If you're looking for unique dropshipping products to sell in your store, then look no further.

In this article, we will show you 13 unique products that you can start to sell in your store or that will give you an idea about what product to sell next.

We will also provide tips on how and what to look for when searching for such unique, winning products.

So, read on to learn more!

The 13 best unique dropshipping products to sell

Let's begin with a quick overview of all unique dropshipping products that will be highlighted in this article:

TapestryHome decor
Concrete garden mold Garden/DIY
Reusable waterproof rainboots Outdoors/Camping/Festival
Magnetic car phone holder Car/Gadgets
Automatic fishing pole Fishing
Shining nail sticker Women/Fashion
Dog nail tripper Pet owners/Animal lovers
Dog paw cleaner cup Pet owners/Animal lovers
LED crochet hooks Knitters/Crocheters
Pet fur catcher Pet owners/Animal lovers
Absorbent floor mat Broad/Home decor
Sock aid Elderly/Pregnant women
Inflatable hammock Youngsters/Broad

1. Tapestry

Tapestry product example

Well, maybe you are wondering what a tapestry is? A tapestry is a unique fabric artwork that can be used as wall art, bedding, or for any other purpose you can think of.

A unique and high-quality tapestry is sure to catch the eye of customers and make them want to buy it for themselves, friends, or family.


You can market the product relatively easily as it's unique and eye-catching.

You could easily make amazing videos for Facebook/TikTok ads or partner with influencers to help promote your tapestry products.

Most suppliers also provide videos/images, etc. However, I recommend creating your own videos.


The people interested in buying a tapestry are usually people who are into art, unique decoration for their home, or people who simply want to add a pop of color to any room.

This means you have plenty of people to target!


Tapestry Google trends

Let's look at Google trends data of tapestries. We can see that the interest in tapestries has been steadily increasing over the past few years, which indicates that this unique product is an excellent choice for any dropshipper.

2. Concrete garden mold

Concrete garden mold product example

This is perfect for people who have a garden or outdoor space. Concrete garden molds will help decorate the backyard landscape.

With the help of the product, decorating the sidewalks, trails, terraces, etc., is easy!


You can create great videos and images highlighting how easily you can make great sidewalks, trails, terraces, etc., with the help of the unique concrete garden mold.


The target audience for this product is people who have a garden or any outdoor space that they want to decorate. This product is perfect for them!


Building the garden is itself an evergreen trend that is not going anywhere. This product is relatively new, so there isn't much Google trend data.

3. Reusable waterproof rainboots

Reusable waterproof rain boots

This unique product is perfect for anyone who loves spending time outdoors, no matter the weather!


You can create videos and images that highlight how the unique waterproof rain boots work in any weather.

You could show off that having wet feet is something you don't have to worry about when the time comes for your next festival or camping trip!


The target audience for the unique waterproof rainboots is people who love spending time outdoors. Therefore festival and camping lovers will adore this product.


Outdoor activities like hiking and camping are popular no matter the season, so this product is perfect for dropshipping and will stay in high demand all year round!

4. Magnetic car phone holder

Magnetic phone holder

This unique product is a must-have for anyone who needs to keep their phone in the car but doesn't want it sliding around on their dashboard.


Create unique videos and images showcasing how easy it is to use the unique magnetic car phone holder and highlighting how convenient it is to traditional car mounts.


The target audience for this unique product is people who drive a lot and need a safe place to store their phones while they are going. So, drivers!


With so many people using smartphones now, there has been an increase in mobile device usage in cars, making this an evergreen trend that isn't going anywhere soon! Making this product a perfect addition to your ecommerce store!

5. Automatic fishing pole

Automatic fishing pole product example

This unique product is a must-have for people who love fishing but don't want to spend all their time casting and reeling in fish.


You can create great videos and images highlighting how convenient the unique automatic fishing pole makes catching fish and offering tips on how to use it to reel in more fish.


The target audience for this unique product is people who love fishing but don't want to spend all their time casting and reeling in fish. So, fishermen!


Fishing is a popular pastime for many people, making this product evergreen.

A perfect, unique product for your dropshipping business!

6. Shining nail sticker

Shining nail sticker product example

This unique dropshipping product is perfect for anyone who wants to add a little sparkle and shine to their nails. It has the wow factor all the way!


This product is a perfect fit for user-generated content!

Images and videos showcase the unique shining nail sticker, highlighting its decorative properties and how easy it is to use.


The target audience for this unique product is women (and men) who love adding a bit of sparkle and shine to their nails. So, fashionistas!


Nail art trends are constantly changing, but one thing remains constant: the desire to add extra flair and decoration to our nails. This unique product is perfect for people looking to tap into these ever-changing trends!

7. Dog nail trimmer

Dog nail tripper product example

This product from the pet niche is unique because it is a small gadget designed to protect your floors and furniture from getting scratched by the dog's nails.


Enticing videos for pet lovers pinpointing how this product will save their floors and how much they love their pets. They won't be able to resist!


Your target audience for this unique product is people who own dogs or other animals that have nails and scratch furniture. So, essentially, pet lovers! And that means plenty to advertise to!


Dog nail tripper Google trends

If we look at Google trend's data, it's clearly visible that it's constantly in trend. Pets are always a hot topic in homes, and pet lovers will always want to protect their furniture.

8. Dog paw cleaner cup

Dog paw cleaner product example

This is one of the trending products that you can sell in your online store today!

It's perfect for anyone who loves their dog but doesn't always love the dirt and debris that comes along with it.


You can create great videos and images showcasing how easy and convenient it is to use this unique dog paw cleaner cup and highlighting its special features and benefits.


The target audience for this is pet owners who want a convenient way to clean their dog's paws after walking outside. So, dog lovers!


With more people than ever choosing to bring their pets with them everywhere they go, there has been an increase in the popularity of pet supplies like the unique dog paw cleaner cup. Thus you can be sure: this product is in high demand!

9. LED crochet hooks

LED crochet hooks a unique dropshipping product example

These unique LED crochet hooks are perfect for anyone who loves to crochet but hates having to hunt for their needles in the dark.

It has not just a wow factor but also solves a problem! Happy days!


Great videos and images showcasing how convenient the unique LED crochet hooks make crocheting in low light conditions and highlighting how easy they are to use.


You could target people who love to crochet but find it challenging to do so in low light conditions. So, knitters and crocheters!


Crochet and knitting have been growing in popularity in recent years, making this a perfect trending product for your ecommerce store.

10. Pet fur catcher

Pet fur catcher product example

And another one for animal lovers!

This unique product is perfect for anyone who loves their pet but hates finding fur all over their clothes. The unique laundry pet fur catcher helps solve this problem!


Showcase how the pet fur catcher works to keep clothes free of pet fur and highlight its unique benefits and features. Highlight the pain points it solves!


The target audience for this is animal/pet lovers.


As more and more people opt to have pets, the demand for products that make a living with pets easier has increased.

If you are starting your dropshipping business, it's a good idea to start with this one! You can get it for a low price; hence ordering a sample is not an issue, and you can create your own custom videos for ads!

And in case you have a general store or are selling pet-related products, this would be a great addition to your dropshipping store!

11. Absorbent floor mat

Absorbent floor mat product example

This unique absorbent floor mat is perfect for anyone who wants to keep their home clean and dry.


Create incredible images and videos showcasing how elegant and decorative the absorbent floor mat is and highlight its special features, such as its ability to quickly soak up spills and messes. Oh, and it's also non-slip!


The target audience for this unique product is people who want an easy way to clean up messes in their homes. So, all people! Home-owners, parents, etc.


As more people spend time at home, there has been a growing demand for products that make cleaning and maintenance easier. This unique product perfectly taps into this trend.

Whether running a general store or specializing in home goods, this is an excellent dropshipping product to sell!

12. Sock aid

Sock aid

This unique sock aid is perfect for anyone who struggles to put on their socks. Pregnant women, the elderly, people with arthritis – this sock aid is ideal for them!


Images and videos showcasing how the unique sock aid makes it easier to put on socks. Again, user-generated content should do wonders.


You can target people who are struggling to put on their socks. This could be due to a disability, injury, or simply because they are elderly.


In recent years, there has been a growing trend of people wanting products that make their lives easier.

13. Inflatable hammock

Inflatable hammock

Hammock? In the pool? Yes!

This unique inflatable hammock is perfect for any summer vacation, a season that we are rapidly approaching.

So, summer is coming; start selling!


A video of summer vibes, chills, pools, hammocks. That's it!


The target audience for this is people who love spending time in the pool during summertime. Therefore, plenty!


Sommer is coming, so people are looking for products that will make their summer more enjoyable. This unique product perfectly ticks that!

How do you find unique dropshipping products to sell?

Finding dropshipping stores

Finding unique dropshipping products to sell is not an easy task. You need not just a unique but also a winning product!

What are winning dropshipping products?

When it comes to finding winning dropshipping products, there are different characteristics you have to consider.

For example, the product should be a problem solver or a 'wow' factor.

Another thing you need to have in the back of your mind is how easily you can promote that product.

For example, if you are selling cosmetics or beauty products, you will more likely face ad rejections due to policy violations on Facebook and TikTok.

That makes these products harder to sell and succeed with (generally speaking).

Take a look at the following article for more information: 'What is a winning dropshipping product?'

Finding unique dropshipping products to sell

Ad Intelligence Facebook search example

And now, let's take a look at how you can find those unique ones.

One way is to check your Facebook feed and look for unique products that people are talking about. If you come across something interesting, you can do a quick Google search to see if that product is too saturated or not.

And as we are mentioning social media, you should also check TikTok. Look for the #tiktokmademebuyit hashtag, and you'll possibly find unique products that are trending on TikTok - many of which you can dropship.

You can also use platforms like Alibaba and AliExpress to source unique product ideas. Just make sure to do your research first, so you don't end up with many low-quality items in your store.

When looking for unique dropshipping products, it is crucial to consider a few factors before making a decision.

1. Saturation

The first is whether or not the product is too saturated. If there are already a lot of stores selling the same thing, it will be hard to stand out from the crowd.

2. Popularity

Secondly, check Google trends data for the product. This is a great way to see if it's rising or falling in popularity.

If you can find a unique product that is on the rise, you'll be able to get in on the ground floor and ride the wave of popularity.

3. Profit margins

Another factor to consider is profit margins. You want to make sure you can make a healthy profit on each sale.

Remember, it costs money to run a store, so you need to make sure you are making enough profit to cover your costs and then some.

4. Shipping times

A man waiting for his order

Finally, consider the shipping time and cost. If a product takes too long to ship, customers may get impatient and look elsewhere.

5. Research tools

You can also utilize market research tools like Google Keyword Planner and Amazon Best Sellers to find unique products that people are searching for.

Or, if you want to take one step further, you can use product research tools like EcomHunt, Sell The Trend, and JungleScout to find unique product ideas.

Homepage of Sell The Trend

We have collected the best 17 product research tools to help you find the best dropshipping products to sell. Recommend checking it out!

Also, if you'd like to learn more about finding the best products for your dropshipping store, our article on how to find winning products will undoubtedly satisfy you.

Why selling unique dropshipping products is a good idea

Person on a hourglass

Whether you are starting with dropshipping or looking for new products to add to your existing store, unique dropshipping products can help you stand out from the competition and drive more sales.

By focusing on unique items that people don't see every day, you will be able to engage your customers and build a strong brand for your store.

And the best part is that unique dropshipping products can also be highly profitable, allowing you to make a decent income from your ecommerce business.

They also tend to be easier to promote as fewer people are selling them, so you can get more exposure for your store without spending a lot of money on advertising.

This means that if you are one of the first who advertises your product, then there is a good chance no other company will be able to sell it cheaper.

How do you choose the right supplier for your unique products?

A man flying on a package

It is vital to consider a few factors when it comes to finding the right supplier for your dropshipping store. The first is whether or not the supplier can provide you with good quality products.

You should also consider the price of the products and the shipping times and costs. And finally, it is also essential to make sure that the supplier has good customer service if you need to contact them.

Don't forget that dropshipping business is easy to start but not easy to succeed.

And as there are plenty of dropshipping suppliers, you should take the time to find the right supplier for your online store.

Some good places to start include Spocket, CJdropshipping, and Syncee. These websites are all great places to find suppliers for unique dropshipping products.

Once you have found a few potential suppliers, I recommend reaching out to them and asking for samples of the products. This will allow you to test the quality before committing to working with them.

You should also look for reviews from other sellers, as this can help you determine whether a supplier is trustworthy and reliable.

And finally, make sure that the supplier offers good customer service if you need assistance with your orders.

We have several articles about this topic in detail, so I'm sure you will find what you need if you are looking for suppliers for POD business, private label suppliers, etc.

You can find our supplier-related articles collectively here.

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In conclusion, unique dropshipping products can help you stand out from the competition and drive more sales to your store.

And by choosing the right supplier, you can be sure that you are getting good quality products at a reasonable price.

Do you have any questions about dropshipping products?

Let us know in the comments below!

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