Did you know that, according to PDI Technologies, 68% of Americans are willing to pay more for eco-friendly products compared to competitors that are not sustainable?

That's right, as we all become more aware of our environmental footprint, there's a growing demand for eco-friendly products.

This is where eco-friendly dropshipping comes into play!

In this article, we've compiled a list of the best eco-friendly dropshipping suppliers.

The 11 Best Eco-Friendly Dropshipping Suppliers

Let's get started!

The Best Eco-Friendly Dropshipping Suppliers: An Overview

For a quick overview of the best eco-friendly dropshipping suppliers, check out the table below:

SupplierNicheLocationPricingRead Review
Jungle CultureWooden items & soapsWorldwideFreeJungle Culture Review
SynceeGeneralWorldwide$29 / $49 / $99 per monthSyncee Review
DropCommerceUnique itemsNorth America$19 / $49 / $89 / $149 per monthDropCommerce Review
OrderchampGeneralUK / Europe€79 / €159 / €239 per monthOrderchamp Review
AppScenicGeneralWorldwide$24 / $47 / $78 per monthAppScenic Review
VGANGMainly skincareUS / UK$0 / $35 / $105 per monthVGANG Review
01SupplyGeneralWorldwide$0 / $19 / $49 / $99 per month01Supply Review
OK CapsuleSupplementsUSFree (But demanding requirements)OK Capsule Review
SpocketGeneralUS / Europe$40 / $60 / $100 / $299 per monthSpocket Review
viaGlamourCosmeticsCanada$0 / $49 / $99 / $149 per monthviaGlamour Review
DR.HC Cosmetic LabCosmeticsUS$99 per month / $599 per three monthsDR.HC Cosmetic Lab Review

Found your supplier? Read our A-Z dropshipping guide here to determine your next step!

How do you choose the best eco-friendly dropshipping supplier?

Understanding your target market

As you've seen in the table above, there are plenty of eco-friendly suppliers available.

So how do you know which is the best choice?

We recommend looking at the following criteria:

  • Sustainability. Investigate why a supplier is eco-friendly and whether that aligns with your goals. Do they sell organic products? Are they using renewable energy sources? What about their waste management practices?
  • Your target country. Where is your target audience located? Do you see any suppliers located in the same country? If so, you may be able to offer faster shipping times for your customers and save on shipping fees.
  • Your budget. How much money are you willing to spend on your supplier?
  • Your ecommerce platformIf your supplier offers an integration app for your ecommerce platform, it will save you a lot of time and effort when importing products and processing orders!
  • Supplier's reputation. Look for suppliers with a proven track record of providing high-quality products and receiving positive reviews from other customers. Remember, eco-friendly doesn't mean lower quality - your customers will expect durable and well-made products.

You can apply these criteria to the list of suppliers and see which suppliers match!

Then, you can pick one of these suppliers by looking at their product catalog, pros & cons, or you can try out the first option.

For instance, if you target the US and run a Shopify store, then Syncee or DropCommerce would be great choices!

However, if you're selling in the UK, you might want to look at Orderchamp or VGANG instead.

Tip: Don't forget to read our in-depth guide on eco-friendly dropshipping here!

The 11 best eco-friendly dropshipping suppliers

Ready to find the perfect eco-friendly dropshipping supplier for your store?

That’s awesome!

To help you make the most out of this article, we will do the following for each supplier:

  • Include a link to their website. You can either click on the title or the screenshot of their homepage to check out their website.
  • Give a short description. To introduce you to the supplier and tell you about their unique features.
  • Discuss the pros & cons. This will help you to make an informed decision about which supplier to pick.
  • Check the store connection. If there's a way to connect the supplier to your dropshipping store, we will mention it!
  • Introduce their pricing plans. Some suppliers are free, while others require a paid monthly membership.

Let's go!

Note: We also made a list of the best eco-friendly print on demand suppliers here!

1. Jungle Culture Review

Jungle Culture homepage

After the founders of Jungle Culture realized that 500 million plastic straws are discarded each year, they started selling ethically sourced, reusable bamboo straws in 2018.

And guess what?

It is currently the #1 best-selling bamboo straw product on Amazon!

After a successful start, Jungle Culture has expanded its product line with many other eco-friendly products:

Jungle Culture product examples

To create these products, Jungle Culture is committed to ethical sourcing, working closely with small farms and craft workshops, primarily in Vietnam.

Although Jungle Culture is mainly focused on wholesale instead of dropshipping, there is no minimum order quantity, and they accept transparent dropshipping stores, as you can read on their FAQ page.


  • A 'zero-waste' supplier. Jungle Culture does not sell any single-use, non-recyclable materials. Plus, all products come either package-free or packaged in recyclable kraft paper or cardboard.
  • Ethical sourcing. They prioritize ethical supply chains, sourcing products from small farms.
  • Global reach. Their products are stocked in over 25 countries.
  • High-quality products. Jungle Culture's products look amazing and get great reviews on Amazon.
  • No minimum order quantities. Although Jungle Culture does not focus on dropshipping, they have no minimum order quantities. Even for custom laser-engraved products!
  • Visits to partners. Jungle Culture ensures fairly treated workers and a plastic-free supply chain by personally visiting partner farms and factories:
Jungle Culture meet the maker


  • Limited product categories. Jungle Culture mostly focuses on wooden eco-friendly items or soaps, which may not suit all dropshipping stores.
  • Geographical limitations. Even though Jungle Culture's products are stocked in 25 countries, shipping times and costs could be a concern (depending on your location). For example, all European orders are shipped from a warehouse in Germany.
  • No neutral packaging. Some products are shipped in packaging that contains Jungle Culture's brand:
Jungle Culture product example

How do you connect Jungle Culture to your store?

There are two options to connect Jungle Culture to your store:

  1. Sign up for Syncee. Syncee is an automation platform that lists various dropshipping suppliers, including Jungle Culture.
  2. Contact Jungle Culture directly. You can complete the form here to apply as a dropshipping partner. Note that, with this option, you won't have access to Syncee's automation features.


Jungle Culture doesn't ask for a monthly fee; you will just have to pay for the product and shipping costs.

2. Syncee Review

Syncee homepage

Syncee is a global B2B dropshipping platform that allows dropshippers to easily source, manage, and sell products from suppliers all over the world.

As you can see from Syncee's homepage, it offers more than eight million dropshipping products from various categories.

You'll find these at suppliers from the US, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, and more!

And when it comes to eco-friendly products, Syncee doesn't disappoint.

In fact, you will find a dedicated product category called 'Eco-friendly':

Syncee eco-friendly product category


  • Many eco-friendly products. Syncee has over 6,000 eco-friendly products in its catalog!
  • Chat with suppliers. Using Syncee’s built-in communication tool, you can ask suppliers some important questions before partnering with them.
  • Find suppliers based on location. You can easily find suppliers from the best dropshipping countries on Syncee.
  • Auto order feature. When integrated with Syncee, for example, using Syncee’s Shopify app, new orders are automatically forwarded to the supplier.
  • Easy integration with ecommerce platforms. Syncee supports all major ecommerce platforms.


  • You rely on external suppliers. As a marketplace, the product quality and delivery times on Syncee vary depending on the individual supplier you work with.

How do you connect Syncee to your store?

Syncee can be integrated with many ecommerce platforms. You can find more information on their website!

Syncee integrations


Syncee's pricing plans range from $29 to $99 per month (you need at least the Basic plan to start selling):

Pricing of Syncee

Full Review: Syncee Review: Does It Have the Best Global Suppliers?

3. DropCommerce Review

DropCommerce homepage

If you run a US-based dropshipping business focused on sustainability, you will love DropCommerce.

DropCommerce connects dropshippers with trusted North American suppliers.

Every supplier at DropCommerce is hand-picked for unique, high-quality products and fast shipping.

Plus, the great thing about DropCommerce is their 'values' filter, which includes 'Eco-friendly' as an option:

DropCommerce eco-friendly filter

Here are some examples of eco-friendly products from DropCommerce:

DropCommerce eco-friendly product examples


  • Only US or Canadian dropshipping suppliers. DropCommerce exclusively offers 400+ North American dropshipping suppliers.
  • Guaranteed orders. DropCommerce offers an order guarantee - if your order isn't delivered, they'll refund you.
  • No transaction fees. At DropCommerce, you only pay a membership fee. No transaction fees appear on top of the product prices.
  • Fast shipping. Since all products are shipped from the US or Canada, DropCommerce's shipping time is only three to five days!
  • Branded invoicing. Give your store a professional look by using DropCommerce's branded invoicing feature.


  • Missing features for cheaper plans. For some awesome features like automated fulfillment, you must pay for the $89 per month plan.
  • Expensive products. Products on DropCommerce can be relatively pricey, making it harder to make a profit when selling them in your own store.
  • Geographical restriction. Being focused on the US and Canada can limit your options to offer international shipping.

How do you connect DropCommerce to your store?

DropCommerce integrates with Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix, and Shoplazza:

DropCommerce ecommerce platforms integrations


DropCommerce's pricing plans start at $19 per month. If you want access to advanced features or need more than 25 products, you can upgrade to the ‘Growth,' ‘Professional,' or ‘Executive' plans.

Keep in mind that paying per year can save you more than 50% of the membership fee per month. Lastly, you can try every plan using a free 14-day trial!

DropCommerce pricing

4. Orderchamp Review

Orderchamp homepage

Orderchamp is one of the newest dropshipping supplier marketplaces currently available.

In fact, they officially launched in October 2023!

At the moment of writing, they still have a waiting list for new applicants.

This is actually a great thing because it shows that they want to learn from their customers and offer the best user experience!

Once you enter the Orderchamp marketplace, you will find products from around 7,000 brands:

Orderchamp brands

Orderchamp even supports you in reducing buyer risk, as you get the lowest minimum order values, free shipping above €250, and the possibility to pay after delivery (for up to 60 days).

Orderchamp product examples


  • Eco-friendly. Sustainability is a top priority for many brands you find on Orderchamp. Plus, many products are either handmade or use natural or organic materials.
  • Automation. Orderchamp offers a fully automated solution, covering everything from inventory selection to order management and delivery.
Orderchamp automation
  • Not on Amazon. Orderchamp does not allow third-party marketplace resellers (Amazon, Bol.com, Etsy). So, there will be less competition for your dropshipping store!


  • Relatively expensive. Orderchamp seems to target more advanced dropshippers, considering that the starter plan already costs €79 per month.
  • You will probably experience some issues. Since this platform is relatively new, you might experience some hiccups. Plus, the user reviews for Orderchamp aren't too positive yet:
Orderchamp Shopify app

How do you connect Orderchamp to your store?

Orderchamp currently integrates with Shopify and WooCommerce:

Orderchamp integrations

Integrations for other ecommerce platforms are coming soon!


Access to Orderchamp's dropshipping program costs between €79 and €239 per month:

Orderchamp pricing

5. AppScenic Review

AppScenic eco-friendly homepage

Next up is a great alternative to Syncee: AppScenic.

AppScenic aims to be the complete dropshipping toolkit with product syncing, auto-ordering, shipment tracking, and smart payments!

On the platform, you will find over one million products from fast suppliers, primarily from the US, EU, UK, Canada, and Australia:

AppScenic eco-friendly product examples


  • A ton of worldwide dropshipping suppliers. You will find suppliers from the top dropshipping countries, including the US, EU, UK, Canada, and Australia!
  • Price syncing. There is an instant price sync between your products and the suppliers. This way, you will never miss a price change.
  • Auto-ordering. You can set up auto-orders and never worry about manually placing an order with your supplier again!


  • Requires a paid monthly plan. The main downside to AppScenic is that it requires a paid monthly plan.
  • Transaction fee. AppScenic charges a transaction fee for all monthly plans (except when you're on the Elite plan and pay yearly).

How do you connect AppScenic to your store?

At this moment, AppScenic can be connected to Shopify, WooCommerce, or Wix stores, with more integrations coming soon:

AppScenic integrations


AppScenic's pricing plans range from $24 to $78 per month (you need at least the Standard plan to start selling):

Pricing of AppScenic

6. VGANG Review

VGANG homepage

VGANG is a specialized dropshipping platform focused on eco-friendly, vegan, and sustainable products, particularly in the skincare domain.

It prides itself as the number one global dropshipping app for such products, sourcing high-quality items from US and UK brands:

VGANG dashboard


  • AI-driven sourcing. VGANG allows you to use AI for product selection, making it easier to find high-quality, eco-friendly products for your store
  • Easy integration with Shopify. Offers one-click setup for Shopify stores using the app.
  • High-quality and ethical products. VGANG specializes in eco-friendly, vegan products from vetted suppliers.


  • Niche focus. The specific focus on vegan and sustainable skincare products might not be what everyone is looking for.

How do you connect VGANG to your store?

At this moment, VGANG only connects to Shopify stores using the Shopify app:

VGANG Shopify app


VGANG offers three pricing plans of $0 / $35 / $105 per month:

VGANG pricing

7. 01Supply Review

01Supply homepage

01Supply is another dropshipping supplier marketplace.

It specializes in local suppliers, sustainability, and handmade products:

01Supply values

They're a relatively new supplier, but there are already over 250,000 products in 01Supply's catalog, including some great eco-friendly items:

01Supply eco-friendly product example


  • Focused on uniqueness and sustainability. If these values align with your business, 01Supply may be a great supplier for you!
  • Local suppliers. You can find suppliers from all over the world, including countries like Germany, France, and India.
  • Sourcing. You can submit sourcing requests for any product!


  • Not proven yet. 01Supply isn't that popular yet; their Shopify app currently has just 13 reviews.
  • It can be relatively expensive. If you publish more than 25 products, you will have to pay at least $49 per month for 01Supply.

How do you connect 01Supply to your store?

01Supply only offers integration for Shopify stores through their app:

01Supply Shopify app


01Supply's pricing plans range from $0 to $99 per month. Yes, that means you can start for free!

01Supply pricing

8. OK Capsule Review

OK Capsule homepage

OK Capsule is a US dropshipping supplier specializing in supplements and vitamins.

This company was founded by a doctor who wanted to bring quality, transparency, and effectiveness back to the supplement industry:

OK Capsule founder

This supplier allows you to personalize the supplement formula to only contain the ingredients that your audience needs and nothing more.

For example, you can create solution supplement packs designed to treat a condition like high cholesterol or even entirely personalize the packs based on your end customer's goals:

OK Capsule eco-friendly packaging

And last but not least, these vitamin packs come in eco-friendly packaging!


  • Unique packaging. OK Capsule delivers supplements in eco-friendly, compostable vitamin packs. These are portable and can be personalized for your audience. You can even add your customer's name, like saying, ‘Good Afternoon, Jhon'
  • Customization beyond the label design. OK Capsule allows you to dropship self-formulated vitamin packs!
  • Quality-first. OK Capsule has a state-of-the-art facility in Nevada equipped with all the necessary technology to create private label personalized supplements, and they carefully screen and test ingredients to ensure quality, transparency, and ethical harvesting:
OK Capsule our facility


  • Demanding partnership requirements. Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to start dropshipping with OK Capsule. The partnership requires you to place a deposit to start and make at least 4,000 orders per year.
  • Only within the continental US. OK Capsule only ships to the continental US.

How do you connect OK Capsule to your store?

OK Capsule offers a private Shopify app or an API connection you can use to connect your store:

OK Capsule how it works


If you (plan to) meet the partnership requirements of OK Capsule, you can complete the form here, and a representative will contact you shortly.

9. Spocket Review

Home page of Spocket

Spocket is another platform that partners with many dropshipping suppliers and puts their products into a single product catalog.

Most dropshipping suppliers (80%) on Spocket are located in the United States or Europe. This has several advantages, such as faster shipping times!

Here are some examples of eco-friendly from Spocket's catalog:

Spocket eco-friendly product examples


  • US & EU suppliers. Spocket mostly partners with suppliers from the US and EU. Often, this translates to faster shipping times and higher-quality products.
  • Free trial. Spocket offers a free 14-day trial, so you can try out the platform before committing to a paid plan.
  • Automated. Using Spocket's integration, you can easily push products to your store and fulfill your orders!


  • No customized packaging. When dropshipping eco-friendly through Spocket, remember they sometimes have a different brand on them. You can't customize the packaging to your brand.
  • Fewer eco-friendly products. Since Spocket doesn't specifically focus on eco-friendly products, you might struggle to find what you're looking for.

How do you connect Spocket to your store?

Spocket offers integrations with most of the popular ecommerce platforms! You can check out their website for more information.

Spocket integrations


Spocket’s pricing plans are listed below:

Spocket pricing plans

Exclusive Spocket offer: Enter the coupon code: SpocketTrial during checkout, and you'll instantly unlock a FREE 30-day trial. Click here to redeem your free trial now!

If you want to check out the platform, we recommend signing up for the free trial!

Full Review: Spocket Review: Does It Have the Best Suppliers in 2024?

10. viaGlamour Review

viaGlamour homepage

Looking to dropship cosmetics?

If so, partnering with viaGlamour might be a great idea!

viaGlamour is a white label cosmetics dropshipping supplier with a catalog of over 800 products.

All the cosmetics are ethically made naturally in Canada and are shipped through carbon-neutral shipping methods.

Plus, there's the option to offer talc-free and vegan options:

viaGlamour made in Canada

And, of course, since it's a white label supplier, all products will come with your brand's own packaging and labels.


  • Made in Canada. All viaGlamour products are made in Canada, are cruelty-free, support international shipping, and have zero order minimums.
  • Integrations. viaGlamour offers Square, Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, GoDaddy, Google, and Etsy integrations.
  • MagicSoaps. viaGlamour also developed MagicSoaps, a supplier you can use to start your own organic soap brand!
MagicSoaps Shopify app


  • It can be pricey. If you want to offer more than one unique product on your store, you'll have to pay at least $99 monthly.

How do you connect viaGlamour to your store?

viaGlamour integrates with Shopify, WooCommerce, Squarespace, and a few other platforms:

viaGlamour integrations


viaGlamour costs between $0 and $149 per month. It mainly depends on what kind of products you want to sell:

viaGlamour pricing

11. DR.HC Cosmetic Lab Review

Dr. Hc. Cosmetics homepage

DR.HC Cosmetic Lab is a supplier that sells organic, natural & vegan cosmetics.

The team behind this company is based in the US and has spent years developing their eco-friendly and organic cosmetic products.

They also offer a paid private label dropshipping program:

DR.HC Cosmetic lab how it works


  • Pure natural products. Their products are purely organic, natural, non-GMO, cruelty-free, and vegan.
  • Based in the US. Shipping times to your US customers will be fast because their main warehouse is based in the US. However, they also support worldwide shipping!
  • Great integrations. You can connect to them with eight ecommerce platforms! This way, you don't need to do any manual ordering.


How do you connect DR.HC Cosmetic Lab to your store?

DR.HC Cosmetic Lab supports auto-ordering through an integration with various ecommerce platforms:

DR.HC Cosmetic Lab integrations


Pricing for DR.HC Cosmetic Lab varies from $99 per month to $599 every three months:

DR.HC Cosmetic Lab pricing

Why should you dropship eco-friendly products?

Today, more and more consumers not only think about quality and price but also about sustainability and eco-friendliness.

In fact, according to TheRoundup, 78% of consumers feel that sustainability is important.

Plus, global Google searches for topics related to sustainable products increased by around 130% between 2017 and 2022.

Here is an interesting infographic about consumer behavior when it comes to eco-friendly products:

Consumers behaving more sustainably infographic

To conclude, the eco-friendly product niche is growing. Consumers would pay more for sustainable products, and there is an increasing awareness level for them.

These are all great signs of a potentially lucrative niche to start a dropshipping store in!

More dropshipping suppliers

Not sure yet if the dropshipping suppliers in this list fit with you and your business? Or are you curious to see what other suppliers are out there?

Great! Check out the articles below for more great dropshipping suppliers:

Plus, don’t forget to check our guide on how to choose the best dropshipping supplier!

Taking action

Reading and absorbing information and knowledge is great (definitely if it’s free!), but do you know what’s even better?

Taking action!

So, to help you with taking action with what you have learned in this article, take a look at the bullet points:

  • Remember that picking a supplier that connects with your ecommerce platform will make it much easier to run your dropshipping store!
  • It’s even better if you can find a supplier that connects with your ecommerce platform and is located in your target audience’s country.
  • Check out our overview table and see if you can find one!
  • If you found a supplier, register for a free account (if available) and check if they offer the products you want to sell.
  • If you didn’t find the right supplier in this article, check out our other lists here.
  • Lastly, if you’re unsure if the eco-friendly niche is the right fit, check out 25 other niche ideas here.

Final verdict

If you work with the right dropshipping suppliers, the eco-friendly niche is definitely one where you can find some fantastic products to sell.

But which eco-friendly supplier is the best in 2024?

Final verdict: The best eco-friendly dropshipping supplier to use in 2024 is Jungle Culture. It's a supplier that genuinely sources its products ethically, offers high-quality products, and is committed to zero waste.

If you want another overview of the other options, here is the overview table from the start of the article:

Jungle CultureWooden items & soapsWorldwideFree
SynceeGeneralWorldwide$29 / $49 / $99 per month
DropCommerceUnique itemsNorth America$19 / $49 / $89 / $149 per month
OrderchampGeneralUK / Europe€79 / €159 / €239 per month
AppScenicGeneralWorldwide$24 / $47 / $78 per month
VGANGMainly skincareUS / UK$0 / $35 / $105 per month
01SupplyGeneralWorldwide$0 / $19 / $49 / $99 per month
OK CapsuleSupplementsUSFree (But demanding requirements)
SpocketGeneralUS / Europe$40 / $60 / $100 / $299 per month
viaGlamourCosmeticsCanada$0 / $49 / $99 / $149 per month
DR.HC Cosmetic LabCosmeticsUS$99 per month / $599 per three months

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. And good luck with your choice!

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