Have you also noticed the increasing popularity of personalized products, especially supplements?

It's like everyone's suddenly getting that custom vitamin mix or that protein blend that feels uniquely theirs.

And as a seller, the idea of having a product tailor-made to your needs is pretty exciting.

This is where Supliful comes into play. It's a quickly growing supplier of white label supplements.

If you want to learn more about it, you're in the right place!

Supliful Overview
Shopify App Store Rating4.8 out of 5.0 (700+ reviews)
Trustpilot Rating4.1 out of 5.0 (160+ reviews)
Pros- No inventory worries
- Quality assurance (FDA-compliant)
- Branding options (add your own label)
- All-in-one solution
- Possibility to expand your brand (100+ unique products)
Cons- Limited customization beyond labeling
- International restrictions (operates from the US)
- Some questionable product formulations
Pricing$0 / $49 / $349 per month
Shipping locationUnited States
Shipping timeFive to seven business days (on average)
Free trial?Start for free with the free plan here!

Let's start with the review!

Supliful Review: Everything They Don’t Tell You!

What is Supliful?

Supliful homepage

Imagine a world where you could create your own supplement brand without directly dealing with factories, inventory messes, or shipping headaches.

Sounds great, right? This is precisely where Supliful steps in!

Supliful is a dropshipping supplier for white label supplements.

Simply put, it’s a platform that allows people – whether you’re an influencer, a passionate entrepreneur, or just someone exploring ecommerce – to introduce and sell supplements under your brand name.

Yep, you read that right! Your very own brand, without starting from scratch.

Supliful grow your brand

What’s super cool about Supliful is that they offer a wide range of products, from vitamins to proteins, and even some fun stuff like personalized coffee.

Plus, they ensure these products don't just have catchy labels but are genuinely high-quality and safe.

Supliful high-quality supplements

To sum it up, you can focus on marketing your supplement brand, while Supliful will set up everything in the back end, including the product, packaging, and shipping.

And the best part? You don’t need to be a successful entrepreneur or have a degree in nutrition. All you need is passion, and Supliful takes care of the rest (without upfront fees)!

Supliful jump-start your supplement business

How does Supliful work?

Starting to sell white label supplements might seem daunting, but with Supliful, it’s as easy as following a recipe.

Let’s walk through this step-by-step journey to your very own brand!

1. Register on Supliful and connect your ecommerce platform

Everything begins by creating a Supliful account. (You can sign up for free here.)

Supliful register page

After signing up, you can integrate your Supliful account with your online store.

Why is this needed?

Well, by connecting your online store to Supliful, your store orders will be automatically fulfilled as they come in!

Supliful offers connections for Shopify and WooCommerce:

Supliful how to connect a store

Shopify is probably the easiest, as you can simply install the Supliful app on the Shopify app store:

Supliful Shopify app

Tip: Have you already created your Shopify account? If not, sign up by clicking this link here to get a free 3-day trial + 1 month for $1!

Get your free Shopify trial

Alternatively, for those who prefer a more straightforward approach, Supliful also offers a hosted storefront option.

Supliful storefront

However, we wouldn't necessarily recommend this option, considering:

  • The URL isn't the nicest. Your store will have a 'storename.shopfront.live' link.
  • The store itself is quite basic. You will get a basic theme and can't use advanced tactics like upselling.
  • It's still a Beta version. The Supliful Storefront is currently a Beta version, which means it still needs some work.

2. Select a product

Once your account is integrated, you'll gain access to Supliful's extensive product catalog.

Supliful product catalog

Here, you can select items that you want to sell on your store:

Supliful choose a product

On the product page, you can learn all about the product's supplement facts, scientific references, and manufacturer details:

Supliful product page example

Once you've found a product you would like to sell, you can click the 'Customize and sell' button:

Supliful customize and sell product

You'll be taken to the Product Edit page, where you can update the product information. Most importantly, you'll want to:

  1. Add your price markup
  2. Customize the label design
Supliful product edit page

By default, you'll see the base price or the amount you'll be charged when an order comes in.

To make a profit, you need to change this to a retail price that's higher than the base price. (You can learn more about pricing strategies in our article here.)

Next up is customizing the label design so that the product is associated with your brand.

The easiest method for this is by using Supliful's templates for Canva:

Supliful how to customize a product label

You can check out how designing product labels works with Canva in the video below:

How To Design Product Labels with Canva - SUPLIFUL

Once you've uploaded a label, the images on the page will be automatically updated so you can see how your product will look like.

You may end up with something like this:

Supliful product label examples

Once personalized, you can publish the products on your store, making them available for your customers.

Supliful get label designs

3. Customer purchases and order fulfillment

With your store filled with products, you can start attracting customers.

Once an order comes in, Supliful jumps into action. They pack your product and ship it out to the customer.

They will start with a verification process. They will check whether your uploaded labels adhere to their standards and requirements.

Once everything checks out, the order moves to the fulfillment stage.

Here, Supliful selects the ordered product, adds your custom label, and makes it ready for shipping.

It's like having your very own team without hiring a single person!

Supliful logistics

The final step involves shipping the labeled product directly to your customer.

The great thing is that the shipment is dispatched under your store's name, which gives customers the impression that you handle every aspect of the manufacturing and delivery process.

It adds to your brand's consistency and builds trust with your customers!

Lastly, the system charges your Supliful account for the product and associated shipping costs. This entire transaction is also automated!

Supliful 14-day challenge

The pros and cons of Supliful

Now that you know how it all works, let's look at the pros and cons of using Supliful!


Every app has its set of perks, and Supliful is no exception.

Here's what makes it stand out from the crowd:

1. No inventory worries

One of the biggest hurdles for many entrepreneurs is managing stock.

It's not just about space; it's about predicting demand, dealing with overstock, handling shortages, and the logistics of getting products to customers.

With Supliful, there's no need for these worries. They've got the infrastructure and expertise to manage everything seamlessly.

2. Quality assurance

When you dive into the world of supplements, quality is crucial.

After all, you're dealing with products that people ingest.

Supliful takes this responsibility seriously. Every product in their lineup is FDA-compliant, which means it meets rigorous safety standards.

Furthermore, they vet their suppliers and regularly test their offerings, ensuring you and your customers get the best on the market.

And if you're still worried about potential risks, you can always get business insurance.

Supliful has partnered with an insurance company called Founder Shield, which can provide you with product liability or content creator insurance!

Supliful insurance program

3. Branding options

With Supliful, you’re not just dropshipping products; you're building a brand.

Branding is incredibly powerful, and Supliful understands this.

They offer plenty of flexibility in how you want your products to look.

Want a minimalistic label? Done. A vibrant and colorful design? No problem!

And if design isn't your thing, they even have design services to bring your vision to life, ensuring your products resonate with your brand:

Supliful label designs

As you can see, it's a $149 one-time payment, which gets you a custom design concept, labels for up to five products, and includes one revision.

Supliful studio grade images

4. All-in-one solution

Imagine using different services for product creation, packaging, shipping, and after-sales. Sounds chaotic, right?

Supliful offers an all-in-one solution so you can focus on building your brand and connecting with your community.

No juggling between multiple services; Supliful has everything under one roof!

They even offer a custom Shopify theme specifically designed for selling supplements:

Supliful Supps theme for Shopify

5. Possibility to expand your brand

The beauty of the supplement world is its vastness.

From vitamins for vitality to protein blends for fitness enthusiasts, the options are endless.

Supliful taps into this diversity by offering 100+ unique products. This means there's always room to grow.

Supliful 100+ unique products

Today, it might be vitamins; tomorrow, it could be a new coffee blend. The sky's the limit!

Lastly, if you want to learn more about building a supplement business or want to accelerate your launch, it's worth mentioning that Supliful even offers an Accelerator.

Supliful Accelerator

You can opt for a self-guided launch kit with instruction videos or even get a prebuilt Shopify store and a dedicated account manager:

Supliful Accelerator pricing


While Supliful offers many benefits, no platform is without its drawbacks. So, let’s explore some aspects where Supliful might fall a bit short:

1. Limited customization beyond labeling

Supliful excels in letting you customize product labels, but when it comes to the actual product's formula or ingredients, there are no customization options.

So, if you're someone who dreams of crafting a truly unique blend or formula, this could be a limiting factor.

2. International restrictions

Dreaming of going global? Here’s something to consider.

Supliful operates its fulfillment center from the US, which can be challenging for those targeting an international audience.

Shipping to areas like Europe can range from $18 to $26 per shipment. That's a significant sum, especially if you're trying to stay competitive price-wise.

Supliful International shipping fees

And let's not forget about the potential customs and import fees your international customers will have to pay!

3. Some questionable product formulations

If you want to sell supplements, it's essential to dig deep into the ingredients list.

And in some cases, you might find some questionable ingredients in Supliful's formulations.

For example, take Supliful's gummies. While they might sound super healthy, they contain ingredients like sugar and glucose syrup:

Supliful product formulations example

So, while they might taste great, health-conscious customers might not purchase them.

Supliful pricing plans

With the cons out of the way, let’s break down Supliful's subscription plans:

Supliful pricing plans

Supliful has three main pricing plans; Free, Starter, and Creator.

The free plan is excellent for trying out Supliful. You can start building your brand with no upfront costs!

Next, we have the Starter plan. For $49 a month, you get everything in the Free plan, coupled with up to 15% discounts on products and some other advantages.

Then there's the Creator Plan. At $349 a month, it's a package for established brands or influencers. Apart from inheriting all features from the Starter plan, you get a dedicated account manager.

And with 15 hours of support every month, it truly feels like having a dedicated team behind you.

Supliful annual subscription deal

In addition to these main plans, Supliful also offers some add-ons, which include the label design service ($149 one-time payment) and the Supps Shopify theme ($449 one-time payment).

What do users say about Supliful?

When deciding on a platform or service, hearing firsthand experiences can help you understand what it's really like to work with a company.

So, here are what some users are saying about Supliful:

Supliful is a fantastic platform that makes it easy for businesses to create and integrate their products into their online stores. The platform is-friendly user and intuitive, with a simple and straightforward product creation process that anyone can follow.

Nektrisonic, Supliful user (Source)

Was looking for ages for a supplement supplier where i could put my own branding on their products and i eventually came across Supliful. Everything from ready made store templates to being able to design your own labels makes it so easy for you to launch your own supplement brand.

Pro-NaturalSupplements, Supliful user (Source)

I was going to give it 3 stars just based on the fact that they took off a lot of products that I was working day and night on especially the only 2 preworkouts they had available. And also not a lot of options for the protein powder flavors.

But overlooking those facts customer service is great, the products they do have are excellent for any one looking to start selling either sups or vitamins. Great way to get started in the supplement industry if you don't have to capital to make a big investment.

Max Fuel 6, Supliful user (Source)

Supliful alternatives

While Supliful is one of the best supplement dropshipping suppliers, it may not be the right fit for you.

For instance, if you wanted to use Supliful in Europe, you might have noticed that the delivery fees are quite high.

So, here are some of the best alternatives to Supliful!

1. OK Capsule

OK Capsule homepage

OK Capsule is another US dropshipping supplier specializing in supplements and vitamins.

They allow you to personalize the supplement formula to only contain the ingredients that your audience needs and nothing more:

OK Capsule unique packaging

For example, you can create solution supplement packs designed to treat a condition like high cholesterol or even entirely personalize the packs based on your end customer's goals:

OK Capsule two types of vitamin packs

Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to start dropshipping with OK Capsule. The partnership requires you to place a deposit to start and make at least 4,000 orders per year.

If you (plan to) meet the partnership requirements of OK Capsule, you can complete the form here, and a representative will contact you shortly.

2. Private Label Supplements (HoneyComm)

PLSupplements homepage

Private Label Supplements is the next supplement supplier.

They're based in the US and offer all kinds of supplements, from antioxidants to nutritional oils, skincare, and sports nutrition.

Private Label Supplements product categories

And as you can see on their homepage, they now have a dropshipping service!

This dropshipping service is called HoneyComm:

HoneyComm homepage

HoneyComm offers 100+ US-made products in over 15 categories that follow the required FDA Registration and GMP Certification:

HoneyComm supplements products

Unfortunately, HoneyComm isn't so price-competitive as Supliful, with the cheapest plan starting at $147 per month plus a $397 one-time set-up fee if you pay monthly:

HoneyComm pricing plans

3. Nutribl

Nutribl homepage

Looking for a Supliful alternative for the UK? If so, then you should consider Nutribl!

Unlike the previous suppliers on this list, Nutribl is based in the UK.

With no MOQs and label design services, it's another 'all-under-one-roof' supplier!

Although social proof of Nutribl was hard to find, it's actually a trading division of Troo Health Care Ltd, a trusted UK supplement provider:

Troo Health Care Ltd Trustpilot reviews

Nutribl's dropship service costs from £2.75 for one item and £0.75 per additional item if sent by 2nd class mail.

This fee covers the picking of your order item(s), private labeling (optional), packing, and shipping with a branded delivery note (optional).

You can create a Nutribl account for free here.

Note: If you're looking for a Supliful alternative for Europe, you might find some on Spocket or Syncee, but the downside is that they won’t offer custom branding as Supliful does.

Should you dropship supplements or vitamins?

Are you thinking about dropshipping supplements and vitamins? You're not alone!

But before you jump in, let's consider whether it's a good idea.

The pros

  • Industry growth. Let's start with some good news. People everywhere are becoming more health-conscious. This means they're open to trying out vitamins and supplements.
Google Trends for ashwagandha supplement
  • Low initial investment. One of the significant benefits of dropshipping supplements is the reduced upfront costs. With a supplier like Supliful, you won’t need to maintain an inventory or manage the shipping logistics.

The cons

  • Regulatory concerns. Supplements and vitamins fall under a regulated category. It’s crucial to ensure that your products are FDA-compliant and safe for consumption.
  • Market saturation. While there's growth in the sector, it's also true that the market is competitive. Success requires a unique selling proposition, whether you have a personal brand, niche focus, or exceptional marketing strategy.
  • Product authenticity. In an industry that's known for false claims and questionable products, product quality and authenticity are essential. So, make sure to partner with a transparent and reputable supplier.
  • Customer education. Selling supplements isn't just about listing products. It involves educating your audience on the benefits, usage, and potential side effects. You'll need to invest time in content creation, like making blog posts, videos, or webinars.

In conclusion, dropshipping supplements and vitamins can be promising, especially if you're passionate about health and wellness.

However, it requires due diligence, research, and a commitment to offering genuine value to customers!

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Before we go to the conclusion, we've created a quick summary of this article for you, so you can easily remember it:

  • Supliful is a white label dropshipping supplier of supplements.
  • The platform seamlessly integrates with Shopify or WooCommerce.
  • Supliful offers automated order fulfillment, FDA-compliant quality products, and specialized design services for branding.
  • Drawbacks include that the customization is mainly limited to labeling, shipping can be expensive for international orders, and some product formulations might not meet everyone's standards.
  • Users often praise Supliful for its user-friendliness, wide range of products, and label customization options.


Partnering with Supliful has some awesome perks.

Ultimately, it allows you to set up your own supplement brand without dealing with the boring stuff.

As long as you're mainly selling in the US and keep in check what's inside the products you're selling, we think it's a great supplier!

So, if you decide to try Supliful, let us know what you think of it in the comments below!

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      If you’re specifically looking for suppliers in Europe, you might find some on Spocket or Syncee, but the downside is that they won’t offer custom branding like Supliful does. Unfortunately, to my knowledge, there isn’t a supplier currently active that’s the same as Supliful in Europe.

      I hope that helps!
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