Ecomhunt! You have probably heard about this product research tool before (a lot of YouTube “gurus” talk about it), but did you ever see the paid Ecomhunt from the inside?

If not, then let’s change that today by reading my in-depth Ecomhunt review! Let’s figure out if you should get this dropshipping tool or not.

Ecomhunt Review: Quick Review for Busy People

Personally, I think Ecomhunt is great for dropshipping beginners who don’t have much experience yet with their Facebook targeting, or who don’t know what kind of products to sell.

They will provide you with a lot of useful information with each winning dropshipping product that they publish.

Yes, not all products are great, but they still publish some amazing products inside their tool!

Just don’t forget to not copy everything. Otherwise, you’re going to have a hard time beating your dropshipping competition.

You can register here for a free account to check it out, and you can keep that account free for as long as you want.

The only thing is that there are some limitations to the free account, but it’s still a great option if you want to check out the product research tool your self or if your budget is tight!

Let’s Begin With the Most In-Depth Ecomhunt Review You Have Ever Seen!

Ecomhunt Review: Let's begin with the most in-depth review you have ever seen!

Are you ready to find out if this product research tool is something for you or not?

Are you ready to see Ecomhunt from the inside, and not just see screenshots from their website?

If so, then let’s get started with my awesome in-depth review of Ecomhunt!

Just to note, I won’t just include images from their landing page. This way, you can know exactly if this product research tool is something for you or not. For example:

Okay… This product looks so funny haha!

Ecomhunt is a product research tool that is fully focused on providing winning products with information on how to sell that product.

I will give you my personal opinion of everything inside Ecomhunt! Like what kind of information they give with each winning product.

And of course, in the end, I will give you my final conclusion if I think Ecomhunt is worth your money or not!

A quick warning though, it’s a long review because I’m going over everything inside Ecomhunt.

So if you don’t have time, then simply scroll to the bottom to see the conclusion!

What information does Ecomhunt give you with each winning dropshipping product?

Let’s start with this one!

The main (and only focus) of Ecomhunt is providing you with winning products, but they won’t just post an image and a link to a product.

No, way more!

They give you a lot of information, so you know how to sell the product.

Just please keep this in mind:
A lot of people are probably subscribed to Ecomhunt. What do you think happens when everybody sells the same products with the same description, ads, targeting, and so on?

Well, I don’t think you will have much luck… Please use these kinds of product research tools as inspiration and don’t just copy everything they provide!

I picked a pet bed as an example to show you what information they provide in Ecomhunt.

I’ll show you a screenshot of each part of the product page, and then I will tell you what kind of information they give and what I think about it.

Here is the product, and you will see under the screenshot the first things that they will give (you can find these things in the screenshot):

Ecomhunt Review: Winning product example
  • Jack Kaching. You will get a 1 on 1 expert consultant. More on that below; in the extra things in the Ecomhunt section!
  • Product description. They will give you an example of the product description that you can use. The product description example is longer, but otherwise, the image would be a bit too big!
  • Sell with Oberlo button. Some product research tools have their own system to import the products. One example of that is Dropship Spy. I personally don’t see the use of that because you will still need an app (like Oberlo) to process your dropshipping orders.

    If a product research tool will come with an app like Dropship Spy, but with order processing abilities, then that will be much better, but yeah, Ecomhunt didn’t try to go after Dropship Spy with this and just acknowledged that Oberlo is one of the most popular order processing apps for dropshippers.
  • Product images. They show you a few of the product images so you can see if you like the product or not.
  • Profits and costs. They will show you a recommended selling price. Plus, they will show you what the product cost will be and what your profit margin will be if you sell the product with their recommended selling price.
  • Saturation Inspector. I think this one is quite cool. It shows you how many stores are currently selling the product, although I’m not entirely sure how they get this information, or if it’s just an estimate.
  • Profits. Almost the same as the one above, but they will also show you an estimate of the CPA (Cost Per Acquisition).
  • Analytics. This will give you a short summary of the stats of the AliExpress seller that they recommended. They also got a button there to show the reviews, but that will only make you scroll down (where they show the AliExpress reviews). So more on that below!
  • Engagement. These are the engagement stats of the Facebook Ad that they give you as an example. This way, you can easily see if the engagement is good or not; without going to Facebook first to see the Ad yourself. Keep in mind that these stats are probably not updated after the product is placed. So maybe the Ad performed even better.
  • Links. Well, I guess this one speaks for itself. But if not, you can find all the links here. Like the link to the AliExpress seller or the link to the Facebook Ad!

    I think it’s nice that they organized it like this because it’s easier to find now; instead of, for example, scrolling down to find the link to the Facebook Ad.
  • Here they show a screenshot of the Facebook Ad with the comments. This way, you don’t have to go to Facebook yourself. But I guess you will still go to the Facebook Ad yourself to see the recent comments and recent engagement statistics (like how many likes).
  • And they show you who they will target on Facebook. Here you can see who they would target on Facebook. Here is the zoomed-in version in case you’re curious:
Ecomhunt Review: Facebook Ad targeting example
  • They also show you a YouTube video there. This makes it even easier to get inspiration for your video ad(s). You don’t have to go to YouTube yourself to find other stores selling the same product.
  • If you scroll down even more, then you will find their Facebook targeting suggestion. This is basically the same as above, but it’s a bit easier to see who to target, what age range, country, and so on. Most of the time, they will only give you one row of Facebook interests.
  • Instagram Influencers examples. If you’re using Instagram Influencers for your marketing, then this one is great for inspiration! They will show you a lot of Instagram Influencers that are in the same niche as the product. You can press a lot of times on the arrows to find even more influencers!
  • Next up are eBay Sales Statistics. This will show you what the product is currently doing on eBay. Like what the average product price is, how many listings, and how many products are sold in total! Not all of their products will have these statistics though.
  • AliExpress Sales Statistics. Alright, I’m not sure about this one. I have seen better ones that show the statistics of an AliExpress product or seller. This one doesn’t seem to be working correctly, and it doesn’t show for every product (same as with the eBay statistics).
  • AliExpress reviews for that product. They integrated with AliExpress so you can see the reviews of the product on AliExpress (from the seller that they linked to).

    I guess it’s nice that you can have all this information on one page, but you can’t do much with this. All you can do with this now is check if the reviews are positive or not, but you can do that on AliExpress as well.
  • More winning products from the same category. This is the last thing that they show you for each product. It’s basically a “More items like this” list.

    It will give you some inspiration, and maybe you will see products that you otherwise wouldn’t have clicked on. (Keep in mind that these are products that are placed on Ecomhunt)

    But yeah personally I think it’s a bit weird that it doesn’t show you any dog, cat, or pet-related products. The products that it shows now are the products that are recently added to Ecomhunt. So I think a better name for this is: “Check out the newly added products on Ecomhunt”.

My conclusion of what Ecomhunt gives you with each of their winning products


They give a lot of information for each product, right?

I personally think this kind of product research tools are great for dropshipping beginners who have no idea what to sell on their dropshipping store.

Or for people that don’t have much experience yet with, for example, Facebook Ads. (If that’s you, then don’t forget to check out our complete Facebook Ads beginner’s guide here).

Because of their Facebook targeting example. This way, you can learn a bit about who to target for what kind of product.

But, as I said above, please don’t copy everything from them. Otherwise, you’ll have a really hard time trying to be more unique than other dropshipping stores out there.

I don’t have exact numbers of the number of subscribers of Ecomhunt, but seeing that they have a lot of reviews and “gurus” talking about them on YouTube, makes me think that they got enough subscribers to make a product “saturated” in a few days.

Keep in mind with “saturated”, I don’t mean the product itself, but the combination of the product + the information that they provide (for example, the Facebook targeting, video ad, description, and so on).


Well, because a lot of dropshippers out there are lazy and came into this space to earn some “easy money”, or “to get rich next week”.

This is sadly the truth because a lot of so-called “gurus” advertise dropshipping like this.

For example, they will show you videos of expensive cars and homes (which can easily be rented, don’t get me started on this… I can go on for hours, haha).

But anyway, with that “awesome lifestyle picture”, they try to pursue you to purchase their dropshipping course.

And for the record, most of these dropshipping courses aren’t cheap either!

If you’re interested in learning more about these “gurus” and why they sell courses, then I suggest reading this article here.

Because this is a review of Ecomhunt haha! My apologies for my rant about these “gurus”!

So yes, I think the information that they provide with each product is great for dropshipping beginners!

I got one more thing though, I’m personally not a 100% fan of all the products that they include in Ecomhunt. For example, see these two products below.

Why would someone purchase this product for $10,50:

Or this product for almost $20:

But that’s just my personal opinion. There are still some products there that look interesting.

Extra Things Inside Ecomhunt

Now that you know what information they provide you with each product, it’s time to see what else Ecomhunt has to offer!

Most of these extra things are really original, and I didn’t see these (yet) in other product research tools out there.

Curious now? Then let’s begin!

Jack Kaching (Your 1 on 1 Expert Consultant)

Ecomhunt Review: Jack Kaching Expert Consultant

One of the extra things that are included in Ecomhunt and that you don’t see on other product research tools; is Jack!

Jack Kaching will be there on your Facebook Messanger as your 1 on 1 Expert consultant.

You can ask him everything—for example, questions about targeting, testing, and scaling. You can even ask him to review your store!

This one is original, right?

I personally didn’t see this one in any of the other product research tools that I used and reviewed!

You will get “access” to Jack if you signup for their pro plan. (More on the price of Ecomhunt below)

Ecomhunt Winners Club

Ecomhunt Review: Winners Club

This one is quite cool and original!

If you have at least $5k in sales using products that you found on Ecomhunt, then you can apply for their Winners Club.

You will get a cool free Ecomhunt T-shirt and a place on their winner’s wall.

Their blog

Ecomhunt Review: Their blog

Alright, this is not that original; most product research tools have a blog.

But I still included because they write about some amazing things.

Plus, they also breakdown winning products for you where you can learn everything on how to sell that product. (But you can, of course, use that information to sell other products as well!) For example:

From this blog post from Ecomhunt here

Webinars & Tutorials

Ecomhunt Review: Webinars and Tutorials

Another thing that Ecomhunt included is some amazing tutorial videos.

Most of them are only accessible for paying members of Ecomhunt, but you can find some of these videos for free on Youtube as well. For example:

But still, I think it’s awesome that they included some learning resources there for their members!

Ecomhunt Review: Trial

Ecomhunt does offer you a trial. You can signup for a free account which you can use as long as you want.

The only thing is that the free account does have some limitations:

Ecomhunt Review: Trial/Free account for Ecomhunt

If you don’t want these limitations, then I suggest upgrading to their pro membership.

But it’s still great that you can try this product research tool without paying anything or risking any money!

Plus, as I said above, you can use the free account as long as you want!

You can click here to create a free Ecomhunt account!

Ecomhunt Review: Pricing

Like I said above, they offer you a free trial account. This way, you can check out the product research tool for your self. If you don’t like it, then you don’t have to pay anything!

The subscription price of Ecomhunt is currently $39, $59, or $89 per month. And you will get a discount for the first month!

Pricing plan of Ecomhunt

Plus, they got a 30-day money-back guarantee!

And they also included fast 24/7 live chat support!

Ecomhunt Review: Final Conclusion

You made it to the end, congratulations! (Or you scrolled to here, I will never know haha)

So, is Ecomhunt worth your money? Do I recommend getting this product research tool?

I personally think this product research tool is perfect for these people:

  • People that are on a tight budget or don’t want to spend money on these kinds of tools. The great thing about Ecomhunt is that they have a free account option available for you. The only thing is that there are some limitations:
  • People that don’t know much about Facebook targeting yet. It’s nice that they include an example. Although, I saw product research tools that include way more information than them, for example, Dropship Spy:
  • People that want to see a lot of product examples. They add a lot of products on their product research tool. That’s for sure. So if you’re looking for inspiration or you just don’t know what to sell, then Ecomhunt could help you further!

I don’t suggest Ecomhunt for these people:

  • People that want more tools to do product research. Ecomhunt is specialized in adding winning products for you, but if you’re more interested in getting tools to find products yourself (so you will hopefully have less competition on a product), then I suggest checking out Niche Scraper or Sell The Trend. (I linked to my reviews of these tools)
  • People that are lazy. Well, I guess it’s the perfect tool for you if you’re lazy, but please, if you’re lazy or don’t want to put any time or effort into your dropshipping store, then don’t subscribe to Ecomhunt. Otherwise, you will probably just copy their products with all their information.

    This way, you won’t have any chance of succeeding. Well, maybe if you’re lucky or skilled, but do you think you can “win” right now of a lot of dropshipping stores that have the same product and the same descriptions, images, and so on?

I hope you enjoyed reading my in-depth review of Ecomhunt!

You can click here if you want to signup for Ecomhunt after reading this review.

And if you’re not sure yet if Ecomhunt fits with you, then you should take our product research tools quiz here to find the best tool for your needs!

Not sure which product research tool to pick

If you have any questions regarding this product research tool or about dropshipping in general, then let me know by commenting below or contacting me directly by pressing the “Contact Us” button at the top!

Also, let me know what tool or service you want me to review next.

Good luck with doing product research, and don’t forget to test your products!

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  1. Atreyee Chakraborty Reply

    Great Article!
    I feel No Shopify store is good enough and sells well until it has a range of well-researched products and Ecomhunt helps you find great products in no time. It gives you access to the winning products that are being sold by other drop shippers around the world. Since product research is such an important step in establishing a Shopify store, I feel Ecomhunt is a very helpful tool.
    I love your writing style and how you have added a short review for the busy people. That is very considerate. Besides, your review really breaks down Ecomhunt and explains everything in a very lucid and beginner friendly way.
    Will Look Forward to More Articles like This in the Future. Consider me a new Fan! =)

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    I realise I have a lot to learn and I thank you for the mindset direction I have gathered from all I read so far from your writing.
    Thank you

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      Hi Abdul,

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