Facebook Ads is an incredible marketing tool for your ecommerce business. Using the platform, you can generate lots of traffic and sales for your online store.

But how do you know if your Facebook ads will work? And which kind of ads work the best?

Today, we’ve put together a list of 14 Facebook Ad examples that have been proven to work for ecommerce stores. These ads have generated millions of dollars in revenue and helped many ecommerce stores grow to the next level.

So, if you find it hard to start advertising on Facebook, these examples can serve as awesome inspirational and motivational sources.

What are Facebook Ads, and should you use them?

Facebook Ads

I can imagine that many of you already have some experience with using Facebook Ads. Despite that, I'm still going to give a quick recap of Facebook Ads for those who don't.

Facebook Ads are online advertisements that are displayed on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger.

Here's an example of a Facebook Ad:

(Don't worry, you will find many more Facebook ad examples in this article!)

The fact that millions of ecommerce businesses use Facebook Ads for their marketing is no coincidence.

That's because Facebook Ads offer many benefits to online businesses, such as:

These things may all sound great, but don't forget that you can still lose a lot of money with Facebook Ads. Also, it can take some time to master the platform.

If you do decide to try out Facebook Ads, don't jump into the deep end just yet.

Beginners often make mistakes that can cost them hundreds of dollars.

By reading the following two articles, you will be much better prepared to start using Facebook Ads:

  1. Facebook Ads for Dropshipping Stores: A Beginner’s Guide
  2. 13 Facebook Ad Beginner Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Now, without further ado, let's get into our list of inspirational Facebook ad examples!

The list of 14 Facebook ad examples for ecommerce

This is it, our list of 14 amazing Facebook ad examples!

To make sure that you will get the most out of this list, I do the following things for each ad example:

  • Share the link to the Facebook Ad. Most of the Facebook ad examples will be videos, so it's important to go and watch the ad yourself. That way, you will also be able to get a clearer understanding of the things I'm talking about!
  • Post a screenshot of the Facebook Ad. That way, you will be able to see the heading, ad description, and engagement.
  • Tell you what is so great about that Facebook Ad. Pay some extra attention to these bullet points. These are the things that should inspire you!
  • And I will link to the online store’s homepage for the advertised product! So you can check out their whole store and hopefully learn even more!

Keep in mind that Facebook Ads don’t stay online forever, whether an ad is in Facebook's ad library or on the company's Facebook page.

That’s why you may experience some difficulties when clicking on one of the ad links.

When this happens, remember that you can look up that same company in Facebook's ad library and view their latest and greatest ads! Plus, don’t forget that I took a screenshot of each Facebook Ad for you.

Last but not least, I hope you will get inspired by the ad examples. Enjoy!

1. Ruggable

Ruggable Facebook ad examples for ecommerce

The first Facebook ad example is for a company called Ruggable. After being sick of throwing away rugs after an accident, the company's founder created the first machine washable rug!

What makes this Facebook Ad great?

  • Solved problems are outlined. When you're selling a product, it's important to highlight all the problems it solves. Ruggable does exactly that!
  • Unique description. Ruggable uses unique terms such as "'Dorito fingers'-friendly", and "red wine drinker-friendly", which highlight the benefits of their product.
  • Video matches with the description. For example, they mention that their rug is friendly for pets. As such, their video features a dog walking on the carpet!

2. Sand Cloud

This Facebook Ad is made by Sand Cloud and promotes their sand-free towel. Besides being a towel, this product can be much more. Check it out!

What makes this Facebook Ad great?

  • Marketing angle. In this ad, Sand Cloud tried out a marketing angle that almost any ecommerce business can try as well, the "back in stock" angle. It encourages people to check out your product before it sells out again.
  • Increases the perceived value. Instead of making it look like a regular beach towel, Sand Cloud shows that you can use it for many more occasions. That way, they're making the product feel more "special" and increasing its perceived value.
  • Supports a good cause. Sand Cloud is on a mission to help save marine life. That's why 10% of the profits go toward marine conservation.

3. Hanks Belt

This ad is from Hanks Belts, a company that has been producing US-Made belts for over 100 years. For a Facebook ad, it's exceptionally long, but it still works amazingly well!

What makes this Facebook Ad great?

  • The ad is humanized. It looks like it's organic content showing a tour around a factory that you may find while scrolling on Facebook. This makes the ad interesting to watch and is the reason why Hanks Belts can get away with such a long ad!
  • It shows that the company really cares about quality. Sure, everyone can state that they "take quality seriously". But after watching this ad, everyone will see that this company is serious about making high-quality belts.
  • Includes captioning. This is a smart move to prevent losing people that have their sound off. With captions, this video will be much more interesting for those people since they will know what's going on!

4. Misen

Next up, we have an ad from Misen. And it's not just a regular Facebook ad; it's a retargeting ad!

What makes this Facebook Ad great?

  • Satisfying and attention-grabbing video. Check out that egg jumping around in the pan in slow-motion! It's a great start of the ad that hooks people and prevents them from scrolling further.
  • Social proof. Misen has achieved something amazing; their product raised over $1,000,000 on Kickstarter. Mentioning this in their retargeting ad can definitely push the "doubters" over the line.
  • Bold statement. With the sentence "The $55 Nonstick Pan That Will Outlast $130 Pans", the company grabs people's attention and makes sure that everyone knows what their product offers!

5. More Labs

We continue with another great Facebook ad example.

It's made by More Labs, and if you look in their ad library, you will find more awesome Facebook Ads!

What makes this Facebook Ad great?

  • Catchy opening. Watch the video, and you will see that this ad's hook does exactly what it's supposed to do; it grabs your attention!
  • The target audience will recognize the problem. More Labs start their ad by showcasing people that look pretty hungover. Thankfully, you will feel a lot better after taking a More Labs drink!
  • Humor and Style. I wouldn't mind it if I had to watch this ad. It's funny, and the style of the video fits with the company's product.

6. Anese

From the screenshot, you might not be able to guess where this ad is for. Well, let me tell you, it promotes a collagen booty mask! A pretty unique product, right?

What makes this Facebook Ad great?

  • This ad looks really clean. The video is simple and looks great. The scenes have roughly the same length and constantly switch between a pink and green background.
  • Audio. This ad has a nice audio voice overlay, including fitting music and sound effects (for example, at the moment the peach is bitten or the doll is stretched!).

7. Indestructible Shoes

If you're selling shoes, pay attention. Here's an ad from Indestructible Shoes!

Note: Did you notice a pattern in these Facebook ad examples as well? Almost every ad showcases a problem that the target audience is having and presents a solution using their product!

What makes this Facebook Ad great?

  • One of the best hooks out of this list. Just look at that screenshot. Looks painful, right? The first clip is an amazing attention-grabber.
  • Shows the extremes. It's not just the hook that puts these shoes to the test. All throughout the video, they get slammed, stamped on spikes, and go through more torture!
  • Visual overlay. I'm not sure if it makes a big difference, but this video ad has two notable overlays. First of all, there's a red showing you the video's progress. Second, you will occasionally see a call-to-action arrow telling you to click on the "Shop Now" button.

8. Titan Power

Titan Power Facebook ad examples for ecommerce

In this ad, you will see something similar to Indestructible Shoes' ad. Both companies test their products to the extreme and show off the process!

What makes this Facebook Ad great?

  • Footage of product tested to the extreme. Titan Power lets bodybuilders do pull-ups and tow vans using their charging cable; that must mean it's really durable!
  • A mix of real-life footage and animations. Besides using real-life footage, Titan Power uses animations to give a luxurious touch to their ad.

9. The Adventure Challenge

The next ad example is from The Adventure Challenge. They essentially sell books with cool adventure ideas in them!

What makes this Facebook Ad great?

  • Great thumbnail. Hmm, "The Best Date Idea Ever". Sound interesting; it surely isn't an ad, right? Well, wrong, The Adventure Challenge uses this statement to advertise their product.
  • Testimonial. In their ad video, The Adventure Challenge lets their customers speak for them. This provides social proof and may increase the viewer's trust.
  • "Scratch-off Date Book!" as the headline. When in doubt about what to put in your headline, just typing in what you're trying to sell may work really well. It makes it extra clear to everyone what your product is.

10. Humps

Huh, another one?

That's right! We've had indestructible shoes, charging cables, so here is an ad for some indestructible sunglasses.

What makes this Facebook Ad great?

  • Action-packed video. Just like the previous "indestructible" ads, this ad's video showcases the product being tortured to the maximum level. It's also pretty fast-paced, which should help to keep the viewers hooked.
  • Unboxing clip. Adding an unboxing clip to your ad can help to add a premium feel to your brand. Though, of course, that's only the case if your packaging looks good.

11. Fresh Clean Tees

We've passed the first ten ad examples already!

This next one is from a company called Fresh Clean Tees. Well, I guess that I don't have to tell you what they are selling, haha!

What makes this Facebook Ad great?

  • Nice packaging. Customers won't have to worry about their product arriving in a white plastic bag. Instead, it comes in black packaging that looks pretty clean.
  • Testimonial ad. This ad is fully focused on providing the viewers with insights from a customer's experience. You will see the testimonial in the description, but one of the company's customers talks about the product in the video as well!

Tip: If you also need some user-generated content (UGC) videos for your ecommerce business, we definitely recommend checking out a service like Billo!

12. Crossrope

Let's continue with an ad from Crossrope. Do you already notice any positives for it?

What makes this Facebook Ad great?

  • The product fits the audience's needs. This ad was published at the start of the pandemic. At the time, many gyms closed, and people were looking for ways to exercise at home.

    However, to work out in the "normal" way, you would have to carry bulky equipment into the house, just like in the screenshot! Using this ad, Crossrope addressed this problem by offering their audience a lightweight exercise tool, a jump rope.
  • Increased value. Crossrope is differentiating itself from the competition by adding more value to its offer. Instead of selling "just" a jumping rope, they will include a free fitness app with hundreds of workouts and access to a community of jumpers.

13. Lumin

Next up, we have another one of those "testimonial ads" for you. This time, it's from a company called Lumin.

What makes this Facebook Ad great?

  • Appealing headline. First of all, many people will already be interested when they can get one free product. "Free" is one of the strongest marketing words. Lumin takes it a step further and offers three products for free! To make it even more appealing, they added an urgency factor: "offer ends today".
  • Will attract both males and females. The video starts with a girl giving attention to the guy. This attracts the male audience since it's probably something that everyone wants.

    Later in the video, you will see that the girl actually bought the product for her boyfriend. By doing this, Lumin lets the girls that are watching this ad think about if they should buy the product for their boyfriends as well. If they think that he should take better care of his skincare routine, they will probably buy it!

14. Billie

We will end this list with a Facebook ad example from Billie that promotes their razor blade product.

What makes this Facebook Ad great?

  • Shows that the product really works. Some razor blade companies show off their blades shaving an already smooth area. That's not what Billie does. They show that their product really works with videos of women shaving actual hair.
  • Engagement in the comments. Billie's customer service is great. They reply to questions in the comment section with great effort, and as a result, stimulate their viewers to engage with them.
  • Appealing offer. You can start using Billie's razor for just $9. What's best, that's including free shipping!

How to find more Facebook Ad examples yourself?

If you're looking for even more inspiration, don't forget that you can find more awesome Facebook Ad examples yourself!

Let me show you two ways in which you can do that:

1. Unicorn Ads

How to find Facebook ad examples: Unicorn Ads

In my opinion, Unicorn Ads is the best way to find the best-performing Facebook Ads of ecommerce stores.

It's a free platform that lets you find more ad examples based on the niche you're interested in!

Unicorn Ads Facebook ad examples per niche

2. Facebook Ad Library

How to find Facebook ad examples:  Facebook Ad library

The second way to find more ad examples is by using the Facebook Ad Library.

There, you will be able to see currently running ads for every ecommerce brand that you're interested in.


There you have it! Those were 14 great Facebook ad examples; I hope you liked them!

Maybe, they have given you inspiration and ideas on creating a Facebook Ad for your own brand.

If you liked the article and are interested in more articles about Facebook Ads, then check out this part of our blog!

And, if you have any questions, then let us know by commenting below or contacting us directly by pressing the “Contact Us” button at the top.

Good luck with creating your Facebook Ads!

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