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Hey! My name is Patryk and I've been in the dropshipping game for 5+ years now. After seeing all the dropship "gurus" trying to sell their courses, I decided to help build Do Dropshipping, share everything I've learned, and make all information you need to succeed in dropshipping available for free to everyone!

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  1. Okay so I am still confused as to how people will purchase and have it sent from the shipper. Do I need to contact these companies and tell them what I am doing or do I just list an item and then go in myself to aliexpress to buy the item and send to customer? I’m so confused

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      Patryk Reply

      Hi Samantha,

      We’re sorry to hear that you’re still confused about the concept of dropshipping. But we’re also glad that you’re reaching out! I will try to explain it below as simple as possible, but you’ve almost already said it yourself 😉

      – You list a product that you want to sell on your online store (you can take the images from your supplier, for example)
      – Once you get an order for that product on your online store, you go to your supplier’s website (in this case AliExpress), and order the product from them. While doing this, you enter your customer’s address in the shipping address.
      – Some people leave a note for the AliExpress seller to make sure they don’t include any self-promotion in the package, but this isn’t mandatory as it’s usually just a blank package.

      I also recommend to check out this article: Dropshipping for Beginners: What Is It & How to Start Today?

      Hopefully, that cleared things up for you. Good luck with everything!
      – Patryk

      • Is there any way to automate the transaction between the customer purchase and the actual dropship supplier or must that always be manually done?

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