If you want to launch a print on demand store, then you know it's essential to find the right ecommerce platform.

Shopify is one of the more popular choices these days in terms of features, scalability, and convenience - but which Shopify theme should you pick for your store?

Today, we've reviewed hundreds of Shopify themes to bring you the best picks for a print on demand store.

Keep reading to find our complete list and discover which theme is perfect for you!

11 Best Shopify Themes for Print on Demand

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The Best Shopify Themes for Print on Demand: An Overview

Looking for a quick recommendation on the best Shopify theme for your print on demand (POD) store?

Awesome! Take a look at our table showcasing the best themes below:

ThemeDesigned ForPriceRead Review
HighlightDisplaying products in a really creative way.$300Highlight Review
RetinaImage-focused product showcasing.$220Retina Review
SymmetryA versatile, professional look with premium features.$320Symmetry Review
StudioDisplaying artwork.FreeStudio Review
ImpactCreating a unique-looking (POD) store.$350Impact Review
EnvyCreating a clean store design.$350Envy Review
DebutifyLimitless design possibilities.$0 / $29 / $79 / $149 per monthDebutify Review
HabitatCreating any store layout that you can think of.$300Habitat Review
UniverseBeing an all-inclusive theme solution.FreeUniverse Review
TrendzImpressing fashion lovers.$58Trendz Review
PublisherConveying your brand’s narrative in a unique, creative style.FreePublisher Review

Tip: If you didn't find a good print on demand supplier yet, check out our comparison of Printful vs. Printify, the two most popular POD suppliers!

The 11 best Shopify themes for print on demand stores

So, which Shopify themes are the best when using a POD supplier like Printful or Printify?

Let's find out!

1. Highlight Review

I really like this theme. It looks very alive and modern. It is easy to use and the customer support is amazing!

House Of Oysters (Highlight Theme user)
Highlight Shopify theme - Best Shopify theme for print on demand
Designed forDisplaying products in a really creative way.
Great forCreative POD stores or those selling wall art.
Unique features- Parallax vertical slider
- Asymmetrical product grid
- Highlights product benefits
Demo storesView here
Reviews93% Positive (28 Reviews)

Is it your goal to showcase your print on demand products in a super creative way?

If so, Highlight might be the perfect Shopify theme for you!

Whether you're selling clothing, wall art, or home decor products, this theme fits perfectly with any uniquely-designed products:

Highlight Shopify Theme product page example

Unique features

  • Parallax vertical slider. Parallax creates an animated depth effect as you scroll down the page. If you've never seen it before, take a look at this demo store here!
Highlight Shopify Theme Parallax vertical slider
  • Asymmetrical product grid. Highlight uses a creative asymmetrical product layout that helps each item stand out. Combine it with Parallax, and you've got an amazing effect!
Highlight Shopify Theme asymmetrical product grid
  • Highlights product benefits. With Highlight, each product page has a dedicated section highlighting the product benefits in an icon list or image slider:
Highlight Shopify Theme product benefits section


The Highlight theme costs $300 on the Shopify Theme Store.

When the Highlight theme is great for you:

  • You want to launch a creative or art-focused POD store.
  • You're looking for a modern Shopify theme that feels alive.

2. Retina Review

Retina is beautiful, clear and easy to use. Customers love it and I love it. Also, I get the best customer service!

Luava (Retina Theme user)
Shopify Retina theme
Designed forImage-focused product showcasing.
Great forPOD stores that sell modern clothing, footwear, home decor, or beauty items.
Unique features- Various sections that help build a brand
- Mobile-friendly design
- User-friendly
Demo storesView here
Reviews96% Positive (282 reviews)

In the second place, we have Retina!

It's a luxurious name, so you might think it will have a high-end feel, and that's right!

Retina is a theme developed by Out of the Sandbox but is also available directly on the Shopify Theme Store.

It's an excellent theme for POD stores. Even the most successful POD stores like Melanin Is Life use it:

Homepage of Melanin Is Life

Unique features

Retina testimonial example
  • Mobile-friendly design. Retina's developers focused on creating a mobile-friendly design with swipeable, space-saving, thumb-friendly layouts:
Retina theme mobile-friendly design
  • User-friendly. Retina is not only user-friendly for your customers but also for you. It offers a user-friendly editing experience and simple layout options so that creating a professional-looking store is as simple as possible.


The Retina theme costs $220 on Out of the Sandbox or the Shopify Theme Store.

When the Retina theme is great for you:

  • You're searching for an easy-to-use Shopify theme.
  • You want to emphasize social proof on your POD store.

3. Symmetry Review

Super nice theme - works like a charm and the support is super helpful when having questions. I can recommend!

AboutGreen (Symmetry Theme user)
Symmetry Shopify clothing theme
Designed forA versatile, professional look with premium features.
Great forFashion POD stores focusing on visual brand storytelling.
Unique features- Developed by leading Shopify Theme Partners
- Powerful filters
- Amazing support
Demo storesView here
Reviews94% Positive (299 reviews)

Next, we have Symmetry, a theme designed with fashion stores in mind.

This is one of Shopify's top-selling themes thanks to its highly customizable drag-and-drop sections and features.

It's also used by some great online clothing stores, like Sepulcro, Make My Lemonade, and Roark:

Roark homepage

Unique features

  • Developed by leading Shopify Theme Partners. The Symmetry theme is developed by leading Shopify Theme Partners with over 11 years of experience building high-end themes for all types of merchants.
  • Powerful filters. Symmetry includes powerful filters to help drive conversions. Perfect for POD stores selling apparel!
Symmetry theme filtering
  • Amazing support. 94% of the 299 reviews on the Shopify Theme Store for Symmetry are positive, and most reviewers particularly love the fantastic support team!
Symmetry theme reviews


The Symmetry theme costs $320 on the Shopify Theme Store.

When the Symmetry theme is great for you:

  • You're looking for a theme specifically designed for selling clothing or apparel.
  • You want a theme with a fantastic support team.

4. Studio Review

I am a jewelry designer/artisan jeweler using the free Shopify Studio Theme. I LOVE IT! The 8.0 Version fixed many technical bugs and the product images look better than ever. I am not tech-savvy. Studio is user-friendly and actually quite intuitive.

Arpaia (Studio Theme user)
Shopify Studio theme
Designed forDisplaying artwork.
Great forPrint on demand stores that sell any form of art.
Unique features- Designed to inspire collectors
- Sticky navigation
Demo storesView here
Reviews55% Positive (11 reviews)

Studio is one of the best free themes for Shopify print on demand stores.

That’s right; this theme is entirely free!

And with its clean, minimalist, and product-focused look, we are sure it can form the base of a successful POD store if you don’t have the budget for a paid theme!

Shopify Studio theme homepage section example

Unique features

  • Designed to inspire collectors. With Studio, you can incorporate collection-based navigation, creator filters, featured collections for galleries and new arrivals, and artist profiles.
Shopify Studio theme page layout to inspire collectors
  • Sticky navigation. The sticky navigation feature keeps menus fixed to the top of your page as you scroll down.


Studio is a free theme on the Shopify Theme Store!

When the Studio theme is great for you:

  • You're looking for a free Shopify theme designed with attention to artists.
  • You want a minimalist style for your POD store.

5. Impact Review

This is an awesome theme. Seriously guys, I tested them ALL and this is by far the most customisable and had all the latest features. It also helped me stop using two apps saving me $1000 a month in total!

Exhale Healthy Coffee (Impact Theme user)
Shopify Impact theme
Designed forCreating a unique-looking (POD) store.
Great forDifferentiating yourself from the competition.
Unique features- Integrated cross-selling
- Lots of animations
- Unlimited free trial
Demo storesView here
Reviews94% Positive (52 reviews)

From our perspective, Impact is one of the best-looking Shopify themes!

Just look at a product page example built with Impact:

Shopify Impact theme product page example

Unique features

  • Integrated cross-selling. The Impact theme has a built-in cross-selling feature for your product page and cart drawers. Using it, you can offer complementary products and increase your average order value!
Impact Shopify theme integrated cross-selling
  • Lots of animations. The Impact theme has so many animations it will blow your mind! From scrolling texts to the smoothness of opening a new menu, check out their theme styles here, and you will understand what we're talking about.
  • Unlimited free trial. Impact comes with an unlimited free trial. In other words, you can test and customize the theme with your store and products for an unlimited time, as long as you don't publish the theme.
Shopify Theme unlimited free trial


The Impact theme costs $350 on the Shopify Theme Store.

When the Impact theme is great for you:

6. Envy Review

Such a beautiful theme. Works fast, has great options and works perfectly with 2.0. Their customer support is also super fast and efficient. Highly recommend it!

Krakatoa Underwear (Envy Theme user)
Shopify Envy theme
Designed forCreating a clean store design.
Great forPOD stores that sell (baby) clothing items in a playful style.
Unique features- 'Shop the Look' section
- Built-in product options
Demo storesView here
Reviews91% Positive (217 reviews)

Envy is a super-versatile theme that is ideal for any print on demand store running regular promotions.

And with four pre-built theme styles, including a baby- and clothing-themed one, you'll have your store set up in no time!

Shopify Envy theme homepage product selection example

Unique features

  • 'Shop the Look' section. Envy's 'Shop the Look' feature helps you improve product discovery and increase AOV:
Shopify Envy theme Shop the Look feature
  • Built-in product options. You can add product options for the size and color of your items, as well as anything else you can think of!
Shopify Envy theme product page example with product options


The Envy theme costs $350 on the Shopify Theme Store.

When the Envy theme is great for you:

  • You're looking to highlight product offers and do time-based promotions.
  • You will be offering items with multiple product options.

7. Debutify Review

Debutify Shopify theme
Designed forLimitless design possibilities.
Great forOptimizing conversion rates.
Price$0 / $29 / $79 / $149 per month
Unique features- Uses an add-on system
- Conversion-focused product pages
- Fully customizable
Demo storesView here

Whether you are a beginner or a veteran in the POD industry, Debutify promises to provide everything you need to create a successful online store.

Example product page of Debutify store

Unique features

  • Uses an add-on system. Debutify is packed with over 50 add-ons to help you with everything from social proof to marketing and sales:
Add-ons of Debutify
  • Conversion-focused product pages. As ecommerce experts themselves, Debutify's founders know how vital the product page is for a successful website.
Debutify conversion focused product pages
  • Fully customizable. There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to customizing Debutify. For instance, you can add many things to a product page, including different sections, FAQ blocks, testimonials, and add-ons.
Designing product page Debutify


Debutify comes with four different plans, ranging from $0 to $149 per month:

Debutify Shopify theme pricing

Debutify also offers a 14-day free trial with no credit card required, so you can try it out before deciding if it's the suitable theme for your store!

When the Debutify theme is great for you:

  • You want to optimize your store's conversion rates.
  • You want your POD store to be highly customizable.

Tip: You can read our extensive review of the Debutify theme here!

8. Habitat Review

I am very pleased with the look and feel of the theme, especially on mobile. Habitat ticks all the boxes. Easy to use and setup, loads of customisation available.

nottennis.com (Habitat Theme user)
Shopify Habitat theme
Designed forCreating any store layout that you can think of.
Great forPOD stores that sell home decor, phone cases, sportswear, or fashionable clothing.
Unique features- 26 Custom sections
- Quick view
Demo storesView here
Reviews100% Positive (14 reviews)

The following Shopify theme is Habitat, and you can use it to build some fantastic print on demand store designs!

Just check out the example below:

Shopify Habitat theme product page section example

Unique features

  • 26 Custom sections. With Habitat, you can create any layout you want using the 26 conversion-optimized templates:
Shopify Habitat theme custom sections
  • Quick view. Quick view allows visitors to learn more about a product without leaving a page:
Shopify Habitat theme Quick Look feature


The Habitat theme costs $300 on the Shopify Theme Store.

When the Habitat theme is great for you:

  • You see an opportunity to use any of the five pre-built Habitat theme styles.
  • You're looking for a theme that also offers excellent support.

9. Universe Review

Universe Shopify clothing theme
Designed forBeing an all-inclusive theme solution.
Great forAny Shopify store.
Unique features- Powerful mega menu
- Mobile-first design
- Showcase related products
Demo stores- Fashion store
- Home store

The Universe theme is not your usual POD theme; just check out its three beautifully designed demo styles:

Universe theme product page example

Unique features

  • Powerful mega menu. With Universe's mega menu, your visitors can quickly navigate to any page of your store:
Universe theme mega menu
  • Mobile-first design. You probably know by now that focusing on your store's mobile appearance is crucial, and the developers of the Universe theme understand that too!
Universe Shopify theme mobile ecommerce


You can currently download the Universe theme for free on Outlane! However, if you're running multiple Shopify stores, you'll have to pay to get multiple licenses:

Universe theme pricing

When the Universe theme is great for you:

  • You like the theme's simple and clean design language.
  • You want a theme that is free but still offers premium features.

10. Trendz Review

Shopify Trendz Theme - Themeforest
Designed forImpressing fashion lovers.
Great forPrint on demand stores that sell fashion items.
Unique features- Ten demo styles
- Supports 3D models
Demo storesView here

If you're looking for a Shopify theme that's not on the Shopify Theme Store, Trendz could be a great pick!

Shopify Trendz Theme homepage section example

Unique features

  • Ten demo styles. Unlike most themes on the Shopify Theme Store that only come with three or four templates, Trendz has ten! (And they're all for fashion stores.)
  • Supports 3D models. Trendz supports Augmented Reality to give your visitors a 360-degree view of your items:
Shopify Trendz Theme 3D model feature

Note: The Trendz theme has many built-in animations. While they look amazing, remember that they might slow down your store.


The Trendz theme costs $58 on ThemeForest.

When the Trendz theme is great for you:

  • You will be selling fashion items on your POD store.
  • You're looking for a unique theme that almost no other POD store uses.

11. Publisher Review

Shopify Publisher theme
Designed forConveying your brand's narrative in a unique, creative style.
Great forPOD stores that sell any sort of (abstract) artwork.
Unique features- Progressive, high-contrast design
- Contextual navigation
Demo storesView here

Are you a print on demand store owner selling creative apparel, merch, or accessories? And are you looking for a unique Shopify theme?

In that case, you should take a look at the Publisher theme! (Btw, it's free!)

Shopify Publisher theme product page example

Unique features

  • Progressive, high-contrast design. This theme's demo store uses subtle gradients with dark, immersive product cards to create a high-contrast design:
Shopify Publisher theme newest arrivals section example
  • Contextual navigation. Instead of using a traditional navigation bar, the Publisher theme puts your brand narrative first and uses contextual links to products and categories:
Shopify Publisher theme contextual navigation example


The Publisher theme can be downloaded for free on the Shopify Theme Store.

When the Publisher theme is great for you:

  • You're selling any form of abstract art on your print on demand store.
  • You like the moody design and minimalist navigation that the theme offers.

What to consider when picking a Shopify theme for print on demand?

Finding dropshipping stores

If you're having doubts about which theme fits you best, here are a couple of things to consider so you can make the best decision possible:

  • The design of the theme. This is a personal decision, but do you like the theme's design?
  • Does it fit your budget? A free theme is your best option if a paid theme doesn't fit your budget. At the same time, remember that paid themes have a lot of extra features which could save you in Shopify app costs!
  • Test their support. Did you think about testing your theme's support? You can try contacting the support of multiple themes to compare their response quality and time.
  • Online Store 2.0. Try to pick a theme that is Online Store 2.0 enabled. With OS2.0, you can use drag-and-drop sections to create custom pages throughout your store. It's Shopify's new standard in customizability and speed!

If you're interested in more tips on how to pick the right Shopify theme for your store, then check out this article with eight great tips!

Other great Shopify themes

Not sure yet about the print on demand niche for your Shopify store? Or are you interested in creating more stores in different niches?

We've got you covered!

Check out the lists below to find more amazing Shopify themes:


Before we go to the final verdict, we've created a quick summary of this article for you, so you can easily remember it:

  • One of the best but also most expensive themes for Shopify POD stores includes Highlight, Retina, and Symmetry.
  • Do you want a theme with as many built-in features as possible? If so, Debutify is a fantastic choice!
  • If you're looking for the best free Shopify theme for print on demand, then check out Studio or Universe.

Final verdict

There you go, those we our top Shopify themes for POD stores!

But what is our final verdict?

What are the best Shopify POD themes in 2024?

Final verdict: The best Shopify themes for print on demand stores are Highlight, Retina, and Symmetry.

These themes come out on top due to their striking looks, features, customizability, and performance!

If you’re still second-guessing, let’s take a look at our overview from earlier:

Awesome! Take a look at our table showcasing the best themes below:

ThemeDesigned ForPrice
HighlightDisplaying products in a really creative way.$300
RetinaImage-focused product showcasing.$220
SymmetryA versatile, professional look with premium features.$320
StudioDisplaying artwork.Free
ImpactCreating a unique-looking (POD) store.$350
EnvyCreating a clean store design.$350
DebutifyLimitless design possibilities.$0 / $29 / $79 / $149 per month
HabitatCreating any store layout that you can think of.$300
UniverseBeing an all-inclusive theme solution.Free
TrendzImpressing fashion lovers.$58
PublisherConveying your brand’s narrative in a unique, creative style.Free

Let us know which is your favorite in the comments below, and have a great rest of your day!

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