Did you know this product research tool called AliShark is created by the creators of the popular Shopify app Hurify? That's awesome, right?

If you want to learn more about AliShark, then I keep on reading I will show you each and every feature of AliShark. And don't worry, I will show you how it looks like from inside the tool.

AliShark Review: Quick Review for Busy People

Personally, I think AliShark is great for people that want a lot of filter options when searching for products on AliExpress (or Banggood).

They provide you with A LOT of filter options, haha!

You will surely need a lot of time if you want to combine all the filter options that they offer. I'm sure you will get a lot of inspiration from their product research tool.

They offer a 2-day trial for only $1If you don’t like it, then you can cancel it directly without any extra costs!

If you want a more in-depth review of AliShark, then keep reading!

Let's Begin With the Most In-Depth Alishark Review You Have Ever Seen!

AliShark Review: Screenshot of dashboard

Are you ready to find out if this product research tool is something for you or not?

Are you ready to see AliShark from the inside, and not just see screenshots from their website?

If so, then let’s get started with my awesome in-depth review of AliShark!

Just to note, I won’t just include images from their landing page. This way, you can know exactly if this product research tool is something for you or not. For example:

AliShark Review: Screenshot of product data

You can see AliShark as one big search engine for products. They don't have different tools inside, but instead, they are focussed on one big tool and made that tool as big as possible with as many filter options as you ever wished for!

For example, take a look at how many products they added on the day that I was writing this review and took this screenshot:

And this is the number of products they currently added in total:

They do have one extra tool at the moment, and that is their video creation tool. I will cover that at the end of this review.

I will also give you my opinion on what I think with each feature or filter function.

And of course, in the end, I will give you my final conclusion if I think AliShark is worth your money or not!

A quick warning though, it’s a long review because I’m going over everything inside AliShark.

So if you don’t have time, then simply scroll to the bottom to see the conclusion!

What kind of filter options does AliShark give you access to with their product research tool?

If you're looking for a short answer to this, well, let's just say; A LOT! Just take a look at my screenshot below:

AliShark Review: Most of the filter options that they provide inside the product research tool

And that's not all... Haha! I'll cover them all below. This way, you will know exactly if AliShark is something for you or not. In the end, I will give my opinion of all these filter options!

I'll show you screenshots below, and then I'll cover what the filter options do in the screenshot. The great thing about AliShark is that you can use all these filter options together. They don't limit you with, for example, one filter at the same time. You can do as many at the same time as you want!

I'll start by saying that, as I said above, you can combine all these filter options, but you can then save them as well so you can easily use them again without filling them in again:

The only thing is that the name can not be longer than 30 characters, but you can be as creative as you want. (Like my name above, haha) You can also always press on 'All products' to reset your filter settings!

Another thing that is nice to know, but I didn't know where else to cover it is that you can change the layout of how the products are being shown. The first layout is the layout that you saw in my screenshot at the beginning, and this is the second layout:

Alright, let's continue by covering the first filter options in the image below:

  • Filter by sources. This one speaks for itself, but I thought I'll still cover it in case you're wondering what it means. At first, they only got their data from AliExpress, but now they also get data from Banggood!
  • Filter by categories. Keep in mind; these are not the niches! These are just product categories. If you don't want a certain category, for example, the one I'll show you below, then you can uncheck that one:
  • Filter by niches. This is the filter option that you probably expected with the categories! You can select the niche that you want to filter by. Keep in mind that the default setting is that there will be no niche selected at all.

    A great thing that you can do now is to press the 'All' button. You will see so many different products suddenly:
  • Filter by top countries. This filter option lets you filter by the countries you select. If you select, for example, the United States & France, then it will show you products that are mostly sold in these countries.

    This is great if you're focussed on one specific country, and you want to have some inspiration on what kind of products these people are mostly purchasing.
  • Filter by shipping methods. I think this one speaks for itself as well. With this filter option, you can only show products that have ePacket or AliExpress Standard shipping as a shipping method (or both).
  • Filter by what country the product can be shipped from. The next one is nice if you only want to see products that are shipped from a different country than China. For example, you can show products that are shipped from the United States:

The next filter options are going to contain numbers! These filter options are great if you want AliShark, for example, to only show products that have a specific price.

  • Filter by price. Well, I guess you already know what this does. You can select a minimum price and a maximum price that the products need to have.

    For example, you can leave the minimum blank (which means $0), and set the maximum price at $20. Now AliShark will only show you products that are a maximum of $20! This is great if you want to sell cheaper products on your dropshipping store.
  • Filter by the total number of orders. Here you can do the same as with the price, but then with the total number of orders.

    For example, if you don't want to see products that have over 10,000 orders already, then you can set a maximum of 10,000! Or if you only want to see products that are not sold a lot yet, then you can set the maximum on, for example, 1000.
  • Filter by period orders. This is the same as filtering by total numbers, but here you can filter by the total numbers of orders for the time period that you choose. (More about the time period sorting below)
  • Filter by daily orders. Here you can filter by the number of daily orders that the products need to have.

    For example, you can say that the minimum amount of daily order needs to be 10. This way, you will only see products that are having more than 10 daily orders! This is great if you don't want to see products that are currently not having any daily orders anymore. For example:
  • Filter by votes. At first, I was not sure what this one meant, but this one means that you filter by the number of reviews that the product got on AliExpress.

    The only thing is that it isn't a total of all the AliExpress suppliers that are selling that product, but just from the AliExpress supplier that they picked out, but that is, I think, with most of their products/filter options. For example:
  • Filter by wishlist. This one is kinda the same as the filter by 'Votes' option, but this time you can filter by the number of people that added a product to their wishlist.

    The higher this amount is, the more people are interested in this product. I don't think you will use this filter option, but it's still a nice and original one! For people that don't know what I mean with the wishlist; it's right to the 'Buy Now' button on AliExpress:
  • Filter by when the product was added to AliShark. The next filter option you have is to filter by when the product was added to AliShark.

    This one is great if you, for example, only want to see products that were added last week. Maybe you can find some brand new untouched dropshipping products this way!
  • Filter by video. Let's move on to their 'Advanced' filter options. The first one speaks for itself; you can tell AliShark to only show you products that have a video available on their AliExpress listing.

    For example, remember the product from above? Well, they popped up as well when I used this filter option:
  • Filter by if the product is being dropshipped. You can look at my screenshot above what their explanation is for this feature. Basically, they check if a product is being purchased by the same person. This either means that that person loves purchasing that product, or he/or she is dropshipping!
  • Filter by PayPal. Do you want to use PayPal to purchase your products? Well, you can filter by 'Accepts PayPal'. This way, you will only see AliExpress suppliers that accept PayPal as payment.
  • Filter by saved only. If you active this filter option, then AliShark will only show you the products that you have saved. (More about how to save products below) Although you can also find them by pressing on the 'Saved' button at the top:
  • Filter by time. You can find this one by pressing the little calendar at the right top. This is the feature that I said I would tell you more about later. With this feature, you can select the amount of time it will show for the number of orders, added to the wishlist, and so on.

    For example, do you remember the product from above with the resistance bands? Well, I now selected '7 Days' instead of just 'Today'. You will see different data this time:
  • Sort by options. This is going to be a small one, but it's still a nice one to notice! The default sorting option is sorting by orders, but you can also sort by growth, wishlist, and price.

    For example, if you sort by growth and set the time on '7 Days', then you will see the products that have the most growth the last week:
  • Filter by keywords. The next one is nice as well. You can fill in as many keywords as you want here. I only filled in 'dog'. (And typed it again so it's clear to you, haha)

    The awesome thing now is that you can exclude keywords as well, for example, take the screenshot above. What if I don't want to sell a 'Bowl' (the fourth product in the row), then I'll add that to the keywords to exclude list, and then the bowl is gone:
  • The AliShark random button. This is the last one! And it's an awesome one as well, haha. Every time you press the button, AliShark will show you a different category of products. The great thing is that you can press as many times as you want.

    Here is an example of what I got when I pressed the button:

My conclusion of the filter options that AliShark gives you

Wow! What a lot of filter options. I mean, come on, I never saw so many in one product research tool. Did you?

I gave my opinion already with most of these filter options, but I will say that overall, it's a nice tool to use!

Like everything works exactly how you expect it to work, it's fast, and it's awesome that you can combine all the different filter options.

I think you will need to spend a long time to try and combine them all and see all their different combinations!

What data does AliShark show you with each product?

Let's move on to what happens when you click on a product inside AliShark; what kind of data do they give you?

I'll use the resistance band product as an example again:

  • Video. If that product got a video on their AliExpress listing (like the filter option above), then you can play it here directly.
  • Save for later. If you press the heart, then the product will be saved. So you can always find it back!
  • Basic product information. At the top, you will find the basic information from the product like the price, amount of reviews, total orders, and how many times it's added to the wishlist. You will also see the tags that the product has.

    For example, if they accept PayPal and if the product is being dropshipped (remember from the filter options above?)

    Just keep in mind, that these numbers are from one AliExpress supplier (the one that they picked) there are probably more AliExpress suppliers selling the same product or something similar.
  • Date information. They provide some information about what time the product has been added to AliExpress and when the product was added to AliShark.
  • Show on AliExpress button. This one brings you directly to the product page of the AliExpress supplier that they picked.
  • Generate video button. This one brings you to the video generator tool. More on that below!
  • Add to your Shopify button. This button adds the product to your Shopify store.

    More product research tools do this, but I still don't see the use of this. You will still need to use an order processing app like DSers to easily process the orders that you get. Otherwise, you will need to manually order all your orders.
  • Show more like this button. If you press this button, then AliShark will show you products that look like that product. For example, this is what you get when you would press it for the resistance bands product:
And 9000+ more products (as you can see in the left top corner)
  • Quick view. This graph is shown at the top (as you might have seen already in my first screenshot). With this graph, you can easily see how many orders that the product got today, yesterday, last week, and so on.
  • Product performance. You will see this if you scroll a bit down. You can see the number of orders that the product got each day in a nicely designed graph (my opinion).

    Plus, you can also do it for the wishlist to see how many times the product has been added to the wishlist each day:
  • All-time sales data. In this graph, you can see all the orders that the product got each month. As you can see above, this product has been selling really well the month I was writing this review!

    You can also use this graph again for the wishlist instead of orders (like above).
  • Top countries and top dropshippers. The last information that you get is in what country the product is sold the most. And you can see which name (well the first letter, haha) is purchasing the product the most, and which country that person is from!

My conclusion of the data that AliShark gives you

If you're a data-oriented person, then these graphs are great for you, haha! I personally think it's nice to see the number of orders there, but do keep in mind that they cannot guarantee a 100% accuracy:

Extra Things Inside AliShark

Now that you know what kind of filter options they give you inside their tool and what data they show with each product, it’s time to see what else AliShark has to offer!

Currently, they only have one extra thing inside AliShark, and it's not that uncommon for a product research tool to include this feature.

Most product research tools have a feature like this. Although, some of them are really basic while others have more options in it.

So what is it?

It's a video generator for the products that you find on AliShark! If you're curious now how this feature looks like, then keep reading below.

Products video generator

AliShark Review: Extra tool the products video generator!

This is the tool that you get when you press the 'Generate Video' button. I won't go in-depth into what the tool does, because it speaks for itself.

You can create your own video ads from a product that you found on AliShark, or AliExpress, or you can even upload your own images.

Then you can have a lot of options to customize the video:

After you filled in everything, then you can press the blue 'Generate Video' button, and it will create a video for you.

Conclusion of the products video generator

Well, a lot of product research tools add a video creating tool, and like the others, it’s easy to use, and it got a lot of options to create your first video ad for your dropshipping store.

But if you got experience with making videos, then this tool will be too basic for you and might be too limited in the options it has.

Like you can set a text on the top and bottom, but you can’t change it (yet) to a different text when a new image comes up.

Plus, you don’t have an option not to add any music or to add your own music.

But the video ad maker is still a great addon for people that don’t have any experience with creating video ads!

AliShark Review: Discount Code

Are you looking for an AliShark discount code?

Currently, there are no discount codes for AliShark, but I will update this review immediately once there is a discount code available!

AliShark Review: Trial

Although AliShark doesn’t offer any discount codes at this moment, they do offer a 2-day trial for only $1. This is for anyone who wants to try their product research tool without directly being stuck for a whole month.

The great thing about their trial is that you can cancel your subscription any time you want.

This way, you can use the trial, but you don’t have to be scared that you need to pay money if you don’t like this product research tool!

Click here to signup for their 2-day trial

AliShark Review: Pricing

Like I said above, they offer you a 2-day trial for $1. This way, you can check out the product research tool for your self. If you don’t like it, then you can cancel it directly.

The subscription price of AliShark is currently $20 per month, and there is currently no option to pay yearly.

They included 24/7 live chat support, and in most cases, your ticket is solved in 1-2 hours if the support team isn't online. If they are online, well... it's a live chat, haha!

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Final verdict

You made it to the end, congratulations! (Or you scrolled to here, I will never know haha)

So, is AliShark worth your money? Do I recommend to get this tool?

I personally think this product research tool is perfect for these people:

  • People that want a lot of filter options while doing product research. I mean, come on, wow! You can literally filter by anything that you can imagine.
  • People that want a trial before being stuck with a monthly payment. The only thing with their trial is that you do need to pay $1 (most other trials are free), but it's still not that much because you will get full access to AliShark so you can check it out your self this way while not being stuck to the $20 monthly payment!

I don’t suggest AliShark for these people:

  • People that want hand-picked products. If you're one of these people that want their products delivered on a gold plate with all the information you need (like product descriptions, images, and so on), then something like Ecomhunt or Dropship Spy is better for you. Just keep in mind to not be a lazy dropshipper...
  • People that want help with Facebook targeting. Some product research tools help you with Facebook targeting. This kind of help is great if you're not sure yet who to target, or if you just want some inspiration.

    Just keep my first point in mind, and that is to not copy everything, but anyway, you can check out Sell The Trend or Dropship Spy if you want help with your Facebook targeting.

I hope you enjoyed reading my in-depth review of AliShark!

You can click here if you want to signup for AliShark after reading this review.

And if you're not sure yet if AliShark fits with you, then you should take our product research tools quiz here to find the best tool for your needs!

Not sure which product research tool to pick

If you're interested in learning even more about AliShark before signing up for your trial, then I also suggest you watch the video below that Yousef (the co-founder of AliShark) created where he explains what AliShark does:

Alishark's New Interface - The Most Powerful Product Research Tool

If you have any questions regarding this product research tool or about dropshipping in general, then let me know by commenting below or contacting me directly by pressing the “Contact Us” button at the top!

Also, let me know what product research tool (or something else) you want me to review next.

Good luck with doing product research, and don’t forget to test your products!

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