As artificial intelligence (AI) technology advances, so does the potential for robots to create art.

If you're looking for the latest and greatest AI art generator, you should check Jasper Art.

Jasper Art is an AI tool that turns your imagination into unique images, all in a few seconds!

Jasper Art Overview
Trustpilot Rating4.5 out of 5.0 (4k+ reviews)
Pros- It is possible to create amazing images using Jasper Art
- Jasper Art is really fast
- Many styles and options
- Saves time
- Not as expensive as you may think
Cons- Jasper Art can be a hit or miss
- AI art can not be copyrighted
- Not all DALL-E 2 features are there (yet)
- Jasper Art struggles with words and faces
Pricing$59 per month
Free trial?Get a free 7-day trial here (Cancel anytime.)

So, is the time-consuming process of hunting for stock images or waiting for new creatives over? Or are humans still superior to AI?

Let's find out and review Jasper Art!

Jasper AI Art Review: Where Robots Become Artists!

What is Jasper Art?

Jasper Art is an AI art feature offered as a premium add-on for Jasper users - so there is no need to do any software installation; you can simply access it via your Jasper dashboard.

So, before getting into Jasper Art, we will take a quick moment to introduce you to Jasper.

Jasper is an AI writing assistant created by Dave Rogenmoser that makes it fast and easy to create content for your social media, website, and more!

Jasper homepage

So, if you want to write content for something like a Facebook ad, copywriting for a landing page, or a sales pitch email, Jasper can use its algorithm to write it for you!

It’s super cool, and we definitely recommend checking it out here.

Recently, Jasper introduced their new feature called Jasper Art.

Jasper Art homepage

Jasper calls it an 'AI creative sidekick,' but what does that mean exactly?

Well, it's basically an AI tool that can create stunning images in seconds!

This means that it changes from you, for example, searching for stock photos to creating them yourself with the help of this image generation tool.

Jasper Art is powered by DALL·E 2, an AI system created by Open AI that can generate realistic images and art based on text-based descriptions.

In short:

You imagine it.

Jasper Art creates it.


In order to get a better understanding of Jasper Art, let's find out how it works!

How does Jasper Art work?

Getting started with Jasper Art is actually really simple!

To start using Jasper Art, click on the 'Art' button on the sidebar inside your Jasper dashboard:

Jasper main dashboard

You will be taken to the main starting page of Jasper Art:

Jasper Art starting page

At the top of the page, you are given two options:

  • Basic. On this page (shown above), Jasper adds some suggested inputs for things like style, mood, and keywords to help you generate a high-quality image.
  • Freedom. Using this mode, you are entirely free to tell Jasper Art what you're looking for. In short, the only input is the image description!

If you're just starting out, we recommend using the basic mode, as it provides a lot more guidance on the options and possibilities with Jasper Art.

Once you are comfortable with generating high-quality outputs on the basic mode, you can definitely try out freedom too!

Now, let's move on to a fascinating part of the process, creating the images.

For the first example, let's use the following inputs:

  • Image description. A cat sitting in the boss' office.
  • Style. Cartoon.
  • Mood. Exciting.
  • Keywords. High resolution.

To generate an image, simply click on the 'Create' button and wait for around five seconds.

Here's the result:

Jasper Art results example

Pretty impressive, right?

As you can see, Jasper Art generates four images based on your inputs. You are free to choose whichever one you like best!

Jasper Art output example

Once you click on one of the images, you will have the following options:

  • Go back. In the top-left corner, you will see an arrow that you can click to return to the previous view.
  • Copy to clipboard. Moving to the right, you will see a 'copy' button that saves the image to your clipboard!
  • Download. Next to the copy button, there is a download button. Super useful!
  • Thumb up or down. You can give feedback to Jasper Art by using the thumb up and down buttons in the bottom left corner.
  • Flag. You can flag the image using this button if it contains any inappropriate content.

Here is the close-up of the image above after downloading it:

Cat sitting in the boss' office generated by Jasper Art

To make things complete, let us give you another awesome example. But this time, with the freeform mode!

Here is our input:

Astronaut sitting on an elephant, times square, photo, 8k, hd, highly realistic

And check out the results!

Jasper Art example astronaut elephant

And here is a close-up of our favorite output:

Astronaut sitting on an elephant in times square

Amazing, right?

Note: For now, the main language that Jasper Art supports is English.

Now that you have a better understanding of how Jasper Art works, let's discuss some of the pros and cons we found:

Pros of Jasper Art

  • It is possible to create amazing images using Jasper Art. As you will learn more about later in this article, the results of Jasper Art can be a hit or a miss. But the hits can be truly unique!
  • Jasper Art is really fast. After clicking the 'Create' button, Jasper Art creates four images in around five seconds. That's almost one image per second!
  • Many styles and options. Whether you are looking for a pencil sketch in a cartoon style, an artwork in the style of van Gogh, or an exciting, close-up 3D render, Jasper Art can create it for you.
  • Saves time. Jasper Art can be an excellent time-saver if you often need images for your website, social media, or blog. Instead of paying someone to design an image or looking for stock images online, you can create them yourself. And you don't even have to be an artist!
  • Pricing. As you will see in a minute, Jasper Art is not as expensive as you may think! (For now.)

Cons of Jasper Art

  • Jasper Art can be a hit or miss. If you think you can create stunning images with Jasper Art for each of your inputs, you should reconsider your expectations. Although Jasper Art can create amazing images, having to readjust the inputs to produce high-quality output is a common practice.
  • AI art can not be copyrighted. According to the US Copyright Office, you can't copyright these types of AI-generated images (source). This means that you can use your Jasper Art images in whatever way you want, but others could also use your images.
  • Not all DALL-E 2 features are there (yet). Jasper Art currently doesn't offer all the DALL-E 2 features, such as importing existing images to expand or edit. (And there's no official info about an upgrade to DALL-E 3.)
  • Jasper Art struggles with words and faces. Whenever a new software tool is released, you can always expect to find some bugs. The same is true for Jasper Art. Currently, it struggles the most with images that include words or people's faces.

    To illustrate this problem, here's an example output when entering 'A woman holding a mug showing a funny quote' as the image description:
Failed image example of Jasper Art

As you can see, the woman's face is a bit disturbing, and it's not clear what the words on the mug mean.

Note: Jasper Art has just been released and is still in Beta, so Jasper's team is constantly working on these issues to improve the outputs - every version is a bit better than the previous one!

Jasper Art pricing

Let's continue with the part you might have been waiting for; what does this fantastic tool cost?

As we mentioned before, the current pricing structure is an amazing deal if you ask us.

You can get Jasper Art for just $20 per month per user during the initial release period. With this plan, you can generate an unlimited number of images!

However, before you jump in, you should know there is also a catch.

As we mentioned before, Jasper Art is currently an add-on to the Jasper AI writing assistant, so you must sign up for Jasper itself first before being able to purchase a Jasper Art subscription.

At the moment, the cheapest Jasper plan for writing costs $29 per month for 20k words. When adding in the $20 per month for Jasper Art, the minimum price for using Jasper Art at the moment is $49 per month (but you do get unlimited images).

Jasper Art pricing

Disclaimer: Jasper does mention two important things about the future of their pricing structure.

First of all, they say that the $20 per user per month is a temporary price that will likely change in the future. Secondly, you will be able to purchase Jasper Art without the writing assistant in the near future!

8 amazing images generated by Jasper Art

Are you curious about what kind of unique images Jasper Art can generate?

If so, check out some Jasper Art image examples below!

Bird portrait

Jasper Art image example bird portrait

This is a telephoto portrait of a bird. The bird is in focus, while the background is blurred. It's definitely a stunning image that is sure to please any bird lover!


Jasper Art image example mountains

Peter McKinnon is an amazing photographer. His ability to capture the natural beauty of his subjects is genuinely remarkable. When looking at this photo, it's hard to believe that it isn't real.

Darth Vader

Jasper Art image example Darth Vader

This charcoal sketch of Darth Vader is an excellent example of Jasper Art's potential.

This is an impressively detailed and well-executed piece that any Star Wars fan would be proud to own.

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

Jasper Art image example Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

Dwayne Johnson, also known by his ring name, The Rock, is an American actor, producer, and former professional wrestler.

As you can see, Jasper Art created an excellent full-face portrait of him!

Spaceship instructions

Jasper Art image example spaceship instructions

Ikea is known for its simple, easy-to-assemble furniture.

But did you know that Jasper Art can tell you about the exact Ikea components that can be transformed into a spacecraft?

We are joking, of course, but this image is incredible nonetheless!

Butterfly tattoo

Jasper Art image example butterfly tattoo

If you are a tattoo artist, maybe you can use Jasper Art to create some awesome designs for your business. Check out this amazing example above!

Makeup woman

Jasper Art image example makeup woman

We mentioned previously that Jasper Art isn't that good with faces yet, but as you can see, that's not always the case. This image looks beautiful!

Lion sculpture

Jasper Art image example lion sculpture

As anyone who has ever seen a lion knows, they are powerful and regal creatures. It is no surprise that sculptures of lions are some of the most popular and enduring works of art.

This image would make an impressive addition to any collection, without a doubt.

Of course, these are not the only options - you just need to be a bit creative!

Here are a few more things to try to get you started:

  • A display of fireworks
  • A garden with flowers
  • Contemporary art

5 Tips to get better results on Jasper Art

Now that you're inspired by the images above, we can imagine you're also excited to start generating some fantastic pictures for yourself.

However, as we discussed above, using Jasper Art often results in great hits, but there can also be misses.

Let's discuss some tips that will help you to improve your results on Jasper Art!

1. Use for image description ideas

Sometimes, it's challenging to stay creative with your Jasper Art image descriptions. is a tool that can help you with that.

It is developed specifically for 'AI whisperers.' You can use it to find description ideas for all kinds of image categories! homepage

2. Know which modifiers to use

Jasper Art published a list of modifiers they recommend you try for some awesome results.

In our time experimenting with Jasper, we found the following modifiers to be some of our favorites:

  • For the image descriptions: list specific animals, objects, shapes, or characters.
  • For the keywords: high resolution, insane detail, photo-realistic.
  • For the art style: cartoon, pop art, anime, pixel art, modern, abstract. (You can even try textures, like smooth.)
  • For the illustration: 3D render, airbrush, colored pencil.
  • For the artist: Pixar, Disney, Salvador Dali.
  • For the modifiers: 8k, depth of field.

Of course, the correct modifiers largely depend on the image you are looking for!

Tip: Don't forget to separate the modifiers with a comma for the best results!

3. Get inspired by the Jasper Art Gallery

Analyzing the successes of others is always a great way to inspire yourself and get a feeling for how things should be done.

When using Jasper Art, you can do this in the Jasper Art Gallery!

Jasper Art Gallery

Here, you will find some of the best results generated by the Jasper Art community.

The great thing is that the Jasper Art images are separated into categories. So whether you are looking for outdoor photography images or instructional illustrations, there is always something to find - it's like an art exhibit!

4. Enhance your images using an AI image upscaler

While using Jasper Art, you may notice that the generated images are not super high-resolution.

This may be okay if you only need a small image, but if you want to use it as a desktop wallpaper, you might be wondering if there is any way to enhance the image's resolution.

Well, guess what?

There are AI tools available for this as well!

These are called AI image upscalers, and one of the best ones is the AI image upscaler by Zyro.

Using Zyro, you can simply upload an image and enhance it in a few clicks!

Here's a before and after result on using Zyro on a Jasper Art image:


The 'before' image has a resolution of 512x512, while the upscaled image has a resolution of 2048x2048.

Amazing, right?

5. Check out an image prompt marketplace

One of the most important contributors to getting amazing output from Jasper Art is the prompt (image description) you use.

Some people calling themselves 'professional AI whisperers' already saw an opportunity here and launched an AI image prompt marketplace!

PromptBase is an example of such a prompt marketplace.

Here, you can purchase prompts that are professionally crafted and proven to generate exceptional results!

Most prompts can be purchased for around $1 to $5, and they are available for lots of different themes and designs:


It's definitely inspiring to scroll through all the AI-generated art here!

Can you use Jasper Art for your ecommerce or dropshipping store?

If you are running an ecommerce or dropshipping store (or blogging), you might wonder if Jasper Art is worth purchasing.

Confused dog sitting behind laptop

Well, one thing is for sure, you can definitely use Jasper Art for your ecommerce or dropshipping store!

If you start experimenting with Jasper, you will discover many cool ways to use it, but here are a few ideas already:

  • Create stunning images for your social media accounts.
  • Generate logos for your business.
  • Replace any stock images on your website with highly-personalized images generated by Jasper Art.
  • Use Jasper's images to help convey messages in your blog. (P.S. the image directly above was generated by Jasper Art!)
  • Use Jasper Art to personalize your email sequences.

Sounds amazing, right?

FAQs about Jasper Art

Considering Jasper Art is such a novel tool, don't be ashamed if you still have some unanswered questions.

Hopefully, they are covered in the frequently asked questions below!

How do you get access to Jasper Art?

The first step to getting access to Jasper Art is to sign up for the Jasper AI writing assistant with a Starter or Boss Mode plan.

Once you have done that, you can sign up for the Jasper Art add-on for only $20 per user per month. Now, you're ready to generate awesome images!

Can I access Jasper Art without subscribing to Jasper's writing assistant?

No, at the moment, you need a subscription to Jasper's writing assistant to access Jasper Art. However, Jasper announced that they would change this in the near future!

Is there a limit on how many images I can create with Jasper Art?

No, you can currently generate an unlimited number of images with Jasper Art!

Is there a free trial for Jasper Art?

At the moment, Jasper Art does not offer a free trial, but they do have a 100% no-risk money-back guarantee. This means that if you send Jasper a cancellation request email within five days of purchasing, they will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.

Are there Jasper Art alternatives on the market?

Yes, there are other popular tools like MidjourneyStable Diffusion, and Accomplice!

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Before we go to the final verdict, we’ve created a quick summary of this article for you, so you can easily remember it:

  • Jasper Art is an add-on feature of the Jasper AI writing assistant. It allows you to create realistic and stunning images/photos from text-based input in seconds!
  • Jasper Art can create amazing images in various styles and with many options, saving you a lot of time. On the downside, it can be a hit-or-miss experience as the tool struggles with words and human faces.
  • At launch, the Jasper Art add-on is a great deal at $20 per user per month!
  • To get the best results on Jasper Art, you should check out Jasper's tips and get inspired by and the Jasper Art Gallery.
  • Jasper Art could be an excellent tool for your ecommerce or dropshipping store!

Final verdict

There you have it! That was our review of Jasper Art.

So, what did we think about it?

Overall, we really enjoyed using Jasper Art. The software is intuitive and easy to use, and the results are impressively realistic overall.

We were also pleased with the flexibility of the tool. You can use it for anything from old pastel paintings to futuristic steampunk art!

However, as it is a recently-released tool, there are a few areas where Jasper Art could be improved.

For example, it would be nice to see Jasper Art producing high-quality outputs more consistently and improving the handling of words and human faces.

Despite these flaws, we believe that Jasper Art is one of the best graphic design AI tools on the market today.

It is pretty interesting to see how far technology has come, right?

Let us know what you think of what's to come in the future, and have a great rest of your day!

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