Do you want to grow your dropshipping store but not sure what kind of resources are out there that can help you with it? Well, then you're in luck! I collected the 25 best dropshipping resources for you. Don't forget to use the 'Table of Contents' below to jump to the resource that you want to learn more about. Enjoy!

What Is Dropshipping and Why Do People Do It?

Dropshipping for Beginners: What Is It & How to Start Today in 2024?

Let’s start by understanding what starting a dropshipping business means.

If you already understand it, then you can click here to scroll down to the first dropshipping website!

If not, then I will explain it really simple to you:

  1. You got an online store where you sell products, but you don’t have any of these products in your storage or in your house.
  2. When someone places an order on your dropshipping store, then you place that same order directly with your dropshipping supplier. Don’t worry. There are a lot of apps out there that help you with automating this. For example, DSers, or these 14 DSers alternatives.
  3. Then your dropshipping supplier will handle the rest. Think about preparing the package and sending the order straight to your customer.
  4. Now your customer will receive the package straight from your dropshipping supplier, and you never touched the product in between!

The most common question people have now is, won’t my customer know that the package didn’t come from me?

For example, aren’t there any advertisements or recipes from the supplier in the package?


You just need to make sure that your supplier accepts dropshipping and blind dropshipping.

How to Process Your AliExpress Dropshipping Orders? Don't forget to put this note in Oberlo to start Blind Dropshipping!

You can learn more about blind dropshipping by reading this article here.

Alright, but why are people interested in dropshipping? And why do people want to dropship?

Most people that are researching about dropshipping, and want to start/are running a dropshipping store do this for one or more of these reasons:

  • Earning more money. If done right, then dropshipping could earn you a lot. Just take a look at these success stories.
  • Being their own boss. Some people don’t like to work for a boss, so they search for other ways to earn an income.
  • Location-independent work. A dropshipping store can be run from just about anywhere with an internet connection. As long as you can communicate with suppliers and customers easily, you can run and manage your business. This is also called being a Digital Nomad.

If you’re interested in learning more about dropshipping, then I suggest reading this article written by me:

Dropshipping for Beginners: What Is It & How to Start Today?

1. Best Dropshipping Websites & Companies

On these images, I wrote down a small summary for each dropshipping resource. I will write them down in the Alt texts for you.

Dropshipping websites and companies will help you with so many things. From order processing to getting products for your store

Let's begin this list with the best dropshipping websites. I do want to say already that this dropshipping resources article won't be a big article.

I will mainly link to all the valuable (and free) articles on this blog so it's easier for you to navigate to articles where you want to learn more about.

For each article, I will tell you why I think that article will help you further!

  • The 25 Best Dropshipping Websites & Companies for Your Store
    I just said that this article will be small, but this one will be the complete opposite! It contains almost 6000 words to guide you through every website & company that you need to know about. It also contains the pros & cons of most. How awesome is that?

2. Best Dropshipping suppliers to get your products

Guess what an awesome product & store have in common? A great supplier!

Now that you saw the best dropshipping website and companies, let's move on to the best dropshipping suppliers.

The resources below will help you find the best dropshipping suppliers to get awesome products for your store. (You can also call this; sourcing products)

Keep in mind that your dropshipping suppliers are like your business partners. They can make or break your business. So please, pick them carefully.

3. Best for Dropshipping Product Research

If you're wondering what to sell, then check out these articles

Now that you saw the articles that will teach you more about finding the right dropshipping suppliers for your store, you might be wondering how to find the best products to sell, right?

And how do you test a product before spending a lot of money on advertisements?

Follow me below for some awesome articles!

  • How to Find Winning Dropshipping Products (13 Research Methods)
    This is the best article to read if you're looking to do product research yourself. The article currently contains 15 product research methods. The best thing is that most of these methods are free!
  • How To Quickly Test Products With Dropshipping (Save Money)
    Take a look at this article if you're second-guessing how to test products before spending a lot of money on advertisements.
  • The 17 Best Winning Dropshipping Product Research Tools
    Look, I get it, doing product research your self is great (and free most of the time), but it takes a lot of time. And sometimes you just can’t decide what to sell, right?

    That’s where a product research tool comes in handy!

    These tools help you with finding the best products for your dropshipping store, so-called "Winning Products”. This article contains the best product research tools that are currently on the market!
  • The 9 Best Free Product Research Tools for Dropshipping
    If you think now, "Wow, these product research tools look nice, but I don't have the budget for it yet", then this article is for you! It contains the best free research tools.

    It contains both completely free tools & tools where you can use a free trial or free account before paying anything.
  • 18 Winning Dropshipping Product Examples in 2024 (Inspiration)
    If you're looking for some inspiration for what kind of products you can sell, then don't forget to check out this article as well.
  • 13 Products You Should Avoid Dropshipping
    This is an article that you can best give a glimpse as well before you decide to sell anything. This article contains all the products that are best to be avoided when dropshipping. Some of them you can still dropship, but if you're just beginning, then you can better go with something else to avoid any headaches later on.

4. Best Dropshipping Tools

This dropshipping resource will help you with so many things

Let's continue this list with awesome dropshipping tools that will help you and your dropshipping further.

This time it's only one article, but don't worry, it's an article that's packed with value for you!

5. Best Chrome Extensions

If you're using a browser that supports these extensions, then definitely take a look at these articles

Next up are the best Chrome extensions for dropshipping store owners. These extensions will make your life so much easier!

If you currently don't use a browser that supports these Chrome extensions, then I'm sorry! (Let me know if that's you)

6. Best Dropshipping Store Examples

Looking for inspiration? Then the articles below will help you further for sure!

Now we have arrived at something awesome! If you're like most people, then you probably want some inspiration before you start (or continue with) dropshipping.

These articles will help you to get inspiration for so many things! And if you think it's not enough, then take a look here for all the example articles.

7. Best Dropshipping & Ecommerce Blogs

If you like reading & learning from them, then definitely check out the article below

Let's continue this best dropshipping resources article with one that contains the best dropshipping and ecommerce blogs.

This is for you if you like learning by reading. If you're more of a video type of person, then you can scroll down a bit for the free courses.

Plus, don't forget to check out this blog, called Do Dropshipping, as well, which contains tons of articles that help you to get started with dropshipping.

8. Best Free Courses

The next awesome dropshipping resources that I got for you contain free courses!

Yes, you heard that right; free.

If you have ever thought about purchasing a course from a "guru" who you thought knew it all and would make you rich for sure, then please check out this article here.

Don't forget that there is nothing wrong with purchasing normal courses, but don't purchase a course from someone that promises you these golden dreams.

9. Best for Shopify Stores

Using Shopify as your ecommerce platform? Then check out these articles

If you decided to go with Shopify as your ecommerce platform, then the articles below will help you a lot!

If you didn't decide yet, then you can get a 3-day free trial here, or you can see all your options here. That article will help you to make a choice if you didn't decide yet.

  • Shopify Dropshipping: A 20-Step Guide to Starting Your Store
    I won't link to a lot of smaller articles this time, but instead, I will link to this big one. It contains all the steps you need to keep in mind when opening your Shopify dropshipping store. It will link to most of the Shopify & dropshipping articles on this blog in easy to follow steps.
  • Shopify Store Checklist: The Ultimate Launch Guide (2024)
    If you're setting up a Shopify store, then don't forget to take one glimpse at this checklist to see if you set up everything correctly. There is always a possibility that you missed something.

10. Best for Getting Started With Dropshipping

Just getting started with dropshipping? Then take a look at the articles below to kickstart your dropshipping journey

If you're just getting started with dropshipping, then of course take a look at the other articles above as well for some great information, but I do have a few articles below for you to take a look at before you start.


So, there you have it; 25 awesome dropshipping resources for store owners just like you!

I hope you now see that there are so many free resources out there that can help you to get started, or that help you continue with building a great store!

If you know any more dropshipping resources or if you have any questions, then let me know by commenting below or contacting me directly by pressing the “Contact Us” button at the top.

I wish you the best with your dropshipping journey, and don't forget success takes time and isn't gained overnight!

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