Managing a Shopify store feels overwhelming, right?

Too many tasks, not enough time.

It's tough when you miss out on sales because you're caught up in tasks that could be automated or optimized.

The trick in 2024 isn't just knowing AI tools can help; it's finding the right ones. This list of the 14 best Shopify AI tools, both free and paid, is your shortcut.

The 14 Best AI Tools for Shopify (Free & Paid)

So, let's find out which apps will transform your store!

The Best Shopify AI Tools: An Overview

Before we begin, here is an overview of all the best Shopify AI tools:

ToolBest forPrice per monthReview
Shopify MagicShopify overallFreeShopify Magic Review
OnModelModel photos$0 / $19 / $49 / $99OnModel Review
TidioCustomer service$0 / $29/ $59 / $499Tidio Review
KlaviyoEmail marketing$0 / Starts at $15Klaviyo Review
RecartSMS marketing$299Recart Review
PencilVideo ads$119 / $299/ $999Pencil Review
OutfyAutomating social media$0 / $20 / $40 /$70 / $120Outfy Review
IntelisTracking competitors and automating pricing$49 / $149 / $349Intelis Review
Boost AISearch and filter$0 / $19 / $29 /$69Boost AI Review
SEOAnt SEO$0 / $30 / $60SEOAnt Review
Octane AIQuizzes$50 / $200Octane AI Review
WiserPersonalized recommendations$0 / $9 / $19 / $49Wiser Review
ChargeflowChargebacks25% per chargeback recoveryChargeflow Review
TranscyTranslation$0 / $12 / $30 / $60Transcy Review

The 14 best Shopify AI tools of 2024

We've lined up these AI tools just like you will build your ecommerce store.

First up, we've got tools that help you write product descriptions.

Then, as your store grows, we'll show you tools that help with marketing, recommending products, and improving your store's SEO!

1. Shopify Magic

Best for: Writing product descriptions

Shopify Magic homepage

Shopify Magic is an AI tool built into Shopify that helps you create content for your store. It can generate everything from product descriptions and marketing emails to blog posts.

It’s our top pick for creating quick, short content like product descriptions for free!

Here's a glimpse of how Shopify Magic works:

Shopify Magic's first version output for product description

What we love about this AI tool is that it’s integrated into the Shopify backend, so you don’t need to switch different tabs back and forth.

Key Features

  • Multilingual support. Supports eight languages, including Chinese, English, French, German, and Italian.
  • Edit images. Shopify introduced a new feature in February 2024 that lets you add, remove, or separate the product from its background.
  • Create other content. Beyond product descriptions, it lets you generate subject lines, email content, blog content, and more.


Shopify Magic is free for all Shopify users, no matter your plan!

While editing images with Shopify Magic is currently free, Shopify has indicated they might charge for this down the line, but they haven't shared when.


  • Yodel. This ChatGPT copywriting assistant is best at generating descriptions for 10,000+ products in one click, which Shopify Magic lacks.
  • ChatGPT‑AI Product Description. Another ChatGPT-based tool that creates 10,000+ product descriptions in more than 15 languages.

2. OnModel

Best for: Generating model photos with AI

OnModel Shopify AI app

Did you know that 70% of millennials prefer brands that showcase diversity and inclusivity?

And with Gen Z being the most diverse group in the US, the message is loud and clear: representation matters.

So, how do you make sure they see themselves in your products? By using an app like OnModel.

OnModel is an AI app that lets you switch up the models in your product photos to better reflect your audience's diversity.

You can change models’ age, ethnicity, gender, makeup, and more without investing in expensive photo shoots!

Key Features

  • Easy to use. You can remove and change the background with a single click. Similarly, you can swap models in your editing photos easily.
  • Bulk photos. Whether you have a handful of products or thousands, OnModel can handle bulk photo edits, giving your whole catalog a refresh.
  • Free plan. OnModel has a free plan that lets you swap 25 models for free.


OnModel has four pricing plans, including a free plan. The number of model swaps and product placements depends on your plan.

OnModel Shopify AI app's pricing


  • WeShop AI. This is another great tool that brings life to your product photos with realistic details, available in free and paid plans.

3. Tidio

Best for: Customer service

Tidio Shopify app

When it comes to customer service, Tidio is the ultimate Shopify AI tool!

It packs a powerful suite of tools, including live chat, help desk solutions, analytics, email marketing, and various messaging channels.

Yet, what truly sets Tidio apart is its live chat and AI chatbot services.

These chatbots use AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to handle a wide range of customer interactions automatically.

From answering FAQs to recommending products, updating on shipping, and more, these bots do it all, fast and efficiently.

Key Features

  • Lyro. This smart feature takes care of 70% of customer questions by talking just like a human, offering personalized help as good as real agents.
  • Reply Assistant. This feature turns simple replies into professional, brand-appropriate messages, so your support team doesn't have to stress over perfecting every word.
  • Smart Views. It looks at chats to figure out what customers want, making it easier to spot and handle the most important issues first.


Tidio offers four main plans, including a free option. Their premium plan, including AI chatbots and all features, starts at $499 monthly.

Tidio Shopify AI app's pricing


  • Reamaze. Like Tidio, it has a live chat, a support desk, and a knowledge base, plus it blends AI into its services nicely.

4. Klaviyo

Best for: Email marketing

Klaviyo Shopify app

Klaviyo is our top pick for the best Shopify AI tool for email marketing.

Klaviyo itself boasts that Shopify stores earn $85 for every dollar spent on their platform. That's an impressive return on investment!

But Klaviyo didn't stop there.

In February 2024, Klaviyo launched Klaviyo AI, stepping up its game with A/B testing, product recommendations, and predictive analytics, to name a few improvements.

Although it's so new, the results have already started rolling in!

Take Every Man Jack, a Klaviyo customer, in the men's personal care space. After they started using Klaviyo AI to figure out when a subscriber might order next, they noticed that 12.4% of their Klaviyo revenue comes from predictive insights.

Key Features

  • Segments AI. Create complex audience segments in seconds with simple prompts.
  • Email AI. Add your campaign goals and get back on-brand emails that are ready to send.
  • Forms AI. Find the best version of your web forms for conversion by testing different display times.
  • Predictive analytics. Klaviyo AI predicts the next order dates, lifetime value, demographics, and more, helping you tailor experiences that turn browsers into buyers.


Klaviyo is free for 250 email contacts and 150 SMS/MMS credits. After that, it starts at $30 per month for email only, depending on the number of contacts.

Klaviyo Shopify AI app's pricing

Klaviyo AI isn't available everywhere yet. You’ll need to sign up for a demo here to know more.


  • tinyAlbert. A budget email marketing AI tool to automatically create email design and copy for all your campaigns.
  • Mailchimp. Offers a solid free plan for up to 2,000 subscribers, allowing for 10,000 emails per month.
  • Omnisend. A close runner-up as the best Shopify AI email marketing tool, which offers a robust multi-channel platform.

5. Recart

Best for: SMS marketing

Recart Shopify AI app

With open rates at 98%, reply rates at 45%, and engagement 6-8 times better than email, it's clear why SMS marketing is a must for Shopify store owners.

And, as per Recart, you can drive 1.5 to 2 times more SMS sales with their AI campaigns!

Recart’s AI smartly creates messages from your campaign goal, targets them based on customer stages, and sends them when your subscribers are most likely to buy.

Let's see how Recart helped a Shopify store owner:

Recart app reviews

Key Features

  • Send times. Recart’s AI finds the perfect time to send texts for the best results.
  • Campaign scheduling. Recart plans campaigns based on when customers have shopped before.
  • Automatic follow-ups. Recart’s AI can automate campaign follow-ups.
  • Track Sales for 7 Days. Recart provides 7-day-click attribution for sales.


Pricing is steep, starting at $299 a month, which includes 23,000 SMS or 8,795 MMS.

Recart pricing


  • One. It's an all-in-one AI assistant that covers both SMS and email marketing, plus extra tools like upselling on one-page checkout, pop-ups, discounts, and rewards.
  • AI trillion. This is another all-in-one AI app with features similar to those of One. Plus, it has a loyalty program, product recommendations, smart pop-ups, and so much more at a lower cost.

6. Pencil

Best for: Creating video ads

Pencil Shopify AI app

For online stores, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are the go-to platforms for ads.

But let's face it, creating ads, especially video ads, is quite overwhelming.

Allow us to introduce Pencil, the best Shopify AI tool for video ads.

Forget about the long hours spent editing or the high costs of hiring agencies. Pencil's AI quickly creates static and video ads—up to ten times faster than usual methods.

What's more, Pencil uses AI to predict the success of your ads before they're even published!

Just add your brand details, and watch as Pencil generates copy, edits videos, and selects the top ecommerce templates and animations for your ads.

Key Features

  • Prediction. Using data from over $1 billion in ad spend, Pencil suggests ad concepts that are likely to succeed in your niche.
  • Benchmarks. See how your ads stack up against competitors.
  • Insights. Understand which ads are performing well and why.


Pencil's plans start at $119 monthly and scale up to $999 monthly.

Pencil Shopify pricing


  • CreatorKit. Great for those looking for a versatile AI tool for creating images, Ads, Instagram stories, and TikToks.
  • Minta. Automate social media video production to improve social proof and auto-posting on platforms.

7. Outfy

Best for: Automating social media

Outfy Shopify AI app

Looking for an all-in-one social media tool that creates catchy content and posts it directly to your channels? Meet Outfy!

Outfy simplifies your content creation process by offering an AI that automates making collages, GIFs, promotional videos, sale announcements, and more.

It also automates scheduling, so you don’t need to log into each social media account to publish a post. How convenient is that?!

Key Features

  • Free forever plan. Outfy has a free plan that lets you post four products a day and one automated post per day per social network. However, X (formerly Twitter) and YouTube channels are unavailable on the free plan.
  • Automate hashtags. Outfy’s AI not only generates your post captions but also generates relevant hashtags, making your posts more discoverable.
  • Auto-scheduling. Schedule your posts across all major social media platforms automatically based on your chosen plan.


Outfy offers a no-cost plan along with four paid options.

Outfy Shopify pricing


  • Predis. It provides more value for money and features than Outfy. However, Outfy has a higher and more favorable review rate among Shopify merchants.

8. Intelis

Best for: Tracking competitors and automating pricing

Intelis Shopify AI app

In the world of ecommerce, where you often offer similar products, keeping an eye on what your competition charges is a smart move.

Why is this so important?

Because knowing what your competitors charge for similar items lets you adjust your prices smartly. This way, you can increase your profits and offer deals that are too good for shoppers to pass up!

However, tracking competitor prices can be time-consuming the old-fashioned way. That's where Intelis comes in.

Intelis not only tracks prices for unlimited competitors but also covers every product variation, including size, color, and more.

Key Features

  • Dynamic pricing. Automatically adjust your pricing strategy. For example, you could set your prices to always be $1 less than your competitors.
  • Sales channels. Find out who your competitors are and what they're charging on different sales channels like Google Shopping, Amazon, and eBay. This can help you show up higher in product searches.
  • Competitor discovery. Learn about competitors you didn't even know you had and gather valuable data from them.


Intelis has three paid plans starting at $49 a month.

Intelis Shopify pricing


  • Prisync. Prisync tracks competitor prices but might have a few more features despite a similar pricing structure.

9. Boost AI

Best for: AI search and filter

Boost Shopify AI app

Let’s suppose a customer wants to find something to protect their laptop but isn't sure of the exact term, so they type 'protect my laptop' into the search.

A traditional search might just show laptops, focusing on the keyword 'laptop.'

However, an AI-powered search, like what Boost offers, uses semantic search to understand the intent behind the query.

This means Boost would understand the customer is looking for protection for their laptop and show results for laptop sleeves and cases, exactly what the customer needs.

Key Features

  • Filters. Boost allows you to overhaul Shopify's default filters, providing customizable filter trees for both collection and search results pages. You can adjust formats, menu layouts, and choose which elements to display or hide.
  • Product organization. You can make sure that new, popular, and high-margin items get the visibility they deserve, making them more prominent to your customers.
  • Product recommendation. Use Boost AI to suggest Frequently Bought Together Products and Related Items.


Boost AI has one free and three paid plans.

Boost Shopify pricing


  • Rapid AI. It’s a cheaper alternative to Boost AI. Though it mainly offers AI search bar and filter functions, it lacks the added features like product recommendations and product organization that Boost AI provides.

10. SEOAnt

Best for: SEO

SEOAnt homepage

New Shopify store owners might not realize it at first, but SEO is key to making their online stores successful.

As they start understanding how it all works, they realize that good SEO practices bring more people from search engines to their sites.

Meet SEOAnt, our top pick for AI SEO tools.

SEOAnt helps you with the technical side of SEO, finding the right keywords, making your pages better for search engines, and getting more backlinks to improve your rankings.

Thanks to AI, SEOAnt does a lot of the SEO work for you, spotting and fixing problems quickly.

And there’s more - SEOAnt also offers expert help to make your store even better!

Key Features

  • Auto-scan SEO. SEOAnt checks your store for issues with speed, content, how tags are used, canonical, and more. It gives you a detailed report on what to fix.
  • Image SEO. It automatically reduces image size and adds descriptive tags, helping your pages load faster and be more visible to search engines.
  • Broken link management. SEOAnt finds and fixes broken links on your site.


SEOAnt has a free plan and two paid plans at $30 and $60 a month.

SEOAnt pricing


  • SearchPie SEO. An incredibly powerful SEO tool with amazing customer service.
  • ReRank AI. A budget SEO tool that does most of the tasks of SEOAnt.

11. Octane AI

Best for: Creating quizzes for product recommendation

Octane AI Shopify app

Quizzes can change how customers interact with your store, making their experience more personal.

That's where Octane AI stands out as the best Shopify AI tool for quiz creation that guides customers to the perfect products for their needs.

Octane AI elevates quiz-making beyond simple Q&A.

It uses AI to deliver powerful product recommendations based on customer responses. This means every quiz result is tailored to show products that match customer preferences.

Customizing your quiz is also easy. You can modify quiz designs with fonts, images, and layouts and add your own CSS styles for a unique touch.

Key Features

  • Insights Analyst. Automatically import your product reviews and use the Insights Analyst for any research task, such as identifying common customer complaints.
  • Easy sync. Sync quiz data with tools like Klaviyo, Zapier, and more.


Octane AI offers pricing tiers based on your store's annual revenue.

For stores earning less than one million dollars, the Octane plan costs $50/month, and the Octane Plus plan costs $200/month.

Octane AI pricing


  • Quizell. A cheaper alternative to Octane.
  • Tangent. It’s built for skincare and haircare Shopify stores. Tangent uses a selfie to identify over 150 skin attributes, providing highly personalized product suggestions.

12. Wiser

Best for: Upsells and cross sells

Wiser Shopify AI app

Shopify doesn't offer built-in options for upselling and cross-selling on product pages or at checkout, which is crucial for increasing average order values.

You could install apps to manually curate upsells and cross-sells for specific products yourself, but this takes time and might not always match what customers want.

This traditional way can also seem pushy, making customers feel sold to instead of offered something that really fits their needs.

Here's where an AI-powered app like Wiser makes a big difference.

Wiser is good at looking at customer data to suggest personalized products. This way, customers get suggestions that really suit them, instead of feeling like they're just being pushed to buy more.

Key Features

  • Tracking. Wiser watches what users do on your site and recommends products based on their browsing patterns.
  • Post-purchase upsell. Shows products after the checkout page when the user is already paying for the items and is more open to buying additional items.
  • Recently viewed products. Reminds shoppers about items they've looked at before, which can help make more sales.


Wiser’s pricing plans depend on the number of store orders.


  • Addly. This AI tool looks at what customers bought in the last three months to create upsell and cross-sell offers and bundles.

13. Chargeflow

Best for: Handling chargebacks

Chargeflow dispute chargebacks

Chargebacks are a hassle for any online store, and they cause disruptions and additional headaches.

That's where Chargeflow comes in, which offers a simplified solution to manage chargebacks on your behalf!

Chargeflow evaluates each disputed transaction with advanced Machine Learning and AI algorithms to understand its recovery potential.

Plus, you get a dashboard that brings together all your chargeback info from various payment processors, making it easier for you to see what's going on.

But here’s the best part: You only pay Chargeflow when it wins back your money from chargebacks. Fair and square.

Key Features

  • Integrations. Chargeflow integrates with Shopify, PayPal, WooCommerce, Stripe, ReCharge, and more.
  • ChargeResponse. An innovative dispute response generator that generates compelling dispute responses by analyzing various data points through its algorithm.


Chargeflow has no subscription plans or hidden fees. Chargeflow asks for 25% of what it recovers for you. No success, no fee.


  • SEON. SEON uses real-time analysis of email, IP, card data, and more to validate transactions using AI and machine learning.
  • Kount. A straightforward fraud prevention tool that helps in risk management.

14. Transcy

Best for: Translation

Transcy Shopify AI app

When you sell to people from different countries, you want a function that automatically translates your content into local languages and understands cultural nuances.

Shopify offers a free Translate & Adapt app, but it's limited to just two languages, which might not be enough for a global reach.

Transcy steps up to fill this gap by offering translations in more than 100 languages and price conversions in over 150 currencies.

This gives your customers a shopping experience that feels right for their country.

Moreover, Transcy also allows you to display different images to customers in different countries. It also translates content from third-party apps where Shopify falls short.

Key Features

  • Easy to use. With just one click, change all your store's content into multiple languages.
  • Auto location detection. Transcy figures out where your visitors are from and shows them prices in their currency and content in their language.
  • Customizable rounding rule. You can decide how to round currency conversions (up, down, or to custom decimal points).


Transcy has a free plan and four paid plans to fit different needs.

Transcy Shopify pricing


  • LangShop. A budget alternative to Transcy. One of its standout features is that it keeps a history of all your translations forever, letting you track every change you've made.
  • T Lab. Another cost-effective alternative to Transcy. While it offers similar features, it doesn't integrate with Google or DeepL, which provide more accurate translations.

Why should you purchase a Shopify AI tool?

An image of a checklist

Think of an AI tool as bringing on an extra member to your team, one that helps you make your store operations smoother.

Take customer engagement, for example. Studies have found that keeping just 5% more customers can increase profits by 25%.

That's where AI tools shine. They use advanced analytics to suggest products your customers will love and even chat with them, providing quick answers to questions about shipping or products.

But it's not just about answering questions. For instance, one of Shopify's AI tools can help you fight and recover chargeback on your behalf.

And that's just the start!


Before we go, we've created a quick summary of this article for you, so you can easily remember it:

  • Instead of trying to use every available tool, prioritize your tasks and pick the tools that best match your needs.
  • Shopify recently added Magic and Sidekick to its suite of AI tools
  • For marketing, tools like Klaviyo and Recart are our top choices.
  • Choose OnModel, Pencil, and Outfy for images, videos, and social media.
  • Optimize SEO with SEOAnt, recommend products using Octane AI and Wiser, and improve customer communication through Tidio live chat/chatbots.
  • Auto-translate your store with Transcy.

Final verdict

That's it! The 14 best Shopify AI tools that will help you simplify your store operations.

So, what is our final verdict?

What is the best Shopify AI tool in 2024?

Final verdict: The best Shopify AI tool is Shopify Magic because it's built into Shopify, designed for ecommerce, allows you to write better product descriptions, and more!

If you’re still second-guessing, let’s take a look at our overview from earlier:

ToolBest forPrice per month
Shopify MagicShopifyFree
OnModelModel photos$0 / $19 / $49 / $99
TidioCustomer service$0 / $29/ $59 / $499
KlaviyoEmail marketing$0 / Starts at $15
RecartSMS marketing$299
PencilVideo ads$119 / $299/ $999
OutfyAutomating social media$0 / $20 / $40 /$70 / $120
IntelisTracking competitors and automating pricing$49 / $149 / $349
Boost AISearch and filter$0 / $19 / $29 /$69
SEOAnt SEO$0 / $30 / $60
Octane AIQuizzes$50 / $200
WiserPersonalized recommendations$0 / $9 / $19 / $49
ChargeflowChargebacks25% per chargeback recovery
TranscyTranslation$0 / $12 / $30 / $60

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