Winning dropshipping products… How to find them? Below you will find all the ways that you can do product research for your dropshipping store. At the end of the article, you will know all the methods to find your next winning dropshipping product! Are you ready for some winning product research? Also, most of these tactics will be free!

This article will contain all the tactics to do winning product research for your dropshipping store, but if you want to know what a winning dropshipping product is, and what kind of factors winning products have, then I suggest reading my other article here as well.

How to Find the Best Selling Products of Any Shopify Dropshipping Store?

Before I get started with all the product research ways, it’s important to know what the ways are to see the best selling products of a Shopify dropshipping store.

You will need this later on!

One thing to note, though as you might have read already, this works only for all the Shopify (dropshipping) stores that you find.

Luckily for you, most dropshipping stores are hosted on Shopify.

1. Edit the URL yourself

This is one of the easiest ways to see the best selling products of a Shopify store.

You simply put this at the end of their URL: /collections/all?sort_by=best-selling

So for example,

Keep in mind that some dropshipping stores disable their best-selling page. You will read in the last option below how to beat them!

2. Using Commerce Inspector

This one is doing the same as the option I covered above, but it makes it a bit easier.

All you have to do now is press the button “Bestselling” and it will automatically edit the URL for you.

How to Find the Best Selling Products of Any Shopify Dropshipping Store | Using Commerce Inspector

3. Beating Dropshipping stores that disable their best-selling page

This is going to be a fun one!

Going to their best-selling page is fairly simple, as you saw above, but some store owners decide to disable the page.

Which I totally understand, because otherwise people will just copy their winning product(s) and become profitable as well.

Finding winning dropshipping products is the goal of this article, so I will show you a way to beat them!

So, let’s take for example Dude Gadgets. If you try to go to their best-selling page, then it will direct you to this page:

How to Find the Best Selling Products of Any Shopify Dropshipping Store | Beating stores that disable their best-selling page

Which is funny, of course, but not if you’re trying to find their best selling products!

So what you’re going to do next is go to the site settings of that website (I’m using Google Chrome in my example below).

You can come there really simple by either pressing the little lock in the left corner and pressing Site Settings or going to your (Chrome) settings and searching for Site Settings.

Keep in mind that the last option will do changes to all sites unless you press “View permissions and data stores across sites” and then you will need to find the dropshipping store in that list.

Now that you have found the website (Dude Gadgets in this example) it’s time to block JavaScript.

Now go to their best-selling page again (don’t press refresh because you’re most likely redirected to a different page) and you will see this now:

Their best selling products! Woohoo!

Keep in mind that by blocking their JavaScript, that their website might not work as good maybe their Shopify theme will be broken a bit as well. For example, I didn’t blur these images in the screenshot above.

But yeah, your goal is to get their best selling products and not to judge them in a design contest!

Are you ready now to see all the methods to do winning product research for your dropshipping store?

Yes? Then let’s go!

1) Find other successful dropshipping stores and see their best selling products

Let’s start with this one.

A great way to find winning dropshipping products is to find other (successful) dropshipping stores and see their best selling products.

Think about it like this: Why would anyone keep advertising a product while they are not getting any profits?

You can use that question for most of the product research methods below!

You learned how to see the best selling products of every Shopify dropshipping store above.

So the only thing important for this product research method is to find other dropshipping stores!

I suggest you read this article:

19 Most Successful Shopify Dropshipping Store Examples

I included so many awesome dropshipping stores on that list for you. Plus, if you’re interested, you can read this article here which contains 5 tips to find more dropshipping stores!

One last tip for this method is to look at their recently added products as well.

Maybe they are going to test new products and maybe one of them is a never seen before winning product! You never know, it’s always worth to take a look.

2) Amazon

How to Find Winning Dropshipping Products | Amazon

The second option and the most obvious one is Amazon!

99% chance that you already know what Amazon is haha.

Amazon is great for shopping, but it’s also great if you want to do product research for your dropshipping store!

You can get so many ideas on what kind of products are selling well currently (Best Sellers), and you can also see what is trending the last 24 hours (Movers & Shakers).

Awesome, right?

2.1) Amazon Movers & Shakers

Amazon Movers & Shakers contains products that are getting more and more sales in the last 24 hours.

Our biggest gainers in sales rank over the past 24 hours. Updated hourly.


These products are moving fast on the sales rank.

How to Find Winning Dropshipping Products | Amazon Movers & Shakers

One downside, though not all products are going to be perfect dropshipping products, if you read the article that I linked to at the beginning (about what a winning dropshipping product is), then I’m sure you can find some awesome products here.

2.2) Amazon Best Sellers

Amazon Best Sellers contains the most popular products (based on sales) on Amazon.

How to Find Winning Dropshipping Products | Amazon Best Sellers

It’s the same as with the Movers & Shakers; not all products are perfect for dropshipping!

I suggest scrolling through the different categories and see if you can find any products that you think are interesting to sell on your dropshipping store.

Even better is if you got a niche, then you can just select that niche and see what products are doing well inside that niche on Amazon!

3) Wish

How to Find Winning Dropshipping Products | Wish

If you don’t know what Wish is, then this is for you.

Wish is a place that most people from the western world buy cheap stuff. Wish advertises a lot and a lot of people know the site.

Now you can use this to your advantage.

Just go to Wish and see what products are selling there.

Even better is if you got a niche for your dropshipping store, then you can select that niche and see what products are selling well on Wish!

Try to find products that have at least 1000-5000 orders.

You can easily find these products by pressing CTRL + F and then type in 000.

Now it will highlight all the products that got 1000 or more orders!

Awesome, right?

4) How to Find Winning Dropshipping Products on Facebook?

There are a few different methods to use Facebook for your dropshipping product research!

Follow me below, and I will show you all of them.

4.1) Facebook Search Bar

You might know this one already, but I will include it anyway for the people that don’t know about it!

Simply go to Facebook and type in one of these keywords in the search bar:

  • 50% / 60% Off (or any other percent off)
  • Get Yours Now / Here
  • Free Shipping
  • Get It Here
  • Get It Now
  • Just Pay Shipping
  • Click Link
  • Buy Now
  • Limited Supply

For example, this is what you get when you type in 50% off.

How to Find Winning Dropshipping Products | Facebook Search Bar

You can also select to only show videos!

Well, if you think it can’t get any better, then you’re wrong!

You can even select a certain month and year that the posts need to be published in.

This way, you will only have posts or videos that are from that selected month and year!

Another option is to search for a product name, but this is when you have already found a product, and you’re trying to find out if other people are already selling that product, and if so, what kind of ads are they running.

For example, if you plan to sell one of these scratch maps, then this is the results for that on Facebook:

And these are just a few videos. There are many more videos and posts about the scratch map.

This is a great way to get some inspiration for your Facebook Ads!

Personally, I loved this product research method when I was just starting with dropshipping, but now I think it has changed a bit. Somehow I can’t find that many posts and videos like before, but it’s still a great way to find winning dropshipping products!

4.2) Following other Dropshipping Stores

At the first product research method, you learned how powerful it is to look at other successful dropshipping stores.

Now you can take that one step further, and that is to keep an eye on their Facebook page.

This way, you will be the first to know when they are testing a new product.

How to Find Winning Dropshipping Products | Following other Dropshipping Stores

And you can see what kind of Facebook Ads performed the best for them. Go see what kind of products they advertise in their most popular ads.

I suggest clicking here to learn all the ways to find the Facebook Ads that a dropshipping store is currently running.

4.3) More ways to find products on Facebook

How to Find Winning Dropshipping Products on Facebook? 5 Awesome Tips for 2020!

Do you want to learn even more ways to find dropshipping products on Facebook?

Awesome! Then I suggest you read my other article that I linked to below:

How to Find Winning Dropshipping Products on Facebook? (5 Tips)

5) AliExpress Dropshipping Center

How to Find Winning Dropshipping Products | AliExpress Dropshipping Center

The next way to find winning dropshipping products for your dropshipping store is by using the AliExpress Dropshipping Center!

This is the tool AliExpress made to make dropshipping with AliExpress easier.

You will get a lot of amazing tools inside the AliExpress dropshipping center.

But do you know what the best part is about the dropshipping center is?

It’s free to use!

I will link below to the article that I wrote about the AliExpress dropshipping center. This way, you can learn everything about how you can do product research with this tool!

AliExpress Dropshipping Center (2020) – Complete Guide!

6) How to Find Winning Dropshipping Products on AliExpress?

How to Find Winning Dropshipping Products | Find them on AliExpress!

This one will flow well with the product research method above (the AliExpress Dropshipping Center) because you can find a lot of products through AliExpress!

For example, through the “Rabbit Hole” method or by scrolling through AliExpress for hours, haha. If you’re interested in learning more, then you can read the article I linked to below:

How to Find Dropshipping Products on AliExpress? (5 Tips)

7) Exchange Marketplace

How to Find Winning Dropshipping Products | Exchange Marketplace

Another way to find awesome products to sell on your dropshipping store is by going to the Exchange Marketplace from Shopify.

You can find a lot of Shopify stores for sale here, but the most important thing for you here is that you can select dropshipping as a business type!

Now keep in mind that some Shopify dropshipping stores for sale will be private listings, but some will be public as well!

See as an example, this one:

You can see everything, from the website URL to how much their revenue and total traffic is.

Now you can browse through all these dropshipping stores that are on sale, then go to their website and see what products their best selling products are.

You will get a lot of inspiration from this for sure. If they can grow a Shopify dropshipping store and sell it for $35,000, then so can you!

Just don’t forget to not literally copy everything. We are doing product research here!

8) Awesome Websites

How to Find Winning Dropshipping Products | Awesome Websites

This product research method isn’t aimed for dropshippers, but these websites will definitely give you some inspiration on what kind of products are currently trending, and what kind of products have a chance to sell well!

First off is Shut Up And Take My Money. You have probably heard of this site before, but if you didn’t, it’s basically a website with tons of products that have a “wow” factor.

These products are not easily seen in normal retail stores. This is why it’s a great site to get inspiration for your dropshipping store.

The next one is called Touch of Modern.

This website contains more luxurious products, but you will definitely get some inspiration from them because they also got a lot of products that you could dropship!

Another option is to go to their Sales Under $25 page.

This will definitely show you some cool products that could do well on your dropshipping store!

If you can’t get any product inspiration from that website, then at least take a look at their product images. They are awesome, right?

9) Best Products YouTube Videos

How to Find Winning Dropshipping Products | Best Products YouTube Videos

This is another great product research method. You basically go to YouTube and find videos like:

  • Top 10 AliExpress Products 2020
  • Top 10 Amazon Products 2020
  • Top 10 Wish Products 2020

This will give you tons of YouTube videos with lists of the most awesome products currently on AliExpress, Amazon, or even Wish.

And guess what these videos all contain?

That’s right; amazing products!

Definitely look in the comments to see if people really like one product of the list!

These videos will give you a lot of inspiration for your dropshipping product research for sure.

If you want to learn more about this product research method, then I suggest watching the video below:

[NEW] UNTAPPED Shopify Product Research METHOD | Find $100,000 WINNING Products

10) Ask AliExpress Dropshipping Suppliers

How to Find Winning Dropshipping Products | Ask AliExpress Dropshipping Suppliers

This is another awesome method to find amazing dropshipping products!

With this method, you find AliExpress dropshipping suppliers and ask them what products are going to be trending or what products are new or will be launching soon.

What you need to do is find the best AliExpress dropshipping suppliers first.

Preferably these AliExpress sellers that are selling these trending dropshipping products (or if you’re in a specific niche, then of course suppliers in that niche).

If you don’t know how to find the best AliExpress dropshipping suppliers, then I got two great articles for you:

After you have found a bunch of these AliExpress suppliers, it’s time to reach out to them.

Ask them for a list of their new products that they are about to release into the market. Their new trending products! Or you can ask them for a list with their current trending products (or both).

That’s how you can find these untapped products that are not sold by many dropshippers yet!

I will link to a video below so you can see how you can use this product research method. You will need to skip to around the 44 minutes mark!:

Shopify Dropshipping LIVE Q&A + Value Session

11) CJDropshipping

How to Find Winning Dropshipping Products | CJDropshipping

Next up on the list of the best dropshipping product research methods is CJDropshipping.

I will not explain here what they do, but if you’re curious, then just go to their website!

The reason I added them to this list is that they got so many products inside their app. From trending to hot selling, and even new products.

Just scroll through the different categories, and I’m 99% sure you will have some inspiration for new dropshipping products!

For example, the screenshot below is from their “Hot Selling” category:

The only thing is that you need to register a free account, but I personally think that’s worth it for the inspiration that you’re getting back for it!

12) Oberlo

How to Find Winning Dropshipping Products | Oberlo

Another option is to look inside Oberlo.

Oberlo got a lot of data on what kind of products are selling well and how many times a product has been imported to Oberlo dropshipping stores.

You can see how many imports a product has, how many page views, and how many orders:

I suggest browsing a bit through different categories to see if you can find a product that has a lot of orders and imports. Or maybe you can find one that is the opposite, and you can be at the beginning of a new product trend!

Or even better, if you have a niche, then simply browse through that niche and see what other people are importing to their dropshipping stores inside that niche.

13) How to Find Winning Dropshipping Products on Pinterest?

How to Find Winning Dropshipping Products | Pinterest

Let’s move to Pinterest!

Pinterest is another great way to see what kind of products are trending and hot right now.

You will simply search for Pinterest Pins. For example, car gadgets and kitchen gadgets:

I suggest watching the video below if you want to learn more about this method:

FREE Shopify Product Research Strategy To Find WINNING Dropshipping Products

14) How to Find Winning Dropshipping Products on Instagram?

How to Find Winning Dropshipping Products | Instagram

Another Social Media platform that you can use to see what products are trending right now is Instagram. (You can learn more about advertising with Instagram here)

This is great if you’re running a niche dropshipping store. Just follow all the Instagram pages inside that niche (you could create a second account for that as well).

This way, you will know it when someone runs a shoutout on one of the pages you follow.

If you have found an Instagram page that has a live shoutout, then you can see if that product is worth selling your self as well (look at the comments!)

The great thing is now that you can just scroll one, or more times, per day on your feed (on the Instagram account that you follow all these pages) and see if there are any new posts with shoutouts. Don’t forget to check your Instagram Stories as well!

15) Dropshipping Product Research Tools

Doing product research your self is great (and free most of the time), but it takes a lot of time.

That’s where a product research tool could come in handy.

This tool helps you with finding the best products for your dropshipping store, so-called “Winning Products“.

I suggest reading the article I linked to below. It contains the best dropshipping product research tools in 2020!

I included both free and paid options in that article, so don’t worry if your budget is to tight for a product research tool:

The 14 Best Winning Dropshipping Product Research Tools

Getting Started with Dropshipping in 2020

Learn how to get started with your dropshipping store in 2020

So, are you ready to get started with dropshipping? Or maybe you have already started, but you’re looking to get some inspiration?

If so, then I suggest reading my complete Shopify dropshipping guide!

It’s a huge article, but it contains everything that you need to know to create your own Shopify dropshipping store in 2020. It’s like a dropshipping course, but then for free!

Reading this article will surely help you to get started and to stay motivated while beginning and continuing your dropshipping journey!

Just don’t forget that success takes time. Keep improving each and every day!

Shopify Dropshipping Complete Guide 2020: Create Your Store!

And here are some of my best articles:

And also, if you want you to get started with Shopify, then you can click here to get a free 14-day trial!


So, there you have it! 15 awesome ways to find winning products for your dropshipping store!

I hope you got some great inspiration right now to do your dropshipping product research, and I hope you will find your (next) winning product soon!

If you want some more inspiration for your dropshipping product research, then I suggest reading the article that I linked to below.

16 Winning Dropshipping Product Examples | Inspiration for 2020!

If you got any more product research methods for this list or if you have any questions regarding dropshipping, then let me know by commenting below or contacting me directly by pressing the “Contact Me” button at the top!

Good luck with your product research!


My name is Richard, and I created Do Dropshipping after I saw so many paid dropshipping courses popping up. The goal of Do Dropshipping is to put these “gurus” out of business by giving everyone access to the information that they need to start their own dropshipping business today. No more paid dropshipping courses!


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