AliDropship is a dropshipping plugin that promises to make setting up and managing your shop easier than ever before.

But does it actually deliver on its promises?

In this AliDropship review, we'll take a look at what the plugin can do, as well as some of its pros and cons. So, whether you're considering buying AliDropship or just want to learn more about it, keep reading!

AliDropship review: Quick review for busy people

The AliDropship Plugin is an awesome alternative to Shopify with DSers.

No monthly fees (like with Shopify and DSers), just a one-time payment for a lifetime license.

This lifetime license even includes lifetime support and updates! How awesome is that?

If you don't want the monthly fees that Shopify and DSers bring with them, I suggest you pick AliDropship combined with an awesome WordPress host.

You can check out the AliDropship plugin here. I will include a discount code at the end, so make sure you use it to get the plugin even cheaper!

If you want a more in-depth AliDropship review, then read on below!

AliDropship or Shopify with DSers?

Let's begin this AliDropship review by discussing the difference between AliDropship and Shopify with DSers.

If you're familiar with dropshipping, you probably know Shopify and DSers.

So, why does AliDropship think they are the best alternative to Shopify with DSers?

Let's find out!

AliDropship or Shopify with DSers: What is the difference?

Alright, let's start this off with some of the significant differences between AliDropship and Shopify with DSers.

  • AliDropship doesn't have any monthly fees.
  • Shopify gives free hosting, AliDropship doesn't.
  • AliDropship is easier for getting AliExpress cashback.
  • AliDropship with WordPress or WooCoomerce gives you more freedom than Shopify.

I will explain each one in-depth below!

AliDropship or Shopify with DSers: Monthly fees

AliDropship Review: Shopify Monthly Fees

If you go with Shopify, you pay Shopify a monthly fee ($39 or more).

One of the things they will give you in return is free hosting, but yeah, $39 x 12 = $468, or around $351 if you pay yearly.

On the other hand, DSers is free to use for unlimited orders right now, but most people do want the features that the basic plan has.

Maybe not immediately, but when they are getting more and more orders, there is a big chance that they will upgrade their account. (For example, to get cashback on their AliExpress orders)

DSers Pricing
Click here to see the full pricing table for DSers

So, then you’re looking at $20 x 12 = $240 per year.

This means that one year of Shopify with DSers on the advanced plan will cost you around $552!

That's a lot!

But for some people, this is worth it. They don't want to take care of a lot of things themselves.

Although, there are also people out there who are not okay with these monthly fees and want to do more things themselves.

There is AliDropship for these people!

AliDropship is just $89 for a lifetime license. No monthly charges.

Although AliDropship is cheap in comparison to Shopify with DSers, you will have one extra yearly cost added.

Your hosting.

This will be around $50 - $100 per year, depending on which hosting company you choose.

Do keep in mind that with most hosting companies, the first year is much cheaper than the second year of hosting. This is to lure new customers in, but you can always cancel after the first year and find a new host!

You can find my hosting suggestions here.

My opinion:
Personally, I think AliDropship is perfect for people who are on a budget. If you calculate the costs for a year, it's either $351 for Shopify (let's say you use the free DSers account for that first year), or it's $89 (minus the discount code at the end) + around $100 for hosting = $189.

That's $123 in savings; definitely a lot of money!

The only downside is that you can pay Shopify monthly ($39), but you will need to pay per year for hosting, and the AliDropship plugin is also an upfront payment.

AliDropship or Shopify with DSers: AliExpress cashback

AliDropship Review: AliExpress Cashback

It's much easier to get AliExpress cashback with AliDropship because if you want to get cashback with DSers, then you will need to have the basic plan ($19.90 per month) at least.

AliExpress cashback is not included in the free plan of DSers!

I will link below to an article that I wrote about getting AliExpress cashback. You will learn everything from what it is to how to set it up with your dropshipping app (like AliDropship).

How Do You Get AliExpress Cashback in 2024? (Full Guide)

AliDropship or Shopify with DSers: More freedom

This is the reason why people switch to WordPress and WooCommerce from Shopify.

They want more freedom.

They want to decide more by themselves.

If you've got a Shopify dropshipping store, you need to live by Shopify's rules on how something is supposed to look.

It's hard to change it without the help of expensive developers, or you're lucky and you found your perfect theme!

This is totally different from WordPress and WooCommerce.

You will have all the freedom you need to create something amazing.

But like I said above, not all people want this kind of freedom. Most are okay with the rules that Shopify laid out, but there are people that don't like these limitations, and for these people, I recommend using AliDropship!

Also, with Shopify, you don't really own your dropshipping store. You just rent it.

If you decide to stop your subscription and stop paying Shopify, they will remove your store.

This is not with AliDropship! With AliDropship, you completely own the store.

Although, you do need to make sure you pick a reliable WordPress host.

AliDropship review: Is this the alternative to Shopify with DSers?

Now that you've learned about the difference between AliDropship and Shopify with DSers, it's time to begin with my awesome in-depth review of the AliDropship plugin!

I will, of course, include my own opinion at the end of each topic!

But, if you think you're already convinced that this is your new dropshipping tool, then you can click here or on the image below to get it now!

AliDropship Review: Is This THE Alternative to Shopify with Oberlo? Find out now!

Are you ready to see if AliDropship is something for you?

If so, let's go!

What does AliDropship do?

This one is simple!

If you know what DSers does, then you know what AliDropship does.

Yes, they don't have the same features, but their core goal is the same.

They are helping people to make their AliExpress dropshipping store easier to handle.

AliDropship does this by helping you import products that you want from AliExpress to your dropshipping store.

And then it will help you when you've got a sale to quickly process the order on AliExpress. You will only have to press pay!

This is so much better than manually going to AliExpress, adding everything your customer ordered in your cart, filling in the shipping details of your customer, and then paying.

Now imagine having 100 orders per day. That's time-consuming, right?

This is where AliDropship comes to help.

AliDropship will automatically add everything your customer ordered into your cart.

After that, it will fill in the shipping information of your customer. Now all you have to do is press that pay button.

Of course, this is just a simple version of what AliDropship does. They have a lot more features and reasons why they think they are the best alternative to Shopify with DSers.

Let's find out!

Is AliDropship easy to use?

Yes and no.

This depends on if you've got (some) experience with WordPress or WooCommerce or not.

If you do, AliDropship will be a piece of cake because you know where to find everything WordPress related. You will also know which WordPress or WooCommerce plugins you should install.

If you don't, it might take a bit longer to understand what everything does, because you will have so many more options than with Shopify.

But don't worry.

Once you understand it, it looks super easy, and you will know exactly where to find everything!

My opinion:
For me personally, it was easy to navigate because this blog is also made with WordPress, but I did have some problems at the beginning because some things were, of course, different than Shopify.

I also needed some time to get used to the new interface. It's different to Shopify, but not in a bad way though.

How to install AliDropship?

You can easily download the AliDropship plugin after you have purchased a license.

If you can't figure out where to download it, then click here.

AliDropship Review:  Learn how to install the AliDropship plugin

On that page, you can download the latest AliDropship version.

After you have pressed download, you will get a zip file. This contains the AliDropship plugin.

Now simply go to your WordPress Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New -> Upload Plugin

Click that button and upload the zip file that the AliDropship plugin contains.

After that, it will start installing itself, and you're done!

If everything went correctly, you now have these sidebars! You can switch them by pressing the orange button at the top.

Also, don't forget to fill in your license key in the plugin! (AliDropship -> License)

If you can't get it to work, don't forget that they have a great support team available for you.

My opinion:
Personally, I've never uploaded a plugin directly on WordPress, so that was new for me, but not hard; don't worry. The rest of the installation of the AliDropship plugin for this review went pretty smooth.

How to use AliDropship to quickly import AliExpress products to your dropshipping store?

So, now you know what AliDropship does, how you can install it, and you even know the big differences between AliDropship and Shopify with DSers.

It's now time to see how you can easily import AliExpress products to your AliDropship dropshipping store.

First off, the easiest way to import the products from AliExpress is to download their browser extension (same as with DSers).

AliDropship Review: AliDropship Chrome Extension

Then, go to AliExpress and find the products that you want to import.

One great thing about their Chrome Extension is that you can see which AliExpress products have the ePacket available. They will also show you an estimate of the processing time of that AliExpress supplier.

I think this is great, and it will make it a lot easier to select your next AliExpress supplier!

Now, let's find some products to import to our AliDropship store! Follow me below.

I found these two products in a few seconds with Sell The Trend. Let me know if you're going to sell these products!

Then, press the orange button with the plus in it.

After you have imported all products, you can press the big green button at the top with 'Import" in it.

Now you can easily find them in your import list (Main Menu -> Products -> Import List).

After that, it speaks for itself - just edit the product how you want it to look. You can edit everything from prices to product descriptions!

There is one more awesome thing to point out here.

You can edit the product images inside AliDropship. This is a great way to easily remove the store name from the pictures (if you want to do that, be careful with copyright though!)

Look at the screenshots below! Awesome, right?

One last thing: if you want, you can import reviews from AliExpress. If you're with Shopify then you need an app for this, which will probably cost you money each month.

This tool is free to use in AliDropship. Which I think is awesome!

AliDropship Review: Free AliExpress Review Import

As you can see in my screenshot above, you have a lot of options to choose from with what kind of reviews you want on your product page.

If you need a bit more help importing your AliExpress products to your AliDropship dropshipping store, I suggest watching their video below!

How to import products from AliExpress with AliDropship plugin

My opinion:
Importing the products from AliExpress was hard for me at the beginning. I didn't understand it at all.

With DSers, it was definitely easier when you're new to the app. The other things, like changing the products, also took some time, but you can definitely change a lot! And I love that you can import AliExpress reviews for free. No need to pay like $8 per month!

How to process dropshipping orders with AliDropship?

If you want to learn how to process your orders with AliDropship, I suggest watching their video below. They will show you in a few minutes how you can do that!

How to process orders on AliDropship

Are there any themes for AliDropship stores?

AliDropship also has some great themes for you available so you can maximize the conversion rates on your dropshipping store.

AliDropship Review: Are their any themes for AliDropship stores?

You have the choice between free and paid themes, just like Shopify!

I used this free theme from them below for my store (that you saw in the screenshots above).

My opinion:
I think the free theme (Rubens) that I used for my AliDropship dropshipping store looks pretty awesome. It definitely looks different to most Shopify dropshipping stores who all use the same free Shopify theme!

Also, you will get a 10% discount if you use the discount code GETTHEME10

Does AliDropship have any extra apps like the Shopify app store?

AliDropship Review: Does AliDropship have any extra apps like the Shopify App Store?

In case you were wondering if AliDropship also has an option to get some extra things on your dropshipping store (like Shopify with their Shopify apps), then this is for you!

AliDropship also has add-ons. You can find them here.

They've got both free and paid add-ons, the same as with their themes.

For example, this countdown timer is one of their add-ons.

While this countdown timer is on the Shopify app store.

My opinion:
Personally, I think this is better than the Shopify apps because again these are one-time payments! Like the countdown timer above, only $19.

That's better than renting (renting because if you cancel the subscription, the app will disappear) the countdown timer app on the Shopify store for $7 per month.

Also, you will get a 10% discount if you use the discount code GETADDON10

What steps are there to create an awesome AliDropship store?

If you're lost right now or not sure where to start with AliDropship, don't worry!

I've got you covered with some easy to follow steps below.

  1. Of course, purchasing the plugin is going to be the first step. Also, get some great WordPress hosting if you don't have one yet! Plus, set up your WooCommerce dropshipping store. (Or WordPress)
  2. After that, download their Chrome Extension.
  3. Go to AliExpress and find the products that you want to sell.
  4. Press on the import icon and then on the import button to import the product to your store.
  5. Now it's time to edit the product. Think about changing the images, price, product description, and so on. Please put some time into this step! Don't try to look like all these other dropshipping stores out there who don't put any effort into it.
  6. After you have finished editing the product, decide if you want to import reviews as well. After that, publish the product!
  7. Congratulations! You've got your first product on your AliDropship store now!
  8. Don't forget to put some effort into the rest of your store as well. Think about changing the store design and adding extra pages (FAQ page, Refund Policy, Privacy Policy, and so on). Make your store look amazing!
  9. This step is to do the things that you might forget. Don't forget to enable AliExpress Cashback, add your Payment methods, add your currency, and your shipping methods.
  10. Now it's time for advertising! You can learn more about that here.
  11. When someone places an order, dance a bit and clap your hands! After that, you can click on “Place Order Automatically” on your WordPress Dashboard. Now AliDropship will automatically go to AliExpress, add all the products in that order into your cart, and fill in the shipping details from your customer. You just need to press pay!

I hope these steps helped you a bit further. I know they are not that detailed, but I'm sure that if you were lost, you're not anymore!

How is the free lifetime support for your AliDropship plugin?

AliDropship Review: Free Lifetime Support | Email

You can either contact them by email or by using their live chat at the right bottom of their website.

But most people don't even need to contact them because they've got such impressive community forums and knowledge base.

AliDropship Review: Free Lifetime Support | Forum

You can find so many questions and answers here!

AliDropship Review: Free Lifetime Support | Knowledge Base

AliDropship review: Common questions people have about AliDropship

I will answer some of the most common questions people have about AliDropship. This way, I hope to answer any leftover questions you might have about the AliDropship plugin.

1. AliDropship fees: How much does AliDropship cost each month?

AliDropship doesn't charge any extra fees. Just a one-time payment for a lifetime license key!

Also, there are no commission fees.

But do keep in mind that, even though AliDropship doesn't charge anything extra, you will still have the fees from PayPal or Stripe if you use them as your payment processor, but this is the same as with Shopify!


Although Shopify does charge commission fees. (Source)

2. Does AliDropship work with Shopify?

No, AliDropship doesn't work with Shopify.

It's specially made for WordPress and WooCommerce.

This way, you don't have the monthly costs that an ecommerce platform like Shopify brings you.

3. Is AliDropship safe, or is it a scam?

I guess this question is asked by the same people that ask if dropshipping or DSers or even Shopify is a scam.

AliDropship is 100% completely safe to use and is definitely not a scam.

AliDropship Review: Success Stories

You can even read their success stories here. These are people that used AliDropship and have successful dropshipping stores now!

4. How do you get AliDropship for free?

Sorry, currently there is no way to get the AliDropship plugin for free.

The only way that I can help you further with this is that you can use the discount code that I'll show you below.

And please, don't forget that it's a one-time purchase. No need to purchase it again!

What do you think $89 is per month if you use it for 10 full years?

Well... around $0.75 per month!

I'm just saying that because I don't understand people trying to search for a free way to get the AliDropship plugin.

If your budget is too low to even purchase this plugin, I don't suggest you open a dropshipping store yet.

Please save a bit of money, and in the meantime, read this guide that contains all the costs for running a dropshipping store.

AliDropship Review: Discount Code

Are you looking for an AliDropship discount code?


AliDropship will give you a 25% discount if you use the discount code: GETPLUGIN25

Now the AliDropship plugin is only $66.75! How awesome is that?

AliDropship review: Trial

AliDropship currently doesn't offer any trial, but they do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee!

AliDropship review: Pricing

The AliDropship plugin currently costs $89 for a lifetime license fee. No monthly payments at all (like with DSers), but it will be less for you if you use the discount code above!

Your lifetime license does include personal support and free updates!

AliDropship Review: Is This THE Alternative to Shopify with Oberlo? Find out now!

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Final verdict

That was it!

I hope you enjoyed reading my in-depth AliDropship review!

My final conclusion is that AliDropship a great plugin for people who want to start dropshipping with AliExpress but don't want that many monthly fees (people that are on a budget), or for people that want more freedom on how their dropshipping store looks like.

AliDropship is also great for people who are already familiar with WordPress or WooCommerce.

If you're one of these people, then I highly suggest you try out the AliDropship plugin.

Don't forget that they've got a 30-day money-back guarantee. This way you won't lose any money if you don't like the plugin, and don't forget to use the discount code GETPLUGIN25 for an extra 25% off the total price!

If you have any questions regarding this plugin or about dropshipping in general, let me know by commenting below or contacting me directly by pressing the “Contact Us” button at the top!

Good luck with your dropshipping store! And please don't forget that it takes time before you see success. Keep pushing and learning every day, and one day, you will get your first (or 100th) sale!

AliDropship Review: Is This THE Alternative to Shopify with Oberlo? Find out now!

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Ready to move your knowledge about AliExpress to the next level? Check out the articles below:

Plus, don't forget to check out our in-depth guide on how AliExpress works here.

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  1. Em Natalio Reply

    You might like? Alidropship and perhaps you’re an affiliate? So I’ll know why if this comment is Not posted.

    But my latest experience with Alidropship is the WORSE!
    The support personnel if can call them that? BROKE my site while trying to fix a bug on their software -which I had to fix on my own time and expense!

    What a bunch of Morons!

    Will NEVER use this plugin or buy from this company again. I’ve purchased over 5 products and wasted all my $$$! with this company!

    • Do Dropshipping - Author Logo

      Hi, don’t worry, everyone’s comment will be placed.

      “The support personnel if can call them that? BROKE my site while trying to fix a bug on their software” – Alright, did you make a backup? If they broke it, then it’s their responsibility, of course. If you have a backup, then let them try again until they fix it, not you.

      “I’ve purchased over 5 products” – Not sure what you mean with this one. Do you mean you bought 5 things from them, like a theme, add-on, and so on?

      I still think the AliDropship plugin is a great alternative for people that don’t want to use Shopify (anymore) for their dropshipping store.

      What I suggest you do is to see if your host (or you) took a backup of your site. This way, you can put your site back to the time it was not broke.

      Good luck with your next adventure. I hope this negative experience won’t stop you from trying something new someday again!

  2. I agree with the comment above. Alidropship does not have technical support! They only have vendors. When there is a problem, they take 24 to 48 hours to answer a nonsense that does not solve the problem.

    For example, I already spent about $ 300 with Alidropship. Did you know that Alidropship plugin cannot be installed in a directory? Also, the plugin alone is of almost no use to you. You have to spend at least $ 300 if you are a professional like me. Normal people will have to spend 1,200 dollars if they want everything working ok.

    I am very disappointed with the technical support of Alidropship! It is very bad!

    • Do Dropshipping - Author Logo

      Hi Carlos,

      Thank you for your comment! I appreciate that you share your AliDropship plugin experience, and I’m sorry to hear that you had to spend that much money on the plugin!

      I will definitely keep track of this to see if I need to update the review. I wanted to write an honest review, and these comments are definitely helping with that. So, thank you 😊

      I wish you the best with everything!
      – Richard

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