Are you currently using Chrome or a browser that supports the Chrome Web Store and are you running an ecommerce store? Then this article will be awesome for you! In this article, you will find the 28 best Chrome extensions for ecommerce store owners just like you.

I have split up the Chrome extensions in a few categories like best for ecommerce store owners, productivity, research, and much more. You can select the category by using the table of contents below. Enjoy!

What are Chrome Extensions? And should you use them all?

Alright, before we dive into the list with the best Chrome extensions for ecommerce store owners, it's important to know what a Chrome extension is and if you should install them all the same time.

If you already know this, then you can of course scroll down to the first extension on the list.

So, a Chrome extension, according to Google themself, is a small software program that customizes the browsing experience. They enable users to tailor Chrome functionality and behavior to individual needs or preferences.

You can find these Chrome extensions in the Chrome Web Store, which you can find here.

Chrome web store screenshot

You can find thousands of extensions here, which brings me to my next point; should you install them all at once?

Yes, you can, but it does have two side effects if you install a lot of Chrome extensions at the same time:

  • You could lose focus due to all these Chrome extensions being active at the same time.
  • Chrome will be more resourceful, and it might be hard to browse on it if you don't have a good computer or laptop.

But there are a few things that you can do here to minimize these side effects:

  • You don't need to install them all. Only install the extensions that you think will help you further. Don't just install everything like you're collecting Pokemon cards...
  • You can disable (or remove) extensions that you don't need anymore. Just go to your settings, and then you will see an extensions tab there. Or simply click on 'More tools' where you then can disable the Chrome extension(s) that you don't want anymore:
This shows where to find the extensions tab in Chrome
Disabling an Chrome extension as an example
  • And the last, but most powerful tip if you still want a lot of extensions and your computer or laptop can't handle it; you can create multiple Chrome profiles! For example, you can create a profile for when you want to do search engine optimization, one for if you want to do product research, and so on.

    Simply click on your Google account in the right corner and press on 'Add'. This brings you to the screen where you can create a new user:
Adding a new person to your Chrome browser
You don't need to create a desktop shortcut. You can easily switch within Chrome
  • And here is the end result with only one new Chrome extension installed, Google Translate:
Almost no extensions in the new account on Chrome

Alright, now you know what a Chrome extension is and you know if you should use them all at the same time, it's time to move on to the first Chrome extensions on this list; the best ones for ecommerce store owners.

Best for Ecommerce Store Owners

Let's begin with the extensions that could help you a lot when you're an ecommerce store owner.

Don't get me wrong, the other ones will help you as well, but these are the ones that are perfect for you and where I couldn't find another category for.

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is a great Chrome extension that helps you with your English grammar

The first Chrome extension for ecommerce is called Grammarly. Now, you might have heard of them, or you might not, but I have included it because there is a chance that this extension is new for you.

I have included them in this list because they help you check and improve your English grammar. This is definitely great if English isn't your first language, but you still want to sell in English. For example, by having your product descriptions and advertisements in English.

Wouldn't it be great if you had someone who could double-check it just in case you missed something?

Example of how Grammarly works when you installed their Chrome extension

Well, that's Grammarly! They can check your words everywhere you want, and if they don't support your application at the moment, then you can simply copy it over to their Grammarly app. That app also has a web version, so you don't need to install it.

They do currently have a paid version if you're looking to correct more mistakes, but the free version is awesome already!

If you're interested in learning more about what Grammarly can do for your ecommerce store, then check out this article here.

Want to install Grammarly now? Click here to do so.

2. Page Analytics

Chrome extensions for Ecommerce: Page Analytics

Next up is a Chrome extension from a tool that I'm 95% sure that you use; Google Analytics. (If not, then you can click here) It's called Page Analytics.

This extension helps you see the pageviews, avg time on page, bounce rate, exit, and clicks for each of your pages separately.

I think it's awesome, because if you got this extension installed, then you don't have to go to Google Analytics manually each time to check for one specific page.

Do keep in mind that this extension has been deprecated by Google and will no longer receive updates, but so far it still works great.

Want to install Page Analytics now? Click here to do so.

3. Facebook Pixel Helper

Chrome extensions for Ecommerce: Facebook Pixel Helper

The next Chrome extension for ecommerce is the Facebook Pixel Helper.

If you run Facebook Ads for your ecommerce store, then there is a high chance that you already know this extension.

But, just as with Grammarly above, there is a chance that you may never have heard of this one; that's why I included it.

This extension helps you check if your Meta Pixel is working correctly on all stages of your sales funnel. You can also use it to check other websites to see if they have the Meta Pixel enabled:

An example of the Pixel Helper from Facebook

You don't need to keep this extension active of course. You can install it, test your website, and remove it again. Or you can disable it so you can easily enable it again when you want to check your website again (or someone else's).

Want to install the Facebook Pixel Helper now? Click here to do so.

4. Google's Tag Assistant

Chrome extensions for Ecommerce: Google's Tag Assistant

Next up is another helper extension that you can remove or disable if you don't need to test anything anymore. This one is Google's Tag Assistant.

This extension from Google helps you troubleshoot the installation of various Google tags including, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and more. This way, you can easily see if, for example, your Google Analytics is correctly working on your store.

Plus, you can use this one to check other websites as well:

An example of Google's Tag Assistant

Want to install Google's Tag Assistant now? Click here to do so.

5. ColorZilla

Chrome extensions for Ecommerce: ColorZilla

Let's continue this list with the extensions that could come in handy when building or improving your store. This one is called ColorZilla.

If you ever wondered what specific color something has, then this extension will help you further.

As you can see on the screenshot above, you can simply click on something on a website, and it will tell you exactly which color it is.

This is great if you found a color you like and want to use it as well, or maybe you have forgotten which color you used exactly. Now you can solve this by using this extension.

Want to install ColorZilla now? Click here to do so.

6. WhatFont

Chrome extensions for Ecommerce: WhatFont

The next one flows in well with the previous one. This one is called WhatFont.

Maybe you can guess it already by the name and the fact that I said that it flows in well with the previous one; this extension helps you figure out what font someone is using.

If you ever came across a website and kept wondering what font they were using, then this is the extension for you! You can also use it to double-check your own fonts to see if they are working as expected.

Want to install WhatFont now? Click here to do so.

7. Word Counter Plus

Chrome extensions for Ecommerce: Word Counter Plus

The next extension, called Word Counter Plus, will help you if you're wondering how many words something contains.

For example, if you're doing SEO for your ecommerce store, and you're not sure about the meta description. Or maybe you want to check the meta description from your competitor.

You can do that all with this Chrome extension. You can even select an article like this one and see how many words this page includes.

Or if you're currently focusing on growing your blog for your ecommerce store, then you can use this tool to check how many words the top 10 of the results currently have.

For example, if you see that everyone in the top 10 has more than 5000 words, then I'm not sure if you're going to beat that with only 500 words.

Want to install Word Counter Plus now? Click here to do so.

8. Awesome Screenshot

Chrome extensions for Ecommerce: Awesome Screenshot

The last one for this category is called Awesome Screenshot, and I think you can already guess what this one does...

Exactly, it helps you create awesome screenshots!

An example of how to edit a screenshot with Awesome Screenshot
Source: Free Business Email Address for Ecommerce

Yes, they do have a premium version of their extension with more options. For example, you can then easily add numbers:

Awesome Screenshot has a premium version

This extension will also help you with creating screen recordings if you're interested in that.

You can also record with Awesome Screenshot

Want to install Awesome Screenshot now? Click here to do so.

Best for Search Engine Optimization

Alright, now that we covered those extensions, let's move on to the ones that are super helpful when you're doing search engine optimization or anything that is related to that, like keyword research.

9. Mozbar

Chrome extensions for SEO: Mozbar

Let's kick this off with one of the most popular Chrome extensions for search engine optimization, the Mozbar.

This awesome extension from Moz helps you to easily see the domain and page authority of each website in the search results.

You can even use it to the domain and page authority of a specific website, like your competitor.

A few more things that you can do with it is to check your (or someone else's) on-page SEO. Plus, you can easily see all the links on a website to see if they are follow or nofollow links.

Want to install the Mozbar now? Click here to do so.

10. Keywords Everywhere

Chrome extensions for SEO: Keywords Everywhere

Next up is an awesome tool that helps you to do keyword research for your ecommerce store. It's called Keywords Everywhere.

At first, this was a free Chrome extension that let you see the search volume in Google, but they changed it to a paid tool. However, it isn't that expensive.

For example, currently, it's $10 for 100,000 credits. One credit equals search volume for one keyword. Although not every search spends only one credit. You can check out their pricing here to learn more.

The great thing about this extension is that you will still see the big list of 'Related keywords' and 'People also search for' keywords on the right. Even if you're not paying for the tool. For example:

Example of the Keywords Everywhere extension in action. I typed in 'ecommerce store'.

The only thing that they don't show then is the search volume, but it's still a great way to get inspiration on what people are searching for currently in your niche.

Plus, it can lead you into an awesome rabbit hole if you keep clicking on these side keywords from Keywords Everywhere. You will usually end up with search terms that you might otherwise not have come up with on your own.

Want to install Keywords Everywhere now? Click here to do so.

11. Detailed SEO Extension

The Chrome Extension from Detailed

Next up is the SEO extension from Detailed. This extension helps you with tons of stuff. For example, it can check schema on a page, and it can check a lot of things regarding on-page SEO:

Example of how the Detailed SEO extension looks like

For me personally, this on-page SEO checker looks way better than the on-page SEO checker from the Mozbar at the beginning.

Want to install the Detailed SEO Extension now? Click here to do so.

12. SEO Minion

Chrome extensions for SEO: SEO Minion

And the last Chrome extension for SEO purposes is called SEO minion. It does almost the same as the one from Detailed, but I still included it in case you like this design better.

You can also check for broken links with this extension.

Want to install SEO Minion now? Click here to do so.

Best for Competition & Product Research

Next up are the Chrome extensions that are best for when you're doing research. For example, competition or product research.

Keep in mind that you can also use a few extensions from the SEO category above for the competition research.

For example, you can use the Mozbar to easily see how much domain and page authority your competition has.

Related article: The 9 Best Product Research Chrome Extensions in 2024

13. Shine

Sihne homepage

Let's start with the first extension, called Shine (previously Commerce Inspector).

You can use this extension both for competition research and for product research.

It lets you see the best-selling products, Facebook Ads, monthly site visitors, and more on an ecommerce store:

Shine extension

They have a paid version with more options, but the free Chrome extension is awesome already. If you want to check out their pricing, then you can click here.

Want to install Shine now? Click here to do so.

14. SimilarWeb

Chrome extensions for Research: SimilarWeb

Next up is another awesome extension to do competitor research. It's called SimilarWeb.

This extension lets you see how much traffic your competitors have. Just keep in mind that they are estimates and that they don't have an estimate for every single website.

But they have an estimate for most of the bigger websites. For example, here is a screenshot of how it looks like on this website:

An example of SimilarWeb on the Do Dropshipping website

There is one exception to the estimates, and that is when websites connect their Google Analytics account to SimilarWeb. Yes, you can do that.

Want to install SimilarWeb now? Click here to do so.

15. Pexgle

Chrome extensions for Research: Pexgle

Let's continue this list with another awesome extension that helps you with product research, but also with competitor research. They are called Pexgle.

It helps you see tons of things on an ecommerce store. For example, you will get a traffic overview where you can also see which Facebook pages give the most traffic to them:

Example of how Pexgle looks like

You can also see their newly added products, winning products, and trending products. Plus, it helps you to easily see what kind of Facebook Ads they created.

If you're on a product page, then you can use another awesome feature; their suppliers and competitors check. For example, you can see what other Shopify stores are selling that same product:

Pexgle shows the suppliers & competitors of a product

Want to install Pexgle's extension now? Click here to do so.

16. Wappalyzer

Chrome extensions for Research: Wappalyzer

The next two Chrome extensions will be perfect for you if you're curious to see what your competitor's website is built on.

The first one is called Wappalyzer. Here is an example on their own website:

An example of Wappalyzer on their own website

You can also search on their website here. Keep in mind that searching on their website costs credits, but you will currently get 50 credits per month for free.

Want to install Wappalyzer now? Click here to do so.

17. BuiltWith

Chrome extensions for Research: BuiltWith

The next one is called BuiltWith. This one is an easy to use version of their website version here. It will show you tons of things that the website is currently using. For example:

Example of how BuiltWith looks like on the Do Dropshipping website

They do have a premium upgrade where you can have detailed lookups on someone's website. You can find an example of a detailed lookup here.

Want to install BuiltWith now? Click here to do so.

Best for Productivity

Alright, now let's move on to the best Chrome extensions for productivity. Because face it, everyone gets distracted sometimes.

These extensions will help you to stay focused when you need it the most.

And no, I didn't include any adblocker or similar extensions, because I'm 100% sure that if you want ads blocked, that you're already doing that anyway.

18. OneTab

Chrome extensions for Productivity: OneTab

Let's begin this list of extensions that help with productivity with OneTab.

This extension is for ecommerce store owners who, like me, love having multiple tabs open.

I know it's great to have everything open, but it does do something with your productivity if you got all these tabs open. Plus, as you read at the beginning about if you should use all the extensions at the same time, this counts for tabs as well.

If you got more tabs open, then Chrome will be slower. That's why OneTab advertised a 95% memory reduction in the Chrome Web Store.

Another great thing is that you can save pages together that you normally use and lock them:

You can lock groups in OneTab

This way, they will still be there when you press 'Restore all'.

For me, I locked websites like Facebook and Twitter under one group, and now I can open it anytime I want to share a new article.

That saves me so much time instead of going to each website manually. Awesome, right?

Want to install OneTab now? Click here to do so.

19. The Marvellous Suspender

If you're not a fan of saving your tabs with OneTab, but still want to have tons of tabs open at the same time, then another extension that you can take a look at is The Marvellous Suspender.

This extension helps you save memory as well by disabling tabs that aren't used in a certain amount of time (you can decide that).

The only thing is that the tabs will still be there, so you can still be distracted by them.

Want to install The Marvellous Suspender now? Click here to do so.

20. StayFocusd

Chrome extensions for Productivity: StayFocusd

Next up is an extension for those that are easily distracted by other websites. This one is called StayFocusd.

It helps you to stay... focussed!

This is an extension that helps you stay focused on work by restricting the amount of time you can spend on time-wasting websites.

Once your allotted time has been used up, the sites you have blocked will be inaccessible for the rest of the day.

For example, if you know that you're using a lot of Facebook while working, then you can add that to the block list.

Want to install StayFocusd now? Click here to do so.

21. News Feed Eradicator for Facebook

Chrome extensions for Productivity: News Feed Eradicator

The next extension, called the News Feed Eradicator for Facebook, will be great for you if you spend a lot of time scrolling on Facebook while you don't want that. (If you do want that, then scroll down for the next extension)

This extension replaces your news feed with a quote. The best part about this extension is that it doesn’t block Facebook entirely. You can still use Facebook’s other features, such as Messenger and Groups.

Want to install the News Feed Eradicator now? Click here to do so.

22. Momentum

Chrome extensions for Productivity: Momentum

Next up is an awesome extension called Momentum that helps you change the 'New Tab' layout of Chrome.

I personally love it a lot for a few reasons:

  • Each day you will get a beautiful and inspiring picture.
  • You get a quote at the bottom.
  • Plus, you can add your main goals here. I personally use other tools for this, but it's still great for those who currently don't write anything down.

The great thing is that you can customize it to fit your own needs. Plus, they do have a premium version available for those that want even more features. You can learn more about that here.

I got one more great thing about this extension, and that is that the quotes that you see each day will be saved:

Example of quotes that you will see in the Chrome extension from Momentum

So if you ever need a quote for a project, then you can simply open up Momentum for some inspiration!

Want to install Momentum now? Click here to do so.

23. Pushbullet

Chrome extensions for Productivity: Pushbullet

The last Chrome extension that I got for you in the productivity category is called Pushbullet.

If you have ever wondered how to easily copy something over from your mobile to your computer / laptop or the other way around, then you need to take a look at this extension!

For example, if you want to copy a certain text to your mobile, then you can send it in the extension in your browser, and it will automatically send it to the other devices that you connected.

You can also select to only send it to one device. This could be helpful if you got multiple phones or desktops connected.

Another thing is that you can also connect it to your friends or colleagues to easily share something if you want that. (Or you can use Slack for that)

Want to install Pushbullet now? Click here to do so.

Best for Social Media

Let's continue these best Chrome extensions for ecommerce list with the best extensions for the social media category.

These extensions do not only help social media managers, but they can also help you as an ecommerce store owner.

Or, if you got this part outsourced already, then maybe you can find some inspiration here so your team can do an even better job!

24. Tailwind

Chrome extensions for Social Media: Tailwind

If you're using Pinterest to market your ecommerce store, then Tailwind is a great application to help you with this.

The extension from Tailwind helps you to easily save everything to your Tailwind Pinterest queue for sharing later.

The only thing is that you need to have a Tailwind account for this to work.

A great feature from this extension is that you can click on it when you're on a webpage where you want to save a few images from.

You can also use it when you're on the Pinterest results page. Here is an example after I typed in 'ecommerce' on Pinterest:

Example from Tailwind

Now you can easily select which ones you want to schedule. Don't worry, the next step will give you an option to edit everything like the description.

Want to install Tailwind's extension now? Click here to do so.

25. Buffer

Chrome extensions for Social Media: Buffer

Next up is another great extension that helps you with scheduling your social media posts. It's the extension from Buffer.

This extension helps you schedule everything you see on the web. For example, if you like an image, link, tweet, or something like that, then you can easily add it to the queue from Buffer for sharing.

Here is an example of how that will look like when you hover over an image. The left schedule button is from Tailwind, the extension we covered above:

Example on how to share an image with Buffer
Source: The 16 Best Free Ecommerce Courses

Keep in mind again that this extension is only useful if you're already using Buffer for your social media scheduling or if you want to use Buffer for your scheduling.

Want to install Buffer's extension now? Click here to do so.

26. RiteTag

Next up is the Chrome extension RiteTag. This extension helps you to easily get hashtag suggestions for an image.

You can right click any image on any website and select "Get hashtag suggestions for image" or click the upload icon in the RiteTag bar to get hashtag suggestions for an image from your computer.

The only thing is that it is part RiteForge, which is quite expensive.

Want to install RiteTag now? Click here to do so.

27. VidIQ Vision for YouTube

Chrome extensions for Social Media: VidIQ Vision

Let's continue this list with an extension called vidIQ that helps you if you're currently running a YouTube channel or want to run one.

Yes, in case you're wondering, YouTube is great for ecommerce.

Here is an example in case you're wondering how the free version will look like on YouTube. This is what you will see next to a video:

Example of how VidIQ looks like on YouTube

VidIQ does have a paid plan available, you can check it out here, but their free version has a lot of options for starters already.

Want to install VidIQ's extension now? Click here to do so.

28. Muzli 2

Chrome extensions for Social Media: Muzli 2

Let's finish this list with one that gives you inspiration for your social media scheduling.

Their extension is called Muzli 2. I currently use Momentum (as I showed above), but this is a great extension if you want some inspiration each time you open a new tab.

You can decide yourself what kind of content Muzli needs to focus on:

Signup screen for Muzli 2

Now you will get inspiration each time you open a new tab:

Example of how a new tab looks like with Muzli 2

You can use this extension to get ideas on what to share on your social media platforms.

Want to install Muzli 2 now? Click here to do so.

Best for Dropshipping

If you're currently dropshipping or want to do dropshipping, then you're in luck!

I also created a list with the best Chrome extensions for dropshipping store owners. If you're interested to learn more, then I suggest clicking on the link I linked to below:

The 8 Best Chrome Extensions for Dropshipping Store Owners


So, there you have it; the 28 best Chrome extensions for ecommerce store owners just like you!

These extensions will make your life as an ecommerce store owner so much easier for sure!

Just don't forget what I said at the beginning, you don't need to install them all at the same time. But if you want to, then don't forget that you can create multiple Chrome profiles.

If you have another awesome Chrome extension for this list or if you have any questions, then let me know by commenting below or contacting me directly by pressing the “Contact Us” button at the top.

Good luck with everything that you're going to do!

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