Dropshipping product research tools; you probably want one to find your next winning product for your dropshipping store, right? But which one to pick? There are so many product research tools out there. That’s why I made this list for you so you know exactly which one is right for you and your store in 2020!

Why should you purchase a dropshipping product research tool?

Look, I get it, doing product research your self is great (and free most of the time), but it takes a lot of time. And sometimes you just can’t decide what to sell, right?

That’s where a product research tool comes in handy!

These tools help you with finding the best products for your dropshipping store, so-called “Winning Products“.

There are even product research tools out there that not only help you with the question “What to sell on my store?”, but also help with things like competitor research.

For example, some tools show you exactly which other stores are currently selling the product that you just found. Now you have the advantage and can adjust your store to beat them!

Of course, as I said above, you don’t need a product research tool for this, but as you will see below; they will make it so much easier!

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The 17 Best Dropshipping Product Research Tools of 2020

Below you will find the list of the 17 best product research tools that you can use to find winning products for your dropshipping store.

If you want to know what a winning dropshipping product is, then I suggest reading this article of mine as well! I also included some product examples in that article.

With each product research tool, I will tell you:

  • What the function is of that tool (what it does)
  • The current price of that tool
  • If they have any trials available, so you don’t lose any money if you don’t like the tool!
  • And, of course, I will link to the tool. So you don’t have to search for it!

Are you getting excited to find your next winning product research tool?

If so, then let’s go!

1. Sell The Trend

Best Dropshipping Product Research Tools: Sell The Trend

Let’s start off with the number 1 of this list. I have used almost all the product research tools on this list and this is my personal favorite.

If you have been on my blog before, then you have probably seen me write about this product research tool already, but in case you haven’t, then this is for you.

Sell The Trend is a new dropshipping product research tool. It contains so many different tools that it will blow your mind away for sure! For example, one of the product research tools that they got inside is called ‘The Nexus’. You can find a lot (like really A LOT) of products here:

If you’re curious what else Sell The Trend does, then just take a look at the picture below:

You will surely get a lot of inspiration. Like what kind of products to sell, Facebook ads examples, and Shopify dropshipping store examples!

If you’re interested in Sell The Trend, then I suggest reading my in-depth review that I linked to below:

Sell The Trend Review (2020) – Easily Find Winning Products

What is the price of Sell The Trend and do they offer a trial?

The current price of Sell The Trend is $39 per month and you will get 2 months for free if you pay yearly.

And yes, they do offer a 7-day free trial for people who don’t want to risk any money yet!

You can find their 7-day free trial here

2. AliExpress Dropshipping Center

Best Dropshipping Product Research Tools: AliExpress Dropshipping Center

The second one is going to be a free one!

It’s the AliExpress Dropshipping Center!

In case you don’t know anything about the AliExpress Dropshipping Center or you don’t know how to enable it on your AliExpress account, then I suggest reading my other article here.

The great thing about it is that it’s free to use and it gives you some basic product research options!

3. Thieve.co

Best Dropshipping Product Research Tools: Thieve

The next one is called Thieve. They show you what’s trending on AliExpress.

It will give you a lot of inspiration for your product research!

At first, they only had a free version available (you can see that one on the screenshot above), but now they also have a dropshipping version available.

That one is called Thieve Supply.

Dropshipping product research tool: Thieve Supply

This is what Thieve Supply looks like from “the inside”:

As you can see above, it shows you all kinds of different products. You can then sort these products by a lot of different things.

Like category, sales, if the product is trending, and so on.

What is the price of Thieve.co and do they offer a trial?

Their free version is, of course, free, and their dropshipping version (Thieve Supply) is currently $29 or $99 per month. You can also pay yearly and save 20%.

They currently don’t offer a trial for Thieve Supply.

4. Dropship Spy

Best Dropshipping Product Research Tools: Dropship Spy

Another option is to go with Dropship Spy.

They currently have 10 different tools in one subscription.

The one thing I personally don’t like with this kind of product research tools is that they add a few new winning products daily.

For example, Dropship Spy says they add 5 new products each day.

Their “Winning Products” section filtered on “dog”

I’m sure that they got a lot of subscribers. So what do you think happens with these few products?

Exactly! They get “saturated” so fast.

Keep in mind with “saturated”, I don’t mean the product itself, but the product plus the information they give like the targeting and video ad.


Well, because a lot of dropshippers out there are lazy and came into this space to earn some “easy money”, or “to get rich next week”. This is sadly the truth because a lot of so-called “gurus” advertise dropshipping like this. (You can find more information about these “gurus” here)

Here is an example what Dropship Spy will give you with each product that they add (it’s so much that it will be hard to read):

Even though the products might be seen by a lot of people; it’s still a great tool to get inspiration for the next product that you want to import to your dropshipping store!

And all the other tools inside Dropship Spy are definitely going to help you as well!

If you’re interested in Dropship Spy, then I suggest reading my review:

Dropship Spy Complete Review 2020: Best Tool for Dropshippers?

What is the price of Dropship Spy and do they offer a trial?

The current price of Dropship Spy is $20 per month. They only got one pricing plan now (before they had three different ones).

Unfortunately, they don’t offer any trial.

Also, you will get a 10% discount if you use the discount code DoDropshipping10

5. Ecomhunt

Best Dropshipping Product Research Tools: Ecom Hunt

The next product research tool is called Ecomhunt.

This is another really popular product research tool.

This tool does the same as Dropship Spy. They add a certain amount of new winning products each day.

And which each product they add a lot of information like suggested selling price, video ad, targeting (for pro members) and a lot more.

These kinds of product research tools are definitely great if you’re just beginning with dropshipping.

They help you with a lot of things related to the product that you want to sell.

For example, when I was starting with dropshipping I didn’t know who to target on Facebook for my new product.

Luckily product research tools like this one helped me with that problem. They steered me in the right direction.

If you’re interested in Ecomhunt, then I suggest reading my review:

Ecomhunt Review (2020) – The Best Winning Products or Not?

What is the price of Ecomhunt and do they offer a trial?

The current price of Ecomhunt is $20 per month.

They do offer a free account with some limited features:

6. Niche Scraper

Best Dropshipping Product Research Tools: Niche Scraper

Next up is Niche Scraper. Another popular product research tool.

It’s almost similar to Sell The Trend, but there are some differences:

  • Niche Scraper got a section for hand-picked products (although Sell The Trend has a “Nexus” which combines all their tools and show what’s popular and hot right now)
  • If you want more tools in your product research tool, then I suggest you pick Sell The Trend. Niche Scraper only got 4 tools inside, but don’t undervalue them, just because they only got 4 tools!
  • I personally like the design and data given from Sell The Trend more than Niche Scraper, but that’s my opinion. Maybe you like the design of Niche Scraper more!
  • One more thing, Niche Scraper will be best for people that don’t have a big budget (I got a 50% discount for you below). They even got a free account option available for you! (More on that below)

But don’t forget, it’s all your choice! You can read below if they offer a trial.

This way, you can check it out without risking any money yet.

If you’re interested in Niche Scraper, then I suggest reading my review:

Niche Scraper Complete Review 2020: Best Low Budget Tool?

What is the price of Niche Scraper and do they offer a trial?

Their current price is $39 per month and they do offer a trial account.

With that trial account, you will have access to a few free searches in each category:

Also, you will get a 50% discount if you use the discount code DoDropshipping

7. AliShark

Best Dropshipping Product Research Tools: AliShark

Next up is AliShark. AliShark is made by the creators of the popular countdown timer Shopify app Hurrify!

AliShark is great for people that want a lot of filter options when searching for products on AliExpress (or Banggood).

And with a lot, I mean A LOT! For example:

And they got a lot of options for you if you want to do research with keywords. You can include keywords, and you can even exclude keywords.

For example, I can include the keyword ‘Dog’:

And then I see that I don’t want to sell any ‘Bowls’, then I exclude that keyword:

If you’re interested in AliShark, then I suggest reading my review:

AliShark Review (2020) – Best Dropship Product Search Tool?

What is the price of AliShark and do they offer a trial?

The current price of AliShark is $20 per month, and there is currently no option to pay yearly.

But they do offer a 2-day trial for only $1:

8. Intelligynce

Best Dropshipping Product Research Tools: Intelligynce

The next product research tool is called Intelligynce.

I suggest watching the video below to fully see what this product research tool can do for you!

intelligynce - eCommerce product research software

What is the price of Intelligynce and do they offer a trial?

Their price depends on what plan you choose. You could either join monthly for $39 per month, join yearly for $79 per year or you could pay $99 for lifetime access.

Product research tool Intelligynce: The pricing table

They currently don’t offer a trial.

9. D-Nicheur

Best Dropshipping Product Research Tools: D-Nicheur

The next product research tool on this list is called D-Nicheur. They show you one or three new products each day (depending on which plan you choose).

The reason that I added them to this list is that they do things completely different than the other dropshipping tools that show a few products per day (like Ecomhunt and Dropship Spy).

The idea for D-Nicheur was born after the owners were testing between 200 and 500 products per week for their own stores in massive “FB tests”, but they could only use a few of the products that had potential.

They decided to start giving away these extra products in their Facebook group, but so many people were interested that they decided to create D-Nicheur.

In D-Nicheur, they collect all the products that they couldn’t use themself. For each product they currently show you a product supplier example, a store that is currently selling that product, and an example of a Facebook Ad.

Example of three products that they added

As you may know already from the name, they started in the French market but are now looking to open the tool for the whole world.

What is the price of D-Nicheur and do they offer a trial?

The current monthly price for D-Nicheur is either $20 for one product per day or $30 for three products per day.

They currently don’t offer a trial or refund period.

10. FindNiche

Best Dropshipping Product Research Tools: FindNiche

The following product research tool on this list is called FindNiche.

This dropshipping tool will help you with a lot of different things (as you might have seen in the screenshot above already).

With this tool, you can get inspiration for your niche, what kind of products to sell, and you can even find other Shopify stores:

The only thing is that you can’t sort by ‘dropshipping’ (like some other tools on this list), but it’s still awesome because of the price. More on that below!

What is the price of FindNiche and do they offer a trial?

The current price of FindNiche is $29 or $59 per month, depending on the number of features you want.

You also have the option to go for a free account, which gives you 5 daily search queries.

One more thing, if you’re interested in the pro plan, but not sure yet if you want to spend money on it, then you can use their share rewards.

You will get 7 days free if you invite one friend. Plus, you can get 30 days for free if you share it on one of your social media profiles.

11. Phirst

Homepage of the research tool Phirst

The next dropshipping product research tool is called Phirst.

This one isn’t really a tool, but rather a newsletter that gives subscribers trending products before everybody else knows about them.

The thing that differentiates them from others is that they don’t go off of what is already selling a ton through Shopify or AliExpress.

Instead, they use hundreds of millions of behavior signals tracked online to discover what people are talking about, whether it is through Google, Reddit, other social media sites, YouTube, and so on.

By doing this, they are discovering the trends before they are really trending and mainstream. So you can launch a product before it goes viral.

They usually send you around three or more products with exponential trends in their monthly newsletter. Here’s an example of one product that they included in their last newsletter:

But that’s not all, they also give an explanation about why they added it to the list, and they give you a dropshipping supplier recommendation:

Another great thing is that you will get the last two monthly reports in your mailbox after you signed up.

What is the price of Phirst and do they offer a trial?

The current price of Phirst is $10 per month for dropshippers, but you can also choose the Amazon seller’s option; or both:

Dropshipping product research tool Phirst: Pricing table

They currently don’t offer a trial, but if you don’t like it after trying it out and paying for it, then you can send them an email, and they will cancel your subscription and refund you.

12. Allfactor

Homepage of the research tool Allfactor

Next up on this product research tools list is a tool that is more focussed on ecommerce in general rather than just dropshipping.

Which isn’t a bad thing, don’t get me wrong! They are called Allfactor.

Allfactor is an ecommerce competitive analytics platform where it aggregates billions of valuable ecommerce data from all channels such as Shopify, Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, and many others.

They provide millions of data insights to help you understand the whole market. Up to this date, it is monitoring more than 1,300,000 top Shopify stores.

They do help dropshippers as well by identifying emerging trends and new consumer tastes to help you optimize your marketing campaign strategy.

What is the price of Allfactor and do they offer a trial?

The current price of Allfactor is either free or $19 per month. They do have a business plan, but that will probably not be necessary for you.

Also, you will get a 20% discount if you use the discount code dodropshipping.

As you can see, they don’t offer a trial, but they do have a free account option, which gives you limited data access, but you can use that to see if this tool is something for you and your store!

13. ProfitBusters

Let’s continue this big list with the product research tool ProfitBusters.

ProfitBusters is a Print on Demand research tool that reveals top-selling designs from some of the biggest POD stores.

You will be able to view designs that are currently selling successfully and implement similar concepts on shirts, mugs, necklaces, flags, blankets, shoes and more.

Keep in mind that you can’t copy the design; it is meant for understanding a niche or style of design that’s currently working. And, same as with dropshipping, please don’t use any copyrighted material.

With a wide selection of categories to sort through (regardless of the niche you’re in), inspiration is limitless:

With each winning design, ProfitBusters reveals the ad, the store (along with their other running ads), targeting interests to easily plug into Facebook ad campaigns and suggested selling prices.

You will also also be able to further explore designs through direct Amazon, AliExpress, Pinterest, Etsy, eBay, and Google search links.

Here’s an example of how that will look like:

What is the price of ProfitBusters and do they offer a trial?

The current monthly price of ProfitBusters is $30, but it’s cheaper if you decide to pay upfront for multiple months:

Plus, you will get a 20% discount if you use the discount code DoDropshipping

There is currently no trial offer, but ProfitBusters does have a Freebies section where they show you current winning ad examples (updated every two days) with limited key features:

14. Asify

Asify is a Chrome extension that you can download for free here.

It will add a lot of stuff for you to AliExpress. It looks a bit like the AliExpress Dropshipping Center, but then you get a lot of extra information on the AliExpress product page itself.

I suggest checking out this video from James Beattie to see what this product research tool does on AliExpress!

Secret Aliexpress Product Research Tool (Winning Shopify Dropshipping Products)

15. ShopInspect

Best Dropshipping Product Research Tools: ShopInspect

The next dropshipping product research tool on this list is ShopInspect.

This is another product research tool that will help you with a lot of different tasks:

For example, here are a few of the products that they included in their ‘Hot Trending Products’ section:

They do provide less information per product than other dropshipping tools out there; like Ecomhunt.

Here is an example of the information they give you with a product:

Example of the information of a product inside ShopInspect

What is the price of ShopInspect and do they offer a trial?

The price of ShopInspect is currently $47 per month or $19 per month if you pay yearly.

However, if you’re interested in this dropshipping tool, then you can get a 50% discount if use DoDropshipping50 as a discount code!

Plus, they have a free account option available with a few free searches.

16. Wish Inspector

Best Dropshipping Product Research Tools: Wish Inspector

The next product research tool is for people who want something completely different for their dropshipping product research.

Wish Inspector analyze products on, you might have guessed it already, wish.com.

I suggest heading to their website to watch their video explaining what the tool does and how it works!

What is the price of Wish Inspector and do they offer a trial?

The current price of Wish Inspector is $67 for 1 license and $77 for 10 licenses and they do not offer any trial.

Although, they do have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

17. Pexda

The last product research tool in this list is called Pexda. You have probably heard of this tool before.

Same as with Dropship Spy and Ecomhunt, they add a few handpicked dropshipping products each day.

These are awesome products most of the time, but a lot of people (and with a lot I mean A LOT) see these products.

But their trial is still a nice option to go with if you’re just beginning with dropshipping.

Like I said with Ecomhunt, these tools helped me to get some ideas for my targeting!

What is the price of Pexda and do they offer a trial?

The current price of Pexda ranges from $30 to $200 per month without any sale discount.

Pexda does offer a 14-day trial for $1,95.

Getting Started with Dropshipping in 2020

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If so, then I suggest reading my complete Shopify dropshipping guide!

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Reading this article will surely help you to get started and to stay motivated while beginning and continuing your dropshipping journey!

Just don’t forget that success takes time. Keep improving each and every day!

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And here are some of my best articles:

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That was it! The 17 best dropshipping product research tools that will help you find your next winning product.

If you want to see more free dropshipping product research tools, then you can read The 8 Best FREE Product Research Tools for Dropshipping written by me!

I hope you learned something new today. Maybe you have found a new product research tool that you didn’t know before.

My suggestion for you, if you didn’t decide yet (or skipped to this part), is to try the 7-day free trial for Sell The Trend. You won’t regret it!

You can click here to get the free trial or you can click here to read my full review of Sell The Trend.

Also, if you want to do product research yourself (so no dropshipping product research tools), then I highly recommend reading my complete guide here. It contains 15 awesome product research methods to find winning dropshipping products!

If you got any dropshipping product research tools that you like, but are not included, or if you have any questions regarding dropshipping, then let me know by commenting below or contacting me directly by pressing the “Contact Us” button at the top.

Good luck with your dropshipping product research!


My name is Richard, and I created Do Dropshipping after I saw so many paid dropshipping courses popping up. The goal of Do Dropshipping is to put these “gurus” out of business by giving everyone access to the information that they need to start their own dropshipping business today. No more paid dropshipping courses!


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