How to deal with long shipping times when dropshipping with AliExpress? This is one of the most asked questions regarding dropshipping with AliExpress. I’ll explain it shortly below and then I’ll give you 5 ways to deal with these long shipping times!

The best way to deal with long shipping times when dropshipping with AliExpress is to always use ePacket if it’s available and to look if you can find a supplier with the lowest processing time. Don’t forget to be honest about your estimated delivery date to your customers.

What Are the Typical AliExpress Shipping Times?

The typical shipping times at AliExpress diver a lot. It could be anything between 12-60 days. All depending on which country you’re shipping to and which shipping method you choose.

It could sometimes be much longer than 60 days (like when the package gets lost) but at 60 days, sometimes even less with some suppliers, you can open a dispute at AliExpress.

That said it could even be faster than 12 days, but that’s either with really expensive shipping options or when you have luck with your ePacket delivery. Sometimes ePacket gets delivered in a week already.

So, for example, if you want to ship to the United States, it will take between 19-39 days. If you take ePacket it will take between 12-20 days.

I think you already know now what the first way to deal with these long shipping times is going to be!

5 Ways to Deal With Long Shipping Times When Dropshipping With AliExpress

1. ePacket

how to deal with long shipping times when dropshipping with AliExpress: pick ePacket

You may have guessed it already from above, but the first way to deal with long shipping times is always choosing ePacket when it’s available.

As you can see in the image below, shipping with ePacket is the best option!

You can change the country by pressing the tiny arrow!

Yes, you could choose the free shipping option, but the savings aren’t that great in comparison to the time that you can save your customer.

Do you really want your customers to wait a week or two extra, just so you can save a few dollars or euros?

Don’t forget that, the longer your customers are waiting for their order, the bigger the chance is that they are going to ask for a refund.

I suggest reading this article from Shopify if you want to learn more about ePacket. They also show all the countries that have ePacket available!

2. Look at the processing time of the AliExpress supplier

how to deal with long shipping times when dropshipping with AliExpress: look at the processing time

The second way to deal with long shipping times is to look at the processing time of the AliExpress suppliers.

Processing time is basically the time it takes before your supplier sends the order to your customer.

This is different per supplier. Most of the times it’s anywhere between 1-5 days, but sometimes it gets as high as 7 days.

The lower the processing time the better, because processing time will be added on the delivery time! Having a longer processing time means getting a longer delivery time for your customer.

For example, the shipping time is 12-20 days and the processing time is 3 days. You’re now looking at a 15-23 day estimated shipping time.

A great way to check the processing time, besides asking your supplier, is to use the Chrome extension from Oberlo or Dropified. They will show the processing time of the product, while you’re browsing through AliExpress.

See the image below, to see an example of how searching for products on AliExpress looks like with the Oberlo Chrome extension.

You can see that the processing time in this search result, sorted by most orders, is between 5-7 days.

So, that means that your customer could have their order 2 days earlier if you choose the one with a 5 day processing time, instead of the one with 7 days.

3. Don’t make your shipping times a mystery

how to deal with long shipping times when dropshipping with AliExpress: don't hide your shipping times

You have two chooses here.

One is that you’re open with your customers regarding how long the shipping might take.

While the other one is to not disclose at all.

The biggest reason for people to hide their long shipping times is that they think it might decrease their sales, but it will not influence it that much as you may think.

One of the biggest reasons people will still buy from you is if the product is worth the wait.

Let me explain.

Would you wait for 2-4 weeks for a sandwich maker, that you can also buy in the store next door?

I don’t think so…

But what if it’s a special sandwich maker, that you never saw before and is also in your favorite color? Would you care if it says you might need to wait for 2-4 weeks before it’s in your house?

If you decided to be open with your shipping times, then it’s time to write them some were, but where?

Where to write your shipping times

I suggest putting your estimated shipping times on multiple places.

Some examples where you can put it:

  • On your FAQ page. You could answer a question like “When will I get my order?”
You can find this example from Inspire Uplift here
  • Shipping Policy. You could add a Shipping Policy to your store (like your Refund Policy). You could have all the information about your shipping times in there. See for example the shipping page from BlueCrate here:
You can find this shipping page from BlueCrate here.
  • On your Product Descriptions. You could either add it yourself to your product descriptions (saying how many days or weeks the shipping might take). Or you could use an app like this one, to show an estimated delivery date.

4. Customer Service

how to deal with long shipping times when dropshipping with AliExpress: good customer service

One of the biggest ways to deal with long shipping times is to have good customer service.

Customer service is one of the biggest things that could make or break the future of your dropshipping store.

You will have less chance of customers asking where their order is if you’re open with your shipping times, but it could still happen.

Keep in mind when you’re replying to a customer, that is asking questions regarding where their order is, to always reply polite and to include tracking information for their order in the email.

If you want to learn more about how to best respond to customers asking where their package is, then I suggest reading this.

Less customer service: Keep your customers updated about their delivery

A great way to deal with long shipping times, and to get fewer customers asking where their order is, is to update your customers when the shipping status of their order changes.

Some examples of Shopify apps that can help you with this:

5. Dropship from the country that you are selling in

how to deal with long shipping times when dropshipping with AliExpress: dropship from the same country

The last way to deal with long shipping times from AliExpress is the only choose dropshipping suppliers that ship from the country that you’re selling the products in.

This means that the shipping time will be drastically shortened because it’s coming from the same country, instead of coming all the way from China.

If you still want to use AliExpress for this, then you could sort the search results with the country you want it to ship from.

The other option is to go look at other platforms that offer dropshipping suppliers in a specific country.

Using AliExpress to ship from the country that you are selling in

If you want to use AliExpress, but still want to find a supplier that is shipping from the country that you’re selling it, then you have the option to sort by “shipping from countries”.

As you can see on the image below, you just need to press on “Ship from”.

Dropshipping from AliExpress: Dealing with long shipping times, shipping from a different country

For example, I found a product that could be shipped from the United States.

Dropshipping from AliExpress: Dealing with long shipping times, shipping from the United States

As you can see the estimated delivery time is much lower now than the 12-20 days for ePacket delivery from China!

Some things you need to keep in mind when doing this on AliExpress:

  • It might be harder to find a good supplier. There are fewer suppliers that offer to ship from other countries than there are suppliers that offer to ship from China.
  • The price might be higher than from a supplier that only ships from China. See for example the screenshot above, the shipping price from USPS is much higher.

Finding dropshipping suppliers in the country that you are selling in

If you want dropshipping suppliers that are shipping from your country, but you don’t want to use AliExpress for that (or maybe you can’t find any supplier there that ships to your country).

Then you could use Spocket!

Spocket lets you dropship thousands of products from European and US suppliers!

Awesome, right?

This means that instead of 2-4 weeks of delivery time to the U.S, you will hopefully only have a few days!

They also have some great reviews!

Pricing plans at Spocket currently start at just $9 per month and they offer a 14-day free trial for each plan.

In case you want to learn more about Spocket, their pricing, and how to get a fast delivery time on your dropshipping store, then I suggest reading my article here.

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So there you have it, 5 ways to deal with long shipping times when dropshipping with AliExpress!

Implement these changes in your dropshipping store and I’m sure your customers will be less likely to ask where their order is.

Also, don’t forget that a successful dropshipping store is not built in a few days! If you treat it as a real business, then you will have the biggest chance to be successful one day.

If you have any other ways to deal with long shipping times or if you have any questions regarding dropshipping, then don’t forget to contact me directly by pressing the “Contact Me” button at the top or to post them in the comments below!


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