Are you currently using Chrome or a browser that supports the Chrome Web Store and are you running a dropshipping business? Then this article will be awesome for you!

In this article, you will find the 8 best Chrome extensions for dropshipping store owners just like you.

1. Grammarly

Best Chrome Extensions for Dropshipping: Grammarly

The first Chrome extension that is perfect for your dropshipping store is called Grammarly. Now, you might have heard of them or you might not, but I have included it because there is a chance that this extension is new for you.

I have included them in this list because they help you check and improve your English grammar. This is definitely great if English isn't your first language, but you still want to sell in English. For example, by having your product descriptions and advertisements in English.

Wouldn't it be great if you had someone who could double-check it just in case you missed something?

Example from Grammarly double-checking my own grammar

Well, that's Grammarly! They can check your words everywhere you want, and if they don't support your application at the moment, then you can simply copy it over to their Grammarly app. That app also has a web version, so you don't need to install it.

They do currently have a paid version if you're looking to correct more mistakes, but the free version is awesome already!

If you're interested in learning more about what Grammarly can do for your dropshipping store, then check out this article here.

Want to install Grammarly now? Click here to do so.

2. DSers

DSers product importer chrome web store

Next up are a few Chrome extensions that will help you with AliExpress dropshipping.

Let's start it off with the Chrome extension from DSers. This one is great if you're currently using DSers to add AliExpress products to your Shopify store.

It helps you to easily see the processing time and if the AliExpress seller got ePacket shipping available. Although, side note, due to Covid-19 that isn't always the best shipping method.

If you're interested in learning more about the DSers Chrome extension, then you can click here.

Want to install DSers's extension now? Click here to do so.

3. AliScraper (Spocket)

Best Chrome Extensions for Dropshipping: AliScraper

Next up is the Chrome extension that Spocket made to make AliExpress dropshipping easier when you're using Spocket as well. It's called AliScraper.

Before, their customers had to use a different app to process their AliExpress orders. That's why they launched AliScraper so you can easily import AliExpress products to your store while still using Spocket at the same time.

You can then process these orders on the same dashboard as your Spocket orders.

So, if you're currently using Spocket and want to sell a few products from AliExpress as well, then this is the Chrome extension for you!

Want to install AliScraper now? Click here to do so.

4. Sell The Trend

Best Chrome Extensions for Dropshipping: Sell The Trend

Let's continue this list with the extension from Sell The Trend (review).

This is a great extension that helps you import products from AliExpress and helps you process your orders directly inside the Sell The Trend dashboard. And yes, they offer 1-click order fulfillment as well, just like DSers.

You can use this one if you're already using Sell The Trend for your product research, so everything is easily accessible in one place! (Same as with Spocket above)

The great thing is that they keep adding new features to this extension. They started with only supporting Shopify, but they recently launched a WooCommerce integration as well.

Want to install Sell The Trend's extension now? Click here to do so.

5. Alitools

Best Chrome Extensions for Dropshipping: Alitools

The next Chrome extension won't be a tool that helps you with processing orders. No, this one helps you with picking the right AliExpress dropshipping suppliers.

This extension, called Alitools, is a great tool if you're currently dropshipping with AliExpress.

It helps you see tons of data about the AliExpress seller. For example, you can see the price history of a product:

You can also save the product via their extension by clicking on the heart at the right.

Another great feature of this extension is that it can help you find AliExpress sellers if you have an image of a product.

Simply hover with your mouse over an image from, for example, a product from your competitor, then you can press 'Find on AliExpress'.

It will then open a popup where it will search for AliExpress sellers that are selling that product. For example:

Example of the feature from Alitools that help you find AliExpress sellers selling the same product

Keep in mind that there are probably better AliExpress suppliers out there that are selling that product, but it's a great little tool if you can't find them yourself and are second-guessing if they are using AliExpress or not.

Want to install Alitools now? Click here to do so.

6. Shine

Shine Commerce Chrome extension

The next Chrome extension will help your dropshipping store with competitor research, and you can even use it for product research.

It's called Shine (previously Commerce Inspector).

This extension lets you see the best-selling products, Facebook Ads, monthly site visitors, and more on an ecommerce store:

Shine extension

Great for product research, right?

They do have a paid version available with more options, but the free Chrome extension is awesome already. If you want to check out their pricing, then you can click here.

Want to install Shine now? Click here to do so.

7. SimilarWeb

Best Chrome Extensions for Dropshipping: SimilarWeb

Next up is another awesome extension to do competitor research. It's called SimilarWeb.

This extension lets you see how much traffic your competitors have. Just keep in mind that they are estimates and that they don't have an estimate for every single website.

But they have an estimate for most of the bigger websites. For example, here is a screenshot of how it looks like on this website:

Example of a website with SimilarWeb

There is one exception to the estimates, and that is when websites connect their Google Analytics account to SimilarWeb. Yes, you can do that.

Want to install SimilarWeb now? Click here to do so.

8. Ali Insider

Best product research Chrome extensions - Ali Insider

The last Chrome extension on this list is called Ali Insider.

As you may guess, this extension is focused on AliExpress!

Besides the Chrome extension, Ali Insider has a pretty nice website explaining the products they offer. You can find their website here.

Ali Insider offers a lot of features. Mentioning all of them would be too much, but here are some of their main features:

  • Research assistant. Spot profitable products right on the AliExpress search page.
  • Sales tracker. Find out if a product is trending or if it was popular in the past.
  • Logistics checker. Ensure fast and reliable delivery to your customers.
  • Competition insider. Get a list of competitor stores for any product.
  • Dropship insider. Check the number of daily orders and how much your competitors earn.
Ali Insider spot profitable products right on AliExpress

The features above are all included in Ali Insider's free version of the Chrome extension. However, you can also opt for the paid 'premium' version, which comes with the following main additional features:

  • Top 30k products list. Access a constantly updating list of the top 30,000 products on AliExpress. The list includes extra detailed analytics, competitors’ stores, revenues, and suppliers, along with the countries where the product has the highest number of sales.
  • Niche analyzer. Discover the most profitable niches and their finest products.
  • Upcoming trends. Get new trending products with little competition.
  • Saturation checker. Find out if it’s still possible to make some sales with the product you are looking at.
Ali Insider top 30k products list

Ali Insider offers two pricing plans:

One is free and does not even require an account. You can simply add the Chrome extension to your browser here!

Suppose you would like to get access to Ali Insider's list of the top 30k products at the moment, including their extra detailed statistics and another bunch of additional features.

In that case, you will have to buy the 'premium' version, which currently costs $19.95 per month:

Ali Insider pricing page
Find Ali Insider's pricing page here

Bonus: Best for Ecommerce Store Owners

If you're currently thinking, "8 Chrome extensions, that's nice, but I want more!" Then I got an awesome article for you.

This article contains every single Chrome extension you need to know about when running an ecommerce store. It covers categories like productivity, search engine optimization, and much more!

And yes, when you're dropshipping, you're running an ecommerce store for those that were wondering.

Curious now? Then check it out by clicking on the link below:

28 Best Chrome Extensions for Ecommerce Store Owners (2024)


So, there you have it; 8 awesome Chrome extensions for dropshipping store owners just like you.

I hope you see now that there are a lot of tools out there that will help you and your dropshipping store.

Also, if you're interested in seeing more tools that can help you, then check out these 14 dropshipping tools. Plus, don't forget to check out these 9 Chrome extensions for product research!

If you know any more Chrome extensions for dropshipping or if you have any questions, then let me know by commenting below or contacting me directly by pressing the “Contact Us” button at the top.

I wish you the best with your dropshipping journey, and don't forget success takes time and isn't gained overnight!

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