What would you rather do; sell a cheap product 100 times per month for a $1000 profit, or sell a more expensive product 10 times per month for the same profit?

If the second option sounds more interesting to you, then you should consider doing high-ticket dropshipping!

In this article, you will get a better idea of how high-ticket dropshipping works, and more importantly, get inspired with a list of "more expensive products"(a.k.a. high-ticket dropshipping products) that are being sold by high-ticket dropshippers.

But before we get into that product example list, let me quickly explain the concept of high-ticket dropshipping:

What is high-ticket dropshipping?

High-ticket dropshipping works in mostly the same way as regular dropshipping. The biggest difference is that with high-ticket dropshipping, you sell more expensive products like treadmills, desks, simulator equipment, or 3D printers.

Running on a treadmill

In other words, when you are doing high-ticket dropshipping, you will be selling high-ticket products.

The only "problem" is that there is no definition in terms of the price range for a high-ticket product.

Some people claim that a product is high-ticket when it is sold for more than $50, while others say high-ticket products must have a retail price of at least $2000.

In our complete pricing strategy guide, we have defined high-ticket products to be products that cost at least $30 to buy from your supplier. If you're looking for help in determining the best price for your high-ticket product, then check out that article!

Pricing strategy for dropshipping stores

In the end, the exact price limits for a high-ticket product don't matter that much. High-ticket dropshipping is a concept regarding the idea of selling products that are more expensive than regular dropshipping products, such as plush toys.

Besides the high-ticket products, you will often see another difference between high-ticket dropshipping and "standard" dropshipping: the kinds of dropshipping suppliers that are used.

Most high-ticket dropshippers don't use Chinese suppliers.


Well, if someone purchases a $500+ item, the last thing they want to do is wait for over two weeks before it arrives.

When doing high-ticket dropshipping, you will often need a local dropshipping supplier to succeed. For example, you can work with a supplier from the US or from Europe. Your high-ticket dropshipping supplier should provide a high-quality product with fast shipping times and great customer service.

To continue with that last point, make sure you don't underestimate a supplier's customer service, especially when doing high-ticket dropshipping.

When you're selling just a few products per month, you don't want to deal with something like coordinating a return to a Chinese supplier for a $200+ product.

With local suppliers, you will often have less trouble with communicating, access to a customer support team with extensive knowledge about the product, and a better return policy.

How do you find high-ticket dropshipping suppliers?

The process of finding high-ticket dropshipping suppliers is probably a lot different than what you are used to.

Regular dropshipping suppliers can easily be found on Google or one of the many supplier overview lists like this one. Then, you could pick any product you like from a supplier's catalog and easily upload it to your store using an automated integration.

Finding regular dropshipping products example
Example of listing a regular dropshipping product on your store

Sadly, finding high-ticket suppliers and products isn't this simple.

Since high-ticket dropshipping is still pretty much undiscovered compared to regular dropshipping, few companies offer a catalog of high-ticket products with possibilities to easily connect those products with your online store (similar to CJdropshipping or Modalyst for regular dropshipping).

However, don't think that it is impossible to find high-ticket dropshipping product suppliers!

Below you will find two methods that you can use to find them. Plus, you can check out our list here with ten high-ticket dropshipping suppliers!

1. Use a "regular" dropshipping supplier that offers high-ticket products

The first option is using a regular dropshipping supplier that offers high-ticket products.

One example of such a supplier is Spocket.

Spocket: high-ticket dropshipping product supplier

Spocket is a platform that lets you connect to local dropshipping suppliers and easily upload their products to your online store if you're using one of these platforms:

  • Shopify
  • Wix
  • WooCommerce
  • BigCommerce

Although most people use Spocket for their regular dropshipping stores and it isn't created explicitly for high-ticket dropshipping, Spocket does offer a lot of products above $50 from US and EU suppliers:

High-ticket dropshipping product examples

So, in theory, you could say that Spocket is a high-ticket dropshipping supplier!

Note: If you want to learn more about Spocket and their pros & cons, check this out here.

If you're curious now about what kind of high-ticket products Spocket offers, I've got some great news for you:

With Spocket, you can sign up for a free 14-day trial here and browse through their entire catalog for free.

Exclusive Spocket offer: Enter the coupon code: SpocketTrial during checkout, and you'll instantly unlock a FREE 30-day trial. Click here to redeem your free trial now!

Who knows, you may find your winning high-ticket dropshipping product there!

2. Find and contact manufacturers of high-ticket products

The second option of finding a high-ticket dropshipping supplier is a lot harder but may potentially be more lucrative.

The advantage of using a dropshipping platform like Spocket is that you get a lot of conveniences.

However, the downside is that Spocket can be seen as a "middleman", which means that you could lower your costs if you could buy your products directly from the manufacturer.

So, that's exactly what I will cover here!

To find a manufacturer of a high-ticket dropshipping product, you will first need a general idea of what product you want to sell.

Once you have a product in mind, you can begin scouring the internet for (local) manufacturers of that product.

To find suppliers, you will have to contact various manufacturers by phone or by email and tell them that you would like to resell their products.

But before you start contacting those manufacturers, it's important to have an online store running in the same niche already.

That's because almost no manufacturer will start working with a dropshipper that doesn't have a store yet. After all, that could be a risk for their reputation if they manufacture branded products or just a massive waste of time.

A manufacturer will want to check out your store beforehand and check if their product fits in your assortment.

To give you an example of this method, I have searched for "treadmill manufacturer UK" on Google and found a supplier called Exigo:

gym equipment high-ticket product UK supplier

Exigo is a gym equipment manufacturer in the UK. If you have a fitness store, you could contact Exigo by phone and ask about the possibilities of reselling their product!

16 high-ticket dropshipping product examples

If you landed on this article, this is probably the part that you are the most interested in, high-ticket dropshipping product examples.

For this list, I will show you product examples based on the two options of finding high-ticket dropshipping suppliers (and products) that I've shown above.

In other words, the first examples will be high-ticket products that I found on Spocket, while the other products will be on the list just to give you an idea of what kind of products could be sold using high-ticket dropshipping!

If you're interested in selling one of these products, you will have to find a local manufacturer or supplier for them yourself.

Let's start with the first high-ticket dropshipping product:

1. Garden hammock

Garden hammock high-ticket dropshipping product example

This garden hammock is the first high-ticket dropshipping product on this list.

It is offered by a supplier from Australia. Since the weather in Australia is nice and warm for most of the year, it must be a great product to have when you're living there!

It is built from larch wood, which means that it is tough, waterproof, and durable.

Last but not least, it comes with two soft cushions that match the hammock!

2. Remote control monster truck

RC monster truck high-ticket dropshipping product example

Next up on the list is a slightly cheaper high-ticket product, a remote control monster truck.

It comes with various awesome features such as crash protection and a 2.4 GHz remote control.

The major selling point of this product is that it ships from the US and arrives at your customer's doorstep in just one to three days!

This RC monster truck would be an excellent toy for kids as it gives them a reason to step away from their computer games and play outside for a bit.

3. Ultralight camping tent

Ultralight camping tent high-ticket dropshipping product example

If you've read our article about hiking niche dropshipping store and product examples, you will know that hikers who like to go backpacking care about light equipment.

That's because when backpacking, every kilogram counts!

With this ultralight camping tent, backpacking enthusiasts will be able to carry out multiple-day hiking trips without getting exhausted by a heavy tent.

The downside of this product is that it is made by a Chinese manufacturer. They do have a warehouse in the US, but when the product is out of stock there, it will be sent out from China, which means you will experience longer delivery times.

4. Swimming pool cover

Swimming pool cover high-ticket dropshipping product example

This swimming pool cover roller will protect most pools from debris and keep them clean.

Furthermore, it is made of sturdy aluminum and will be very durable.

According to the latest data, 13% of households in Australia own a swimming pool.

In other words, when you're selling swimming pool equipment in Australia, you will be able to target an audience of 2.7 million potential customers!

5. Prestige floor fan

Prestige floor fan high-ticket dropshipping product example

When the rich and wealthy are looking for a fan, they most likely won't buy a standard plastic one. Most will be looking for a slightly fancier version.

To cover that market, you could consider selling this prestige floor fan.

It features a whisper-quiet electric motor with a unique cast metal construction and a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

6. Pedal go-kart

Pedal go-kart high-ticket dropshipping product example

If kids don't like to play with remote-controlled cars, maybe they would like to steer a "car" themselves!

This pedal go-kart car ships from Australia and should be an entertaining toy for kids.

It features a strong frame and a responsive brake system. Furthermore, the engineers have thought about the kids' safety as well since this go-kart features a rollover prevention design!

7. Aluminum solar umbrella

Aluminum solar umbrella high-ticket dropshipping product example

On a hot and sunny day, sitting in the shadow versus in the blazing hot sun can make one hell of a difference.

This aluminum solar umbrella is big enough to provide shade for multiple friends. Thanks to its efficient design, the umbrella features a 10' foot offset, making it even more practical as the foot won't take up space needed for chairs or a table.

A great feature of this umbrella is that it has a solar panel on top, which provides the electricity needed for a set of lights along the umbrella's ribs!

8. Cat tower condo

Cat tower condo high-ticket dropshipping product example

Cats will love this 36" tower condo! It features two scratching poles, which (hopefully) means that they won't sharpen their nails on your couch or chairs anymore.

Furthermore, it includes a ladder that the cats can climb to reach a small "condo" in which they can peacefully sleep and rest!

The downside of this product is that it is shipped by the same supplier as the ultralight camping tent, Yellow Angel. While it says that they are shipping from the US, it is actually a Chinese supplier. When working with them, you do run the risk that they will still ship all the products from China.

9. Queen-sized bed

Queen-sized bed high-ticket dropshipping product example

We continue with the most expensive high-ticket dropshipping product out of this list, a real queen-sized bed!

This queen bed is made from high-quality stainless steel and features a polished dark grey finish. Looks great, right?

With a listing price of over $2k, this product definitely isn't recommend for someone who is just starting out with dropshipping.

10. Stand up paddle board

Stand up paddle board high-ticket dropshipping product example

Have you ever tried stand up paddling (or SUPing)?

If not, you could consider ordering a sample for this stand up paddle board, which is one of the features from Spocket.

Maybe, you will fall in love with the board and with the sport as well.

In that case, it would be great to start a high-ticket dropshipping store around it, right?

This stand up paddle board is inflatable, which means that it is much more portable than a solid one. For example, you won't need roof racks on your car to carry it!

11. Solar LED garden lamp

Solar LED garden lamp high-ticket dropshipping product example

This solar LED garden lamp is the last high-ticket product example from Spocket.

This product is unique because of a few things.

First of all, it has a sensor that automatically turns the lights off and on accordingly. The lamps are powered by a solar panel, which saves the energy it generates in a battery.

Furthermore, besides being a garden lamp, this product features two plant pots, which your customers will be able to use to make this item a real decoration piece in their garden!

12. Assemble-at-home garden shed

Garden shed high-ticket dropshipping product example

We continue with an item from the garden niche.

Did you know that there are companies out there that manufacture assemble-at-home garden sheds?

The concept is similar to products from Ikea; the product is cheaper for the customer and cheaper to deliver thanks to the fact that the components are shipped while disassembled.

Of course, you will be able to find garden sheds in various styles and sizes, so do your research to find the ones that give the most bang for your buck!

13. 3D printer

3D printer high-ticket dropshipping product example

This is an item that is featured in our list of the 25 best dropshipping niche ideas as well.

3D printing is set for explosive growth over the next decade, as analysts estimate an annual growth rate of 23.0%.

Therefore, starting a business in 3D printers now could be a great move.

When it comes to pricing, you will find competitors selling 3D printers for as low as $200, while the more advanced variants go over the shelf for more than $10k.

14. Safe

Safe high-ticket dropshipping product example

Safes! Whenever people store something valuable inside their homes, they will always be interested in buying one of these heavy metal boxes.

They can be used to store valuable items like cash, jewelry, or even guns if you're living in the US.

Just like the 3D printers, safes come in all sorts of sizes and complexities. Do some research on which kinds have the most potential to become winning products!

15. Car roof rack

Car roof rack high-ticket dropshipping product example

Car roof racks can provide many functionalities.

They can be used as a support for cargo boxes, carry your non-inflatable stand up paddle boards, Christmas trees, and more!

Besides being functional, many Jeep owners will agree that they make a car look badass.

For some car owners, this alone will be enough of a reason to purchase one!

16. Robotic pool cleaner

Source: Maytronicsus

Last but not least is the robotic pool cleaner.

This high-ticket dropshipping product is a saving in grace for pool owners. It will drive across a pool's bottom and vertical walls to clean the surface and collect any insects or leaves that are located there.

With such a robot, you won't have to swim around with a net to catch all debris yourself! Just turn it on and let it do its work.

Amazing, right?

More dropshipping product examples

Not sure yet if the products on this list fit in your dropshipping store? Or are you looking for more inspiration?

Great! Check out the articles below for more product examples:

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I hope to have inspired you regarding the possibilities of high-ticket dropshipping with these 16 high-ticket product examples.

With high-ticket dropshipping, you can sell pretty much any products that you see around you. Think about TVs, beds, office chairs, dining tables, garden decorations, and much more!

If you think about it, high-ticket dropshipping is just like normal dropshipping, a business model where you sell items online without having your own stock, but with more expensive products.

This is a bit different from selling one of these low-ticket products or one of these medium-ticket product examples!

If you're interested in this topic, I recommend checking out our complete high-ticket dropshipping guide here!

And if you want to read another product example list right now, then check out these 14 private label product examples for dropshipping.

Also, if you're not sure yet between low, medium, and high-ticket dropshipping, then check out our in-depth comparison guide here.

For now, I hope to see you soon, and have a great rest of your day!

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