Do you want to start a dropshipping business with print on demand but don’t know where to start with a supplier?

You come to the right article to go over the best print on demand companies and suppliers for your business!

These suppliers are worldwide, so you can see what works best for your location – pain-free.

Now, are you wondering if this will impact your choice of having a general store or a niche store? 

Don’t worry! This article is split into free and paid suppliers to best suit your business:

  • The best print on demand suppliers that offer products in all kinds of niches. (General products)
  • The best print on demand suppliers that are focused on a specific niche.

Are you ready? Here are our best pod suppliers to check out!

The Best Print on Demand Suppliers: An Overview

Before starting the article, we would like to show you this overview of all the best print on demand suppliers covered in this article:

Supplier Niche Pricing Read Review
Printful General $0 / $9/ $49 per month Printful Review
CustomCat General $0 / $30 per month CustomCat Review
Printify General $0 / $29 per month Printify Review
SPOD General $0 per month SPOD Review
Gooten General $0 per month Gooten Review
Printy6 General $0 per month Printy6 Review
JetPrint General $0 per month JetPrint Review
Teelaunch General $0 per month Teelaunch Review
Print Aura General $0 per month Print Aura Review
Sellfy General $0 / $19 / $49/ $99 per month Sellfy Review
Cafe Press General $0 / $7 / $15 per month Cafe Press Review
Zazzle General $0 / $19/ $39 per month Zazzle Review
T-Pop Eco-friendly $0 per month T-Pop Review
Scalable Press Shirts $0 per month Scalable Press Review
Gelato Art & Stationery $0 / $8 per month Gelato Review

The best general print on demand companies

We’ll start the list with suppliers with the most variety and available products.

We look through these suppliers based on these benchmarks:

  • Trustworthiness
  • Pricing
  • Product catalog
  • Customer service
  • Order processing time

To add more info that will be easier to decide which supplier for you, we will:

  • Have a link to their website. The links are in the title of suppliers’ names and screenshots of their homepage.
  • Showcase the supplier. learning about the supplier and what they excel at.
  • List the pros and cons. We’ll identify what makes a supplier fantastic and what other suppliers need to work on.
  • What integrations the supplier uses for your store. An easy way for you to find out how as simple as possible.
  • What are their pricing plans are. So you know if they fit your budget.

Let’s get started with the first supplier!

1. Printful Review

printful homepage

Printful is one of the most popular pod suppliers out there. 

They offer a way of embroidery, direct to garment printing, sublimation, and more. They even allow custom branding with stickers and personal notes in every order shipped.

Their mock-up generator and integrations for the most used ecommerce platforms make it a welcoming supplier that can work with most pod stores.


  • No outsourcing. Everything you experience with printful is in a whole house. The communication and product sourcing to be efficient when it’s all under the same management.
  • Quality. Since everything is made in-house at Printful, the quality of the products is reliable and well made. One of the best product quality per dollar spent compared to the competition.
printful quality investment
Printful’s quality page


  • Expensive. With a consistently high quality of products, printful is one of the more costly suppliers around. It’s a price you pay for, but it’s often worth it.
  • Has a cluttered user interface. With such a robust overhead on their website, it’s often too much info to work with and can be challenging to navigate.
website interface from printful
Printful Dashboard

How do you connect Printful to your store?

Super easy! Printful is one of the most integrated POD suppliers and can be on a Shopify website within a few clicks.


Printful is free to use on all platforms!

However, they also have two paid tiers:

printful pricing

Plus and Pro, for $9/mo and $49/mo, respectively. With these, you’re getting access to a lot more design tools to place on your products, such as removing the background and high-quality images & art. 

2. CustomCat Review

custom cat homepage

CustomCat is from the US and is known for its super speedy shipping times of 2-3 days after an order is placed.

They offer direct-to-garment, unique 3d dye infusion, and sublimation.

You’ll find about Custom Cat’s catalog that it’s a considerable size and noticeably more significant than any other supplier!

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  • Easy to use. It’s a joy to go through signing up and connecting your store ready to sell.
  • Super fast shipping. CustomCat is one of the quickest POD suppliers in the market. If speed is of enormous importance to your business, then Custom Cat is worth looking into for that.


  • There are only four ecommerce platforms. This means if you’re not using the major ecommerce platforms, then Custom Cat cant be used.
  • Only ships from the US. While this is great if your customers are only in the US, international orders are guaranteed to be slower than other suppliers. 

How do you connect CustomCat to your store?

custom cat integrations

CustomCat is on four ecommerce platforms: Shopify, Woocommerce, BigCommerce, and Etsy.

The process is quite simple as you need to sign in to their website, connect it to your store, and fill it with your designed products.


Custom Cat has two pricing plans:

  • The lite plan has no cost and is ready for everyone.
  • The custom cast plan is $30/month. The biggest perk is a reduced order cost for all products! For example, a shirt can cost $9, but with this plan, it’ll now cost $7.

3. Printify Review

Printify homepage

Printify allows you to access the most print on demand suppliers globally. Because of this, you’re allowed to source the best materials and products based on your budget, shipping speed, and quality.

Printify also has Premium and enterprise plans with a massive discount for business.

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  • Connections to various suppliers to source from a massive catalog of products. This means you’ll have access to the most products available than any other POD supplier.
printify suppliers
Printify’s supplier choices
  • Lower than average product costs. Printify has gotten itself into a favorable war on price with the competition. There’s a lot to see and gain through many suppliers, and some are only found with printify.


  • Spotty quality. Since there are so many suppliers to choose from with Printify, it’s hard for them to test and verify that all suppliers’ products are of good quality to sell. So your experience may be inconsistent.
  • Shipping times can be slow based on the supplier. Due to having suppliers all around the world, some only source unique products from countries like China which can have a long waiting time for a customer in the U.S.

How do you connect Printify to your store?

Printify allows the most prominent ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce. They also offer connections with Etsy and eBay. 

printify integrations


printify pricing

Printify has a generous free tier that allows unlimited products in five active stores.

Premium tier expands the active stores to ten and offers a 20% discount on all products.

The most expensive tier, enterprise, allows everything previous and unlimited stores. They recommend this tier for owners generating over 10,000 orders a day.

4. SPOD Review

spod homepage

With two-day shipping, SPOD is one of the fastest shipping print on demand suppliers money can buy!

SPOD has a lot of printing options such as laser transfer, remarkable flex, and digital printing. SPOD innovates by allowing the store’s customers to customize their products with their designs. 


  • Fantastic usability of the website. The navigation and ease of use of the website is something that an absolute beginner would have no trouble with at all.
  • Speedy shipping times. If you want to get your product in the hands of your customer ASAP, then SPOD is for you. You’re almost guaranteed a two-day shipping time on all orders.
spod facilities


  • Limited variety. The competition for their price offers more POD products and variants.
  • No marketplace integrations. More details below, but they do not connect with websites like Etsy and eBay.

How do you connect SPOD to your store?

spod integrations

SPOD offers powerful ecommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCartel, but they do not provide connections with marketplace websites like Etsy or eBay.


Free to use! There are no other pricing tiers available.

5. Gooten Review

gooten homepage

Gooten is an all-around apparel, home decor, and accessories supplier that ships around 1-6 business days.

They combine their proprietary technology and operational expertise with a global network of 30+ best-in-class manufacturing partners!


  • Flat rate shipping. All orders will always have flat shipping to every location they can ship to.
  • White label customer support. Many suppliers can have difficulty allowing full access to email and phone support, but Gooten does it all for everyone.


  • Must contact dales to sign up. It’s quite the hassle to require everyone to talk with a sales rep to use Gooten, especially when the competitors don’t do this at all.
  • No decision in choosing a supplier. While some might consider this a positive that you don’t have to choose your supplier, Gooten eliminates that and decides based on your needs. The lack of freedom can be a turn-off for some.

How do you connect Gooten to your store?

gooten integrations

Grooten offers integration with all major ecommerce platforms!


gooten pricing

Free! There are business partner offers available.

6. Printy6 Review

printy6 homepage

Printy6 only integrates with Shopify and ships from China. Due to this, their shipping times are noticeably longer than average.

What Printy6 excels at is quality products for low prices, such as home decor, apparel, and other home goods products.

printy6 stats


  • Inexpensive products. Due to China’s highly efficient manufacturing, their products are super affordable.
printy6 products


  • Often long shipping times. Due to the location of China, the shipping can take 10-20 days to reach customers, which is difficult when the competition is much faster.

How do you connect Printy6 to your store?

You can easily connect your store with Shopify, WooCommerce, and other platforms.


Free to use! Printify6 has no other tiers to choose from.

7. JetPrint Review

jetprint homepage

JetPrint specializes in print on demand watches, shoes, and home decor items.

They have the most robust mock-up generator across various products to show off.


  • The cheapest available products. JetPrint is from China, and they manufacture their products down to a science that allows them to be sufficient.
jet print products
  • Beautiful mock-up photos: JetPrint knows how to make your product look great when designing a product with them.


  • Long shipping times. They can only ship from China, so expect 13-18 business days for your product to be reached. 
  • Meddling product quality. To create such beautiful prices, JetPrint has to manufacture products that may not be the kind of quality you would like

How do you connect JetPrint to your store?

They only offer integrations with Shopify and Woocommerce – no one else!


Free to use! JetPrint has no other tiers to choose from.

8. Teelaunch Review

teelaunch homepage

Teelaunch has strong integrations with platforms like Etsy and Shopify, so this could be for you if you use those platforms.

Teelaunch offers the latest laser etching and all-over printing for garments.

cooking teelaunch products

Shipping is often 3-6, and they have a valuable tool for ordering products in person.


  • Easy and free to use. Teelaunch has the astonishing most minor steps to use them than most other suppliers.
  • A lot of shirt variations. What’s probably due to the lack of products means Teelaunch cares a lot about the different colors and sizes of their limited catalog.
teelaunch products


  • Long shipping times. While there is no indication for this, the launch has one of the longer shipping times, and it can be over that because there’s no guarantee.
  • Limited products. Teelaunch specializes in shirts, so you won’t find it with them if you need something else.

How do you connect Teelaunch to your store?

Teelaunch integrates with Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Etsy, and their API resource.


Free! Teelaunch offers no other tiers to choose from.

9. Print Aura Review

print aura homepage

Print Aura is another print on demand supplier that follows the competition. Their shipping times are a standard 3-5 days that feature apparel, mugs, posters, and others.

Print Aura doesn’t have anything else notable other than the average kind of POD products you’ve come to expect from the competition.


  • Excellent customer service. Print aura is one of the first POD suppliers to exist. Their communication system with help has been regarded as the top tier throughout the years.


  • Outdated website design. Due to their long-lasting appeal, their website feels dated compared to the newer POD suppliers out there.
aura printing mock up
  • Nothing special. While they succeed well in their customer services, just about every aspect of using them falls short of the competition. This makes it hard to recommend them.

How do you connect Print Aura to your store?

print aura integrations

Print Aura works with Shopify, Storenvy, Etsy, Woocomerce, and Open Cart.


Free to use with no other tiers to choose from!

10. Sellfy Review

sellfy homepage

Sellfy is a complete front-end all solutions platform. This means Sellfy is built to be the place for all your business needs right from their website!

This means that they do it all for you, from website creation, product creation, and shipping. You handle the upkeep and marketing of the business.


  • Easy to use. Sellfy has a straightforward signup process and easy-to-navigate site use. It’s a beautiful experience to do so much.
  • Built-in POD system. Unlike other suppliers, you can operate your business purely from Sellfy’s website. This means you don’t have to use other companies and software to run your business.
sellfy website


  • They have limited payment gateways. Currently, they only offer payments through PayPal and stripe. No other types are available, like credit cards are allowed.
  • No bulk discounts. If you want to buy a lot at once to save costs, Sellfy does not allow any value to encourage that. If you love to save a lot through bulk purchases, then Sellfy is not for you. 

How do you connect Sellfy to your store?

None because you use their platform only.


sellfy pricing plans

Sellfy has four tiers:

  • Free – that allows up to ten products.
  • Starter $19/mo – unlimited products, custom domain, and subscription & digital products.
  • Business $49/mo – remove selfy branding, development upscaling.
  • Premium $99/mo – Full email support and customer service priority.

11. Cafe Press Review

cafe press homepage

Cafe Press is not a traditional POD platform that integrates with your existing website.

Instead, Cafe Press hosts a store for you, so you don’t have to worry about maintenance and upkeep to run your business.


  • Scaled royalty structure. While more covered in the pricing section further down, Cafe Press has a robust royalty system, unlike other POD suppliers. The more sales you get, the more you’re rewarded.
  • Easy to use. The setup to upload designs right on the platform is simple and easy to use. Since the entire storefront is from them, you don’t have to do anything besides uploading and marketing the products.


  • Complaints about quality. The quality of the products seems to be inconsistent based on the reviews of current and past users.
  • Long lead times. The production time on the average product is slower than the average POD supplier (4-7 days).

How do you connect Cafe Press to your store?

Cafe Press does not have any ecommerce integrations. It’s a standalone storefront platform.

If you want a POD supplier that integrates into your ecommerce store, you’ll need to find a different supplier.


cafe press pricing

Cafe Press offers two pricing structures:

  • Option A has no upfront charges. With this choice, you’ll get royalty on anything you sell. CafePress will deduct 10%, up to $10 max.
  • Option B is a pre-pay and save. You can pay $6.95 for one month, $18.45 for a month, $34.95 for a month, or $59.95 for a year (carrying the all-out cost to $5/month).

    In return for these installments, you don’t pay the 10%. This is the better choice for stores with high volumes.

Pretty cool, right?

12. Zazzle Review

zazzle homepage

Zazzle is an online marketplace that offers people the opportunity to make and sell their items.

Created in 2005, it is one of the more established POD platforms. It works similar to Etsy and Redbubble, where they provide the storefront for you.


  • Special shipping program. With the Zazzle Black tier, the shipping rates can go down to 2-3 days with great pricing options. mOre information on that further down to the pricing section.
  • Wide variety of products. Zazzle hosts one of the largest catalogs of products with over 1000.
zazzle products


  • Complex structure for sellers. Zazzle shows and sells more cumbersome products in their menu system than the competition. It’s a learning curve you’ll have to accept.
  • Net 30 on all sales. You have to wait 30 days to receive your profit of sales. (Source)

How do you connect Zazzle to your store?

Zazzle does not have any ecommerce integrations. It’s a standalone storefront platform. If you want to integrate into your ecommerce, you’ll need to find a different supplier.


There is the Zazzle Black tier. It costs either $9.95/month for Standard or $39.95/year for Premium.

Here’s a bit more information to help you make a choice:

  • Zazzle Black Standard uses limitless standard shipping for qualifying items.
  • Zazzle Black Premium adds unlimited 2-3 days shipping for qualifying items.

People who buy many products for themselves might profit from the reserve fund’s free shipping offers.

The best niche print on demand companies

With all general POD suppliers out of the way, we can now start with those genuinely specialized in a particular niche.

One advantage of working with a niche POD supplier is that they are likely to have high-quality products of a particular type you’re looking for.

1. T-Pop Review (Eco friendly)

eco friendly print on demand

T-Pop comes from France and ships directly from the city. they focus on apparel and accessories with various variants, colors, and sizes.

This makes them one of the most significant suppliers from Europe you can rely on.


  • UK friendly. T-Pop is a giant supplier for the UK and worth looking into if most of your customers are from Europe.
  • Environment friendly. T-pop takes its recycling and quality of recycled materials seriously. Not many suppliers care, but T-Pop’s generosity brings people back together.
a commitment to the environment


  • Long shipping for non-UK customers. The shipping times from France can be passable for European-based customers, but it’s a hassle for anyone outside of that country.
  • Expensive. Maybe this is due to the operation costs in France, but the pricing for the quality you’re getting is high for about the same quality as the other top tier suppliers.

How do you connect T-Pop to your store?

T-Pop allows integration with Shopify, Woocommerce, and Etsy.

great integration tpop

While the list is pretty barren compared to the rest of the pod suppliers, they also allow direct orders without needing a website.


Free! There are no other tiers or fees to use T-Pop 

2. Scalable Press Review (Shirts)

scalable press home page

Scalable Press is a new POD supplier! Their pricing is competitive such as a Bella Canvas shirt starting at $9 with shipping.

The turn arounds can very and not have a reliable way of estimating arrival to your customers.

Scalable Press’s place in the competition is in bulk orders and more prominent brands than small independent brands.


  • Fast and reliable customer support. Their turnaround times on emails and phone calls have been fast, as reported by their customers.
  • The best price for bulk orders. As previously mentioned, their products can be very competitively priced in bulk orders.
scalable press shirts


  • Low print quality. Their use of DPI is 200, which is often not good enough for images to be as clear to the competition as they average 400PDI. 
  • Shipping times can vary. It seems Scalable Press has the most complaints about their order arrival than the competition.
  • Only integrate with API and Direct orders. This means in the order you want the scalable Press to work for your website automatically, you have to set an API that will require JSON coding knowledge to work.
scalable api

How do you connect Scalable Press to your store?

As previously mentioned, only via API. 


Scalable Press is free to use! No other tiers are available.

3. Gelato Review

gelato homepage

Gelato is a massive supplier that sources from over 100 print partners worldwide. 

There’s something for the creative audiences with an intensive library of art and stationery products.


  • Many integrations. It doesn’t matter what platform you want to work with. Gelato can connect to all of them via their integration or API.
  • Fast shipping. Most of the reviews on Trustpilot mention that their shipping is fast!


  • Intense signup process. With Gelato, they want to know a lot about you before using them. It’s uncertain why that is, but customers have been vocal about how Gelato should listen to their customers.
  • The shipping price is an extra fee. It may surprise some users that Gelato doesn’t add pricing about shipping until the end of the checkout process. It can be pretty daunting to see the price skyrocket than what was said beforehand.

How do you connect Gelato to your store?

gelato integrations

Gelato integrates with Shopify and Woocommerce, Wix, BigCommerce, Squarespace, and direct API integration.


There are two different versions of Gelato:

The standard free tier will work for everyone, and for Gelato+, for $8/mo, you will have access to things like Gelato Reviews, more products, and Shutterstock photos that you can use.

Why would you dropship print on demand products?

When thinking about what makes print on demand worth trying out is:

  • No inventory
  • Access to unique products
  • In complete control of how the products look
  • Have acceptably long shipping times

When you combine these core traits of a POD, you’ll find the process easy to manage and make a profit from.

It’s a fulfillment model that will never be saturated or die out. The demand for unique graphics and niches for sure people is critical in making a successful pod store.

For more information, check out our in-depth beginner’s guide here!

What should you ask yourself dropshipping suppliers before working with them?

A supplier for the pod is essentially the most crucial aspect of your success. 

Their effort to create your products with your design and ship them directly is a considerable reliance.

That reliance is why you should test and go over the pros and cons to determine which one is the right for you.

Also, if you have any further questions about them, there are many helpful ways to contact them!

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What are the most popular payment gateways for POD stores?

Choosing a payment gateway is essential for your store and why we’ll be covering it to make sure you’re aware.

A payment gateway is a third-party processor that collects the credit card and transfers the funds to you without storing the card on your website.

Send money pay online with paypal

You’re probably wondering why you shouldn’t store their credit card information, and the answer is it’s a security risk. If your website were to get hacked or have a security breach, the information on your website can be collected and sold to evil people who would use it.

Now let’s look at the most common payment processors: 

  • PayPal. Undoubtedly, the juggernaut in the payment industry with reliance and low fees. If there’s one that every website can benefit from a payment processor, it’s PayPal.
  • Stripe. Similar to Paypal, their fees and benefits can differ by the type of business. Lower chargeback fees and longer wait times for transferring money are noticeable differences.
  • Square. What separates Square from the rest is their benefits are for in-person transactions. While that’s not ideal for many POD businesses, it’s a good option if you wish to expand offline events.

If you’re struggling to find which one to use, then check out our article here!

Print on Demand FAQs

Now you’re aware of the print on demand companies and what they can do for you, let’s look at the common questions that get asked a lot.

It’s safe to say there s a lot of insecurities that determine how we go about:

What do I do with a returned project?

This is a common issue among all POD stores because you have to deal with inventory and shipping of the product yourself.

While some can see this as a major inconvenience, there are many great ways you can use that to your advantage.

One uses the returned product to create photos for marketing and show off what it looks like and how it works.

Another idea is using it for a giveaway where you have people complete a task such as following you on Instagram or signing up for your email newsletter. You can then randomly choose a person who will receive your product for free.

How do I start a POD store?

The process is relatively easy as anyone with a working computer, internet, and a small sum of money can begin their online POD store within hours.

We have an article on the step-by-step guide on how to do that!

What does a successful POD store look like?

You’re in luck because we have the article showing what 15 other POD stores are doing and what you can learn from them.

While looking through, notice the things you see the most often and try implementing them in your way. If a lot of stores are doing something, then it must be working!

Final verdict

That was it!

While the suppliers can differ in what kind of products you want to sell, some are far more well-rounded to work for almost anyone.

So, what is our final verdict?

What is the best print on demand supplier in 2022?

In our opinion, the best print on demand supplier in 2022 is Printful, and we recommend them to anyone who wants to sell POD products.

Printify is our next choice due to the number of products and other suppliers you can source from. While the quality can be spottier than Printful, the amount you can work with is a fair trade-off.

If you’re still second-guessing, let’s take a look at our overview from earlier:

Supplier Niche Pricing
Printful General $0 / $9/ $49 per month
CustomCat General $0 / $30 per month
Printify General $0 / $29 per month
SPOD General $0 per month
Gooten General $0 per month
Printy6 General $0 per month
JetPrint General $0 per month
Teelaunch General $0 per month
Print Aura General $0 per month
Sellfy General $0 / $19 / $49/ $99 per month
Cafe Press General $0 / $7 / $15 per month
Zazzle General $0 / $19/ $39 per month
T-Pop Eco-friendly $0 per month
Scalable Press Shirts $0 per month
Gelato Art & Stationery $0 / $8 per month

Feel free to leave a comment below if you have questions or comments to share!

Best of luck with your chosen supplier and have a great day!

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