Are you passionate about the fashion or beauty niche and would like to start your own dropshipping store in it?

If so, one of the first things that you will need is an amazing fashion or beauty niche dropshipping supplier!

And guess what?

Finding them won't be difficult, as this article will show you a detailed list of the best fashion or beauty niche dropshipping suppliers out there!

Amazing, right?

Let's get started!

The Best Fashion and Beauty Niche Suppliers: An Overview

Before we start, here is a quick overview of all fashion and beauty suppliers discussed in this article:

SupplierLocationPricingRead Review
BrandsgatewayEU / Worldwide€295 per monthBrandsgateway Review
BTS WholesalerUS / EU / AustraliaFreeBTS Wholesaler Review
BlankaUS / Worldwide$29 / $59 / $99 per monthBlanka Review
My Online Fashion StoreUS$19 / $29 per monthMy Online Fashion Store Review
SilvertsUS / CanadaFreeSilverts Review
FondmartUSFreeFondmart Review
GriffatiEUN/AGriffati Review
BDroppyEU / Worldwide$29 / $99 per monthBDroppy Review
FashionTIYWorldwideFreeFashionTIY Review
Clothes2OrderUKFreeClothes2Order Review
BeautyjointUSFreeBeautyjoint Review
ModeSheWorldwideFreeModeShe Review
TuscanyEUFreeTuscany Review
Allure LingerieUSFreeAllure Lingerie Review
FragranceNetUSFreeFragranceNet Review

How do you pick the right fashion and beauty niche supplier?

With the wide range of suppliers on this list, choosing the best one for your store can be a challenge.

Luckily, we have developed a dropshipping supplier quiz that may help you. By taking it and selecting ‘Fashion’ or ‘Beauty' as your desired niche, the quiz will find the best supplier for you!

Not sure which dropshipping supplier to pick?

If you don’t want to take the quiz, we also have a short guideline on picking the right supplier:

The easiest way to choose a dropshipping supplier is to remove as many options from the list as you can.

As a start, you could check if any of the suppliers match the country of your target audience. If so, take a look at them! It will help you to offer fast shipping times and save on shipping fees.

Next, think about your budget. Are you willing to spend some money on a paid supplier? If not, you will be able to cross away some more options.

Now, you can consider the ecommerce platform you are using and if a supplier offers a connection for it. If so, it will save you a lot of time and effort when importing products and processing orders!

And lastly, determine if any specific features are crucial for you. For instance, you may want to work with a supplier that offers 24/7 customer support.

You can apply these criteria to the list below and see which suppliers match!

Now, you can choose one of these by looking at the pros & cons, or you can just try out the first option.

Let’s now start with the list of dropshipping suppliers!

Our list of the 15 best fashion and beauty niche dropshipping suppliers

This list will be a mix of fashion and beauty niche dropshipping suppliers.

We have chosen these suppliers based on the criteria of good dropshipping suppliers, like:

  • Trustworthiness
  • Pricing
  • Product catalog
  • Customer service
  • Order processing time
How do you spot a good dropshipping supplier - Infographic

For each supplier, we will:

  • Include a link to their website. You can either click on the title or on the screenshot of their homepage to check out their website.
  • Give you a short description. To introduce you to the supplier and tell you about their unique features.
  • Tell you about their pricing plans. Some suppliers are free to use, while others require you to register for a paid monthly membership plan.
  • Give you the pros & cons. This will help you to make an educated decision about which supplier to pick.

Let's begin!

Be aware: We don't recommend beginners to dropship products in the fashion or beauty niche. These include product groups like watches, clothing, and health, which are considered as dropshipping niches that should be avoided as a beginner.

If you're still a beginner to dropshipping, I recommend looking for niches/products on our article about the best dropshipping niche ideas or on our list of the 13 safest dropshipping products.

1. Brandsgateway

Fashion and beauty niche dropshipping suppliers Brandsgateway

If you've always dreamed of owning your own luxury fashion brands store, Brandsgateway is one of the best dropshipping suppliers for you.

They operate from several offices in Europe and warehouses in the US, Germany, Sweden, and several locations in Italy.

Places where Brandsgateway operate

The great thing about BrandsGateway is that it can be used as a high-ticket dropshipping supplier, offering 100 luxury brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Swarovski, and Michael Kors.

Furthermore, they offer the following shipping and delivery time:

  • Europe. One to three days.
  • Canada and the US. Three to five days.
  • Rest of the world. Five to seven days.

To learn more about dropshipping with Brandsgateway, click here!


  • Lightning-fast delivery times. Brandsgateway is able to deliver packages to your customer's doorstep anywhere in the world in just five days.
  • High-quality imagery. A subscription to Brandsgateway will provide you with professional product photos and descriptions, which you may use in your store.
  • Advanced store integrations. Connect Brandsgateway to your store using their Shopify, Wix, Shift4Shop, and WooCommerce stores plugins, enabling features like automatic inventory updates, real-time order syncing, and currency conversion.
  • Return policy. BrandsGateway gives your customers 14 days to return the product after they receive it. However, they don't cover the return shipping costs.


  • Pricing. Brandsgateway's membership fee is definitely more expensive than the average dropshipping supplier. Their cheapest plan will set you back €1,695 per year. However, it offers the possibility for high revenue by selling luxury brands.


Here, you can see Brandsgateway's pricing plans in detail.

Although the annual plan is the cheapest per month, most people will probably pay for the monthly or quarterly package to try out Brandsgateway's service first:

Brandsgateway pricing

2. BTS Wholesaler

Beauty dropshipping supplier BTS Wholesaler

Check it out! This is our first beauty supplier on this list, and it is called BTS Wholesaler.

This dropshipping supplier is mainly focused on the United States and Europe and offers products in several beauty niches.

With a dropshipping service for the US, Europe, and Australia, over 600 available brands, and exclusive prices for dropshippers, this is definitely a great supplier in the beauty niche!


  • Branded packages. All products can be shipped in packages containing your company's name and logo.
  • Product catalog is available in five languages. BTS Wholesaler's product catalog is available in English, German, Italian, French, and Spanish. No need to translate texts yourself anymore!


  • Few integrations. You won't be able to connect this dropshipping supplier with ecommerce platforms like WooCommerce or BigCommerce.


You can register at BTS Wholesaler for free!

3. Blanka

Would you like to ‘create' your own beauty product?

If so, you will be able to do it with Blanka!

Blanka is an app that lets anyone create their own branded product line. Currently, it focuses on the beauty and skincare market.

Here is how you can start selling your own private label cosmetics with Blanka:



  • You shouldn't forget about the shipping costs. Shipping costs are not included in Blanka's product costs. Shipping in the US and Canada costs $8 (+$2 for each additional item), while international shipping costs $12 (+$3 for each additional item).
  • Lack of integrations. Currently, Blanka only has a direct integration with Shopify through Blanka's Shopify app. You can use other ecommerce platforms with Blanka, but you will have to fulfill your orders manually through a CSV file.


If you would like to sell private label products, you will have to choose between one of Blanka's three paid pricing plans. (They have a free plan too, but it's only for sellers of unbranded products.)

Blanka's pricing plans range from $29 per month to $99 per month:

P.S. Don't forget that you can try any plan for free for 14 days!

4. My Online Fashion Store

Fashion and beauty niche dropshipping suppliers My Online Fashion Store

My Online Fashion Store is a supplier based in the US, but instead of selling beauty products, this supplier sells products in the fashion niche.

This supplier is great if you want to start your own fashion store because they are entirely focused on dropshipping stores.

That's why they have a dropshipping program and even a Shopify app, which makes dropshipping with My Online Fashion Store so much easier compared to other suppliers!

Shopify app My Online Fashion Store

By becoming a member of My Online Fashion Store, you will get access to over 5,000 fashion items, all of which are shipped from their warehouse in Los Angeles, CA.

Pro tip: If you're interested in the Shopify app, you can get it with more than a 50% discount via My Online Fashion Store's website here.


  • Easily connect your Shopify store. That way, you will be able to enjoy features like one-click product imports and automatic inventory sync.
  • Sell on different ecommerce platforms. Not using Shopify? Don't worry! You can sell products from My Online Fashion Store using platforms like BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and Amazon.
  • Fast shipping & free returns. All packages in the US will be delivered in 5 to 7 business days. Furthermore, My Online Fashion Store even offers free returns!


  • Only for US dropshippers. Since My Online Fashion Store's warehouse is located in Los Angeles, CA, they currently only support dropshipping within the US.


To dropship with My Online Fashion Store as your supplier, you can pay $29 per month for their Shopify app or get a $19 per month standard subscription on their website if your store isn’t hosted on Shopify.

Pricing My Online Fashion Store

5. Silverts

Silverts homepage

Let's continue with a dropshipping supplier called Silverts.

First of all, let me tell you that this isn't your ordinary fashion niche supplier. That's because Silverts sells easy-to-wear clothing for seniors, the elderly, and the disabled.

So, you will be dealing with quite a unique dropshipping niche if you decide to work with Silverts.

Luckily, you won't have to worry about the quality of this dropshipping supplier. Silverts has been in business since 1930 and is North America's largest supplier of adaptive clothing.

If you're interested in dropshipping with Silverts, you can check out their dropship program here. This program allows you to sell Silverts' products on your own online store!

Related article: Looking for more clothing dropshipping suppliers? Check out our in-depth list here!


  • Get a discount on Silverts' products. By applying to Silverts' dropship program, you will get a 25% discount on regular-priced items. If you've made more than $5,000 in sales, then the discount increases to 30%!
  • High-resolution product images. You won't have to worry about having to take your own product images. Silverts can supply you with excellent product images that you can use to sell their products on your online store.


  • It might be challenging to reach your target audience. When dropshipping with Silverts, a large part of your audience might be 60 years or older. This audience might be more difficult to target using online marketing since this generation tends to spend less time on Facebook or Instagram compared to the younger generations.
  • Only for North American dropshippers. Silverts' dropship program is only available for dropshippers in Canada or the lower 48 US states. Sadly, you won't be able to dropship with Silverts if you're located elsewhere.


You can sign up for Silverts' dropship program for free!

6. Fondmart

Fashion and beauty niche dropshipping suppliers Fondmart

Fondmart is a US clothing supplier with over 200,000 items and more than ten years of experience.

Currently, they are processing over 5,000 packages per day from other dropshippers and wholesalers!

Furthermore, they add new items to their collection every single day; you can view them here.


  • Ship from US warehouse. Your American customers will be happy because their order will arrive at their house much faster than usual!
  • Pricing. There is no monthly membership fee or any other fee when using Fondmart. Pay for just the product's price and shipping costs.
  • Customized service. You can add your brand name and logo to the packages and invoices.


  • Product selection is limited to generic clothing. While the product prices are really low on Fondmart, this isn't a supplier for luxury clothing or fashion items like handbags.


You can sign up for Fondmart for free here!

7. Griffati

Fashion and beauty niche dropshipping suppliers Griffati

If you're looking to build a European designer clothes store and sell to some of the best countries to target as a dropshipper, definitely take a look at Griffati.

The best thing about Griffati is that you can buy these designer clothes during discounts and promotions for up to a 75% discount on retail prices.

And, using Griffati's dropshipping program, you will be able to sell all these designer clothes online without having to worry about your inventory or warehouse!

Here are some examples of how much you can earn by selling Griffati's products:

Griffati product margins


  • Great delivery times. Thanks to Griffati having warehouses all over the world, their local shipping time is just 24 to 48 hours, while their worldwide shipping time only takes 2 to 4 days!
  • Amazing profit margins. As you've seen in the image above, you can get profit margins of up to 100% and more.


  • Not for everyone. Before being able to use Griffati's dropshipping service with advanced features, they will first have to approve your business. To read more about dropshipping with Griffati, click here.


Griffati doesn't seem keen on showing their membership prices, as they're not on their pricing page.

Still, you will be able to evaluate their service for free using the 15-day “Discovery” plan trial.

Griffati pricing plans

8. BDroppy

BDroppy homepage

BDroppy is a fashion dropshipping supplier that can provide you with everything you need to sell designer fashion online.

When working with BDroppy, you will be able to choose from over 120 original fashion brands and benefit from fast shipping!

BDroppy offers three main services.

Firstly, they have BSocial, which is targeted at influencers who want to sell fashion products through their social networks (no ecommerce platforms needed!).

BSocial homepage

Next, they have their regular dropshipping service, which also includes eight active integrations with various ecommerce platforms.

And at last, they even offer a turnkey website service for those who don't want to build their own online store and want to get started as fast as possible!


  • Fast international shipping. Bdroppy's warehouse is located in Italy, which allows for fast and safe deliveries in over 50 countries around the world. Additionally, their catalog is available in 20 languages and 24 currencies!
  • BSocial. The new BSocial service is a great tool for people who want to sell fashion products through their social networks.
  • Product images. BDroppy can help you to obtain professional photos for your marketing campaigns.


  • Membership fee. BDroppy is relatively expensive when using their dropshipping service. Luckily, BSocial is priced much lower.
  • Transparency. It would be nice if BDroppy could create a ‘pricing' page on their website, as it's currently hard to find out what their services cost if you don't create an account.


If you want to start dropshipping with BDroppy, you can check out their integrations page to get more information on how they integrate with your ecommerce platform.

For those using Shopify, you will have to use BDroppy's Shopify app ‘BrandsSync‘, which costs a hefty $99 per month after the 15-day free trial. Meanwhile, fees for BSocial start at a more manageable € 29 per month.

9. FashionTIY

FashionTIY fashion dropshipping supplier

FashionTIY is a wholesaler mainly for products in the fashion and beauty niche.

In their collections, you will see categories like shoes, jewelry, and beauty, but also products from a completely different niche like school & office.

The great thing is that FashionTIY doesn't have a MOQ (minimum order quantity) and supports dropshipping.

So, they are a dropshipping supplier as well!


  • FashionTIY supports dropshipping. By making a remark while placing your order, FashionTIY will remove all of their brandings from the package and will add your company's name and logo instead.
  • Great prices. You will definitely be able to find some fantastic deals on FashionTIY!


  • No tools to connect your store. This means that you will have to order all items that you sell on your store manually. When considering your dropshipping pricing strategy, remember to keep some costs in mind to possibly hire virtual assistants when scaling your store.


Dropshipping on FashionTIY doesn't require any extra fees or licenses.

Additionally, I recommend signing up for their free VIP membership to get priority customer service and three exclusive coupons per month.

10. Clothes2Order

Clothes2Order Fashion and clothing dropshipping supplier

Clothes2Order is a unique dropshipping supplier because they specialize in personalized clothing.

Since Clothes2Order doesn't have a MOQ, they are a great supplier if you're looking to get into the personalized clothing niche!

For dropshippers, they made a special dropshipping API that will automatically perform useful tasks like order placements.

Read more about how the Clothes2Order API works here.



  • Expensive shipping fee for outside the UK. If you're dropshipping to European countries, the shipping fee will likely be 15$ or higher.


You can register for Clothes2Order's dropshipping API for free here!

Note: If you're interested in UK dropshipping suppliers, then don't forget to check out our other article here, which contains 15 awesome suppliers!

11. Beautyjoint

Beautyjoint beauty dropshipping supplier

As you've probably guessed already, Beautyjoint is a supplier in the beauty niche.

Beautyjoint is based in the US and sells beauty products from high-quality brands like L'Oréal and Milani Cosmetics.

For orders above $40 in the US, you will be eligible for free shipping. But don't worry if you're selling overseas as well, because Beautyjoint offers international shipping to almost all countries in the world.


  • US-based supplier. The most significant advantage of this is that you will get faster shipping times! These can be anywhere between 1 to 7 business days, depending on the state.


  • No way to process multiple orders at once. You will have to manually make orders on Beautyjoint for all the sales you have made. This can be a really time-intensive process once you get multiple orders per day!
  • Mixed reviews. After reading some reviews on Sitejabber, it seems that some people have had great experiences with Beautyjoint, while others say that they have never received their order.


Using Beautyjoint as your dropshipping supplier is free!

12. ModeShe

Modeshe fashion dropshipping supplier

ModeShe is a supplier in the fashion niche focused on big discounts off of woman's clothing items.

It is a B2C company as ModeShe anyone can buy clothing from their online store, but they also have a special program for dropshippers:

Modeshe dropshipping program

Check out their dropshipping page here.


  • Discounted prices. When partnering with ModeShe, they will offer you an additional 15-25% discount.
  • Integration service. If your online store is hosted on Shopify, ModeShe's team will help you to integrate their inventory with your store.


  • Long processing time. ModeShe's processing time can take up to 5 days, which is a lot longer than average.


You can partner up with ModeShe for free right here!

13. Tuscany

Tuscany fashion dropshipping supplier

Tuscany is an Italian dropshipping supplier with a great catalog of high-quality leather items.

As with every dropshipping supplier, they will take care of the whole logistical process once you place an order with them!


  • Tuscany dropshipping program. By becoming the dropshipping partner of Tuscany, you will unlock unique advantages like a special price list and an individual account manager. Read more about dropshipping with Tuscany here.


  • Available for the public. Tuscany sells all their products on their site for the general public as well, which means that you will have more competition.


You can become a partner of Tuscany and register for free here.

14. Allure Lingerie

Allure Lingerie dropshipipng supplier

This is a supplier that may be the odd one out in this list.

Still, I think it is worth mentioning!

It's called Allure Lingerie, and you've guessed it right, they are selling products in the lingerie niche.

Allure Lingerie has been a manufacturer for over 25 years, and you will be able to take advantage of that expertise and sell their lingerie online since they have a special dropshipping policy.


  • US dropshipping supplier. You will be able to get fast shipping times to the United States since Allure Lingerie is based in the US.
  • No minimum order quantity. Allure Lingerie is originally a wholesaler, but using their dropshipping policy, you can buy their items without a MOQ.


  • Limited returns. By law, Allure Lingerie can't take any returns back from certain fashion items like bras and bikinis.


You can sign up for Allure Lingerie for free.

For their dropshipping service, Allure charges a 5$ dropshipping fee per order.

15. FragranceNet

FragranceNet beauty dropshipping supplier

The last supplier on this list is called FragranceNet.

FragranceNet offers products in the beauty niche like perfumes, makeup, and skincare products.

Using their dropshipping program, you can take advantage of their low-cost wholesale inventory and order singular items.

You can read more about FragranceNet's dropshipping program here.


  • US supplier. For a $6.95 shipping fee, the package will be sent out from the US and will arrive at your customer's doorstep in just 4-7 business days!
  • International shipment is also possible. FragranceNet also ships internationally. However, the shipping fee will be pretty expensive.


  • No way to connect your store. You will have to place orders for all the sales that you get manually.
  • Limited payment gateways. FragranceNet only provides the possibility to pay with credit cards.


FragranceNet's dropshipping program is free.

The fashion and beauty niche: What you should know

The fashion and beauty niches are incredibly popular (and potentially lucrative) niches, but how can we exactly define those niches?

What is the fashion niche?

The fashion niche consists of tangible products that you wear on your body. It can be divided into multiple sub-niches, like clothing, jewelry, or handbags.

As you can imagine, the fashion niche is immense. It is mainly governed by huge brands like Nike, Louis Vuitton, Zara, and many more.

However, don't start questioning yourself now. The fashion niche market is so large that there will always be room for smaller & new players!

What is the beauty niche?

The beauty niche is interesting since it is partly similar to the fashion niche but still includes products that are quite different.

When thinking about the beauty niche, the products that mainly come up in my mind are those that people use to enhance their beauty. For example, you can think about products like makeup, nail paint, and perfumes.

In that sense, I think it's somewhat similar to the fashion niche, don't you?

So, what's the distinguishing factor, then?

Well, products in the beauty niche are mostly powders and liquids:

Big brands in the beauty niche are L'Oréal, Gilette, and Nivea; you probably know them already, haha!

How do the fashion and beauty niche markets look like?

According to data from 2019, the global retail fashion market is worth $1.78 trillion.

To put that into perspective, $1.78 trillion is enough to give $5,423 to every man, woman, and child in the United States!

Furthermore, the fashion market is projected to have an annual growth rate of 7.2%.

What is growing even faster than that is the ecommerce share of total fashion sales, which went from 14% in 2014 to 27% in 2018. Crazy, right?

Global Fashion Industry ecommerce

The beauty niche is slightly smaller but still huge!

According to data from 2019, the beauty industry was valued at $532 billion.

However, analysts say that due to four trends in the market, the industry will experience a rapid upward trajectory. If you're interested, you can read more about it here.

More dropshipping suppliers

Not sure yet if the dropshipping suppliers in this list fit with you and your business? Or are you curious to see what other suppliers are out there?

Great! Check out the articles below for more great dropshipping suppliers:

Plus, don’t forget to check our guide on how to choose the best dropshipping supplier!


Well, did you find a fashion or beauty dropshipping supplier that looked interesting to you?

I hope so because the list has just ended!

Don't be sad, though.

If you're looking for more related dropshipping suppliers, check out this list of the best clothing dropshipping suppliers!

Maybe the fashion or beauty niche isn't really your thing.

In that case, I suggest taking a look at our article about the 25 best dropshipping niche ideas. That will definitely give you inspiration for some of the other amazing niches out there!

But if you do want to pursue an online store in the fashion or beauty niche, that's great as well!

Remember that you can also find fashion and beauty products at “general” dropshipping suppliers, like these suppliers from the US: 14 Best US Dropshipping Suppliers in 2023.

And if you're interested in a big list, then check out the 91 best dropshipping suppliers here.

Who knows, maybe you will even find other winning products there.

All in all, I recommend starting a store in a niche that you're passionate about and to never give up. Keep pushing forward!

If you've any questions or feedback, don't forget that you can always leave a comment down below.

Good luck with choosing your dropshipping supplier!

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