Do you know what a great way is to learn more about dropshipping? This! Reading questions most people have when starting or growing their dropshipping store. I hope the answers to the questions below will inspire you to begin your dropshipping journey if you didn’t start yet! Are you ready?

Some answers will contain images from a different blog post. This means that you will find the complete answer to that question there! You can click on the image to go to that blog post. I hope you enjoy reading what I wrote!

1. Can dropshipping make me rich?

I would say yes because the income potential is unlimited and you don’t have to worry about stocking products and shipping them to your customers.

So that means that theoretically, you can scale your store as big as you want. Or maybe even start a new dropshipping store to get multiple streams of income.

Read more here

Yes, I do believe that you can get rich with your dropshipping store, but it does take a lot of time and effort. It’s definitely not a get rich overnight type of thing.

Although some “internet guru’s” make it believe it is.

Spend your time building a store where you look first what the customer wants and not what your pocket wants.

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Do keep in mind that a lot of people are interested now in starting or growing a dropshipping store.

My tip for you is to be unique and put your time into your store!

I say this because a lot of people that open a dropshipping store only do it for the money. They use a default theme, import some products and make some default advertisements (or worse: they copy them from other dropshipping stores).

You can beat them by putting your time and effort into your dropshipping store.

Lucky you though, because there is a new way to upgrade your dropshipping store and be unique!

You can use the new Glorify app.

This tool will help you create beautiful and unique product images!

It will even help you with removing the background of your image. This way, you can make your product image as beautiful as you want!

I suggest going to their website to see all their features, or you can watch their video below.

Glorify Early Adopter Promo 2019

If you’re interested now in the Glorify app, then you’re in luck!

They are currently running a deal that lets you pay one price for lifetime access. After that, they are going to change to monthly payments.

Also, you can get a 10% discount if you use the discount code: PROMO72

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2. How long does shipping take when I dropship from China?

If you’re dropshipping from China, then shipping will usually take 2-4 weeks before it reaches your customer.

This might sound long, but trust me there are a lot of reasons why people can wait so long!

I got one awesome example for here for you:

Would you wait for 2-4 weeks for a sandwich maker, that you can also buy in the store next door?

I don’t think so…

But what if it’s a special sandwich maker, that you never saw before and is also in your favorite color? Would you care if it says you might need to wait for 2-4 weeks before it’s in your house?

In case you want to learn some ways to deal with these long shipping times (and make them even shorter), then I suggest reading my article here.

I got one tip here for you already! Always try to use ePacket. This is usually the best option.

See for example the screenshot below.

In case you’re thinking now something like “wow, that’s a long shipping time”, then I suggest reading my article here that goes over how to get a fast delivery time when dropshipping.

3. Will I have to deal with customer problems or will my dropshipping supplier do that?

You will have to deal with your customers.

Your dropshipping supplier does a lot for you (like storing and shipping your products), but you will be the one that will be in contact with your customers.

You’re the one who is going to fix all their problems.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t communicate with your dropshipping suppliers though.

If your customer got a question regarding where their package is, then you check the tracking information, but if you can’t figure it out, then you should contact your supplier.

This is why it’s important to select the best supplier, not the cheapest.

You want someone that responds to these questions as soon as possible, not a week later, right?

In case you want to start with dropshipping from AliExpress (or maybe you’re already doing that), then I suggest reading my article about how to find the best AliExpress dropshipping suppliers.

4. How do I handle refunds and returns when dropshipping?

The complete guide to handle Refunds and Returns when Dropshipping

I’m 100% certain I will fully explain that to you in my complete guide about how to handle refunds and returns when dropshipping!

It contains everything from common causes of refund requests to how to get less of them.

I will even learn you how to give a refund and how to correctly write your refund and return policy for your dropshipping store.

Here you can find my complete guide on how to handle refunds and returns when dropshipping.

5. Can I start dropshipping without money?

Learn if you can start dropshipping without money in 2020

No, you most likely need some money to start a dropshipping business, but knowing how to spend that money when you’re just beginning with dropshipping will definitely help you save money!

The costs will all depend on your experience and what kind of plan you’re going to follow. Are you going to self-host your store or are you going to use an ecommerce platform like Shopify?

If you want to learn more about this, then I suggest reading my full guide that includes all the costs of starting a dropshipping store. It will also include all the things you think cost money, but could be done for free!

Click here to read more!

6. Do you know any dropshipping store examples?

Awesome Shopify Dropshipping Store Examples


I know a lot of them and included them all for you in one easy to follow article.

It currently includes 17 awesome dropshipping store examples! I wrote down some things to look at with each example. This way you will surely learn something new from these power stores.

I hear you thinking “Can I get one example already?”


Yes of course! It’s a general dropshipping store named Inspire Uplift.

Screenshot of their homepage

Click here to find out what is special about Inspire Uplift and to see all the dropshipping store examples.

7. How do I know if a store is dropshipping?

Learn how to see if an online (Shopify) store is Dropshipping!

This is another great question that most people have when researching other online stores.

They are researching, but they don’t know if a store is dropshipping or not.

Well, don’t worry anymore!

I got 10 awesome tactics for you if you want to know if an online (Shopify) store is dropshipping or not!

You can click here to learn all the tactics to be 95% sure if a store is dropshipping or not.

8. Are there ways to get free traffic to my dropshipping store?

8 amazing ways to get free traffic to your dropshipping store in 2020


You don’t need to spend any money on marketing when you’re just beginning with dropshipping. This is also great if you don’t have any experience yet with marketing.

But do keep in mind that these free traffic tactics do cost time and effort. So please don’t give up!

You can click here to learn 8 amazing ways to get free traffic to your dropshipping store.

9. Are there any other paid ways to advertise my dropshipping store besides Facebook?

10 ways to advertise your dropshipping store without facebook

Again, yes!

There is so much more out there than just Facebook ads.

Yes, Facebook ads are great to get sales, but it’s definitely hard to start with if you don’t have any experience in ecommerce or marketing related.

I suggest you check out this article I wrote. It includes 10 different ways to do paid advertising for your dropshipping store.

This will definitely open your eyes! You will see that there is so much more possible than just Facebook ads.

10. Do I need a paid theme for my dropshipping store to get sales?


To short?

Well, you can buy a paid theme, but you don’t need it yet when you’re just beginning with dropshipping.

Definitely, if your budget is tight, then your money is best used to grow your dropshipping store.

It’s wise to start with a free theme.

You can click here to find out what the best free Shopify theme for dropshipping stores is.

11. Can I dropship copyrighted or trademarked products?

No, you cannot.

The only exception to this is that you get (or have) a license from the company that owns the product to officially sell the copyrighted product that you want to sell.

Yes, you might think this will be easy and quick money if you can sell stuff with someone else’s logo on it, but what do you think is going to happen when these companies find out and pursue you in court?

Do you think that you will survive that?

Here is one example of Nike Air Max shoes on AliExpress.


And you can see some of the 1-star reviews of that product in the screenshot below.

The reviews on AliExpress from the example above

You can click here if you want to learn more about which products to avoid dropshipping.

12. Do I need to write my own product descriptions or can I use the descriptions from my supplier?

Yes and no.

I do suggest you write your own product description because this will bring in more sales for sure. (Source)

Product descriptions are either making your store visitor leave your store or making them purchase your product!

But when you’re just beginning this will take a lot of time if you want to do it perfectly for all your products.

That’s why I suggest you make 1-3 products perfect (including their product descriptions). These are going to be the products that you’re going to start testing with.

I do suggest you take some time on the other product descriptions, but they don’t have to be perfect. They could be a few sentences as well!

Click here if you want to learn how to write awesome product descriptions for your dropshipping store.

13. How many products do I need before I can open my dropshipping store?

How many products to start with Dropshipping

When you’re just beginning, I would suggest you import 5-20 products in your dropshipping store, but only really focus on 1-3 products at the same time.

These products are going to be the first products that you’re going to start advertising with.

The rest of these products are there to make your store look alive and real!

Do you want to learn more about this? Like how to make these 1-3 products perfect? Then I suggest clicking here to read my article about that!

14. Do dropshipping suppliers ship internationally?

This depends on your supplier.

But most ship worldwide.

Do check with your supplier before you want to start advertising in a new country! There could be a small chance that your supplier doesn’t ship there.

15. How do I find winning products for my dropshipping store?

Sell The Trend Review Is this the best Shopify dropshipping product research tool?

This is one of the most asked questions that dropshippers have.

What do I sell on my dropshipping store and how do I find products that a lot of people want?

In case you don’t know what “winning products” are; they are basically products that are selling well and could bring your dropshipping store to the next level. (Source)

You can click here to learn 15 awesome dropshipping product research methods!

If you don’t want to do the product research yourself, then I highly recommend you to check out Sell The trend.

You can find my full review of Sell The Trend here.

16. Won’t my customer find invoices and promotions from the AliExpress supplier in the package?

This is how I do it, I put in Oberlo a custom note that will automatically be written at the AliExpress checkout:
We’re dropshipping. No promotions & invoices, please!

Dropshipping Questions: Conclusion

That’s the end! Those were 16 of the most asked dropshipping questions answered for you!

I hope one or more of these questions were (not anymore!) on your mind as well.

If you got any more dropshipping questions for this list or if you have any other questions, then let me know by commenting below or contacting me directly by pressing the “Contact Me” button at the top!

Good luck with your dropshipping store!


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