If you've recently started an ecommerce business on Shopify, you've probably had a lot of questions and come across some turmoil when setting things up and getting those first few sales.

Knowing how to contact Shopify when those issues and questions arise properly will streamline the process and help you get back to business quickly.

In this article, we will discuss the eight best ways you can contact Shopify and some tips to help you get the most out of contacting Shopify. This ensures that you get your problem solved or your questions answered the first time you contact them.

After reading this article, you should better understand Shopify's customer service and the best way to get in touch with them.

So without further ado, let's get into the eight best ways to contact Shopify customer service!

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The 8 best ways to contact Shopify customer service

Shopify has four official ways to contact them to receive customer support:

  • Live chat
  • Callback
  • Leave a message
  • Community
Four official ways to contact Shopify

Let's start out with the first official way to contact Shopify.

1. Use the live chat support button

Live chat is an effective way to contact and chat with the Shopify support team quickly.

It eliminates the need for extensive emails or messages, which can often be time-consuming and require waiting for follow-up emails.

One thing to note is that you will need to have an account with Shopify to use this feature.

The process of using Shopify's live chat is straightforward.

Simply open up the Shopify help center and scroll to the bottom, where you will find a button that says ‘contact Shopify support:

Contact Shopify support button

From there, Shopify will ask you what store you need help with. Click the store that you need help with. Then, it will ask you what you need help with.

As shown in the below image, click one of these categories based on what you need help with:

Select a topic Shopify support page

From there, you can scroll down to the bottom and see a live chat button. Then, you can type out your message and send it off with one click:

Live chat with Shopify support team

Once sent, you can then be matched with a representative from the Shopify support team, allowing them to quickly answer any queries or concerns you have regarding your store.

2. Request a callback

Another great way to talk to someone at Shopify is to request a callback.

This can be done the same way as contact via live chat, only clicking the callback button instead of the live chat button here:

Request a callback from the Shopify support team

This is a great feature for those who prefer to talk to someone at Shopify instead of messaging back and forth with a representative.

Although sometimes, the live chat feature can be the most effective and faster way of dealing with issues because of the instant feedback it provides.

One downside to the callback method is that the callback time estimate can often be inaccurate and lead to delays in resolving an issue.

However, this is still an excellent method when you have questions regarding any aspect of selling on Shopify because it allows you to talk to someone at Shopify who has direct experience with the platform.

3. Leave a message

The next way to contact Shopify is to leave them a message.

This can be done by going through the same process as requesting a callback or live chat, except you click the ‘leave a message button:

Leave the Shopify support team a message

You can then write out the message you want to send to Shopify.

One cool feature of this method is that Shopify gives you an estimate as to when you can expect to receive a message back:

Write a message to leave the Shopify support team

As you can see here, the average response time is around 48 hours before you can expect a response from the Shopify support team.

This method is for inquiries that are a little less urgent but still require an answer.

It's great for when you have an issue that doesn't have to be solved right away or if you're just looking for more information about a particular Shopify app, setting something up like settings, or just a general question.

4. Use the Shopify Community forum

Shopify community forum

The last and official way that Shopify recommends to solve issues and answer questions is called the Shopify community form.

The Shopify community form provides a comprehensive, collaborative environment for Shopify merchants and partners.

It offers a variety of resources and tools to help facilitate meaningful conversations among users, as well as promote learning and growth.

The Shopify Community allows members to ask questions, join discussions, find groups related to their interests, attend events, and access helpful blog posts from experts in the ecommerce space.

For those seeking answers or advice on any ecommerce related topics, the Shopify Community is a good place to begin!

5. Email Shopify support

The last couple of ways to contact Shopify are unofficial. However, you can still contact them with these methods.

Just like leaving a message for Shopify, contacting the Shopify support team via email is a very similar process.

The main difference is that you don't send your message via the Shopify website; rather, you send them your message via email.

You can usually expect a reply from Shopify within 24-72 hours. While it's not always the quickest way to receive a response, it's great for people who like to keep things simple.

You can email the Shopify support team at support@shopify.com

6. Contact Shopify on social media platforms

The next strategy to get ahold of Shopify is to contact them on the three main social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Following Shopify on social media is great not just for great ecommerce related content but also because you can contact them on social media for customer support!

While this method isn't the most reliable, and you aren't guaranteed a reply right away, it can still be done.

Let's start out with Facebook!

Messaging Shopify on Facebook is a pretty straightforward and simple process because the platform allows you to contact them with a button on their Facebook page that is directly linked to Messenger.

To start, go to Facebook and find the Shopify Facebook page:

Shopify Facebook page

As you can see in the image above, you click the messenger button. It will then take you to Messenger, where you can write your desired message:

Leave Shopify a message on Facebook

Instagram has a very similar process to contact Shopify.

Simply go to the Shopify Instagram page by typing in ‘Shopify' in the search bar, click on their Instagram page, and then hit the message button right next to the follow button:

Shopify Instagram page

From here, it will bring you to a business chat where you can then send your desired message to Shopify:

Leave Shopify a message on Instagram

The process for contacting Shopify via Twitter is relatively the same process, just on a different platform.

To start, open up Twitter on your phone or computer and type ‘Shopify' into the search bar on the Twitter Explore page:

Find the Shopify Twitter support page

Shopify makes it easy here because they have a Twitter page dedicated to support.

Then, click the mail icon in the top right corner under the banner, as shown in the image below:

Shopify Twitter support page

From here, you can write your message explaining your problem, question, or any other inquiry you may have.

As you might notice, it's a pretty simple process to contact Shopify on the three major social media platforms.

Just note that the other methods to contact Shopify in this article remain more effective and guarantee a faster reply from the Shopify support team.

Shopify doesn't have any guarantees that they will give you a reply on their social media, as it's not an official way to contact them.

7. Check the Shopify Help Center for an answer to your question

The last two sections of this article are resources that Shopify provides to help you solve a problem or to help answer questions you may have on your own.

Because, after all, it's a great thing when you can solve an issue on your own, right?

Shopify help center

The first place to check out when you have a question or run into a problem is the Shopify Help Center.

The Shopify Help Center is a great source for all your questions regarding Shopify.

From setting up a store to understanding the best practices, the Shopify help center can assist you in the following ways:

  • Starting on Shopify
  • Selling on Shopify
  • Managing a Shopify store
  • Marketing your Shopify store
  • Expanding your Shopify store

In addition to helping you solve issues and questions, the Shopify help center can be used as a powerful resource that will help you run your business on Shopify more efficiently and effectively.

8. Shopify Learn

Shopify learn homepage

Shopify Learn is a free resource provided by Shopify with hundreds of educational materials and resources.

It equips users with the knowledge they need to answer questions and solve common issues on their own.

Users can access detailed tutorials, videos, webinars, and guides that provide step-by-step instructions on how to set up Shopify stores, customize themes, optimize marketing campaigns, fulfillment, and more.

With these materials and resources, users can understand the platform's features and functionalities so they can confidently navigate through their store without needing outside help.

This makes it a great resource to check out before filling the Shopify customer support inbox with questions!

Great, right?

Tip: Don't forget to check out Shopify's free webinars. You can find them there!

Tips to get the most out of contacting Shopify's support

That's it! Eight of the best ways to contact Shopify support.

It's one thing to contact support, but there are also things you can do to make things more efficient.

Here are a few things to remember when contacting Shopify customer support to get the most out of contacting them:

1. Try solving the problem on your own first

Before contacting Shopify customer support, you should try to troubleshoot the issue yourself. If you still can't find a solution, you should reach out to Shopify support.

They will be able to provide more detailed help, and you'll waste less time.

2. Be concise and clear

Explain what you are trying to do, what problems or questions you have had so far, and any other relevant details that may help the customer support team better understand your situation.

This will help you solve the situation faster and more effectively.

3. Always be respectful.

It is also important to remain courteous and polite throughout the process, as this will help ensure that the experience is pleasant for you and the representative and will make solving your problem much easier.


Before we go to the final verdict, we've created a quick summary of this article for you, so you can easily remember it:

  • Different ways to contact Shopify support. Shopify has multiple ways to contact them, and the best ones are live chat, phone support, and email. Depending on your issue, you should select the one that fits best for you.
  • Live chat is the easiest way. In our opinion, live chat is the easiest way to contact Shopify support. Just note that you'll need your own Shopify account in order to use the live chat feature.
  • Less known ways to contact Shopify. It's possible to contact Shopify via social media, for example, but there are no guarantees that you will get an answer that way, as it's not an official way.
  • Resources to solve issues or questions yourself. The Shopify Help Center has plenty of helpful resources, from getting started guides to documentation and FAQs. So before contacting Shopify, we recommend checking if you can find the response yourself.


There you have it!

Those are the eight best ways to contact Shopify and some helpful tips to assist you when contacting them.

We hope that you see that contacting Shopify doesn't have to be a daunting and arduous task. There are plenty of helpful resources, such as live chat and call-back solutions, to get quick answers to your questions or problems.

With the information provided to you in this article, you now know how to contact Shopify customer service and get the most out of it when you do.

We hope that this article has provided value to you!

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