Are you wondering if is worth the money?

With a redesigned interface and new tools, including an artificial intelligence content generator and description writer, aims to be one of the most comprehensive dropshipping tools on the market.

In this review, we’ll take a deep dive into and see what it offers users. Our goal is to put the tools to the test, review their features, and answer the question: is worth it?

Before we dive more deeply into the features of the platform, let's discuss what exactly is.

Let's start!

What is

Home page of is a dropshipping product research platform that offers free tools and a paid tool to make the product research process and analysis more efficient.

Although they originally offered only free tools on their website (which they still do), they have since expanded their services.

They later added their main dropshipping tool, which is called Thieve Supply.

Thieve Supply is a product research tool that includes tools for finding products, keywords, niches, and stores.

While their website has free tools, Thieve Supply has a monthly plan you must select since it is a more comprehensive tool.

The pros and cons of

Next, let's go through the pros and cons of

The main focus of the pros and cons will be on the paid tool, which is Thieve Supply, but we will go through the free tools that are available on the website as well.

Let's dive in!


Let's start with the pros!

1. Easy-to-use interface

Admin interface of

Straight away when signing up for Thieve Supply, you can see that the interface is simple and easy to use.

You don't have too much to mess up with. From the left sidebar, you can find all of the tools available.

All the Thieve Supply tools are divided into different categories, which we will go through in the next sections.

From the top-right corner, you can access your account settings and download the Chrome extension.

2. Product research tool

Product research tool of

One of the highlights of Thieve Supply is definitely its product research tool.

It includes over 4,000 products that are curated by their team.

You can search products through three different tabs, which are Home, Discover, and Swipes.

What do those include? Let's go through each of them!

Home view Home page product search

The Home page includes different categories like ‘Popular Right Now,' ‘Big Time Winners,' and ‘Freshest Finds.'

Some other categories include things like ‘Travel Essentials,' ‘Ships from USA,' and ‘Gym Products.' There is a lot to choose from!

Discover view

The Discover page is great for finding products in different niches. From the left sidebar, you can select any of the available niches, and it will show you related products.

Discover tool of

You also have different filters that you can use, including the price, rating, total sales, when it was posted, and where it ships from.

If you have the Pro plan, you can also filter products available for the Pro plan only.

Swipes tool

One stand-out feature of Thieve Supply is the Swipes.

Swipes tool of

It's like a dating app but for products. You swipe the product left or right, depending on if you like it or not.

For each swipe, you get an entry, and at the end of each month, selects a random winner and gives them $100 of the products they want. swipes monthly draw

For all of the product research tools available inside of Thieve Supply, you can also get additional information by clicking on the product.

This is how the product info pages look:

Product page of a winning product on

On each product info page, you can do and see different things, including:

  • Product name
  • Product price
  • Add product to your collection
  • View the product on AliExpress
  • See the order amount
  • See the rating of the product
  • Get a basic description of the product
  • Download the supplier images

On top of these, you can also see suggested product tags that you can target.

Product tags of

If you want to stay organized with your products, you can create collections for them. They will appear on the collections page.

It's also possible to just hit ‘Like,' and the products will appear all on the same page.

3. Keywords tool

Keywords tool of

With the Keywords tool, you can see keywords that are trending and on high search volume. These keywords can be filtered by the past year or by the past five years.

When you click on the keyword, you get additional information, including related search terms and even related products.

Keyword info page on

As you can see from the image, this tool is great for finding seasonal trends, as well as new and upcoming trends.

When using the keyword tool, you can also select two filters: search volume and trend level.

4. Niche trends

Another cool feature of Thieve Supply is Niche trends.

Niche trends of

The team at has researched different niche trends and provided valuable information about those.

There is a lot of valuable information available for each trend!

Let's take a look at ‘Fall Trend – Dorm Decor' for example:

Example of niche trends on

The first line of text is kind of like an introduction to what the trend is about, and how you can take advantage of it.

Below, you can find related products and keywords to the trend.

Report and analysis page of

Most of the information can be found in the Report & Analysis part.

Report and analysis page of

The Report & Analysis part includes things like:

  • Context information. Including information such as Google Trends keywords, Facebook audience size, timing, Instagram influencers, and statistics of the trend.
  • Audience information. This is all about the audience, their age, gender, language, country, and the top cities.
  • Audience challenges. The name says it all. This section talks about what the target audience struggles with, and how you can use these struggle points as your selling points when advertising.
  • Keywords. These include all the keywords that are recommended to target when selling the product, as well as the difficulty and cost per click.
  • Competition. It's important to know if the market is already saturated with big brands, and this section discussed that.

On top of these things, you will also find information about profitability, recommended social media, content ideas, community information, and similar topics.

5. Store search

Store search tool of

The next tool is Store Search!

With the Store Search tool, you can search and explore dropshipping stores in different categories!

You can sort these stores by different filters, like the number of sales they make per month.

Awesome, right?

And if you click on the store, you'll get extra information about each store.

Example of a Store Search

You see the Alexa Rank, website URL, the latest products, and the best sellers. Especially the best sellers feature is beneficial, as it can give you a ton of inspiration for what you can sell.

6. Multiple free product tools

Outside of Thieve Supply, there is multiple different free tools on their website that anyone can use, even without an account.

If you want to test these tools yourself, you can easily do so from their website.

Let's go through the tools (all of these are free to use!)

1. Supplier Finder
Supplier finder tool of

The first free tool is a Supplier Finder.

By adding an AliExpress product link, the tool automatically sorts all the suppliers for the product.

This helps you to compare different suppliers and their prices, shipping times, and reviews.

2. Reverse Image Search
Reverse image search of

Another way to find suppliers for your products is to use the Reverse Image Search tool.

By giving the tool an image, it automatically sorts all the available suppliers for the product.

This can be great if you don't know some product's name but have an image of it.

3. Logo Removal
Magic logo removal of

As the name says, the Logo Removal tool removes logos automatically from product images.

The program scans and analyzes any image you upload, identifying unique elements, and then separates these into individual, downloadable files.

Cool, right?

4. AI Descriptions
AI Product Description Writer of

Next, and one of the coolest free tools available, is the AI Descriptions writer!

Simply by adding your product name and the key features, you will get three different product descriptions for your product.

We see this as one of the most beneficial free tools available for dropshippers. While we were testing it, it really provided valuable product descriptions.

With little tweaks in the text, they can be used as a real product description.

5. AI Content
AI content generator of

The last free tool is the AI Content tool.

This AI tool works with an AliExpress product link, and when you enter it, the tool automatically creates product content from the AliExpress page.

If you have multiple different products that you have to write product descriptions for, this tool can really speed up the process!

7. Useful Chrome extension

Chrome extension of

One of the most useful features of is its Chrome extension.

With it, you can instantly find suppliers from any Shopify product page.

Here is an example of a website called ShopFray, where can find the supplier straight away:

Product page extension of

When you have the extension downloaded, this yellow ‘Find Suppliers' button appears on every Shopify website.

When you click it, you will be directed to Supplier Finder:

Example of a Supplier finder

The Supplier Finder automatically finds you the suppliers for every product from these product pages.

With the extension, you can also find suppliers from images by right-clicking an image and selecting ‘Search for AliExpress products with this image' also provides a product rating for each product, which helps you to get a glance if the product is trustworthy or not.

The cons of has many pros but some cons as well.

Let's go through the cons!

1. Some of the features are not updated

Even though recently updated its interface to be more user-friendly and added new tools, such as the AI content generator, some of the tools are not updated.

For example, the Niche trends tool. The last trend analysis done by the team was back in 2021.

As we see it, the tool would have a lot more potential if it would be updated frequently, which is something other users and we would be sure to enjoy.

2. Winning product research tool lacks depth

When compared to some of the competitors like Sell The Trend, the winning product research tool lacks depth.

For example, lacks product trend charts, in-depth order statistics, and product insights, all of which many of its competitors offer.

These are updates that is able to do, and we hope they do it in the future. pricing

Pricing plans of offers two different plans, Dropship and Dropship Pro.

Both of the plans come with a 14-day trial period. After the free trial, the cost of the Dropship plan is $15 a month, and the Dropship Pro plan is $49 a month.

The main difference between the plans is the number of features available.

On the Dropship plan, you don't have access to early-access products, studio images and videos, curated keywords, or the dropship store search feature. You also have limited image and supplier searches per month, unlike on the Dropship Pro plan.

If you want to try the platform for free, has multiple free tools that can be accessed from their website.

Click here if you want to get started with!

FAQs about

To help you understand the platform better, let's go through some frequently asked questions!

Is free? does have free tools available on their website, but the main tool that is designed for dropshipping, which is Supply, is a paid tool.

Does have a Chrome extension?

Yes, has a Chrome extension. It is designed to help you find AliExpress suppliers from any image or a Shopify product page. You also get valuable information about products, such as the trustworthy level.

Are the products saturated on

Some of the products might be, like on every product research tool. To prevent this from happening, publishes new products constantly.

Does have a free trial?

Yes, it does. For both of the paid plans, offers a 14-day free trial. After this, you have to opt to pay monthly or yearly. They also have free tools available on their website! alternatives is a great tool for dropshippers who want to take advantage of product research, and analysis tools, with minimal cost.

However, it has great alternatives that have their own benefits.

Let's go through three of them!

1. Sell The Trend

Home page of Sell The Trend

The first alternative is Sell The Trend!

One of our favorite product research tools, Sell The Trend, offers a large selection of winning products.

What's best is that for each product, there is a ton of data available, including things like order statistics, trend charts, product ratings, and possible profit margins.

Plus, they have a large selection of other online stores that you can search and take inspiration from!

Sell The Trend only has one plan available, costing $39 a month.

For more information about Sell The Trend, check out our in-depth review here!

2. Dropship

Homepage of Dropship

The next tool is Dropship.

One of the coolest features of Dropship is its product database, containing millions of products. These can be sorted through different filters.

They also drop 40 new potentially winning products every Monday, which are selected by the advanced algorithm and screened by a team of specialists.'

Dropship has three different plans to choose from, with prices ranging from $29 a month to $79 a month.

For more information about Dropship, check out our in-depth review here!

3. Dropship Spy

Home page of Dropship Spy

Third on the list is Dropship Spy.

Dropship Spy offers over ten different tools for its users, one of the most useful ones being its social-proof products.

These products are selected from TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram and are top-selling products at the time of selection.

Dropship Spy only has one plan available, which costs $39 a month.

For more information about Dropship Spy, check out our in-depth review here!

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Taking action

Reading and absorbing information and knowledge is great (definitely if it’s free!), but do you know what’s even better?

Taking action!

So, to help you with taking action with what you have learned in this article, take a look at the bullet points:

  • Get yourself familiar with website and its features. You can get started with the free tools.
  • Take a free trial on If you want the full experience, select the Dropship Pro plan. Remember, you can always cancel the plan.
  • Start using the tools! Some of the most useful tools of include the product research tool that allows you to find products in different niches easily.
  • Opt for a monthly plan. If you liked the features that offers, you have to select one of the paid plans after your free trial. Consider your needs, and select based on that.


There you have it! is a comprehensive dropshipping research and analysis tool that offers multiple features, such as product research tools, keyword search, niche trends, and store search, as well as some free tools.

If you're still not sure if it's the right solution for you, we recommend trying their free plan and seeing yourself. You can always cancel it if you don't like it.

We also listed some of the great alternatives to, so check those out as well!

If you have any questions, has a public email on their about us page, or you can always leave your comments for us down below!

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