When it comes to dropshipping, one of the biggest concerns for many store owners is how to make their store stand out from the competition.

After all, with so many stores offering the same products and services, separating yourself is challenging!

One way to stand out in a crowded marketplace is to create a unique identity for your store.

In this article, we’ll look at 12 examples of branded dropshipping stores and see how they’ve succeeded in establishing their own unique identities.

So, if you're looking for some serious inspiration, look no further – these branded dropshipping stores are sure to get your creative juices flowing!

The list of 12 branded dropshipping store examples

So, are you ready for some fantastic dropshipping store examples?

Below you will find a whole list of inspiring examples!

Let’s go!

Important reminder: These examples are intended to inspire creativity and innovation in building your own brand.

While it can be helpful to learn from successful businesses, it is essential to avoid simply copying their strategies and ideas. Instead, strive to create a unique brand that sets your business apart and resonates with your target audience.

1. Pillow Slides

Pillow Slides homepage
Store typeOne-product store
Ecommerce platformShopify Plus (since 1 October 2021)
Store themeCustom (based on Turbo Theme / Portland)
Dropshipping appZendrop
Monthly traffic46.3k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of Pillow Slides

Let's start this list with a banger!

Pillow Slides is one of the best-looking dropshipping stores we have ever seen.

You can learn so much by looking at this store; we could write an entire article about it!

Pillow Slides is a one-product store selling ‘Pillow Slippers' for men, women, and the youth.

Perhaps, the most remarkable thing about is store is that they took these ‘boring' pair of slippers:

Pillow Slides on AliExpress
Product nameThe Pillow Slides™
Product cost
(including shipping)
Selling price$29.95
Profit margin75%
Example profit margin calculation

And suddenly, Pillow Slides made these slippers much more interesting with a genuinely amazing branded store design:

Pillow Slides product page section

Guess what? It became a big success!

Note: If you’re worried about the trademark symbol in a product name, we found that it has no legal meaning. So, you can use it in your product names without getting into legal issues.

Just listen to Jake, the founder of Pillow Slides, who claims he's making $10M+ with this store:

How This 23 Year Old Makes $10M+ Selling Slippers

Here are some other inspiring things about Pillow Slides:

Old shipping policy from Pillow Slides

However, as you can see in their current shipping policy, the US shipping time has changed a lot; this most likely means that their main target audience is in the US and that they found a local US supplier or are buying in bulk:

New shipping policy from Pillow Slides
  • Using GIFs in the product description. With a product like these slippers, people may find it quite dull to look at images only. Using GIFs, Pillow Slides can show visitors the product in an engaging way and clearly show its benefits:
Pillow Slides GIFs in the description

2. Eiken

Eiken homepage
Store typeNiche store
NicheBackpacks & bags
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themeCustom (based on Ira Active)
Dropshipping appDSers
Monthly traffic12.4k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of Eiken

Eiken is a dropshipping store specializing in vintage backpacks and bags.

If you don't believe us, here is Eiken's Helsinki Vintage Canvas Backpack on AliExpress:

Eiken product on AliExpress
Product nameVintage Canvas Backpack | HELSINKI
Product cost
(including shipping)
Selling price$95.00
Profit margin47.7%
Example profit margin calculation

As you can see, Eiken has a healthy profit margin of 47.7% on this backpack.

Unfortunately, something isn't going quite right with their marketing efforts, as Eiken's total visits have been quickly declining in the last months:

Eiken traffic from Similarweb

However, there are still a lot of things you can learn from this store:

  • High-quality images. In a world where people are constantly bombarded with images, it's important to ensure that the images you use on your website are high quality and engaging. Great images can help your store stand out from the crowd and give customers a positive impression of your brand:
Eiken product examples
  • A ‘Reviews' page. Eiken has a ‘Reviews' page published on their store. A review page shows all the reviews of your store. (Click here to learn how to create one.) Do you know the great thing about having a page like this (besides building more trust)?

    It can rank on search engines (like Google) when people search for “your store name” + reviews. Just take a look at the image below:
Eiken reviews page on Google
  • Great footer design. The footer of an online store is often overlooked, but it can be a powerful tool for driving conversions. A well-designed footer like Eiken's can give visitors important information about the store, such as contact details, shipping information, and return policy.
Eiken footer design

3. Neck Recliner

Homepage of Neck Recliner
Store typeNiche store
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themeDebut Shopify Theme
(not available anymore)
Dropshipping appDSers
Monthly traffic13.5k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of Neck Recliner

Let’s continue this list with a dropshipping store mainly focused on one product. They are called Neck Recliner!

This store's main product is also called NeckRecliner. It's a DIY inversion table for your neck, designed to relax your cervical region and relieve stiff neck muscles:

Neck Recliner product page

Here's an AliExpress page with the exact same product:

Neck Recliner on AliExpress
Product nameNeckRecliner
Product cost
(including shipping)
Selling price$46.99
Profit margin71.6%
Example profit margin calculation

Here are some other interesting things you can learn from Neck Recliner:

  • Facebook Ads retargeting. After visiting their website, we were directly retargeted with this Ad with around six million views:
Facebook Ad from Neck Recliner
  • Their brand. If you didn’t know they were dropshipping (check their shipping policy for their shipping times), would you think this is their branded product with the way they designed their homepage and product page?

4. Relaxsy

Relaxsy homepage
Store typeOne-product store
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themeCustom
Dropshipping appDSers
Monthly traffic<5k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of Relaxsy

Let's continue with another branded dropshipping store in the health niche, Relaxsy!

Some online stores in the health niche do really well because their products can solve genuine problems people have.

For example, if someone experiences discomfort from a stiff neck every day, they will likely be willing to try out a product claiming to solve that issue!

Unfortunately, we don't know exactly how well Relaxsy does in terms of sales since Similarweb doesn't have a lot of data for this store. But we can still make a nice profit margin calculation based on their main product:

Relaxsy on AliExpress
Product nameRelaxsy Neck Massager
Product cost
(including shipping)
Selling price$49.97
Profit margin86.1%
Example profit margin calculation

Not too bad, right?

Here are some other things to learn from this store:

  • Unique homepage style. While many dropshipping stores use generic templates, a custom-designed homepage can give your store a branded look and feel. That's exactly what Relaxsy did, with its unique style and colors on the homepage:
Features of Relaxsy
  • Don't copy images containing text from AliExpress. If you want to give a branded feel to your store, don't copy images with text from AliExpress. They usually give a low-quality feel to your store:
Relaxsy neck massager

5. MiracleSofa

Homepage of MiracleSofa
Store typeNiche store
NicheHome & garden
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themeCustom
Dropshipping appCJdropshipping
Monthly traffic24.4k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of MiracleSofa

Let’s continue this list with a store called MiracleSofa.

It was a bit hard to confirm if they are dropshipping, but seeing their Flippa listing makes it more clear:

Proof that MiracleSofa is dropshipping

We also found their exact images on an AliExpress product page:

MiracleSofa on AliExpress
Product nameOriginal MiracleSofa™
Product cost
(including shipping)
Selling price$44.95
Profit margin66.8%
Example profit margin calculation

Here are some things you can look at for this store:

  • Google Ads. As you can see in the Flippa screenshot above, MiracleSofa's primary traffic comes from Google Ads! Here’s an overview via Semrush:
Google Ads from MiracleSofa
  • Blog. Look at their blog. This is a great idea when you have a niche store. You will have a great chance to get free traffic (via SEO) and keep your visitors on your dropshipping store.
  • GIFs in product descriptions. Look at their product descriptions. Do you see how every product has its own GIF explaining the product? (Here’s an example)

6. Royal Moon Lamp

Royal Moon Lamp homepage
Store typeNiche store
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themeCustom (based on Turbo Theme / Portland)
Dropshipping appDSers
Monthly traffic<5k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of Royal Moon Lamp

The next store is named Royal Moon Lamp.

As you may have guessed, this store is devoted to selling the popular moon lamp dropshipping product. (But they sell various similar-looking lamps, too, so it's not a one-product store).

Royal Moon Lamp product page

You can also find this product from various AliExpress sellers, like this one:

Royal Moon Lamp on AliExpress
Product nameThe Royal Moon Lamp
Product cost
(including shipping)
Selling price$37.99
Profit margin52.1%
Example profit margin calculation

Here are some things we can learn from this store:

  • A branded name and logo. For people who've been dropshipping for some time, it may be clear that this is a popular dropshipping product. However, for those seeing the moon lamp for the first time, this store's name and logo make it look like they invented it.
  • A guide about the moon lamp. In 2021, this store released an in-depth guide on its product, the moon lamp. This can be a great way to convince your visitors to become customers!
Royal Moon lamp ultimate guide

7. Homeplistic

Homeplistic homepage
Store typeNiche store
NicheHome decor
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themeCustom (based on the Impulse Theme)
Dropshipping appDSers
Monthly traffic<5k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of Homeplistic

Homeplistic is an awesome Shopify store in the home decor niche.

One interesting thing about this store is that they tend to hire interns for tasks like copywriting, marketing, and branding.

For example, the portfolio website of a previous intern that Homeplistic hired confirms it's a dropshipping store:

Homeplistic project from an intern

Here is another (outdated) internship opening that Homeplistic listed:

Homeplistic copywriting internship opening

To confirm that Homeplistic is dropshipping, we also found their Exton Hanging Planter with the same images on AliExpress:

Homeplistic on AliExpress
Product nameExton Hanging Planter
Product cost
(including shipping)
Selling price$45
Profit margin64.1%
Example profit margin calculation

Here are some inspiring things about Homeplistic:

  • Pinterest page. Homeplistic probably receives quite a few orders each month from their Pinterest account, where they get 780k+ monthly views:
Homeplistic Pinterest profile
  • Consistent color scheme. The colors that a store uses on its website can have a big impact on shoppers. A consistent color scheme can help to form a brand’s identity and create a sense of trust for visitors!
Homeplistic product page
  • Personal ‘About Us' page. The ‘About Us' page is your chance to show potential customers that you're a real person with a genuine interest in providing them with great products or services, and Homeplistic is an excellent example of that!
Homeplistic about us page

8. Fresh Juice Blender

Homepage of Fresh Juice Blender
Store typeOne-product store
NichePortable blenders
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themeCustom
Dropshipping appCJdropshipping
Monthly traffic14.7k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of Fresh Juice Blender

Next up is a store that is using CJdropshipping for its products! (Check out our review here)

Fresh Juice Blender started around June 2021 and became a company in the UK on 26 August 2022 — meaning: something is going right!

They installed the CJdropshipping app on 11 December 2021, so there's a 95% chance that they are using the service and don’t just have the app installed without using it.

Fresh Juice Blender using the CJdrosphipping app

We also found the product they sell on AliExpress:

Fresh Juice Blender on AliExpress
Product nameFresh Juice Portable Blender
Product cost
(including shipping)
Selling price$52.99
Profit margin58.5%
Example profit margin calculation

Here are some things to learn from this store:

  • Design and theme. Just look at their homepage; does that look like a dropshipping store or a professional brand that is here for the long term?
  • Focus on SEO. If you look at the screenshot below (via Ahrefs), you will see that they are dominating their main keyword, fresh juice blender, on Google:
Fresh Juice Blender stats via Ahrefs
They are even making a few recipes!

9. Art Terrarium

Art Terrarium homepage
Store typeNiche store
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themeCustom (based on Modular by Presidio)
Dropshipping appCJdropshipping
Monthly traffic13.1k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of Art Terrarium

Art Terrarium is a physical houseplant shop in Iowa, US. You can see a bit of how the store looks in the screenshot above.

So, why did we include them in this list?

Well, if you're sharp, you might have noticed that Art Terrarium placed a red bar at the top of its homepage, notifying visitors they also have a collection available for shipping.

And we have a strong feeling that it's not just shipping, but dropshipping too!

Take, for example, this Halo Propagation Vase:

Art Terrarium product page

Which can also be found on AliExpress:

Art Terrarium on AliExpress
Product nameHalo Propagation Vase
Product cost
(including shipping)
Selling price$20.00
Profit margin57.5%
Example profit margin calculation

And the assumption that Art Terrarium is dropshipping is further confirmed by the relatively long shipping times:

Art Terrarium shipping time

So, what can you learn from this store?

  • A truly unique identity. Art Terrarium really did a great job of branding, right? Just look at the colors they use together – red, blue, and green. It might seem like a weird combination, but it works! The same goes for the font. Have you noticed how cool their product title looks?
  • Loyalty program. Art Terrarium designed a loyalty program to encourage returning customers. Every time you purchase from their store, you get Plant Point, which you can later exchange for a discount. It's something that might work really well in this niche!
Art Terrarium plant points

10. Lumbarc

Lumbarc homepage
Store typeOne-product store
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themeDebut Shopify Theme
(not available anymore)
Dropshipping appCJdropshipping
Monthly traffic<5k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of Lumbarc

The next branded dropshipping store example, Lumbarc, sells problem-solving products in the same niche as an earlier store example, Neck Recliner.

Think about back stretchers, neck pillows, and posture correctors:

Lumbarc best sellers

Their main product seems to be the Lumbarc™ Back Stretcher, which is also available on AliExpress:

Lumbarc on AliExpress
Product nameLumbarc™ Back Stretcher
Product cost
(including shipping)
Selling price$41.95
Profit margin66.6%
Example profit margin calculation

Here are some things to learn from this store:

  • Focus on product benefits. Simply listing the features of a product is not enough to convince someone to part with their hard-earned cash. Instead, you should focus on describing the benefits of a product and how it will improve the customer's life. For example, how a product will relieve your back pain instantly!
Lumbarc product page
  • Use of infographics. When seeing the back stretcher, it's not very clear how to use it. Lumbarc makes great use of infographics to communicate this ‘How To Use It?' information in a visually appealing way:
Lumbarc how to use it

11. HeadlampPRO

HeadlampPRO homepage
Store typeOne-product store
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themeCustom (based on Impulse Theme)
Dropshipping appCJdropshipping
Monthly traffic<5k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of HeadlampPRO

HeadlampPRO is a genuine one-product store. The LED Headlamp is their main product:

HeadlampPRO product page

Again, we also found it on AliExpress:

HeadlampPRO on AliExpress
Product nameLED Headlamp
Product cost
(including shipping)
Selling price$29.99
Profit margin53.4%
Example profit margin calculation

Here are three unique things about this branded dropshipping store:

  • Customized packaging. One amazing thing about HeadlampPRO is that they designed their own branded packaging. Looks much better compared to a standard AliExpress package, right? Getting customized packaging with dropshipping is challenging but definitely doable (you can learn more about it here).
HeadlampPRO customized packaging
  • Telling a story. Another thing that distinguishes a branded store from a non-branded store is that branded stores often tell a story. This helps to form a more personal connection with visitors and is likely to increase the conversion rate!
HeadlampPRO story
  • Creating a blog. Starting a blog is a great thing to do on your dropshipping store. It shows your visitors that you have knowledge of your niche, so it helps to build trust! Not to mention, you may get some free traffic to your store from your blogs!
HeadlampoPRO recent blogs

12. Swisst

Swisst homepage
Store typeNiche store
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themeCustom (based on Kalles Theme)
Dropshipping appCJdropshipping
Monthly traffic21.6k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of Swisst

Unfortunately, we arrived at the last dropshipping store example on this list!

Don't worry, though; we didn't save the worst for last.

Swisst is an awesome-looking branded dropshipping store that primarily sells AirTag wallets.

Here is an example of one of their product pages:

Swisst product page

And, like with the other store examples, we also found this product on AliExpress:

Swisst on AliExpress
Product nameAirtag Pop Up Wallet
Product cost
(including shipping)
Selling price$39.95
Profit margin75.2%
Example profit margin calculation

Here are some things you can look at for this store:

  • Featured on other news websites. During our research, we found that this store was featured in an article on Benzinga, a popular news website. This is a great thing for their SEO. Oh, and one more thing, they even have a Crunchbase profile!
  • Phone number. Swisst added their customer service phone number to their menus, like the footer. This is great to have for building trust with your customers!

How do you brand a dropshipping store?

Person sitting next to a laptop

There you go!

We hope you enjoyed this list of branded dropshipping store examples, but what exactly makes a dropshipping store ‘branded'?

Unfortunately, the term ‘brand' doesn't have a clear definition, but Ignyte makes a great explanation of it:

A brand is the way a company, organization, or individual is perceived by those who experience it. More than simply a name, term, design, or symbol, a brand is the recognizable feeling a product or business evokes.

Brands, then, live in the mind. They live in the minds of everyone who experiences them: employees, investors, the media, and, perhaps most importantly, customers.

Simply put, brands are perceptions.

From Ignyte

As you can see, it's still quite vague!

So, to try and make it a bit clearer, let's take a look at the things we saw most often in this list of branded dropshipping store examples:

  • Tell a story. Telling a story helps you to connect yourself with your visitors. They will better understand where you came from and where you want to go next! One store that did this well was HeadlampPRO.
  • Make your store unique. Creating a unique-looking store with custom designs as well as consistent colors and fonts is a great way to give your store that recognizable feeling. You can see a great example of a unique store design at Pillow Slides.
  • Focus on SEO. We've seen multiple dropshipping stores in this list that had a strong focus on SEO. Think about creating recipes, blog articles, getting featured on other news websites, or creating a ‘Reviews' page!

For more information on how to brand your dropshipping store, check out our other article here!

How do you take your branded dropshipping store to the next level?

If you’re thinking now, Those dropshipping stores look great, but what about bigger ecommerce stores; do they also use dropshipping?

If that’s you, then we have the perfect article for you to read next!

This article will contain nine ecommerce stores that started with or are currently still using dropshipping as their fulfillment method.

Here’s one example already: Wayfair.

Homepage of Wayfair

By looking at these successful stores, you can analyze how they designed the store, where they get traffic from, what their purchase process looks like, and much more!

Even more so, if you are starting to doubt the concept of dropshipping, you should take a look at some of these biggest ecommerce stores that use dropshipping as their fulfillment method to get some motivation on how big your dropshipping business can become!

Curious now? Check out the article by clicking the link below:

9 Ecommerce Stores That Started With or Use Dropshipping

And if you've decided that you want to move away from dropshipping and start managing your inventory yourself, we also have an amazing article for you.

It's a list of branded ecommerce store examples; check it out below:

10 Great Ecommerce Brand Store Examples (2023) | Inspiration

Where can you find more examples for your dropshipping store?

Would you like to see even more examples for your dropshipping store?

Then don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with some awesome example articles:

And you can find even more articles that will inspire you right here.

Awesome, right?

Taking action

Reading and absorbing information and knowledge is great (definitely if it’s free!), but do you know what’s even better?

Taking action!

So, to help you with taking action with what you have learned in this article, take a look at the bullet points:


At last, we can say that branding is an essential thing to focus on if you want your dropshipping store to be successful.

We hope this article helped you get a lot of inspiration for branding your dropshipping store!

If you’ve questions regarding dropshipping or branding, then let us know by commenting below or contacting us directly!

Good luck with your dropshipping store!

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