Are you ready to get started with your dropshipping store on Shopify, but you've still got some questions left?

Then this article will be perfect for you!

I will go over the 11 most asked Shopify dropshipping questions. These are questions most people have when they want to start their dropshipping store on Shopify.

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1. Can you dropship on Shopify?


Too short?

Well, most people have this question when they are first starting out.

But... but... but... I don't think you can dropship on Shopify, right?

Don't worry! Dropshipping is just a fulfillment method. It has nothing to do with your ecommerce platform (Shopify, in this case).

Your ecommerce platform is just hosting your store. That's all.

For more information check out this complete Shopify dropshipping guide here!

Plus, you can check out these seven reasons here why Shopify is so popular right now.

2. Does anyone make money through dropshipping on Shopify?

A lot of people make money through dropshipping on Shopify, but also, a lot of people are faking it (looking at you YouTube "gurus").

A lot of so-called “gurus” talk about this, but do you know what they all have in common?

They've got a course (and most are not even that cheap)!

Maybe you should buy their course and follow them step-by-step to get rich, right?

Please don’t!

Below you will find some great dropshipping success stories.

And there are many many more!

Just don't forget to use your "Bullshit Rader" to see if they just say stuff to try to sell you their "super-powerful course."

Also, if you want to learn dropshipping for free, then I've got some articles for that as well!

3. How do I add dropshipping to Shopify?

Homepage of DSers
Example of a dropshipping app called DSers

To add "dropshipping to Shopify", you will simply need an app that connects your Shopify store to your dropshipping supplier.

This app will help you import the products to your store and will make your dropshipping life much easier by helping your process your orders.

For example, if you choose to go with dropshipping with AliExpress, you can get an app that automatically adds the products from the order to your cart and then automatically fills in all the information from your customer.

All that's left for you then is to press the pay button, and even that can be automated with some apps.

I do have some great articles for you in case you want to know more about this subject:

4. Is Shopify dropshipping dead or profitable?

Is Dropshipping Still Profitable Today in 2024? or Are You Too Late? Find out Now!

Alright, I think this is one of the most asked questions from people that are researching dropshipping or are almost opening their dropshipping store.

No, Shopify dropshipping is not dead, and yes, it's still profitable.

But it might not be as easy as most gurus make it look.

You could still become rich if you spent your time building a store where you look first at what the customer wants and not what your pockets want.

And another thing, as I said above, dropshipping is just a fulfillment method. It has nothing to do with Shopify.

I suggest clicking the link below to learn more about this topic!

Is Dropshipping Still Profitable Today in 2024? or Are You Too Late?

5. Can you start Shopify dropshipping without money?

Learn if you can start dropshipping without money in 2024


Too short?

Well, the Shopify subscription alone costs you around $39 per month.

But, in case your budget is tight, things like learning dropshipping, getting traffic, getting a Shopify theme, all have free options available.

You just need to understand that it might take some more time before you see some action on your Shopify dropshipping store, but just don't give up!

You can click the link below to learn more about what costs you will get when starting with dropshipping.

It also includes a lot of resources so you can keep your costs as low as possible!

Complete Guide: Can You Start Dropshipping Without Money?

6. Is Shopify good for dropshipping?


It's one of the most awesome ecommerce platforms out there.

Also, it's very easy to use as a complete beginner.

Everything speaks for itself, and if you don't understand something, they have great support available.

The only downside to dropshipping with Shopify is that you're stuck with paying them monthly.

You will need to pay every single month (or you're paying per year).

Alright, except their 3-day free trial.

Another downside is that you will need a lot of Shopify apps if you want certain features on your Shopify dropshipping store (like a countdown timer).

I suggest clicking on the link below to learn what Shopify apps you need when you're just beginning with Shopify. The article includes both free and paid options.

The 13 Best Shopify Apps for Dropshipping 2024 (Free & Paid)

7. What percentage does Shopify charge?

This one depends on the Shopify plan you picked; the more you pay Shopify per month, the less you pay in fees each time you get an order.

Also, don't forget that other payment gateways have extra fees as well, like PayPal and Stripe.

You can check out the pricing of Stripe in your country here.

And you can check out the pricing of PayPal here.

The example below is for the US.

8. How do I offer free shipping on my Shopify dropshipping store?

This one is easy as well!

You will need to go to the shipping settings on your Shopify store.

Then select the shipping zone that you want to edit and press "Add rate".

After that, simply make sure that the price is set to 0.

Don't forget to give your shipping option an awesome name!

Of course, it doesn't have to include the name free shipping.


You've now got free shipping enabled for all orders that are placed on your dropshipping store.

One more thing, you can enable more options for the shipping option.

This could come in handy when you want to give free shipping above a certain order amount.

You can also use the extra conditions to add the Free Plus Shipping method on your Shopify dropshipping store.

In case you want to learn more about free plus shipping, I've got two great articles for you below.

9. Which Shopify plan is the best for my dropshipping store?

If there was a free plan, then the free plan haha!

But unfortunately, after your Shopify trial ends, you will need to pay if you want Shopify to host your dropshipping store.


I suggest sticking with the Basic Shopify plan.

It contains everything you will need to start and grow your Shopify dropshipping store, and it's the least expensive option!

But in case you're not entirely sure, then you can click here to go to their pricing page.

10. When do I get paid when someone purchases a product on my Shopify dropshipping store?

This depends on what payment gateway you're using.

For example, if you use Shopify Payments, then this is how long it will take before you get paid from Shopify:

You can read more about getting paid with Shopify Payments here. It also includes some extra information if your business is located in Japan.

Plus, you can learn more on how to get paid in general when using a Shopify store in this article here.

With PayPal and Stripe, it tends to show up in your account immediately.

Also, don't forget that these payment gateways can put your account on hold if you're getting a lot of refunds or when a lot of customers are not getting their orders.

You can learn more about how to correctly use PayPal without getting banned in the article I've linked below:

Using PayPal for Dropshipping: How to Not Get Banned in 2024

11. How do I deal with my refunds and returns on my Shopify dropshipping store?

The complete guide to handle Refunds and Returns when Dropshipping

So, you want to start dropshipping, or maybe you're already doing it, but what do you do when someone gets their package but doesn't want it anymore?

Or worse, what if the package gets broken or lost while being delivered?

You will need to deal with this more if you're dropshipping from China because shipping times will be way higher than if you're dropshipping locally (for example, with Spocket).

But don't worry!

I wrote a complete guide on how to handle refunds and returns when dropshipping.

Dropshipping Returns & Refunds: Everything You Need to Know

Getting started with dropshipping in 2024

Getting started with your dropshipping store today

So, are you ready to get started with dropshipping? Or maybe you have already started, but you're looking to get some inspiration?

If so, then I will link a few of my best articles below for you. This will help you to get started and stay motivated while beginning your dropshipping journey!

Just don't forget that success takes time. Keep improving each and every day!

Also, if you don't have a Shopify store yet, then you can click here to get a free 3-day trial + 1 month for $1!


There you have it!

The 11 most asked Shopify dropshipping questions answered for you!

I hope that answered some, or all, of the questions you had before you were going to open your Shopify dropshipping store.

If you've got more Shopify related questions for this article or if you have any questions regarding dropshipping, let me know by commenting below or contacting me directly by pressing the “Contact Us” button at the top!

Good luck on your journey, and don't forget that success takes time!

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