Are you currently doing product research for your dropshipping store? And are you wondering how to find dropshipping products on Facebook? Awesome! I'll give you some amazing tips below that will help you with doing product research on Facebook. And don't forget, don't get distracted while researching on Facebook!

There are many ways to find dropshipping products on Facebook. Think about using keywords in the search bar, using a free tool called Turbo Finder that will only show you ads on Facebook. And you can even use product research tools or specific Facebook Ad Spy Tools that will help you with finding Facebook Ads!

So, How to Find Dropshipping Products on Facebook? Let’s Find Out!

Are you curious now on how to find dropshipping products on Facebook?

Then let’s begin!

Below you will find my 5 tips to find a lot (with a lot I mean A LOT) of dropshipping products on Facebook!

1. Using keywords in the search bar to find dropshipping products on Facebook

Let's start with the most popular product research method on Facebook.

You might know this one already, but I will include it anyway for the people that don’t know about it!

Simply go to Facebook and type in one of these keywords in the search bar:

  • 50% / 60% Off (or any other percent off)
  • Get Yours Now / Here
  • Free Shipping
  • Get It Here
  • Get It Now
  • Just Pay Shipping
  • Click Link
  • Buy Now
  • Limited Supply

For example, this is what you get when you type in 50% off.

You can also select to only show videos!

Well, if you think it can’t get any better, then you’re wrong!

You can even select a certain month and year that the posts need to be published in.

This way, you will only have posts or videos that are from that selected month and year!

Another option is to search for a product name, but this is when you have already found a product, and you’re trying to find out if other people are already selling that product, and if so, what kind of ads are they running.

For example, if you plan to sell one of these scratch maps, then this is the results for that on Facebook:

And these are just six videos. There are many more videos and posts about the scratch map.

This is also a great way to get some inspiration for your own Facebook Ads!

Personally, I loved this product research method when I was just starting with dropshipping, but now I think it has changed a bit. Somehow I can’t find that many posts and videos like before, but it’s still a great way to find winning dropshipping products!

Let me know if it works fully for you or if you got trouble finding products using this method as well!

2. My Ad Finder

My AD Finder in the Chrome Web Store
Screenshot from their homepage

Next up is a great little free tool that will help you do product research on Facebook.

It’s called My Ad Finder, and you can install it here on the Chrome Web Store.

I guess you can guess already what this tool does, but if you can’t, no worries!

If you activate this tool and go to Facebook, then it will only show you Facebook Ads. It will filter out all the other posts.

You could combine this tool with the product research method from Franklin Hatchett:

Dropshipping Product Research Tutorial: Find The BEST eCommerce Products In 2020!

This way, you will have a great chance to see ads on your Facebook feed from other dropshipping stores!

Do keep in mind that you don’t have to do this via his “Meta Pixel hack”. You can also get more ads from dropshipping stores by showing Facebook that you’re interested in them.

But how do you show Facebook that you're interested in these Dropshipping Ads?

For example, by liking all the dropshipping ads or posts you see, and going to their dropshipping stores and adding their products to your cart. This way, you’re showing Facebook that you’re highly interested in these kinds of products!

And do you know what Facebook will do then?

They will show you more ads that are related to that in the hope that you purchase them!

3. Using Unicorn Ads

How to Find Dropshipping Products on Facebook: 3. Using Unicorn Ads

Let's continue this list of ways to find products on Facebook with Unicorn Ads.

To be fair, this tool isn't focused on dropshipping but more on ecommerce in general.

But I think it's a great way to get inspiration and to see what's currently being advertised on Facebook by bigger brands.

You can even easily select which niche you want to see:

Once you click on a company name, it will bring you to the Facebook Ad Library, where you can see all their active Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Looks great, right?

4. Finding Facebook pages from other Dropshipping stores

How to Find Dropshipping Products on Facebook: 4. Finding Facebook pages from other Dropshipping stores

This one is going to be awesome as well!

I wrote another article that helps you find other dropshipping stores, and I also wrote an article that will help you find the Facebook Ads that that dropshipping store is running.

This is such a powerful combination!

Plus, you can even use the dropshipping stores that you find for inspiration. (Just don't copy everything)

If this sounds awesome to you right now, then you can read the following articles:

Alright, I got one more bonus tip for you!

If you found a Facebook page from a dropshipping store, for example, Bluecrate, then you will see this at the left when you scroll down a bit:


Those are Facebook pages that are related to that page, and it's highly likely that these are pages from dropshipping stores as well!

Awesome, right?

The only thing is that Facebook won't always show the Related Pages, but for Bluecrate it did!

5. Using Facebook Ad Spy tools

Another great way to find dropshipping products on Facebook is by using a Facebook Ad Spy tool.

I didn't include this in the third step because it's not really a product research tool.

These tools are used by people that want to spy on what other people are currently doing with their Facebook Ads. Plus, they don't have specific tools to find dropshipping products!

You can even use these tools to improve your own Facebook Ads. For example, the first one includes a so-called “Audience Finder” to help you discover more interests to target on Facebook!

Here are four tools that you can use (Keep in mind that they have a trial available, so you can try it out without losing any money!)

1. Ad Intelligence

How to Find Dropshipping Products on Facebook: 5. Using Facebook Ad Spy tools
Screenshot of their homepage

The first one that I'll show you is co-created from the creator of Niche Scraper!

So, if you're a fan of Niche Scraper, then I definitely suggest you check this one out. They even got a special discount code for people that tried Niche Scraper.

The tool is called Ad Intelligence.

You can find ecommerce Facebook Ads with this tool:

For example, this is when I type in “get it here” while sorting on “Newest”:

Note: These are just the first 3, there were a lot of ads when I scrolled down!

Plus, you can use their Audience Finder to get a lot of inspiration for who to target on Facebook. For example, I typed in “dogs” and it gave me 324 related interests:

Awesome little tool, right?

Ad Intelligence is currently $18 per month or $99 per year. And they got a free plan available with some limited features.

If you're interested, then you can click here to create your free account.

2. AdSpy

Screenshot from inside AdSpy

The next tool that you can use is called AdSpy. You have probably heard of this tool before, but if you didn't, then I'll explain it below.

AdSpy lets you search through a lot of Facebook Ads, with a lot of filter options. (As you can see in the screenshot above)

You can even filter on Shopify:

Here are some of the features of AdSpy:

I suggest going to their website here to see all their features.

And if you're interested, I found this Facebook Ad example with the filter settings you can see in my first screenshot:

The Facebook Ad that is displayed is currently offline

If you then click on the Facebook Ad, then you go to this page with all the information that they collected:

AdSpy is currently $149 per month, but you will get a 50% discount for the first month if you use the discount code DoDropshipping75

That definitely makes it one of the more expensive tools out there. So please don't take it if it's outside your budget!

3. Adspace

If you think by yourself now, ‘AdSpy looks like a nice tool, but I don't like the design', then Adspace could be the tool for you!

Their goal is to build a tool with an interface that isn't from the stone age! But that's not the only thing; they are also a lot cheaper than AdSpy.

Here are a few of their current features:

One of their great features is that you have tons of sorting options:

If you want to try it yourself, then you can create a free account here, or you can upgrade to the full version, which is currently $59 per month (or $49 if you pay yearly).

4. BigSpy

Screenshot of their homepage

And the last tool that you can try is called BigSpy.

I think you can guess already what this tool does by the name of the tool and because of their homepage.

It helps you find Facebook Ads, but not only Facebook, if you're paying for the tool, then you will get access to other Social Media platforms as well:

If you're on the free plan, then you will only get 10 daily queries with limited features like you can only search on Facebook! Which is okay, because that is the goal right now; finding dropshipping products on Facebook.

I personally had, while trying BigSpy, more luck finding ecommerce Ads with the first tool above (Ad Intelligence), but that could be because I only have the free plan.

If you look at the pricing, then you probably need to pay $99 per month if you want to search more than 25 times per day (which is the basic plan of $9 per month).

After seeing the price of all these four tools, I personally recommend checking out Ad Intelligence.

But that's just my opinion; they all have a free plan, so you could definitely check them all out if you're interested!

If you got any other Facebook Ad Spy tools for this list, then let know!


So there you have it! 5 amazing ways that you can find dropshipping products on Facebook.

I hope that you now see that you can find a lot of products for your dropshipping store on Facebook!

Just keep these two things in mind:

  • Don't get distracted. Focus on what you're doing right now (product research). You can always chat with friends or scroll through Facebook after that!
  • You don't need a paid tool. As you could see in this article, there are options to search these ads for money, but you don't have to do that! If your budget is tight, then please use the free Facebook product research methods, and take a look at the other free product research methods!

If you're wondering now if it's a good idea to use Facebook Ads for your dropshipping store, then check out this article here.

If you got any other tip to find other dropshipping products on Facebook or if you have any questions regarding dropshipping, then let me know by commenting below or contacting me directly by pressing the “Contact Us” button at the top!

I wish you the best with your product research! Don't give up!

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