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The list of 8 Spocket dropshipping store examples

Are you ready for some amazing Spocket store examples?

Important reminder: These examples are intended to inspire creativity and innovation in building your own brand.

While it can be helpful to learn from successful businesses, it is essential to avoid simply copying their strategies and ideas. Instead, strive to create a unique brand that sets your business apart and resonates with your target audience.

1. Pawsitive Vibes

Pawsitive Vibes homepage
FoundedMay 2018 (source: Wayback Machine)
Store typeNiche store
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themePageFly landing page builder
Monthly traffic5.8k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of Pawsitive Vibes

Pawsitive Vibes is a Spocket store for the pet-loving community.

The store primarily focuses on unique gifts for dogs, cats, and owners.

You'll find products like custom dog bandanas, cat collars, and pet-themed home goods.

We know that they're using Spocket since they left a review for the app recently:

Pawsitive Vibes Spocket review

Note: If you're reading reviews of the Spocket app, be aware that it might just be fake. We did see some fake reviews for the Spocket Shopify app during our research.

What sets Pawsitive Vibes apart is its commitment to more than just selling products.

A portion of their sales goes towards helping animals, so they're definitely making a positive impact:

Pawsitive Vibes About Us

Here are some other things to learn from this store:

  • Blog. They have a blog section with articles like "How to Choose the Perfect Dog Bandana" and "Spoil Your Pup with a Homemade Dog Cake for Birthday." This kind of content can keep visitors engaged and coming back for more.
  • Catchy tone. Pawsitive Vibes is filled with catchy messages like 'Drama Free Returns' and 'You Shop, We Give.'
  • Pet Matcher Quiz. Pawsitive Vibes offers a fun Pet Matcher Quiz. This is a brilliant strategy because quizzes can keep visitors engaged longer on the site. Plus, based on quiz results, they can offer personalized product recommendations:
Pawsitive Vibes Pet Matcher Quiz
  • Free dog birthday cake recipe. This free recipe is a fantastic example of how stores can offer value to their audience while building up their email list:
Pawsitive Vibes Free Recipe

2. MaxPush

MaxPush homepage
FoundedMay 2021 (source: Wayback Machine)
Store typeOne-product store
NicheWorkout board
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themeShogun Landing Page Builder
Monthly traffic4.4k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of MaxPush

MaxPush is a great example of a one-product store that is taken to the next level in terms of product and design.

This online store sells quite a popular dropshipping product, the workout board, but they've private labeled it and designed an entire store around it!

Spocket push up board

Here is why this store is great to look at for inspiration (especially if you're also building a one-product store):

  • Focused on what's working now. Advertising on TikTok is the main marketing strategy for many successful stores right now.

    Besides making videos themselves, many other creators are showcasing the product. The keyword 'max pushup board' alone has over 44 million views!
Max pushup board Tiktok
  • Lots of social proof. We could've listed several other things, but one thing that really stands out on this store is the amount of social proof they show. There's some kind of social proof on every section of their homepage, from Facebook testimonials to a 'Featured on' section!
MaxPush social proof

3. Vistal Supply

Vistal Supply homepage
FoundedAugust 2018 (source: Wayback Machine)
Store typeNiche store
NicheCheese & wine accessories
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themeCraft
Monthly traffic7.9k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of Vistal Supply

Vistal Supply was created by two engineers, Diana and Gerald.

Their trip to Tanzania led to the birth of Vistal Supply. There, they taught teenagers to craft guitars from locally harvested wood.

Now, Vistal Supply offers a selection of cheese and wine essentials made from wood and bamboo.

While we do believe that some of their products are designed in-house, others are sourced from Spocket, like this set of cheese knives:

Vistal Supply cheese tool set

We also found this product on Spocket here:

Cheese tool set on spocket

Here are some things to learn from this store:

  • Storytelling. Vistal Supply's about page beautifully tells about the founders' journey, connecting with customers on a deeper level.
Vistal Supply About Us
  • Sustainability. Their emphasis on using renewable materials like wood and bamboo makes their products eco-friendly.
  • Engaging content. Vistal Supply provides tutorials on making charcuterie boards for various occasions. Plus, their free charcuterie guides page offers many resources, from monthly newsletters to digital subscriptions like 'Cheese Squeeze' and 'Flowers in Months.'
Vistal Supply Tutorials

4. LaDolce Petz

LaDolce Petz homepage
FoundedDecember 2021 (source: Wayback Machine)
Store typeNiche store
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themePaper
Monthly traffic13.5k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of LaDolce Petz

LaDolce Petz is a Spocket store offering various products for dogs and cats, from harnesses to toys, beds, and clothes.

According to LaDolce Petz' Spocket review, it's their primary source of suppliers:

LaDolce Petz Spocket Review

A funny thing we discovered is that they also left a review for GoWise, which is an AI product description app:

LaDolce Petz GoWise AI product description review on Shopify

Here are some things to learn from LaDolce Petz:

  • Storytelling. On the 'About Us' page, LaDolce Petz tells the story of Cecie, the founder, and Lucas, a rescued boxer pitbull who brought joy to Cecie's family and inspired her to start this store.
  • Community building. Through their Furry Friends 101 blog, they offer tips for pet ownership, covering topics from nutrition and grooming to training and behavior:
LaDolce Petz blog
  • Giving back. A portion of the store's profits goes to rescue shelters, emphasizing their commitment to the well-being of animals.

Ready to level up? Our ultimate dropshipping guide for 2024 is full of our best insights, ideas, and steps to follow.

5. Novus Decor

Novus Decor homepage
FoundedFebruary 2021 (source: Wayback Machine)
Store typeNiche store
NicheHome decor
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themeCustom (based on Prestige)
Monthly traffic15.4k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of Novus Decor

The next store is Novus Decor. It's the first high-ticket dropshipping store example!

Novus Decor mainly sells interior lighting products:

Novus Decor best sellers

And yes, these types of products can also be found at Spocket!

Spocket chandeliers

You'll also find lots of these products when you use Spocket to source on AliExpress (instead of using local US/EU suppliers).

For example, here is the Slender sideway wall sconce from Novus Decor on AliExpress:

Novus Decor product on AliExpress

So, what can we learn from this store?

  • Great profit margins. Since the products sold on Novus Decor have a high perceived value, they can sell them for quite a high price compared to what it costs to buy them through Spocket or AliExpress!
  • Fitting theme. Novus Decor uses the Prestige theme. Prestige is a theme designed to give your store a high-end and prestigious look, and it perfectly fits Novus Decor's products and style!
Shopify Prestige theme

6. Survival Warehouse

Survival Warehouse homepage
FoundedJanuary 2023 (source: Wayback Machine)
Store typeNiche store
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themePursuit
Monthly traffic5.4k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of Survival Warehouse

Whether you're prepping for a natural disaster or just a weekend camping trip, Survival Warehouse has got you covered.

This store sells anything from survival kits, MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) to bug-out bags and gas masks:

Survival Warehouse survival food

Now, I know what you're thinking: 'How can this Spocket store offer meals?'

But guess what? You can find all of these on Spocket from a US-based supplier:

Survival food on Spocket

Cool, right?

Here are some more things to learn from Survival Warehouse:

  • Educational content. Survival Warehouse doesn't just sell products; they educate, too. Their Survival Tips & News blog has articles that provide valuable insights, from crafting mead at home to making your insect repellent. Plus, on some collection pages, they list out how to choose the best product:
Survival Warehouse collection guidelines
  • Emphasis on quality. The store ensures that the products they offer, especially survival food, are of the highest quality. They review and test survival gear daily, ensuring customers get the best:
Survival Warehouse 'Be Prepared'
  • Community engagement. By offering a newsletter with exclusive offers, tips, and news, Survival Warehouse creates a community with its customers.

7. Lush

Lush homepage
Store typeOne-product store
NicheIPL epilator
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themeGemPages Landing Page Builder
Monthly traffic301 (source: Similarweb)
Overview of Lush

Lush is a one-product Spocket dropshipping store selling the LumiPro.

It's an IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) device that promises to permanently stop body hair growth, allowing users to enjoy 24/7 smooth skin.

The product is a pain-free and cost-effective alternative to traditional hair removal methods like shaving, waxing, and expensive laser treatments:

Lush LumiPro product

Although we didn't find an exact match of this product on Spocket, we did find one that closely resembles it:

IPL Lasor Epilator on Spocket

Lush's product comes with free sunglasses and a razor in the packaging, and the same goes for this Spocket epilator, so we suspect it might just be a new version.

Here are some more things to learn from this store:

  • Product focus. By concentrating on a single product, Lush can ensure quality, gather feedback, and continuously improve.
  • Cost-effectiveness. The store highlights the cost savings of using the LumiPro compared to other hair removal methods, emphasizing its value:
Lush cost savings
  • Clear product descriptions. The LumiPro product page offers customers all the details they need before purchasing, from FAQs to its benefits:
Lush product benefits

8. Shadow Meow

Shadow Meow homepage
FoundedSeptember 2020 (source: Wayback Machine)
Store typeNiche store
NicheGothic clothing + cats
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themeBooster
Monthly traffic29.4k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of Shadow Meow

Shadow Meow is a Spocket store in a unique niche.

They target those who love the dark world of gothic fashion and the playfulness of cats.

It's not every day you come across a store like this.

Their motto, 'Gothic Clothing + Cats: A Purrfect Combination,' perfectly tells us the essence of their brand:

Shadow Meow goth cat clothing

They're using a combination of Gelato (print on demand) and Spocket to fulfill orders.

For instance, we found the cat skeleton necklace you see above from a US-based supplier on Spocket:

Spocket cat skeleton necklace

However, their clothing items are most likely sold through Gelato.

Here are some things to learn:

  • Niche. Shadow Meow's niche shows that you can be really creative when finding your niche. Their unique niche of goth + cats sets them apart and creates a memorable brand.
  • Clear product categories. The store is well-organized with clear categories like Shirts & Tops, Pants & Leggings, and Bags & Backpacks, making it easy for customers to find what they're looking for.
  • Customer-centric approach. Shadow Meow places its customers first by offering free US shipping and ensuring products are made with love:
Shadow Meow benefits

Spocket pricing plans

For those who've been inspired by the above Spocket store examples and are considering trying Spocket, here's an overview of their pricing plans:

  • Starter Plan ($39.99 per month)
  • Pro Plan ($59.99 per month)
  • Empire Plan ($99.99 per month)
  • Unicorn Plan ($299 per month)
Spocket pricing plans

Exclusive Spocket offer: Enter the coupon code: SpocketTrial during checkout, and you'll instantly unlock a FREE 30-day trial. Click here to redeem your free trial now!

If you're unsure of which to pick, here is the best plan for your situation:

  • Starter Plan. Use this plan if you are just starting out and don't need more than 25 unique products from Spocket's catalog.
  • Pro Plan. Use this plan if you would like to dropship up to 25 premium products from Spocket's catalog and if you would like to unlock the branded invoicing feature.
  • Empire Plan. Use this plan if Spocket's Pro Plan limits of 250 unique products and 25 premium products are not enough for you.
  • Unicorn Plan. Use this plan if you would like to unlock product requests and the bulk checkout feature.

Learn more: Spocket Pricing Plans: Which One Should You Choose?

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It's cool to explore all these Spocket stores, right?

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Finally, we have a small word of caution.

When looking at reviews of the Spocket Shopify app, be aware that they might be fake. We found a few of them during our research, like these two:

Fake Spocket review
Fake Spocket review

(Plus a few others that had a similar structure.)

So, if you're not sure about Spocket yet, you can also read our in-depth Spocket review here!

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