Sellvia promises to be the ultimate dropshipping solution, offering everything you need to source products stored in the US.

So, is Sellvia really that good? Or are there some drawbacks?

Sellvia Overview
Shopify App Store Rating3.8 out of 5.0 (19 reviews)
Trustpilot RatingCurrently unavailable
Pros- Large selection of products
- Ready-to-use materials
- All the products are stored in US warehouses
- Fast shipping times available
- Tracking numbers are available
- No labels on packaging
- Ability to manage multiple stores under one Sellvia account
- Beneficial refund policy
- Direct integration with Shopify & Amazon
- Reliable customer support
Cons- Not the solution for international dropshippers
- Not the largest product selection
- Quite a few negative reviews from users
Pricing$39 per month / $399 per year
Shipping locationUnited States
Shipping timeOne to three days (on average)
Free trial?Get a free 14-day trial here (Cancel anytime.)

Let's start by discussing what Sellvia exactly is!

Sellvia Review: Does It Have the Best US Suppliers?

Note: There have been some negative user experiences with Sellvia lately. Their Trustpilot page also shows a "We’ve removed a number of fake reviews for this company." notification.

We recommend checking out a Sellvia alternative like Zendrop or Spocket instead if you're interested in a dropshipping app.

What is Sellvia?

Homepage of Sellvia

Sellvia is an ecommerce platform that offers a large selection of US-based products for ecommerce store owners, as well as other packages such as ready-to-use custom stores.

In other words, you have two main options with Sellvia:

You can either buy a fully-equipped custom store from them (Sellvia Pro), or you can integrate Sellvia into your existing Shopify store (Basic Sellvia) and use their US-based suppliers to expand your product selection.

We have already done an in-depth review of their custom store packages, so the main focus of this article will be on the product and supplier side.

Sellvia's mission is to solve some of the biggest problems that dropshippers face daily, which are slow shipping times and low-quality products.

With that said, some of Sellvia's biggest selling points are:

How does Sellvia work?

Sellvia works by connecting you with their US-based suppliers, and once your orders come in, they handle fulfillment and shipping for you.

How does dropshipping work - Infographic

That's the basic dropshipping model, but Sellvia takes it a step further by providing you with fast shipping, high-quality products, and ready-to-use product descriptions and images.

Sellvia explains its role in this process quite well on its website:

1. You install Sellvia into your online store and import products.

How Sellvia works process step one

2. You sell products in your online store, and once the orders come in, they will be automatically redirected to Sellvia.

How Sellvia works step two

3. Sellvia processes your orders, packs the items, and ships them to your customers.

How Sellvia works step three

4. You get to enjoy the potential profits that are achieved with the help of fast shipping, tracking numbers, and high-quality products.

How Sellvia works step four

This all makes it easier for you to focus on providing great customer support and advertising the products.

Sellvia also has a direct integration with Shopify, and to help you, we will go through the setup process later in this article!

Tip: Are you interested in trying out Sellvia? You can check out their website here for more information!

The pros and cons of Sellvia

To give you a better idea of what Sellvia offers, let's go through the pros and cons of the platform.

We will include the features of the platform as well as how it performs in general.


Let's start with the pros!

1. Large selection of products

The main thing Sellvia is known for is its large selection of products.

And the products are not just any random products; they're carefully selected winning products that have been tested for quality and popularity.

Once you integrate Sellvia into your Shopify store, you will find all of the Sellvia products directly on Shopify.

Sellvia view inside of Shopify

Currently, Sellvia has close to 30,000 products available in their public catalog that can be imported straight away into your online store.

The products are divided into different categories, and some of the most popular categories include:

  • Clothing
  • Kids Apparel
  • T-shirts & Sweatshirts
  • Automotive
  • Hoodies
  • Kitchen & Dining
  • Home Decor
  • Phone Cases
  • Gadgets

The biggest categories inside Sellvia are definitely clothing-related categories.

When scrolling products with Sellvia, you can see the basic things for each product, which are the heading, price, shipping cost, suggested retail price, shipping time, and the collection:

Product selection of Sellvia

By clicking on 'Import', the product appears in your Shopify 'Products' section.

You can also filter out your product search by different things, including 'Made in USA', Eco-friendly, Organic, and so on.

Product search of Sellvia

2. Ready-to-use materials

For each available product, Sellvia provides ready-to-use product descriptions, images, and marketing materials.

To access them, click on the 'Marketing Materials' text next to the product title.

Marketing materials of Sellvia

It's actually quite impressive what you can get free for each product.

Let's go through what Sellvia gives you. As an example, we will use the 'Car Seat Organizer' product:

  • Ad text. Sellvia provides you with multiple different ad text versions for all of the products. You can either use them as is or edit them yourself.
Ad copies of Sellvia
  • Ad images. Under each ad text, you can also find an image that you can use. These are already edited and can be directly used for advertising.
Ad images of Sellvia
  • Ad titles. You also get ad title examples for all of the products. These are quite short, which makes it easy to edit them if you want.
Ad titles of Sellvia
  • Targeting info. To help you with advertising, Sellvia tells you the ideal location, age, gender, language, and interests of your audience.
Ad targeting of Sellvia
  • Product images. Once you import a product into your Shopify store from Sellvia, they automatically fill the product page with all of the best available images.
Ready to use product images of Sellvia
  • Product descriptions. Sellvia even gives you a ready-to-use description for each of the products. They are directly on the product page once you import a product!
Product descriptions of Sellvia
  • Product variants. All of the product variants and colors are also created when you import a product. However, these can still be edited if you want.
Variants inside of Shopify

3. All the products are stored in US warehouses

US based suppliers of Sellvia

Sellvia has a US warehouse, meaning all the items are stocked in a physical location and shipped out within 24 hours after the order is placed.

This can be a huge advantage if you're looking for fast shipping times and reliable deliveries.

It can also be a downside if you want to ship worldwide because Sellvia offers shipping only within the US.

If you want to ship worldwide, we will give some options for that as well later in this article (in the Sellvia alternatives section).

4. Fast shipping times available

Because of Sellvia's US-based warehouse, they can offer one to three-day shipping across the US.

The fast shipping times can have multiple benefits for dropshippers, and we wanted to lay them out here:

  • Fewer refunds. One of the biggest reasons customers ask for refunds is slow shipping times. If you can ensure fast shipping times, then chances are that your customers won't need to open any refund requests.
  • No payment gateway issues. Payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe are known to close the accounts of merchants who ship too slowly. With faster shipping times, you can ensure this doesn't happen to your account.
  • Higher seller score. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram give you a seller score based on the feedback that your customers give you. Faster shipping times lead to higher seller scores.
  • More loyal customers. With fast shipping times, you are more likely to get returning customers who are satisfied with your service.

And if your competitors are shipping from China, then you can provide customers with faster shipping, which can be a huge competitive advantage.

One other benefit of fast shipping is the 2-day shipping badge that you can add to your online store:

Free shipping badge of Sellvia

This creates trust in customers' eyes as they see that you care about their shopping experience.

5. Tracking numbers are available

Another great thing about Sellvia is that they provide tracking numbers with every order.

Dropshippers know the struggle of customers constantly asking for the tracking number of their orders, and it can be a very time-consuming task.

Sellvia promises to give customers the tracking number immediately after they have purchased the item.

And the tracking works through to delivery, which is the best part!

6. No labels on packaging

When you ship products using Sellvia, they will not put any labels or stickers on your packages.

This is a great feature as it lets you get more branded packaging for your orders.

Sellvia also offers custom packaging solutions for those who want to take the extra step.

7. Ability to manage multiple stores under one Sellvia account

A feature that came as a surprise for us is that you can connect multiple Shopify accounts into one Sellvia account.

This means you can manage all of your Shopify stores from a single Sellvia dashboard, making running multiple stores much cheaper and easier.

To do this, you have to head into your Sellvia admin dashboard:

Admin dashboard of Sellvia

From the Stores section, and by clicking the 'Plus' icon, you can create your new API key, which you can paste into new Shopify stores:

Sellvia admin dashboard Stores section

We didn't know previously that this was possible, but we even contacted Sellvia to confirm this, and they said it's possible to add as many stores as you want into one plan.

From the same page, you can also connect Sellvia with Amazon if you want to sell the products there!

8. Beneficial refund policy

Refunds and returns are two of the biggest problems dropshippers face.

Fortunately, Sellvia has a good refund policy that minimizes these risks.

When a product breaks or a customer wants to return it, Sellvia offers an easy return policy.

Despite this, most customers will receive their items before they can change their minds.

9. Direct integration with Shopify

As we mentioned earlier, Sellvia directly integrates with Shopify.

This is a great thing if you're a Shopify store owner since you don't have to worry about manually uploading inventory or dealing with any technical setup.

Also, when the orders start coming in, Sellvia will automatically send out the orders from the warehouse and upload the tracking numbers.

The integration is as simple as installing Sellvia from the Shopify app store, where it's available!

Shopify App store Sellvia

10. Direct integration with Amazon

One cool thing that is not so much advertised publicly by Sellvia is that you can sell their products on Amazon as well!

To do this, you have to connect your Amazon seller account from the Sellvia admin dashboard.

Connecting Amazon to Sellvia

To access this, you must have one of Sellvia's paid plans selected.

11. Reliable customer support

From our own experience, we can say that Sellvia has reliable customer support, and they are always there to help you with any issues that you might have.

Sellvia offers email, phone, Whatsapp, and Facebook Messenger support, and all of those things can be accessed from their website.

Customer service of Sellvia

As part of writing this article, we wanted to try their customer support.

Customer service question of Sellvia

So we filled up the form and sent it out. We got a response to our email from their team within an hour of sending it out.

Customer support response of Sellvia

This proves the reliability of Sellvia's customer service.

We also tested their customer support on our previous Sellvia review, and the service was as reliable back then.

Sellvia also offers free consultations for their users, which can be accessed after you sign up for one of their plans.

On top of that, they even have a marketing academy on their website that teaches you the basics of ecommerce marketing.

Ecommerce academy of Sellvia


Sellvia has many pros, but it has some cons as well.

Let's go through those as well!

1. Not the solution for international dropshippers

Sellvia is not the right solution for international dropshippers since their entire inventory is based in the US.

If you want to ship worldwide, a better option is to select one of the alternatives to Sellvia, which we will go through later in this article!

We even asked their customer support if they ever plan to expand to other countries, and they told us that they currently don't have any plans for this.

2. Not the largest product selection

We know that Sellvia has many products in their categories, but when you compare it to some competitors like CJdropshipping or Modalyst, they're not close.

For a US-based supplier, their amount is still one of the largest, but if you're looking for a supplier who can ship worldwide and has millions of products to select from, Sellvia might not be the right option.

3. Might be faking reviews

There is a "We’ve removed a number of fake reviews for this company" notification on Sellvia's Trustpilot page:

Sellvia Trustpilot fake reviews notification

This is a red flag because you don't know how many of their positive reviews are from real users.

Sellvia pricing

In terms of pricing, Sellvia offers two different plans: Sellvia and Sellvia Pro:

Pricing of Sellvia

The plans are actually priced the same at $39 a month, and both have a 14-day free trial that can be canceled at any time.

If you already have an online store with a platform like Shopify, we recommend selecting the basic Sellvia plan, which can be easily integrated.

If you want Sellvia to create a custom store for you, then Sellvia Pro is the right solution. We've made a review of the custom store version of Sellvia, so check that out if you're interested in it!

Sellvia also has custom packages, like SEO, social media, and email marketing packages, that come with their price. They're quite expensive (around $200 to $5,000), but if you're serious about marketing your store, they might be worth it.

How do you get started with Sellvia?

Next, let's go through the process of how you can integrate Sellvia into your Shopify store and get access to the suppliers!

If you want to buy a custom store from Sellvia, there will be a different setup process for that. We have a tutorial for that as well in our other Sellvia review article.

Let's start!

1. Add Sellvia to your Shopify store

The first step is to connect your Shopify store with Sellvia.

If you don't have your Shopify store set up at this point, now's the time to create it! We have a full tutorial on how to set up your Shopify store.

Head into the 'Search' bar at the top of your Shopify admin page, and search for Sellvia.

Search Sellvia in Shopify

You should see the app appear in the search results in the first place. Click on it and click on 'Add App.'

Shopify app store Sellvia

2. Select your Sellvia Plan

Next, Sellvia asks you to select one of their plans.

As we discussed previously, they do have a free trial available that lets you import the products. If you're unsure whether you will use Sellvia long-term, it's a great solution!

If you have already selected the plan from their website, you can link your Sellvia account to Shopify by pasting your API keys.

Once you have selected the plan and added your details, you should have got your login details in your email.

Welcome to Sellvia text

With your login details, you can get to your Sellvia admin dashboard. This is what it looks like:

Admin dashboard of Sellvia

The Sellvia app will also appear on your Shopify dashboard under the 'Apps' section.

Sellvia in Shopify apps

This is where you will find the Sellvia products!

3. Start browsing for products

Once you have integrated Sellvia into your Shopify store, you can start browsing for products!

To do that, head into Shopify, and go into 'Product List' within the Sellvia app. You will see all of the products that Sellvia offers.

Once you find the products you want to sell, click 'Import.'

Product list of Sellvia

Once imported, the products will appear on your Shopify 'Products' page:

Products section of Shopify

And after this, you can do your own customizations to the products page, and you're ready to sell!

FAQs about Sellvia

To help you understand Sellvia better, we’ve answered some of the most asked questions about it!

Can you make money from Sellvia?

Yes, you can make money from Sellvia by selling their products in your online store. You can also sell your Sellvia products on Amazon and Etsy!

Is Sellvia suitable for beginners?

Yes, Sellvia is suitable for beginners. It is quite affordable to get started with, and with its fast shipping times and easy refunds, beginners don't have to deal with many customer complaints.

Does Sellvia ship internationally?

No, Sellvia does not offer international shipping. They only offer US shipping, and according to them, they don't plan to expand outside of the US anytime soon.

What do other users say about Sellvia?

With the help of review apps, we’ve collected what other entrepreneurs say about Sellvia.

As previously mentioned, Trustpilot suspects them of buying fake reviews.

There are quite a lot of positive reviews of Sellvia's customer support:

Betty from the support team is truly helpful! When I asked her to assist me in managing my website's categories, subcategories, and menus she helped very promptly and was soo polite and patient! I got not only help but also a good mood. Perhaps this is the best assistance I've been ever provided with!

However, we also saw some negative reviews, like:

All these fake reviews showing 5/5 are AI generated. Sellvia is NOT what they claim to be. They are liars.

I used to try Sellvia Pro 1 year; it is a waste of money and time. Marketing personnel likes lies and she wants you to believe that unreal goals, unrealistic hopes, lie, and lies… I wrote about negative situations to them many times, they didn't care. They only said ''Everything will be ok'' and Never didn't.

Sellvia alternatives

Sellvia offers robust ecommerce solutions for entrepreneurs, but it’s not the only option out there.

Here are some of the top alternatives to Sellvia:

1. Spocket

Home page of Spocket

Spocket is a dropshipping platform that connects you with hundreds of suppliers worldwide.

The biggest difference between Spocket and Sellvia is that Spocket has suppliers from all around the world, while Sellvia only ships within the US.

So if you're looking for international suppliers, Spocket is the way to go.

Spocket also integrates with popular ecommerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix, and more.

Spocket's pricing plans range from $39.99 to $299 monthly.

You can check out our complete review of Spocket here!

2. Modalyst

Home page of Modalyst

Similar to Spocket, Modalyst is another dropshipping platform that connects you with international suppliers.

It has one the largest selection of suppliers and products of all the platforms, with millions of products available.

If you're a fan of Wix, Modalyst is a great option since Wix just acquired them and offers a native integration. Modalyst also integrates with other popular ecommerce platforms like Shopify.

Modalyst also has a beneficial free plan, which allows you to add up to 25 products for free. If you want to opt for more, you have to select one of the paid plans, ranging from $35 to $90 a month.

You can check out our complete review of Modalyst here!

3. AliDropship

Home page of Ali Dropship

Last on the list is AliDropship, which is created by the same team who owns Sellvia.

AliDropship is a dropshipping platform that connects you with suppliers from AliExpress and automates the fulfillment process, so you don't need to spend time manually doing it.

With AliDropship, you can sell worldwide, which can be good.

The downside is that AliExpress is known for having long shipping times, so that's something you have to take into account.

If you want to learn more about AliDropship, check out our review on that!

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Taking action

Reading and absorbing information and knowledge is great (definitely if it’s free!), but do you know what’s even better?

Taking action!

So, to help you with taking action with what you have learned in this article, take a look at the bullet points:

  • Decide what plan you want to select from Sellvia. If you have an existing Shopify store, you should select the basic Sellvia plan, but if not, you might consider going with a custom store created by Sellvia. In that case, check out our other review on that.
  • Create your Shopify store if you haven't done yet, and integrate Sellvia into it from the Shopify app store. At this point, you must also select one of their plans, which they have a 14-day trial for.
  • Import Sellvia products into your Shopify store. This is easy to do once the integration is done. Just by clicking on 'Import', you can do it.
  • Start selling products! Sellvia provides you with descriptions, images, and ad copies which makes it easier to get started. It can be a good idea to give your touch to them!


If you're looking for a supplier that can provide you with fast shipping times and quite a wide product selection, then Sellvia is a great option. The customer service is top-notch, and you can get set up quickly.

There are also plenty of other alternatives out there if you want to sell your products worldwide.

And don't forget to check out our review on the custom stores that Sellvia provides.

If you have any questions, remember that Sellvia has great customer service that can help you, or you can always ask us any questions down below.

Want to learn more about ecommerce?

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