. TrendingProducts is an all-in-one product research tool. It helps you analyze stores, find suppliers, look up trends, download products details, and more!
  • Find inspiration. One of the things we love most about TrendingProducts is that its Discover feature allows you to find some amazing ecommerce stores you can get inspired by. In just a few minutes, we found the stores Bully Beds, Kemi, and SpineDeck.
TrendingProducts discover feature


  • The 'Discover' feature isn't perfect. You'll find that the discover feature doesn't return many results for more specific terms like ' also find lots of websites that aren't active anymore
Sorry this shop is currently unavailable
  • Most trending products are fashion items. A trend detector is an amazing feature. However, most trending products you'll find on the platform are jewelry or clothing items, which isn't ideal if you're in a different niche.
  • It's pricey. If you have a limited budget, it may be worth choosing a cheaper tool instead.


TrendingProducts starts at $147 per month, which gives you access to all features. However, if you're a heavy user, you may have to opt for the $297 per month Business plan instead:

TrendingProducts pricing

Try TrendingProducts Now

10. Helium 10 - Best for Amazon FBA and Walmart

Helium 10 homepage

The next tool is called Helium 10, and it's a great alternative to Jungle Scout if you're selling on Amazon.

Like Jungle Scout, Helium 10 has multiple tools to help your Amazon FBA business.

These include the likes of keyword research, listing optimization, and operations tools.

And, of course, product research tools can't be missing!

Helium 10 product research


Helium 10 Chrome extension
  • Black Box. Helium 10 calls its Black Box tool "The Ultimate Amazon Product Niche Finder." It's designed to find highly profitable and low-competition products on Amazon:
Helium 10 FBA product finder
  • Xray. Found a product you like? You can use Helium 10's free Xray tool to check its analytics!
Helium 10 Amazon sales data


  • Expensive. In general, Helium 10 is even more costly than Jungle Scout.
  • No review automation. With Jungle Scout, you can completely automate the review request process within Seller Central. This isn't possible with Helium 10.


Helium 10's pricing plans range from $39 to $279 per month:

Helium 10 pricing

Try Helium 10 Now

11. Thieve.co - Best for AliExpress

Home page of Thieve.co

Thieve is a product research tool that shows you what's trending on AliExpress.

It will give you a lot of inspiration!

Thieve.co product examples

This is what the Thieve dashboard looks like once you're logged in:

Thieve.co Home page product search

As you can see above, it shows you various products.

You can then sort and filter these products based on your desire. For example, the category, number of sales, whether the product is trending, and so on!

Thieve.co also has free tools available on their website that can help you with different things like writing descriptions and finding AliExpress suppliers!

Free tools of Thieve.co


  • Available free tools. The free tools of Thieve.co can be used to find AliExpress suppliers, write product descriptions, and generate product content.
  • Chrome extension. Thieve released a Chrome extension that will help you with product research. (You can learn more about it here.)
  • A lot of filter and sorting options. You will see many filter and sorting options. This is a great way to find products that fit you and your store!


  • Only for AliExpress. Again, if you don't like AliExpress, then this is not the tool for you.


Many of Thieve's tools are free on their website. However, they also have paid plans available at $15 or $49 per month.

Pricing plans of Thieve.co

Thieve.co offers a 14-day free trial for both of their paid plans.

Try Thieve For Free

12. Amazon Movers and Shakers - Best for Amazon trends

Amazon Movers and Shakers

The Amazon Movers and Shakers list is one of the least-known product research tools for finding winning ecommerce products.

It is an Amazon-created list of products with the fastest-growing sales rank over the last 24 hours.

This makes it a great tool to track how a product or even product category fairs over time!

Learn more: How to Do Product Research With Amazon Movers and Shakers


  • Micro and macro trend analysis. When you have a product idea in mind, you can determine if it's trending using Movers and Shakers!
  • Consumer trend analysis. The movers and shakers list has great categorization. For example, you can find featured product lists in over 40 categories.
The advantages of using Amazon's Movers and Shakers list for product research - Infographic


  • Not the most advanced tool. The downside is that you won't get as much data as with some of the paid product research tools on this list.


Amazon Movers and Shakers is freely accessible to everyone.

Try Movers and Shakers Now

13. Minea - Best for researching product ads

Minea homepage

Minea is an ad spy tool that doubles up as a product research tool.

It can help you find ideas for new products to sell by showing you ads and products others are finding success with:

Minea winning products

Besides spying on millions of Facebook Ads, Minea has a database with tons of ads from TikTok and Pinterest.

It's unlikely that you won't find what you're looking for in this database!


  • It has a huge database. Minea probably has one of the largest databases in the industry, with close to a billion ads.
  • Chrome extension. A Chrome extension is always a plus for an ad spy tool because you can spy on any store you visit. It shows you a store's current ads.
  • Product research tool. Minea can help you find ideas for selling new products by showing highly successful ads.


  • Customer service. A few people on Trustpilot have mentioned that Minea's customer support is not the best.


Minea's subscription plans range from $49 to $399 per month:

Minea pricing

Minea also offers a free trial that gives you 100 credits.

Try Minea Now

Why should you use a product research tool?

Someone searching for a niche for their business

Why should you even bother using a product research tool?

I mean, people have been selling stuff since forever without any fancy tech, right?

Well, times have changed.

Here’s why a product research tool is a must-have:

  • Stay ahead of competitors. Product research tools help you spot the next big trends early, giving you a head start over the competition.
  • Make data-driven decisions. With a product research tool, you'll know which products have high demand, low competition, or are on an upward trend. This means less risk and a higher chance of success.
  • Save time and money. Manually searching for product ideas, analyzing competitors, and tracking trends can take hours, if not days. Plus, investing in the right products from the start makes you less likely to waste money on items that don't sell.
  • Understand your customers. Knowing what your customers want, even before they do, is super helpful!

FAQs about product research tools

Here are some more FAQs about product research tools:

What is a product research tool?

A product research tool is a tool designed to help online sellers discover profitable products to sell. It analyzes vast amounts of data to provide insights into trends, demand, competition, and customer preferences.

Does Amazon have a product research tool?

Yes, Amazon offers product research tools, with the most notable being Amazon Movers and Shakers. It's a feature within Amazon itself that tracks the biggest gainers in sales rank over the past 24 hours, providing insights into trending products.

Which product research tool is best for Amazon FBA?

Jungle Scout is often considered the best product research tool for Amazon FBA sellers.


Before we go to the final verdict, we've created a quick summary of this article for you so you can easily remember it:

Final verdict

That was it! The 13 best product research tools that will help you find your next winning product.

So, what is our final verdict?

What is the best product research tool in 2024?

Final verdict: The best product research tool is Sell The Trend because of its versatility, ease of use, and amount of data. However, if you're an Amazon seller, Jungle Scout is the best product research tool due to its Amazon-specific features.

If you’re still second-guessing, let’s take a look at our overview from earlier:

ToolBest ForPricing
Sell The TrendDropshipping$40 / $100 per month
Jungle ScoutAmazon$49 / $69 / $129 per month
ZIK AnalyticseBay$30 / $60 / $90 per month
TikTok Creative CenterTikTokFree
Koala InspectorShopify$0 / $8 / $20 per month
Pinterest TrendsPinterestFree
DropshipFinding product ideas$29 / $49 / $79 per month
WinningHunterAd spying€49 / €79 / €249 per month
TrendingProductsEcommerce in general$147 / $297 per month
Helium 10Amazon FBA and Walmart$39 / $99 / $399 per month
Thieve.coAliExpress$15 / $49 per month
Amazon Movers and ShakersAmazon trendsFree
MineaResearching product ads$49 / $99 / $399 per month

Happy selling!

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