As an ecommerce business owner, paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a custom theme can be tempting.

However, do you really need a paid theme?

Many fantastic free Shopify themes are fully customizable and can be installed directly from your Shopify dashboard.

To help you get started, we've compiled a list of 12 free Shopify themes that will allow you to create a professional-looking store from day one.

Let's start!

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The Best Free Shopify Themes: An Overview

Looking for a quick recommendation and overview of the best free Shopify themes?

Awesome! Just take a look at the table below:

ThemeDesigned ForRead Review
SensePresenting products in an engaging and visually appealing manner.Sense Review
DawnShowcasing product images.Dawn Review
DebutifyLimitless design possibilities.Debutify Review
RefreshA quick setup and putting the focus on your product.Refresh Review
TasteSpecialty products with bold branding.Taste Review
OriginMakers selling unique, one-of-a-kind pieces.Origin Review
StudioDisplaying artwork and collections.Studio Review
SpotlightEntrepreneurs who want to start selling quickly.Spotlight Review
CraftBrands that celebrate craftsmanship.Craft Review
PublisherConveying your narrative in a unique, creative style.Publisher Review
RideShow images in a visually beautiful way.Ride Review
ColorblockBrands that want a colorful look.Colorblock Review

The 12 best free Shopify themes in 2024

Continue reading to learn more about each theme!

1. Sense Review

It's incredible how many awesome features are packed into this free theme. Thank you for providing a solid foundation for web designers to build upon. We absolutely love it.

Tonja Howard (Sense Theme user)
Sense theme Shopify Theme Store
Designed forPresenting products in an engaging and visually appealing manner.
Great forProviding comprehensive product details and building trust through testimonials and videos.
Unique features- Fresh and bright design
- Detailed product information
Demo storesView here
Reviews42% Positive (50+ Reviews)

Sense is the first free Shopify theme on this list!

And when you look at it, it brings fresh air to your brand with its vibrant color palette, soft gradients, and curved elements that gently guide buyers through your store:

Sense theme homepage and footer section example

Unique features

  • Fresh and bright design. Sense uses a fresh color palette and soft gradients to bring an energizing feel to your online store!
  • Detailed product information. The detailed product layouts offer a great opportunity to describe your products accurately:
Sense theme product page example

When the Sense theme is great for you:

  • If you aim for a vibrant, engaging, and fresh look for your online store.
  • If you want to establish trust with testimonials and videos.

2. Dawn Review

I’ve been using this theme for 2 months now and love it. Yes there is some personalization to be done for my needs but i think this is normal and i was able to research all of the required coding easily.

Nilesh (Dawn Theme user)
Dawn Shopify clothing theme
Designed forShowcasing product images.
Great forA quick setup and visual storytelling.
Unique features- Minimalist design
- Media-forward product pages
- Cross-selling
Demo storesView here
Reviews31% Positive (170+ reviews)

The Dawn theme is one of the best free Shopify themes.

With its clean, minimalist, and product-focused look, we are sure it can form the base of a successful store if you don’t have the budget for a paid theme!

Dawn product page example

Unique features

  • Minimalist design. The minimalist design and simplified fonts keep your visitor's attention on what matters.
  • Media-forward product pages. Dawn's product pages are focused on displaying images. Perfect for making your products feel more tangible for the customers!
  • Cross-selling. With Dawn, you can create a 'You may also like' section on your product pages, which encourages visitors to view other items:
Dawn cross-selling feature

When the Dawn Theme is great for you:

  • You want a minimalist style for your online store.
  • You want your images to be the main focus of your product pages.

3. Debutify Review

Debutify homepage
Designed forLimitless design possibilities.
Great forOptimizing conversion rates.
Price$0 / $29 / $79 / $149 per month
Unique features- Uses an add-on system
- Conversion-focused product pages
- Fully customizable
Demo storesView here

Debutify is a theme that promises to provide everything you need to create a successful Shopify store.

It's designed to be an all-in-one solution, so you won't need many Shopify apps when using it!

Example product page of Debutify store

Debutify comes with four different plans, ranging from $0 to $149 per month:

Debutify Shopify theme pricing

Debutify also offers a 14-day free trial with no credit card required, so you can try it out before deciding if it's the suitable theme for your store!

Unique features

  • Uses an add-on system. Debutify is packed with over 50 add-ons to help you with everything from social proof to marketing and sales:
Add-ons of Debutify
  • Conversion-focused product pages. As ecommerce experts themselves, Debutify's founders know how vital the product page is for a successful website.
Debutify conversion focused product pages
  • Fully customizable. There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to customizing Debutify. For instance, you can add many things to a product page, including different sections, FAQ blocks, testimonials, and add-ons:
Designing product page Debutify

When the Debutify theme is great for you:

  • You want to optimize your store's conversion rates.
  • You want your store to be highly customizable.

Tip: You can read our extensive review of the Debutify theme here!

4. Refresh Review

I love this theme and come to see the preview many times for inspiration. The design is impeccable. There are a few default things that I would change and I can't, like the product description position, but nothing that changes the admiring I have for this theme.

Setor 8 (Refresh Theme user)
Refresh Shopify theme
Designed forA quick setup and putting the focus on your product.
Great forCreating a clean store design.
Unique features- Product detail section
- Adaptive section layouts
- Recommended products
Demo storesView here
Reviews23% Positive (20+ Reviews)

Refresh is a Shopify theme that definitely does its name justice.

Take a look at the demo store; it looks very clean, right?

Or should we say, refreshed?

Refresh Shopify theme product page example

Design-wise, we think it's one of the best-looking free Shopify themes.

The main downside of Refresh is its rating in the Shopify Theme Store. A few users indicated that they experienced bugs or were missing particular features.

Unique features

  • Product detail section. Refresh designed a fantastic product detail section that allows you to highlight the best benefits of your product:
Refresh Shopify theme product detail section
  • Adaptive section layouts. With the adaptive section layout, you can create various great-looking sections on your homepage or product page:
Refresh Shopify theme adaptive section layouts
  • Recommended products. The designers of Refresh also thought about upselling. With the recommended product features, your visitors will be tempted to add additional products to their carts!
Refresh Shopify theme recommended products

When the Refresh theme is great for you:

  • You like the theme's clean look.
  • You want a theme that puts your product first.

5. Taste Review

Fantastic theme with more features than you might need. Easy to modify and looks great! Could use some more flexibility with how videos appear on the page.

Better Coffee Club (Taste Theme user)
Shopify Taste theme
Designed forSpecialty products with bold branding.
Great forCreating a confident first impression.
Unique features- Spacious layout
- Bold headlines
- Adaptable design
Demo storesView here
Reviews60% Positive (5 Reviews)

The Taste Shopify theme is a real game-changer for those selling specialty products and who have a bold brand personality.

With its uncluttered, open design and vibrant play of contrasts, it's not just a theme – it's an experience.

Taste Shopify theme bestsellers section

Unique features

  • Spacious design. Say goodbye to clutter! Taste offers an open layout that really lets your products breathe. It's excellent for showcasing products without overwhelming your visitors.
  • Showcase product quality. With Taste, it's not just about selling - it's about informing. The theme supports larger product cards, specialty product highlights, and bespoke FAQs:
Taste Shopify theme FAQ section
  • Adjustable layout. One size doesn't always fit all. With Taste, you can tweak and adjust the layout and styling to match your brand vision.

When the Taste theme is great for you:

  • If you dare to be different.
  • If you want to provide all the necessary product information upfront.

6. Origin Review

So far good, I found this theme really useful for my single product store. And I will need to dig more to comment on performance and other aspects of this store.

Quantum Wire (Origin Theme user)
Origin Shopify theme
Designed forMakers selling unique, one-of-a-kind pieces.
Great forTelling a story and connecting with your audience on a deeper level.
Unique features- Quirky typography
- Storytelling layouts
- Advanced customization options
Demo storesView here
Reviews25% Positive (12 Reviews)

If you're an artisan and looking to charm your customers with your unique creations and the story behind them, the Origin theme may be your perfect match.

Origin Shopify theme homepage section

Unique features

  • Spark a curiosity for the craft. Origin plays with a neutral color palette and quirky typography. It's a theme designed to create curiosity around your unique craft.
Origin Shopify theme journal
  • Room to brag. It's okay to show off a little. Origin comes with structured layouts that encourage sharing stories from your buyers:
Origin Shopify theme Reviews section

When the Origin theme is great for you:

  • You're a maker selling unique pieces, and you love to express your brand personality.
  • You want to showcase the love your customers have for your products.

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7. Studio Review

I am a jewelry designer/artisan jeweler using the free Shopify Studio Theme. I LOVE IT! The 8.0 Version fixed many technical bugs and the product images look better than ever. I am not tech-savvy. Studio is user-friendly and actually quite intuitive.

Arpaia (Studio Theme user)
Shopify Studio theme
Designed forDisplaying artwork and collections.
Great forShowcasing art with colorful accents and styling.
Unique features- Designed to inspire collectors
- Sticky navigation
Demo storesView here
Reviews50% Positive (20 reviews)

If you're an artist, the Studio theme is your digital art gallery.

This Shopify theme specializes in artistic brands and collections, providing a vibrant, immersive online shopping experience:

Shopify Studio theme homepage section example

Unique features

  • Designed to inspire collectors. With Studio, you can incorporate collection-based navigation, creator filters, featured collections for galleries and new arrivals, and artist profiles.
Shopify Studio theme page layout to inspire collectors
  • Sticky navigation. The sticky navigation feature keeps menus fixed to the top of your page as you scroll down.

When the Studio theme is great for you:

  • You're looking for a Shopify theme designed with attention to artists.
  • You want a minimalist style for your store.

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8. Spotlight Review

I love it, and am still using it.

Just the Wright Interiors (Spotlight Theme user)
Spotlight Shopify theme
Designed forEntrepreneurs who want to start selling quickly.
Great forBrands looking for an efficient, clean design.
Unique features- Efficient design
- Quick-launch layout
Demo storesView here
Reviews59% Positive (17 Reviews)

If you want to start as soon as possible, Spotlight is your running mate.

This Shopify theme is all about efficiency and simplicity, designed to get you selling in no time.

Spotlight Shopify theme homepage

Unique features

  • Clean and efficient design. Spotlight eliminates any distractions. It's all about providing a straightforward, intuitive buyer experience.
  • Launch in minutes. Spotlight's simple layout is optimized to get you up and running quickly. All you need to do is publish a short brand description, and you're good to go.
Spotlight Shopify theme product page

When the Spotlight theme is great for you:

  • You're eager to start selling as soon as possible.
  • You appreciate the simplicity and user-friendly design.

9. Craft Review

This theme just keeps getting better and better. Each update just keeps knocking it outta the ballpark. Thank you for providing this theme and free of charge for small struggling businesses. Just amazing.

Sheair Butters (Craft Theme user)
Craft Shopify theme
Designed forBrands that celebrate craftsmanship.
Great forCreating a refined and honest shopping experience.
Unique features- Authentic design
- Elevated storytelling
Demo storesView here
Reviews60% Positive (15 Reviews)

Craft is your partner if you celebrate craftsmanship and want to share your brand's unique story.

This Shopify theme is subtle, refined, and designed to highlight the authenticity of your products!

Craft Shopify theme homepage section

Unique features

  • Honest and authentic design. Craft uses generous spacing and elegant typography, allowing your content to shine. It's about showcasing the genuine quality of your products.
  • Elevated storytelling. Craft includes sections and templates designed specifically for compelling narratives.
Craft Shopify theme storytelling example

When the Craft theme is great for you:

  • If you want to put your product's quality at the forefront.
  • If your brand has a story to tell.

10. Publisher Review

Shopify Publisher theme
Designed forConveying your narrative in a unique, creative style.
Great forStores that sell any sort of artistic products.
Unique features- Progressive, high-contrast design
- Contextual navigation
Demo storesView here

Are you looking for a unique Shopify theme?

In that case, you should take a look at Publisher!

Shopify calls it an 'avant-garde' theme, which means it contains many new and unusual ideas. And the best part is it's free!

Shopify Publisher theme product page example

Unique features

  • Progressive, high-contrast design. This theme's demo store uses subtle gradients with dark, immersive product cards to create a high-contrast design:
Shopify Publisher theme newest arrivals section example
  • Contextual navigation. Instead of using a traditional navigation bar, the Publisher theme puts your brand narrative first and uses contextual links to products and categories:
Shopify Publisher theme contextual navigation example

When the Publisher theme is great for you:

  • You like the 'avant-garde' style of the theme.
  • You like the moody design and minimalist navigation that the theme offers.

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11. Ride Review

This is a fantastic theme with a ton of features & regular updates making it more amazing. I would highly recommend this theme for a modern, stylish brand!

3rd Day (Ride Theme user)
Shopify theme called Ride
Designed forShow images in a visually beautiful way.
Great forOutdoor and sports stores that want sports-centric design
Unique features- Aesthetic black backgrounds
- Optimized for long text sections
Demo storesView here
Reviews8% positive (9 reviews)

Next, we have a Shopify theme called Ride.

If you're looking to get a sports-inspired design for your store with a black background, this theme is for you!

Features of Ride Shopify theme

A unique font style, colorful scheme, and a strong focus on visuals make this theme stand out.

Ride's content blocks are highly customizable, which enables you to create different style image and text sections, such as this one here:

Shopify Theme Ride content block

Unique features

  • Black-centric design. This theme's background is black, and the overall color scheme is focused fully on that, making in unique that way.
Block of Ride Shopify Theme
  • Content blocks on product pages. You can add drop-down text blocks on product pages, making the product pages more skimmable.
Product page of Ride Shopify Theme

When the Ride theme is great for you:

  • You want to show images in a visually beautiful way
  • You want a flexible layout with a focus on product pages and catalogs

12. Colorblock Review

I love it! It's a good theme for merchandise

Nized (Colorblock user)
Shopify theme called Colorblock
Designed forBrands that want a colorful look.
Great forHigh-end fashion stores that want vibrant and confident looks for their stores
Unique features- Advanced filtering options for large catalogs
- Large image sections with text
Demo storesView here
Reviews50% positive (2 reviews)

Last but not least, we have Colorblock.

This theme is great for those brands who want to create a 'lookbook' feel for their store.

Sections of Colorblock theme

The sections of this theme work well together, and there are no real transitions between them. This is what gives the 'lookbook' feel we mentioned.

Also, unlike most Shopify themes, which are wide by default, Colorblock doesn't fill up the whole page in terms of width. If this is what you want, then that's great.

Theme called Colorblock

Unique features

  • Image-centric design. Colorblock allows you to place large images both on your home page and product pages.
Image design options of Colorblock
  • Unique section options. Colorblock is full of unique section designs that its users can take advantage of.
Section of Colorblock

When the Colorblock theme is great for you:

  • You have large amounts of catalogs and want easy navigation for them
  • You want a trendy "lookbook" feel for your store

Are free Shopify themes any good? (Or are premium themes better?)

There's a common misconception that you must always invest in a premium Shopify theme to run a successful business.

However, that's not always the case.

Especially if you're just starting or working with a tight budget, a free Shopify theme can serve you just as well.

Free Shopify themes like Taste, Origin, and Craft are designed to meet different needs. They're user-friendly, attractive, and, most importantly, they are free!

However, this is not to say that premium themes are a waste of money. They can offer a broader range of customization options and may include more built-in features.

So, whether you choose a free or paid theme, ensure it serves your needs well. For a more in-depth look at the free vs. paid theme debate, check out this guide: Do You Need a Paid Dropshipping Theme? or Is a Free One Ok?

What to look for when choosing a free Shopify theme?

When trying to identify the best theme, review the following criteria when assessing each theme:

  • Customization
  • Responsiveness
  • Conversion optimization
  • Features
  • Niche suitability
  • Reviews/demo

This article, How To Choose The Best Shopify Theme: 8 great tips, will expand on these points to help you with your selection.

Other great Shopify themes

Not sure yet about these Shopify themes? Or maybe you would like to see some paid themes?

If so, you will find even more amazing themes in the lists below:

Final verdict

With that, we hope you can find your free Shopify theme. If not, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will try to help you out!

So, what is our final verdict?

What is the best free Shopify theme in 2024?

Final Verdict: The best free Shopify themes in 2024 are Sense, Dawn, and Debutify.

If you’re still second-guessing, let’s take a look at our overview from earlier:

ThemeDesigned For
SensePresenting products in an engaging and visually appealing manner.
DawnShowcasing product images.
DebutifyLimitless design possibilities.
RefreshA quick setup and putting the focus on your product.
TasteHigh-end fashion stores looking for a vibrant and confident look
OriginMakers selling unique, one-of-a-kind pieces.
StudioDisplaying artwork and collections.
SpotlightEntrepreneurs who want to start selling quickly.
CraftBrands that celebrate craftsmanship.
PublisherConveying your narrative in a unique, creative style.
RideOutdoor and sports stores that want sports-centric design
ColorblockHigh-end fashion stores looking for vibrant and confident looks

If you have any questions or suggestions for this list, don't forget you can always leave a comment below.

Best of luck with taking this crucial first step in creating a unique, high-converting store.

Have a great day!

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  1. All the way through the article you said that Dawn is better than Debut….but you continued to list Debut in your top few….and not Dawn. If Dawn is better than Debut, why is Debut in the top few, and not Dawn?? Doesn’t make sense.

    • Do Dropshipping - Author Logo

      Hi Joan,

      Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention, I definitely understand your point.

      We will update this article as soon as possible to make the final verdict more clear and add the newest (and best) free Shopify themes.

      Again, thank you for your feedback, it helps us improve the quality of our content!

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