Are you tired of searching through hundreds of websites to find reliable home decor dropshipping suppliers?

If so, look no further; we did the research and rounded up our top ten picks of the best home decor dropshipping suppliers in 2023.

Whether you’re looking for wall art, pillowcases, lighting fixtures, or anything else related to home decor – check out our list of suppliers that provide it all!

The Best Home Decor Dropshipping Suppliers: An Overview

For a quick overview of the best home decor dropshipping suppliers, check out the table below:

SupplierLocationPricingRead Review
SynceeWorldwide$24 / $49 / $99 per monthSyncee Review
AppScenicWorldwide$24 / $47 / $78 per monthAppScenic Review
SpocketUS/EU$30 / $50 / $100 per monthSpocket Review
AliExpressChinaFreeAliExpress Review
ZendropChina/US$0 / $49 / $79 per monthZendrop Review
BigBuySpain/EU€69 / €99 per month + €90 one-timeBigBuy Review
01SupplyWorldwide$0 / $19 / $49 / $99 per month01Supply Review
DropCommerceUS/CA$19 / $49 / $89 / $149 per monthDropCommerce Review
SaleHooWorldwide$67 per year / $127 lifetimeSaleHoo Review
Hill InteriorsUKFreeHill Interiors Review

How do you choose the best home decor dropshipping supplier?

Understanding your target market

As you've seen in the supplier's table at the start of the article, there are plenty of home decor suppliers available.

There is no ‘one-fits-all' supplier, so how do you know which is the best choice?

We always recommend looking at a set number of criteria:

  • Your target country. Where is your target audience located? Do you see any suppliers located in the same country? If so, you may be able to offer faster shipping times for your customers and save on shipping fees.
  • Your budget. Are you willing to spend some money on a paid supplier? If not, you will be able to cross away some more options.
  • Your ecommerce platform. If your supplier offers an integration app for your ecommerce platform, it will save you a lot of time and effort when importing products and processing orders!
  • Supplier's reputation. Look for suppliers with a proven track record of providing high-quality items and positive reviews from other customers.

You can apply these criteria to the list of suppliers and see which suppliers match!

Now, you can choose one of these by looking at their product catalog, pros & cons, or you can try out the first option.

For instance, if you target the US, have a budget of $30 per month, and run a Shopify store, then Syncee or AppScenic would be great choices!

10 Great dropshipping suppliers specializing in home decor

Ready to find the perfect home decor dropshipping supplier for your store?

That’s awesome!

To help you make the most out of this article, we will do the following for each supplier:

  • Include a link to their website. You can either click on the title or the screenshot of their homepage to check out their website.
  • Give a short description. To introduce you to the supplier and tell you about their unique features.
  • Discuss the pros & cons. This will help you to make an educated decision about which supplier to pick.
  • Check the store connection. If there's a way to connect the supplier to your dropshipping store, we will mention it!
  • Introduce their pricing plans. Some suppliers are free to use, while others require you to register for a paid monthly membership.

Let's go!

1. Syncee Review

Syncee homepage

Let's start the list with Syncee, a fantastic choice for a home decor supplier!

But don't set your mind just yet.

As you can see from Syncee's homepage, it offers more than six million dropshipping products from various categories:

Syncee all product categories

So, whether you are looking for a product in the pet niche or seeking that perfect office chair, you will probably find it in Syncee's Marketplace!

Here are some examples of home decor pieces found on Syncee:

Syncee home decor product examples


  • Chat with suppliers. Using Syncee’s built-in communication tool, you can ask suppliers some important questions before partnering with them.
  • Find suppliers based on location. You can easily find suppliers from the best dropshipping countries on Syncee.
  • Auto order feature. When integrated with Syncee, for example, using Syncee’s Shopify app, new orders are automatically forwarded to the supplier.


  • Pricing. If you want to publish more than 25 products on your store, Syncee will cost at least $49 per month if you pay monthly.

How do you connect Syncee to your store?

Syncee can be integrated with many ecommerce platforms. You can find more information on their website!

Syncee available integrations


Syncee’s pricing plans range from $29 to $99 per month (you need at least the Basic plan to start selling):

Syncee pricing plans

However, don't forget you can test any of the plans for 14 days without actual charges. And if you choose to pay annually, you can save up to eight monthly subscription costs!

2. AppScenic Review

AppScenic homepage

Next up is a great alternative to Syncee, AppScenic.

AppScenic's goal is to be the complete dropshipping toolkit with product syncing, auto-ordering, shipment tracking, and smart payments!

AppScenic dashboard home decor


  • A ton of worldwide dropshipping suppliers. You will find suppliers from the top dropshipping countries, including the US, EU, UK, Canada, and Australia!
  • Price syncing. There is an instant price sync between your products and the suppliers. This way, you will never miss a price change.
  • Auto-ordering. You can set up auto-orders and never worry about manually placing an order with your supplier again!
  • Lots of home decor products. At the moment of writing, AppScenic has over 35,000 home decor products to choose from:
AppScenic home decor product examples


  • Requires a paid monthly plan. The only downside to AppScenic is that it requires a paid monthly plan.
  • Transaction fee. AppScenic charges a transaction fee for all monthly plans except the Elite plan when paid yearly.

How do you connect AppScenic to your store?

At this moment, AppScenic can be connected to Shopify, WooCommerce, or Wix stores. More integrations are coming soon!

AppScenic integrations


AppScenic's pricing plans range from $24 to $78 per month (you need at least the Standard plan to start selling):

Pricing plans of AppScenic

AppScenic also has a free 7-day trial, so you can always try them out first!

3. Spocket Review

Homepage of Spocket

Spocket is a platform that works with many dropshipping suppliers and collects their products into a single product catalog. (Just like Syncee and AppScenic!)

Most dropshipping suppliers (80%) on Spocket are located in the United States or Europe. This has several advantages, such as faster shipping times!

Here are some examples of home decor items from Spocket's catalog:

Spocket home decor product examples


  • US & EU suppliers. Spocket mostly partners with suppliers from the US and EU. Often, this translates to faster shipping times and higher-quality products.
  • Free trial. Spocket offers a free 14-day trial, so you can try out the platform before committing to a paid plan.
  • Branded invoicing. If you want to brand your dropshipping store, you can upgrade to Spocket's Pro plan and unlock branded invoicing.


  • Less variety in home decor products. Although Spocket does offer some great home decor items, Syncee's and AppScenic's catalog does seem slightly more interesting.

How do you connect Spocket to your store?

Spocket offers integrations with most of the popular ecommerce platforms! You can check out their website for more information.

Spocket integrations


Spocket’s pricing plans are listed below:

Spocket pricing page

Tip: If you doubt which Spocket pricing plan to choose, check out this article!

If you’re interested in Spocket but don’t want to pay anything yet, you can sign up for their free 14-day trial or create a free account to browse through Spocket’s product catalog.

Exclusive Spocket offer: Enter the coupon code: SpocketTrial during checkout, and you'll instantly unlock a FREE 30-day trial. Click here to redeem your free trial now!

4. AliExpress Review

Homepage of AliExpress

AliExpress is probably the most popular dropshipping supplier.

Even though it has quite a few disadvantages, two advantages can make it worthwhile for some; easy accessibility and low prices.

AliExpress home decor product examples



  • Transparent. Because AliExpress is so accessible, competitors or customers often try to find your product on the platform.
  • Dishonest suppliers. Don't immediately believe anything an AliExpress supplier tells you. Check out this article to learn how to find the best suppliers on AliExpress.

How do you connect AliExpress to your store?

We recommend integrating AliExpress into your store using DSers or any of its 14 alternatives.

DSers homepage


AliExpress is free, but you may have to pay for your connection app. Tip: most features on DSers can be used for free as well!

All in all, dropshipping with AliExpress is still a profitable business model in 2023. But you need the right knowledge to find the best suppliers and get the fastest shipping times!

5. Zendrop Review

Zendrop homepage

If you want to dropship home decor from China or the US, Zendrop might be a great supplier for you.

You could say it's a tool built on top of AliExpress that adds loads of useful features, like automated fulfillment, faster shipping, and access to US products.

In the past, Zendrop had a bit of a questionable reputation.

However, they've recently upgraded the user interface and had a complete rebranding, and they're currently getting loads of positive reviews (for example, on their Shopify app).

Zendrop product catalog overview


  • Offers US fulfillment. If you don't want to deal with the long shipping times of AliExpress, you can look at Zendrop's US suppliers.
  • 24/7 support. You can use Zendrop's support team to get help for your business all around the clock.
  • Custom branding. Zendrop can help you get started with private labeling or something like adding a custom thank-you card to your packages.


  • Only works with Shopify. At this moment, you can only use Zendrop with a Shopify store.
  • Access to all features isn't free. If you need features like automated fulfillment or custom branding, you must sign up for Zendrop's Pro plan.

How do you connect Zendrop to your store?

You can connect your store using Zendrop's Shopify app.


Take a look at Zendrop's pricing plans below:

Zendrop pricing plans

6. BigBuy Review

BigBuy homepage

Looking to target the Spanian or European market?

If so, you may want to consider BigBuy.

As a Spanish dropshipping and wholesale supplier, BigBuy is a bit of a jack of all trades.

Besides offering dropshipping supplier services, they are also involved with wholesale, turnkey shops, multi-channel platform integrations, and more.

In BigBuy’s product catalog, you will find over 12,000 home decor items:

BigBuy home decor product examples


  • Great for home decor stores in Europe. BigBuy delivers across the whole of Europe and provides a product catalog translated into 24 European languages.
  • Personalization. When dropshipping with BigBuy, your store’s name and logo are added to the packages!
  • Reserve stock for free. If you're planning to sell a lot of a specific item, you can reserve stock at no additional cost.


  • The delivery times could be prone to delays. Although BigBuy scores very well on Trustpilot overall, most negative reviews seem to complain about BigBuy not being able to keep their promised delivery time.
  • Expensive. BigBuy’s monthly membership fee is relatively pricey for a European dropshipping supplier.

How do you connect BigBuy to your store?

Using BigBuy’s multi-channel integration, you can connect it to platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, or Magento.


To dropship with BigBuy, you will need their ‘Ecommerce Pack,' which costs €90 to register and €69 per month:

BigBuy dropshipping pricing plans

Discount code: Looking for a BigBuy discount code? You can use BigBuy20 to get 20% off on your first month!

7. 01Supply Review

01Supply homepage

01Supply is a marketplace specializing in local suppliers offering handmade products.

They're a relatively new supplier, but there are already over 250,000 products in 01Supply's catalog, including some great (handmade) home decor items:

01Supply home decor product examples


  • Focused on uniqueness and sustainability. If these values align with your business, 01Supply may be a great supplier for you!
  • Local suppliers. You can find suppliers from all over the world, including countries like Germany, France, and India.
  • Sourcing. You can submit sourcing requests for any product!


  • Not proven yet. 01Supply isn't that popular yet; their Shopify app currently has just eight reviews.
  • It can be relatively expensive. If you publish more than 25 products, you will have to pay at least $49 per month for 01Supply.

How do you connect 01Supply to your store?

01Supply only offers integration for Shopify stores through their app:

01Supply Shopify app


01Supply's pricing plans range from $0 to $99 per month. Yes, that means you can start for free!

01Supply pricing

8. DropCommerce Review

DropCommerce homepage

If you love high-quality products, you will love DropCommerce.

Every supplier at DropCommerce is hand-picked for unique, high-quality products and fast shipping.

Here are some examples of home decor products from DropCommerce:

DropCommerce home decor product examples


  • Only US or Canadian dropshipping suppliers. DropCommerce exclusively offers 300+ North American dropshipping suppliers.
  • No transaction fees. At DropCommerce, you only pay a membership fee. No transaction fees appear on top of the product prices.
  • Fast shipping. Since all products are shipped from the US or Canada, DropCommerce's shipping time is only three to five days!
  • Branded invoicing. Give your store a professional look by using DropCommerce's branded invoicing feature.


  • Missing features for cheaper plans. For some awesome features like automated fulfillment, you must pay for the $89 per month plan.
  • Expensive products. Products on DropCommerce can be relatively pricey, making it harder to make a profit when selling them in your own store.

How do you connect DropCommerce to your store?

You can integrate DropCommerce with Shopify, BigCommerce, or Wix stores:

DropCommerce integrations


DropCommerce's pricing plans start at $19 per month. If you want access to advanced features or need more than 25 products, you can upgrade to the ‘Growth,' ‘Professional,' or ‘Executive' plans.

Keep in mind that paying per year can save you more than 50% of the membership fee per month. Also, you can try every plan using a free 14-day trial!

DropCommerce pricing plans

9. SaleHoo Review

Homepage of SaleHoo

SaleHoo is a company from New Zealand with quite a history. They have been in business since 2005 and have helped over 137,000 people to grow their businesses.

During all of those years, SaleHoo has collected over 8,000 dropshipping suppliers in their directory!

Many of SaleHoo's suppliers are located in the US. However, you will also find them located in countries like the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

You can check out this page for SaleHoo's list of best home decor products to sell:

SaleHoo most popular home decor product


  • Vetted suppliers. You won’t have to worry about picking a good dropshipping supplier on SaleHoo. They thoroughly check each supplier before putting them in the supplier directory.
  • A wide range of products for your general store. SaleHoo offers 8,000+ pre-vetted suppliers and 2.5 million+ unique products to sell online.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like SaleHoo after trying them out, you can just send them an email to get your money back.


  • Limited search filters. For example, you can’t filter suppliers based on location if you’re specifically looking for US dropshipping suppliers.
  • It’s just a supplier directory. When using SaleHoo, the main thing you are paying for is access to their supplier directory.

How do you connect SaleHoo to your store?

Again, since SaleHoo is a supplier directory, this will depend on the supplier you will be working with.

Some suppliers will require you to send them orders manually, while others will offer an integration with your store if it is on an ecommerce platform like Shopify.


Access to SaleHoo’s supplier directory costs $67 per year or $127 for the lifetime plan.

SaleHoo also offers a 7-day $1 trial if you want to check the suppliers first before committing! To learn more about that, click here.

SaleHoo pricing plan

10. Hill Interiors Review

Hill Interiors homepage

Hill Interiors is a wholesale company specializing in home decor, interiors, and accessories.

However, don't worry; they've also launched a dropship service that you can use to deliver products from Hill Interiors directly to your customers.

Let's take a look at their pros and cons:


  • A specialized home decor supplier. When contacting Hill Interiors, you can be sure they will have lots of knowledge about them!
  • Lots of experience. Hill Interiors has 45 years of experience and now offers over 2,500 products.


  • Only for the UK. Hill Interiors only ships within the British Mainland.
  • Manual orders. Hill Interiors doesn't offer an integration or API connection to your store, so you must fulfill orders manually.

How do you connect Hill Interiors to your store?

Currently, you can't connect Hill Interiors to your store, and you have to log into the Hill Interiors website to place an order.


There is no monthly membership needed for the dropship program of Hill Interiors!

More dropshipping suppliers

Not sure yet if the dropshipping suppliers in this list fit with you and your business? Or are you curious to see what other suppliers are out there?

Great! Check out the articles below for more great dropshipping suppliers:

Plus, don’t forget to check our guide on how to choose the best dropshipping supplier!

Taking action

Reading and absorbing information and knowledge is great (definitely if it’s free!), but do you know what’s even better?

Taking action!

So, to help you with taking action with what you have learned in this article, take a look at the bullet points:

  • Remember that picking a supplier that connects with your ecommerce platform will make it much easier to run your dropshipping store!
  • It’s even better if you can find a supplier that connects with your ecommerce platform and is located in your target audience’s country.
  • Check out our overview table and see if you can find one!
  • If you found a supplier, register for a free account (if available), and check if they offer the products you want to sell.
  • If you didn’t find the right supplier in this article, check out our other lists here.
  • Lastly, if you’re unsure if the home decor niche is the right fit, check out 25 other niche ideas here.

Final verdict

If you work with the right dropshipping suppliers, the home decor niche is definitely one where you can find some fantastic products to sell.

But which home decor suppliers are the best in 2023?

In our opinion, the best home decor dropshipping suppliers to use in 2023 are Syncee, AppScenic, or Spocket.

If you want another overview of the other options, here is the overview table from the start of the article:

SupplierLocationPricingRead Review
SynceeWorldwide$24 / $49 / $99 per monthSyncee Review
AppScenicWorldwide$24 / $47 / $78 per monthAppScenic Review
SpocketUS/EU$30 / $50 / $100 per monthSpocket Review
AliExpressChinaFreeAliExpress Review
ZendropChina/US$0 / $49 / $79 per monthZendrop Review
BigBuySpain/EU€69 / €99 per month + €90 one-timeBigBuy Review
01SupplyWorldwide$0 / $19 / $49 / $99 per month01Supply Review
DropCommerceUS/CA$19 / $49 / $89 / $149 per monthDropCommerce Review
SaleHooWorldwide$67 per year / $127 lifetimeSaleHoo Review
Hill InteriorsUKFreeHill Interiors Review

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. And good luck with your choice!

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