It's 2024, and the dropshipping world looks dramatically different from what we remember a few years ago.

Artificial Intelligence has made waves, same-day delivery has become the norm, and Amazon is taking over retail space across America faster than ever.

But how does dropshipping fit into all of this? Is it still a viable way to generate income, or are there better solutions?

Let's dive in and take an honest look at dropshipping in 2024 - the good news and the bad news.

You'll be surprised by what you find!

Is dropshipping worth it in 2024?

Yes, dropshipping is still worth it in 2024. Even though more people know about it, dropshipping is still a good way to start an online business.

You can find plenty of suppliers offering products at low prices, which you can then sell for a profit.

One of the biggest benefits of dropshipping is the low barrier to entry; you can start with very little money and still be successful.

As shown in our article here, Amer shared his experience of starting a dropshipping store with €300. You will need to buy a domaina few sample products, and some money set aside for marketing (although, technically, you can also do that for free).

But, it’s important to consider a few things:

  • Profit margins. Calculate your profit per sale and compare it to your marketing costs. As long as your profit is higher, you’re in good shape.
  • Competition. The dropshipping market is competitive. The wide availability of knowledge and the low barrier to entry mean others are also entering the market. Users on Shopify, which is one of the main platforms used by dropshippers, have gone through the roof over the last years:
Shopify BuiltWith statistics

Tip: Have you already created your Shopify account? If not, sign up by clicking this link here to get a free 3-day trial + 1 month for $1!

Get your free Shopify trial
  • Supplier reliability. Choose reliable suppliers to ensure good product quality and shipping times.
  • Misinformation. There are many sources of information about dropshipping, but also a lot of misinformation. Over the years, the business model was commonly used by gurus to sell courses that promise six-figure returns but offer little value, as most info can be found online for free. So, if you're ever tempted to buy a paid dropshipping course, be warned!

Ready to level up? Our ultimate dropshipping guide for 2024 is full of our best insights, ideas, and steps to follow.

Why is dropshipping so popular despite the competition?

Google Trends view of Dropshipping

Did you know that the global dropshipping market is expected to grow at 23.4% per year from 2023 to 2030?

You'd think that high competition would deter people from choosing dropshipping as their business model to start selling online. But the opposite is true!

Here's why:

  • Low startup costs. You don’t need a lot of money to start. You only pay for the products after you’ve sold them.
  • Location independence. You can run your dropshipping business from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Wide product range. You can offer a variety of products without worrying about inventory.
  • No inventory. You won't find yourself stuck holding inventory that's hard to sell.
  • Flexibility. You can run your business from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Scalability. You only order products based on demand, which makes scaling easier.
  • It's easy to learn. There are endless resources to learn dropshipping before starting.
  • Global market access. Dropshipping allows you to sell to customers worldwide. You’re not confined to a local market, which can significantly increase your potential customer base.
  • Automated tools. Many tools and apps help automate much of the dropshipping process. These tools can handle order processing, inventory management, and even marketing tasks, making it easier to manage your business.

As you can see, despite the competition, these factors make dropshipping an attractive business model.

Things you should know before you start dropshipping

Person sitting next to a laptop

We talk a lot about the positive aspects of dropshipping, but there are also disadvantages.

Most people advertising dropshipping call it "an easy way to get rich" and don't mention these downsides.

But we'll be honest and describe the cons, along with tips on how to turn each disadvantage into an advantage!

  • Low control over product quality. Since you never see the product, you can't control the quality before it goes to the customer.
  • Difficulty in combining orders. If a customer orders multiple products and you have multiple dropshipping suppliers for these different products, then you can’t combine these products into one package.
  • Shipping complications. If a customer orders multiple items from different suppliers, coordinating shipping can be complex.
  • High competition. Because of low barriers to entry, the dropshipping space is very competitive.
  • Low profit margins. Dropshipping often has lower profit margins than traditional retail methods due to operating costs.
  • Dependency on third-party suppliers. If your supplier runs out of stock or fails to deliver, it could negatively impact your business.
  • Potential quality control issues. You will never see the product. That means there could be issues with the product quality, and you will never know it until it’s too late.
  • Refunds can be complicated. If you're dropshipping from China, then the shipping time might take 2-3 weeks before the product(s) arrive at your customer’s destination.

Despite these challenges, you can solve most of these problems.

For example, one way to solve low profitability that comes with dropshipping is to sell more products.

Selling 10 products for $10 profit each equals $100 profit, but selling 100 products at the same price results in $1000 profit.

The downside is that you will have more work and a higher chance that an order doesn’t go as expected. That’s why some people go for high-ticket dropshipping products instead of lower-priced items.

Similarly, regarding quality control issues, you could order a sample from your dropshipping supplier to verify the product quality and use it to create your own product images and videos.

This way, you can see the product quality for your self, and you can even use the test product to create your own product images and product videos!

Tip: Want to know how you can turn these dropshipping cons into pros? Check out our article 8 Disadvantages of Dropshipping & How to Beat Them in 2024!

How much capital do you need to start dropshipping in 2024?

Okay, you're ready to start dropshipping, but how much cash do you actually need?

Of course, the answer is always, 'It depends.'

Do you want to hire a team of marketing experts and web designers, or do you want to do everything yourself using only free tools?

In general, we recommend having at least $500 to start dropshipping in 2024. This will help you set up a dropshipping store, purchase some product samples, and launch your first ads.

To help you determine roughly how much capital you need to start dropshipping, let's break down all the costs:

1. Domain

First, you need a domain.

It generally costs around $15 per year and can go up dramatically depending on how good the domain is. It is advised to shop around as the same domain can be priced differently depending on where you buy it from.

Namecheap is generally the cheapest platform to buy from, so it’s always worth it to take a look there first. They also provide free privacy protection for the Whois Registry.

Namecheap homepage

If you’re not sure yet about your store name, then you can check out this article with tons of tips for picking the right name.

2. Platform

Next, you will need an ecommerce platform to build and manage your dropshipping store.

Shopify is one of the most popular ones and doesn't require any technical knowledge to get your store up and running:

Homepage of Shopify

After the initial free trial, it will cost you $39 per month on the basic plan. 

Another option to consider is WooCommerce, which gives you a great deal more flexibility with your stores’ look, apps used, and monthly costs. However, it is not as powerful as Shopify straight out of the box.

You can learn more about the best ecommerce platforms for dropshipping here.

3. Advertisement

Advertising is generally the second-largest cost for a dropshipping business after the cost of goods sold.

To begin with, you can put as little as $10 per day into marketing just to test audiences and general interest in your store:

Google Ads Platform
The Google Ads Interface

When you have figured out what is working and what isn’t, you can then look at scaling, which could cost as little or as much as you want.

If you're interested in learning more about all the marketing options for dropshipping stores, then you can take a look at this article here.

4. Sample products

Explanation of what product samples are

Product samples are a very overlooked part of setting up a dropshipping business.

As you will not be holding the product, it is crucial to know the quality of the product you are selling as well as its delivery time.

Starting a dropshipping store without physically seeing your product first is a recipe for disaster.

Someone taking product images with a camera

For one-product stores, you have virtually no excuse not to buy a product yourself first. However, for general stores, you should, at the very least, look at buying a few of your predicted best-selling products. 

As this is going to be your only means of quality control, you must get this bit right.

If you plan to have a sustainable business, you have to make sure that your products are both of good quality and arrive within a reasonable time frame.

You can also use these initial purchases to build the required dialogue with your suppliers and get to know them better.

In a previous article, Amer spoke of a very embarrassing situation in which he was put in a very awkward position with regard to packaging.

This is also another reason to always sample your products; you aren’t only sampling the product itself, but the customer experience, which will reflect onto your business.

5. Dropshipping supplier

It is worth mentioning that AliExpress is not the only place to dropship from.

Yes, many of the tutorials and articles you may have looked at may focus on them, but it isn’t the only platform out there.

There are lots of 'premium' dropshipping suppliers that are located in regions like the US and Europe that can offer fast delivery times to your customers. On average, they charge about $29 per month.

Spocket, Syncee, and AppScenic are great options, to name a few.

Syncee homepage

Exclusive Syncee Offer for Shopify and Wix users: Use DoDropshipping10 during checkout to enjoy a 10% off on the Pro, Business, Plus Marketplace plans. This offer is valid with your first subscription plan and for a limited time. Don't miss out!

For more, check out our list of the best dropshipping suppliers!

And if you do want to start with AliExpress dropshipping, a few options to check out are DSers, AutoDS, and AliDropship.

6. Logo & social media pack

Branding is a very important element of your business that truly impacts how your customers will initially perceive your business, and it could potentially determine whether that visit results in a conversion or not.

Not only will you need a logo to go onto your store, but also social media activity for your social proof.

You can use tools like Shopify's Hatchful logo generator, which generally gets the job done for free:

Hatchful homepage

If you are looking for a more professional outcome, you can outsource this on a platform such as Fiverr or Upwork. This can usually cost between $5 to $100; just remember that you get what you pay for.

7. Apps

To start dropshipping, you usually need a few apps that make your life a lot easier.

Think about an order tracking and mailing list app, which are often considered essential.

The good news is most of these apps either have a free trial period or access to limited features within their app for free. 

Paid versions of these apps generally cost between $10 to $30 per month.

Shopify App store homepage

There are also others to consider, such as image compression, currency/language switchers, and SEO optimization apps.

If you’re going to use Shopify for your dropshipping store, then you can check out this article here which contains both free and paid options for every app that you need!

8. Store themes

Whilst Shopify and WooCommerce both offer free themes, the premium themes make your store stand out from the others and also have some cool built-in features that the free ones don’t provide.

The price of premium themes can vary from $50 to $500.

Minion Shopify theme

If you have the budget to buy a premium theme, then we would strongly recommend one; however, if you have a low budget, the free themes work just fine.

If you're wondering now what the best themes are, then check out the articles below:

Is it possible to offer fast delivery times now?

So, you've probably heard a common complaint about dropshipping: slow delivery times.

A few years back, this was a real struggle. The time taken for a product to reach the customer was one of the biggest deterrents for many would-be dropshippers, leading to plenty of customer complaints and difficult-to-manage expectations.

But guess what? Things have changed, and they've changed for the better.

Fast forward to 2024, and the dropshipping market looks vastly different. Now, with the emergence of local suppliers like Spocket, Syncee, and AppScenic, sluggish delivery times are becoming a thing of the past.

Take AppScenic, for example. It's a platform that connects dropshippers to thousands of suppliers, most of which are located in the US and Europe.

This geographical proximity to the target market means your customers can receive their orders in as little as two to five days. Amazing, right?

AppScenic fast shipping times

So, is it possible to offer fast delivery times in dropshipping today? Absolutely!

Can you start a profitable dropshipping store in 2024?

If you're thinking about launching your dropshipping store this year, you're probably wondering, 'Is it even possible to start a profitable dropshipping business in 2024?'

Well, let us reassure you right away一it's a resounding YES.

But there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

First and foremost, adjust your mindset. Success in dropshipping - or in any business, for that matter一doesn't happen overnight. Dropshipping requires patience, dedication, and a willingness to learn.

You're likely to encounter bumps along the road, but that's okay. Every misstep is an opportunity to learn and improve. Cultivate a growth mindset and treat every challenge as a chance to become better.

A person tracking his profits

Next, strive to be unique. With so many dropshipping businesses popping up, it's crucial that your store stands out from the crowd.

Don't just sell products; sell a unique experience, sell a solution, sell a lifestyle. This could be in the form of offering unique products, customizing your offerings, or even excelling in customer service.

Find a niche that aligns with your passion and knowledge, and go all in!

Someone searching for a niche for their business

While dropshipping is an accessible business model with relatively low startup costs, don't overlook the small costs that can add up.

Shopify Payments Platform
Shopify Payments

This includes transaction fees from payment processors, taxes, costs related to returns and refunds, and any additional costs like website maintenance.

Shopify - Refunds
Refunds on Shopify

These might seem insignificant, but when unaccounted for, they can slowly eat into your profit margins!

So, roll up your sleeves, immerse yourself in the dropshipping world, and start creating your success story today!

And if you want a detailed overview of the total costs involved when starting a dropshipping business, take a look at this article: How Much Does It Cost to Start Dropshipping in 2024?

3 tips on how to succeed in the dropshipping industry

Now that you're ready to start dropshipping and know it can be profitable, take a look at these three small but crucial tips we've personally found to help you succeed in the dropshipping industry.

Someone trying to figure out what a good profit margin is

1. Find winning dropshipping products

The success of your dropshipping business heavily depends on the products you choose to sell. Here’s how to find winning products:

  • Market research. Use free tools like Google Trends, social media platforms, and keyword research tools to identify trending products. Look for products with growing interest and demand.
  • Competitor analysis. Check what successful competitors are selling. Look at their bestsellers and read customer reviews to understand what’s working.
  • Solve problems. Products that solve a specific problem or fulfill a unique need often perform well. Focus on finding products that offer clear benefits to customers.

Here are some amazing articles to help you find winning products in your niche:

2. Find trustworthy dropshipping suppliers

Your suppliers play a crucial role in your business’s success. Here’s how to find them:

  • Research. Use platforms like Syncee, Spocket, or SaleHoo to find suppliers with good reviews and a proven track record.
  • Test orders. Before committing to a supplier, place a few test orders to evaluate their product quality, shipping speed, and customer service.
  • Build relationships. Establish strong communication with your suppliers. Reliable suppliers can help you navigate stock issues and provide better service.

We have written in-depth reviews on different suppliers. Check out the reviews below to find great companies that will help you:

3. Provide amazing customer service

Outstanding customer service can set you apart from competitors and build a loyal customer base. Here’s how to ensure excellent service:

  • Clear communication. Keep customers informed about their order status, shipping times, and any potential delays. Respond promptly to inquiries and provide accurate information.
  • Prepare for returns. Create a dropshipping return policy that satisfies your customers and protects your store.
  • Handle issues promptly. Address any problems or complaints quickly and professionally

For more details, check out our guide on how dropshipping stores should handle customer service.

By focusing on these three key areas, you'll be well on your way to building a successful dropshipping business!


Before we go to the final verdict, we've created a quick summary of this article for you, so you can easily remember it:

  • Pros of dropshipping include low initial capital, location independence, wide product selection, scalability, and ease of learning.
  • Cons include low control over product quality, shipping complications, high competition, low profit margins, and dependence on third-party suppliers.
  • Despite high competition, dropshipping's low entry barrier makes it a viable business option.
  • A minimum of $500 is recommended to start dropshipping in 2024, covering costs such as domain, ecommerce platform, advertising, and product samples.
  • You can achieve fast delivery times in 2024, thanks to local supplier platforms like Spocket, Syncee, and AppScenic.

Final verdict

So, after all this information, you're probably excited to hear our final verdict:

Final Verdict: Yes, dropshipping is worth it in 2024. It's a versatile business model that requires low initial capital, offers location independence, and opens the door to selling a wide selection of products without holding them in stock.

However, success isn't guaranteed.

The days of picking a random product on AliExpress, running some Facebook ads, and making the insane figures they tell you about on YouTube are pretty much over.

You'll need to differentiate yourself with a unique product offering, pay close attention to small costs, and maintain a growth mindset to become profitable.

We wish you a lot of success on this exciting journey!

Want to learn more about dropshipping?

Ready to move your dropshipping store to the next level? Check out the articles below:

Plus, don’t forget to check out our in-depth guide on how to start dropshipping here!

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      Hi Jake,

      That’s awesome to hear! Let us know if you have any questions while building your store.

      Good luck with everything!
      – Richard

  1. Hi! great and honest article :)!

    I just have a question. You said that ” the days of picking a single product on AliExpress, running Facebook ads, and making them insane figures that they tell you about on YouTube are pretty much over”
    Do you think it would be better to set up a niche but multi-product store and get organic traffic?


    • Do Dropshipping - Author Logo
      Amer Reply

      Hi Enrico, thanks for your kind words.

      I personally started with a multi-product store, had around 50 products, it was way too much. Trust me, after about 4-6 weeks, you will know what does and doesn’t sell. At this point, trim off the fat and lean into what is selling a little more. I ended up with 12 products after this process.

      Having fewer products within a niche makes it both easier to manage and easier to advertise too, whilst having a single product store is essentially putting all of your eggs into one basket.

      As for organic traffic, it’s nice to have this in the back of your mind, but this comes after quite a while once you have established a presence both in your Google rankings and on social media.

      Wish you all the best!

  2. Hi,
    great article. I wanted to start a drop shipping store last year but due to personal reason couldn’t do it. It is on my list for this year though. I think the biggest hurdle is to find a few good articles to put on the store.

    • Do Dropshipping - Author Logo

      Hi Jef,

      Thank you for your comment! Just to be sure, do you mean you’re struggling with writing articles for your store?

      If so, you can check out this article to get a basic understanding of what it’s about. (For example, what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is)

      Good luck with everything!
      – Richard

      • Pratik Patil Reply

        Hello.I have some questions to ask you.
        Is dropshipping is becoming more difficult in these days where e-commerce sites are on boom?
        Means there is trust factor. Why people will buy my products and not directly from the popular or trusted e-commerce sites.
        Will spending money on promoting products (advertising) brings me conversion?
        Why organic isn’t enough? And some more marketing strategies.

        By the way. The article was very good. Thank you.

        • Do Dropshipping - Author Logo
          Amer Reply

          Hi Pratik, thanks for your kind feedback.

          Ecommerce is certainly becoming more competitive, but difficult? I don’t think so, as more and more people are buying online, which also creates a great deal of opportunity.

          The main reason why people would decide to shop with you over Amazon, for example, all depends on how you brand yourself. As cliché as it sounds, the customer is not just buying the product, but the idea, how you project that idea is very important.

          You will of course need to spend money to make money, and this is where you will need to use paid ads, to begin with. Unless you have a huge social media following, getting that organic traffic will be challenging when you start off.

          Good luck and have a nice day!
          – Amer

  3. Hello Richard,

    What are your thoughts on the new iOS update for Facebook Ads ? Is this killing drop shipping too ?

    Many thanks


  4. Hello Richard,

    You said its difficult to start right now on the dropshipping business, do you know another alternative?
    Despite all this, still profitable nowdays?

    Thank you


    • Do Dropshipping - Author Logo
      Amer Reply

      Hi Wesley,

      Thanks for your question; it is most certainly still profitable even in the tough economic environment of 2021. Still, if you are starting up, you certainly have a lot of homework to do beforehand. But, if you can find a hot product to sell and capitalize before competitors come sweeping in (and they will), then you can still make it.

      Focus on profit margins and delivery times, and everything else will sort of fall into place after that.

      Good luck with it!

  5. Hi Richard
    I am trying for dropshipping but i heard that nowadays shops are getting banded.
    is that true? Or what r most important things we need to follow for increase our positive reviews from customers for our shops..
    Thank You

    • Do Dropshipping - Author Logo

      Hi David,

      Thank you so much for your amazing comment! I had to use Google Translate, and it translated to something very positive 😊

      Good luck with everything!
      – Richard

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