Are you ready to take your Shopify store to the next level and make it stand out from all of your competitors?

If so, put away those plain and boring themes; it's time to upgrade!

We’ve compiled a list of nine unique Shopify themes that will give any ecommerce website an irresistibly fresh look.

Let's check them out!

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The Best Unique Shopify Themes: An Overview

Looking for a quick recommendation on the best Shopify theme?

Awesome! Check out the overview table below:

ThemeDesigned ForPriceRead Review
StreamlineQuickly achieving fast load times and creating eye-catching product pages.$350Streamline Review
EmergeCreating a contemporary edge with spacious layouts, immersive imagery, and bold typography.$320Emerge Review
SparkDirect-to-consumer brands, dropshippers, and first-time merchants.$320Spark Review
Be YoursAny online store with a strong focus on mobile-first design and interactive shopping.$280Be Yours Review
CombineBundling products and skyrocketing your average order value.$300Combine Review
PublisherConveying your narrative in a unique, creative style.FreePublisher Review
ModularThose that like grid-focused designs used to show their brand with flair and minimalism.$300Modular Review
HighlightDisplaying products in a creative way.$300Highlight Review
AtomCombining minimalist design with powerful animations.$190Atom Review

The 9 best unique Shopify themes

So, which Shopify themes are the best if you want your online store to look different from all others?

Let's find out!

1. Streamline Review

I work with Streamline for almost two years now and I only receive compliments how my webshop works and looks.

Yoga Chicks (Streamline Theme user)
Streamline Shopify theme
Designed forQuickly achieving fast load times and creating eye-catching product pages.
Great forMobile shoppers and brands that are eager to stand out from the crowd.
Unique features- Thumb menu
- Stand out from the crowd
- Fast loading times
Demo storesView here
Reviews95% Positive (277 Reviews)

Streamline is like the Usain Bolt of Shopify themes; it's fast.

But there's more to it than speed! It’s also eye-catching and designed to get your products and message across in a snap.

Streamline Shopify theme product page example

To top it off, it's made by designers who ex-Shopifiers who were once behind the design of hugely popular themes like Debut, Brooklyn, Venture, and more!

Unique features

  • Thumb menu. The developers behind Streamline decided to move the mobile menu to the bottom of the screen. That’s right, where your thumb already is! This means no more finger gymnastics to reach the top corner on big phones.
Streamline Shopify theme thumb menu
  • Stand out with style. With GIF-style animations, scrolling text, and seamless video integration, your store is bound to pop. Plus, the font-first branding lets you stamp your identity on your store.
Streamline Shopify theme homepage section example
  • Fast loading times. If patience isn't your strong suit (or your customers’), Streamline could be a great match. It's light as a feather, so your pages will load super quickly - even on slower 3G connections.


The Streamline theme costs $350 on the Shopify Theme Store.

When the Streamline theme is great for you:

  • If you expect a large part of your customers to shop on their phones (like almost all of today's online stores).
  • If you want your brand to scream 'Look at me!' in the best way possible.

2. Emerge Review

I chose this theme because it looks clean and has a very authentic feel to it. I love it because of the customer service. The team is very helpful.

Neet Freak Clothing LLC (Emerge Theme user)
Emerge Shopify theme
Designed forCreating a contemporary edge with spacious layouts, immersive imagery, and bold typography.
Great forPromoting products and scaling effortlessly.
Unique features- Predictive live search
- Powerful promotions
- Built to scale
Demo storesView here
Reviews100% Positive (40 Reviews)

Imagine visiting one of the coolest, most modern online stores you've ever seen; everything's neat, clean, and classy.

Well, it could be built with the Emerge theme!

Emerge feels like walking into a high-end boutique. The layouts are uncluttered, the images are immersive, and the typography is bold yet refined:

Emerge Shopify theme product catalog example

Unique features

  • Predictive live search. Emerge offers an excellent predictive live search feature. Your customers can get fast, dynamic search results for products, pages, and even blog content. It’s like having a personal assistant guiding them through your store:
Emerge Shopify theme predictive live search
  • Powerful promotions. Ready to skyrocket your sales? Emerge is armed with promotional features that let you highlight sales, discounts, and featured products across multiple collection pages:
Emerge Shopify theme promotion example
  • Built to scale. Whether you're starting out or have years of experience, Emerge is loaded with features to start, grow, and scale your business.


The Emerge theme costs $320 on the Shopify Theme Store.

When the Emerge theme is great for you:

  • If you want your store to have a spacious, clean design.
  • If you want your store to be ready for growth.

3. Spark Review

Today marks one year since I downloaded this incredible theme. After a year of testing, I can confidently say it's been a wonderful experience.

MyPetraits: Custom Pet Portraits (Spark Theme user)
Spark Shopify theme
Designed forDirect-to-consumer brands, dropshippers, and first-time merchants.
Great forTargeting a global audience with a mobile-friendly store or performing advanced theme customizations.
Unique features- Mobile-first
- Made for customization
- Designed to build trust
Demo storesView here
Reviews89% Positive (28 Reviews)

Spark is a theme that's all about connecting with your audience and taking mobile commerce to the next level.

With streamlined navigation, snappy page load times, and easily accessible language and currency selectors, Spark isn't just mobile-first; it's mobile to the max.

And the cherry on top? It's designed in collaboration with merchants like you!

Spark Shopify theme product page example

Unique features

  • Mobile-first. Spark excels at serving mobile visitors. With a focus on streamlined navigation, language and currency selectors, and super-fast page load times, your customers will enjoy a top-tier mobile shopping experience:
Spark Shopify theme mobile view
  • Made for customization. For those who love to customize their Shopify theme, Spark is a fantastic choice. It's the perfect base for advanced theme customization with optional un-minified JavaScript, exposed events, and state-of-the-art architecture.
  • Designed to build trust. Spark helps you build trust with your customers by displaying payment provider icons in your store’s footer. Plus, it shows off your Social Media Icons to tell your story, as well as Shopify's customer accounts and dynamic checkout buttons for returning customers.
Spark Shopify theme product description and trust building


The Spark theme costs $320 on the Shopify Theme Store.

When the Spark theme is great for you:

  • If you're all about optimizing your Shopify store's mobile experience.
  • If you love to play around and make your store as unique as your imagination.

4. Be Yours Review

This theme is the best, so diverse and has so many in-built features, it's simply incredible. Used it to build multiple stores now. Support has been immensely helpful too and it's priced so well compared to other themes with far less features.

Jewelled Me (Be Yours Theme user)
Shopify Be Yours theme
Designed forAny online store with a strong focus on mobile-first design and interactive shopping.
Great forProviding a personalized and intuitive shopping experience.
Unique features- Mobile-first design
- Shop The Look
Demo storesView here
Reviews98% Positive (247 Reviews)

Be Yours is known for its unique design that prioritizes an intuitive user experience - in other words, it's made to impress and convert!

This theme makes shopping a breeze for your customers, regardless of where they are or what device they use:

Be Yours Shopify theme product page example

Unique features

  • Mobile-first design. Be Yours puts mobile users first. Its sleek, responsive, and super-fast design ensures your mobile customers have the best shopping experience!
Be Yours Shopify theme mobile-first design
  • Shop The Look. This feature lets visitors see exactly what they can expect in each box. The result? They get a clear visual understanding of what they're getting and are more likely to hit that 'purchase' button!
Be Yours theme Shop The Look feature


The Be Yours theme costs $280 on the Shopify Theme Store.

When the Be Yours theme is great for you:

  • If you're an online store focusing on mobile shoppers.
  • If you want to showcase your products in an engaging way.

5. Combine Review

Very good theme, super clean and easy to work with. Has a lot of useful functions as well.

Kul og Koks (Combine Theme user)
Combine Shopify theme
Designed forBundling products and skyrocketing your average order value.
Great forCreatively showcasing your products, collections, and brand details while selling more through bundles, kits, upsells, and cross-sells.
Unique features- Bundle builder
- Parallax vertical slider
- Highly versatile
Demo storesView here
Reviews80% Positive (5 Reviews)

Combine is like that savvy salesperson who can package things just right to make customers say, 'I'll take it all!'.

With its bundle builder and parallax vertical slider features, you can sell products in bundles, kits, and even throw in some deals like buy X get Y!

Combine Shopify theme product page example

Unique features

  • Bundle builder. With Combine, selling more is a breeze. The theme lets you create bundles, kits, upsells, cross-sells, and more:
Combine Shopify theme bundle builder
  • Parallax vertical slider. Combine lets you showcase your products, collections, brand details, and promotions using a creative parallax effect:
Combine Shopify theme Parallax vertical slider
  • Highly versatile. Whether you have a specific look in mind or want to experiment, Combine's flexibility makes it possible. This theme can match your style!
Combine Shopify theme homepage section example


The Combine theme costs $300 on the Shopify Theme Store.

When the Combine theme is great for you:

  • If you want to maximize sales through smart bundling and attractive deals.
  • If you believe in presenting your products and brand in the most creative light.

6. Publisher Review

Shopify Publisher theme
Designed forConveying your narrative in a unique, creative style.
Great forStores that sell any sort of artistic products.
Unique features- Progressive, high-contrast design
- Contextual navigation
Demo storesView here

Are you an artist looking for a unique Shopify theme?

In that case, you should take a look at Publisher!

Shopify calls it an 'avant-garde' theme, which means it contains many new and unusual ideas. And the best part; it's free!

Shopify Publisher theme product page example

Unique features

  • Progressive, high-contrast design. This theme's demo store uses subtle gradients with dark, immersive product cards to create a high-contrast design:
Shopify Publisher theme newest arrivals section example
  • Contextual navigation. Instead of using a traditional navigation bar, the Publisher theme puts your brand narrative first and uses contextual links to products and categories:
Shopify Publisher theme contextual navigation example


The Publisher theme can be downloaded for free on the Shopify Theme Store.

When the Publisher theme is great for you:

  • You like the 'avant-garde' style of the theme.
  • You like the moody design and minimalist navigation that the theme offers.

7. Modular Review

We have been extremely satisfied with the Mayfair theme, which has been our preferred choice for the past few years. Its stunning design, flexibility, and feature-rich nature have significantly contributed to the overall aesthetic appeal and functionality of our website.

Interior Secrets (Modular Theme user)
Modular Shopify theme
Designed forThose that like grid-focused designs used to show their brand with flair and minimalism.
Great forAdding large images and subtle animations while keeping a sharp eye on conversion rates.
Unique features- Grid-focused design
- Sales-optimized
- Quick start
Demo storesView here
Reviews96% Positive (209 Reviews)

Modular is a theme that can make your store look like an art gallery.

But here's the best part: while it’s making your store look amazing, Modular also comes with a bunch of sales conversion features. It’s like an artist with a business degree!

Modular Shopify theme product page example

Unique features

  • Grid-focused design. Modular features a signature product grid that shows collections and products in a collage-style layout. You can use it to make a statement with brand imagery in a minimalist design:
Modular Shopify theme grid-focused design
  • Sales-optimized. Modular isn’t just a pretty theme; it has powerful sales conversion features like dynamic checkout, color swatches, back-in-stock notifications, and quick view:
Modular Shopify theme cross selling section
  • Quick start. Modular comes with beautiful out-of-the-box layouts and easy setup, so you can start marketing your products soon after installing it!


The Modular theme costs $300 on the Shopify Theme Store.

When the Modular theme is great for you:

  • If you want your store to tell a visual story with a grid-focused, lively design.

8. Highlight Review

I really like this theme. It looks very alive and modern. It is easy to use and the customer support is amazing!

House Of Oysters (Highlight Theme user)
Highlight Shopify theme
Designed forDisplaying products in a creative way.
Great forStore owners selling artistic products.
Unique features- Parallax vertical slider
- Asymmetrical product grid
- Highlights product benefits
Demo storesView here
Reviews93% Positive (30 Reviews)

If you like the artistic style of the Publisher theme but are looking for more features, Highlight might be the perfect Shopify theme for you!

Whether you're selling art or showcasing your products using creative 3D mockups, this theme would fit perfectly!

Highlight Shopify theme homepage section example

Unique features

  • Parallax vertical slider. Parallax creates an animated depth effect as you scroll down the page.
Highlight Shopify Theme Parallax vertical slider
  • Asymmetrical product grid. Highlight uses a creative asymmetrical product layout that helps each item stand out. Combine it with Parallax, and you've got a fantastic effect!
Highlight art theme asymmetrical product grid
  • Highlights product benefits. With Highlight, each product page has a dedicated section highlighting the product benefits in an icon list or image slider:
Highlight Shopify Theme product benefits section


The Highlight theme costs $300 on the Shopify Theme Store.

When the Highlight theme is great for you:

  • You're looking for a modern Shopify theme that feels alive.
  • You want to sell artistic products or creatively showcase your products.

9. Atom Review

Shopify Atom theme
Designed forCombining minimalist design with powerful animations.
Great forOffering a truly unique shopping experience.
Unique features- Dynamic animations throughout
- Sidebar navigation
Demo storesView here

Lastly, let's talk about Atom, a feature-rich theme that not only looks great but also helps you do more business!

Atom isn't your everyday theme - its animations definitely give it a premium feel:

Shopify Atom theme homepage section example

Our tip: check out Atom's demo store to experience the true feel of the theme!

On a different note, implementing lots of animations will always slow down your store, so that's a drawback you'll have to consider before installing this theme.

Unique features

  • Dynamic animations throughout. The animations in Atom add an engaging touch to your Shopify store. They also give a memorable browsing experience!
  • Sidebar navigation. Atom uses sidebar navigation in the desktop view, which fits very well with the rest of the web design:
Shopify Atom theme product page example with sidebar navigation


The Atom theme costs $190 on the Shopify Theme Store.

When the Atom theme is great for you:

  • If you would like to offer your visitors a truly one-of-a-kind shopping experience.

What to consider when picking a unique Shopify theme?

Finding dropshipping stores

If you're looking to design a unique Shopify store but don't know which theme fits you best, here are a few key aspects to consider:

  • The design of the theme. This is a personal decision, but do you like the theme's design?
  • Does it fit your budget? A free theme is your best option if a paid theme doesn't fit your budget. At the same time, remember that paid themes have a lot of extra features which could save you in Shopify app costs!
  • Test their support. Did you think about testing your theme's support? You can try contacting the support of multiple themes to compare their response quality and time.
  • Online Store 2.0. Try to pick a theme that is Online Store 2.0 enabled. With OS2.0, you can use drag-and-drop sections to create custom pages throughout your store. It's Shopify's new standard in customizability and speed!

If you want more tips on picking the right Shopify theme for your store, check out this article with eight great tips!


Before we go to the final verdict, we've created a quick summary of this article for you, so you can easily remember it:

  • One of the best but also most expensive unique Shopify themes include Streamline, Emerge, and Spark.
  • Do you want a theme with lots of animations? If so, Combine or Atom are fantastic choices!
  • If you're a dropshipper, Spark is a fantastic theme to choose.
  • If you're looking for the best free Shopify theme, check out Publisher.

Other great Shopify themes

Not sure yet about these Shopify themes?

If so, you will find even more amazing ones in the lists below:

Final verdict

There you go; those were our top Shopify themes for creating a unique online presence!

But what is our verdict on which is best?

Final verdict: The best unique Shopify themes are Streamline, Emerge, and Spark.

These themes come out on top due to their striking looks, features, customizability, and performance!

If you're still second-guessing, let's look at our overview from earlier:

ThemeDesigned ForPrice
StreamlineQuickly achieving fast load times and creating eye-catching product pages.$350
EmergeCreating a contemporary edge with spacious layouts, immersive imagery, and bold typography.$320
SparkDirect-to-consumer brands, dropshippers, and first-time merchants.$320
Be YoursAny online store with a strong focus on mobile-first design and interactive shopping.$280
CombineBundling products and skyrocketing your average order value.$300
PublisherConveying your narrative in a unique, creative style.Free
ModularThose that like grid-focused designs used to show their brand with flair and minimalism.$300
HighlightDisplaying products in a creative way.$300
AtomCombining minimalist design with powerful animations.$190

Have a great rest of your day!

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