Are you in the process of creating a general dropshipping store? Or are you looking for inspiration to help you improve your current general dropshipping store?

Either way, in this article, we will help you with whatever you are doing by giving you seven awesome general store examples.

By analyzing these examples, you will definitely find some new ideas to use for your own store!

7 General dropshipping store examples in 2024

So, are you ready for some general dropshipping store examples?

Well, you will find the list of examples below! But don't worry, we won't just post a few links and call it a day.

For each one, we will tell you:

  • Why we think the store is dropshipping (we use these steps to find out!)
  • What you can learn from that general dropshipping store

The things you can learn from the store can either be good or bad. And if it's a bad thing, then we will show you what the store can do better, so you don't make the same mistake.

Keep in mind that general dropshipping store owners are famous for not doing anything special with their store (read: lazy).

That's why some of these examples will look the same, but don't worry, you will still get a lot of inspiration from these stores, like what products to sell or their product descriptions.

Let’s start!

Important reminder: These examples are intended to inspire creativity and innovation in building your own brand.

While it can be helpful to learn from successful businesses, it is essential to avoid simply copying their strategies and ideas. Instead, strive to create a unique brand that sets your business apart and resonates with your target audience.

1. Ergofinity

Ergofinity homepage - general dropshipping store examples

The first general dropshipping store example we will show you is called Ergofinity.

With a name like that, you would think this store sells products related to ergonomics, right?

Well, that is true!

However, Ergofinity sells ergonomic products in various niches, like apparel, health, travel, and tech.

Now, let's try to find some clues that show that Ergofinity is dropshipping!

Why do we think this general store is dropshipping?

First of all, let's look at the store's shipping time:

Ergofinity shipping policy

As you can see, Ergofinity has relatively long shipping times and uses a common 'excuse' for dropshipping stores to explain their long shipping times; delays.

After seeing this, we tried to find one of this store's products on AliExpress.

We investigated this product, a laptop stand:

Ergofinity laptop stand

After a quick search on AliExpress, here's what we found:

Laptop stand on AliExpress

Well, now we can safely conclude that this store is dropshipping!

What can you learn from this store?

Make products look branded
Ergofinity branded product names

As you can see, Ergofinity adds its name before every name of the product.

Although the products themselves are not private-labeled, it does add a branded feel to your dropshipping store!

Give an incentive to newsletter subscribers

Collecting newsletter subscribers is a great way to increase sales from email marketing.

However, many visitors won't sign up for your newsletter simply because you say 'Subscribe to our newsletter now!'.

Instead, you have to give them the incentive to subscribe. Or in other words, something that they will get in return.

Ergofinity does this nicely by giving subscribers $10 off on their next order:

Ergofinity newsletter incentive
Spend time on your product descriptions

One thing Ergofinity doesn't do that well is product descriptions.

They aren't that engaging, and they sometimes focus too much on the product's features instead of its benefits:

Ergofinity product description

Good product descriptions usually start with a hook, focus on the product’s benefits, and include GIFs to make them more lively.

2. Mrslm

Mrslm homepage

The next general dropshipping store example is Mrslm.

With a name like that, it must be a general store, right?

Well, the simple answer is yes. Mrslm sells products in niches like fashion, home, health, and more.

Let's find some signs that show they're dropshipping!

Why do we think this general store is dropshipping?

Again, let's look at the store's delivery time first:

Mrslm shipping policy

They use pretty much the standard delivery time indication for dropshipping stores, 7 to 15 business days.

Now, let's try to find one of Mrslm's products on AliExpress. We will search for this car storage mesh:

Mrslm car storage mesh

And here it is:

Car storage mesh on AliExpress

What can you learn from this store?

Increase social proof by adding a phone number

Mrslm added its phone number in the footer:

Mrslm footer

This is a great way to build trust for your dropshipping store.

When online shoppers see the phone number, they will know that if any problems arise, they can simply make a call and get help with their problem. It shows that you are serious about customer inquiries as an online store.

If you want your online business to succeed, customer service is crucial! Check out what happens if you aren’t available for customer inquiries:

Example of unhappy customers on an online store
Create a blog to attract more visitors

Creating a blog on your online store is a great way to get free traffic:

Mrslm latest blog posts

However, free traffic isn't the only reason you should start a blog.

It shows that you have a lot of knowledge in your niche, and it's a great way to increase the time your visitors spend in your store!

Use affiliate marketing

Mrslm does a great job of using affiliate marketing to increase its sales.

If you don't know what affiliate marketing is, take a look at this infographic:

How does affiliate marketing work - Infographic

Basically, an influencer can join Mrslm's affiliate program to promote their products. And if someone purchases a product through them, they will get 10% of the revenue!

Mrslm affiliate program

3. Hot Season Place

Hot Season Place homepage

Next up is a general store called Hot Season Place.

From their navigation menu, you can see that they sell products in categories like personal care, electronics, home, and fashion.

Let's take a look at why we think this store is dropshipping:

Why do we think this general store is dropshipping?

First, Hot Season Place offers a shipping time of up to 21 days, which is typical for dropshipping stores:

Hot Season Place shipping policy

Next, let's check the store's bestsellers category to see what kind of products they sell.

Hot Season Place product selection

These all look like popular winning dropshipping products that can be bought from AliExpress.

For example, the vegetable drain basked can be purchased on AliExpress here:

Vegetable drain basked on AliExpress

What can you learn from this store?

Using GIFs in the product description

Hot Season Place uses GIFs for many of its product descriptions. These are short videos that can be embedded on your product page.

The great thing about GIFs is that they make your online store feel more engaging and lively!

Hot Season Place GIFs in product description
Use 'Frequently Bought Together' offers

Hot Season Place does a great job of using a 'Frequently Bought Together' section on its product page to increase its average order value.

In other words, they offer accompanying products that customers can buy together for a discount. Check it out below:

Hot Season Place frequently bought together offer
Stay professional and engaging

Not everything about this store's product descriptions is great.

They also have some parts of their product description that don't look too professional or engaging, almost like it has been copied directly from AliExpress (never do this!).

To give an example, check out the screenshot below:

Hot Season Place bad product description example

That doesn't look too good, right?

4. Kainero

Kainero homepage

Let's continue this examples list with a general dropshipping store called Kainero.

If you go to their homepage, you can clearly see that this is a general store based on all the product categories they offer.

Honestly, we think you are going to love this store as an inspiration source. They have lots of cool dropshipping products and their store design also looks more unique compared to the other examples.

Anyway, let's take a look at the signs revealing that this store is dropshipping!

Why do we think this general store is dropshipping?

Starting to see a pattern here?

Let's check out their shipping times first, which is quite hard to find as it is hidden in the terms of service:

Kainero shipping policy

Note: If you are dropshipping, you should be honest and upfront about your delivery times. Make sure your visitors can easily find them and know about them before ordering. Otherwise, they may become disappointed even before the product arrives!

Also, let's see if we can find one of their products on AliExpress. We will search for this neck massager:

Kainero neck massager

And sure enough, here is almost the same product on AliExpress:

Neck massager on AliExpress

What can you learn from this store?

FAQs on the product page

If you're selling a product that is more complex or difficult to understand what it does exactly just from the images, adding a FAQ section is always a great idea.

It allows you to answer some of the most common questions people have after seeing your products. And Kainero gives a great example of this:

Kainero FAQ section
Benefit-focused product descriptions

Kainero has some great examples of engaging and benefit-focused product descriptions.

For example, check out this one below:

Kainero benefit-focused product description

Being able to save on dental bills is a huge benefit for this product, as everyone knows how expensive dental bills are and no one likes paying for them!

Selling products from different brands

Sometimes, Kainero sells private-labeled products. But the strange thing is that the products come from different brands:

Kainero branded products

They could be using other shops as their 'supplier,' but it's difficult to know for sure. Either way, we recommend branding your products with your own name over this!

5. Home Best Accessories

Home Best Accessories homepage

Next up is a dropshipping store called Home Best Accessories.

As you can see by their categories, they sell all kinds of products!

Why do we think this general store is dropshipping?

From their shipping policy, you can see that the delivery time is 7-25 business days:

Home Best Accessories shipping info

You will also find lots of common dropshipping products here, like this garbage bag holder:

Home Best Accessories bag holder

Below, you can see the same product on AliExpress:

Bag holder on AliExpress

What can you learn from this store?

Great story design

We really like the store design of Home Best Accessories!

Just go to their site and browse through it. It looks better than most other general dropshipping stores, right?

Home Best Accessories Vitra Chair
Lots of products

Home Best Accessories currently offers thousands of products in its catalog!

Just take a look at some of the product counts in their featured categories:

Home Best Accessories category product count

So, if you want any inspiration on what to sell on your general store, then maybe you will find some cool products here!

Category pages

As we mentioned earlier, the founder of Home Best Accessories spent some more time on the store's design compared to most other general dropshipping stores.

This is also true for the store's category pages, which feature some nice icons at the top, filters, and a list of top-rated products from that category!

Home Best Accessories home tools category page

6. Abby

Abby homepage

The next general store example is called Abby.

You can actually almost know for certain that this is a general store just from their logo.

But is it also a dropshipping store? Let's find out!

Why do we think this general store is dropshipping?

When looking at the store's shipping time, you can see the usual (longer) delivery times:

Abby shipping time

Keep in mind that these times don't include the processing time, which is another two to three days according to Abby.

Tip: Are you interested in dropshipping with local suppliers to be able to offer fast shipping times? Then check out our article covering the best local dropshipping suppliers for Shopify stores worldwide!

We can also look at one of their products again, like this surfboard rack:

Abby bicycle rack

And sure enough, here is an AliExpress page for it:

Bicycle rack on AliExpress

What can you learn from this store?

Interactive writing

Abby does a great job of speaking to their customers in some parts of their product description.

They ask engaging questions, highlight the product's benefits, and even make the most important sections bold:

Abby engaging product description
Product reviews

Abby puts product reviews on its product pages for increased social proof.

The great thing about these reviews is that they also include an image, which makes them more trustworthy and also gives the customer a better opportunity to see how the product will look in real life!

Likely, these reviews are simply imported from an AliExpress product page. The great thing is that they have filtered out all elements revealing that the reviews come from AliExpress, like the terms 'seller' and 'fast shipping':

Abby product reviews

A dedicated warranty for products is something that you don’t often see on dropshipping stores.

Nevertheless, Abby has one. Take a look at it here:

Abby warranty

7. RetailSec

RetailSec homepage

We will end this list with RetailSec, a general store that is a bit average-looking. But that also means you can learn some things from it!

Tip: Looking for even more examples? Check out our list of the 23 most successful dropshipping stores!

Why do we think this general store is dropshipping?

Once again, this store is giving away all kinds of signs that tell me they are dropshipping.

Their total delivery time is six to ten business days:

RetailSec shipping time

We also tried finding this car phone holder on AliExpress:

RetailSec phone holder

Which wasn't too hard:

Car phone holder on AliExpress

What can you learn from this store?

Sticky add to cart

RetailSec created a 'sticky add to cart button' that follows you as you scroll down the product page.

This is a great way to ensure that your visitors can find your product's add-to-cart button at all times!

RetailSec sticky add to cart bar
Store design

RetailSec’s store design isn’t the best.

They have a very simple black-and-white color theme, no unique design elements, and a simple font.

If you are interested in seeing how some of the best ecommerce stores design their theme, take a look at one of our store example articles. For example, our article on ten great ecommerce brand store examples.

What is a general dropshipping store?

If you're not sure yet about the definition of a general dropshipping store, here's a quick explanation:

A general dropshipping store is an online dropshipping store selling products in a variety of different niches. A general store's product catalog can contain everything and anything as it sells various products, ranging from plushies to kitchen tools, in one place.

Most people create general stores to ride the upside trend of products. This way, they can advertise all products that are currently trending and selling well without having to create a new store for each product niche.

When a store only sells products in a specific niche, then it is called a niche store. An example of a niche store is Klymit, an online store operating in the hiking niche:

Klymit - niche online store example

Later in this article, you will see examples of general dropshipping stores!

Should you go for a general dropshipping store?

If you are doubting about starting either a niche dropshipping store or a general dropshipping store, we often recommend starting with a niche dropshipping store.

However, if you like the upside of having a general store, or if you can't find any niche that suits you after researching some dropshipping niche ideas, then you could start with a general dropshipping store as well.

This way, you can learn so much valuable information, which you can then always use in the future to build a niche dropshipping store!

One last tip: if you’re going with a general store, then you could also test, test, and test until you find a winning product and then build a niche store/brand around that product! (You can learn more about that here)

For example, if you are selling a certain gadget for the fitness niche and you see that it sells well, then you could decide to build a store around that product. Then, you can also add more fitness products to that store to make it your fitness niche dropshipping store.

While your main focus will be on that fitness gadget, you will have the opportunity to grow the store into a genuine fitness brand!

Awesome, right?

If you are interested in this topic, we covered more upsides and downsides of both niche and general dropshipping stores in the article below:

General vs. Niche vs. One-Product Dropshipping Store in 2024

How to start a general dropshipping store

If you're wondering now how to start your own amazing general dropshipping store, then I have an amazing article for you!

This article will cover eight easy-to-follow tips so you can build your own general store.

You can find it by clicking the link below:

How to Start a General Online Store in 2024 (8 Tips)

How to find other general dropshipping stores (competitor research)

If you are now thinking something like “Well… seven examples, that’s a lot, but that’s definitely not enough for me”.

Then don’t worry!

I got two great tips for you to find more general dropshipping stores.

The best part? You can even use these tips to find products to sell on your dropshipping store!

1. Sell The Trend

Hot products at Sell The Trend

This tool is awesome for finding other general Shopify dropshipping stores out there.

And not only that, it's created to help you with your product research!

Sell The Trend is created to help you find your next winning product in seconds. Plus, you can use their Shopify store explorer to find other dropshipping stores:

Sell The Trend: This tool is awesome to find other Shopify (dropshipping) stores out there.
Screenshot from their Shopify store explorer with the "Dropshipping Stores" filter on

You can read our full review of Sell The Trend here.

Or you can click here to get their free 7-day trial! Not good enough for you? No worries, you can cancel it anytime (even before you start paying)!

2. 5 More Ways to Find Other Dropshipping Stores

How to Find Other Dropshipping Stores in 2024? 5 Amazing Tips!

My next tip will be a different article of ours.

This article contains five more ways to find dropshipping stores. We will cover methods like how to use, Google, and Facebook to find other dropshipping stores!

If you’re interested in learning more, then I suggest reading the article I linked to below:

How to Find Other Dropshipping Stores? (5 Amazing Tips)

And also, if you didn’t create a Shopify account yet (to get your dropshipping store online), then you can click here to get a free 3-day trial + 1 month for $1!


So, there you have it! Seven general dropshipping store examples.

To be honest, this was one of the hardest example articles to make because most general dropshipping stores look the same...

It was hard to find stores that had something for you to learn more about.

I hope you still got some great inspiration for your own dropshipping store and that you learned that it's better to make your store look a bit different to have a higher chance of succeeding.

Plus, if you're interested and your budget allows it, then you can click here to see the best Shopify themes to make your store stand out.

Keep in mind that you don't need a paid Shopify theme, but as you can see, most general store owners use the same free Shopify theme.

Don’t forget to check out these other dropshipping store examples lists to learn even more:

If you have more awesome general dropshipping stores for this example list or if you have any questions regarding dropshipping, then let me know by commenting below or contacting me directly by pressing the “Contact Us” button at the top!

Also, let me know if you want to start a general or niche dropshipping store.

I wish you the best with your dropshipping store. You can do it for sure!

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