If you want to venture into dropshipping, this article is precisely what you need. 

We have curated a list of the 17 best evergreen niches and product ideas that are in demand throughout the year!

Our focus here is on sustainability and long-term growth.

These niches are the cornerstone for building a robust dropshipping business that can withstand market fluctuations and continue to generate revenue throughout the years.

So, without further ado, let’s delve into the top 17 evergreen niches and products to dropship this year.

The best evergreen niches and products in 2024: An Overview

Want to gain a snapshot of the top-performing evergreen niches and products?

Excellent — here’s a table that offers a quick overview!

Premium resistance bandHealth and wellness
Desk organizerStationery
Power drillHome improvement tools
Six pieces beard kitGrooming products
Baby swimming ringBaby products and accessories
Brushes setArt supplies
Magnetic wireless phone chargerPhone accessories
Seat gap storage bagCar accessories
Squeaky dog toyPet care products
Portable solar-powered chargerPortable chargers
Reusable shopping bagEco friendly products
Car headrest pillowTravel products
USB microphoneElectronic gadgets
Bluetooth smartwatchSmart devices
Magnetic couple necklaceJewelry
Ocean strap for Apple WatchWatches
Braided leather braceletClothing

The best evergreen niches and products for dropshipping

Let’s examine the top 17 niches that people love all year round!

1. Health and wellness products

Health and wellness on Google Trends

Most people aim for a healthy life, so the health and wellness industry is always popular.

For example, fitness products for exercising at home are always in demand!

One great product you could sell is a high-quality resistance band from Sell The Trend.

It's strong, has different levels of tightness, and can be used for many exercises to build muscles or become more flexible:

Premium quality resistance band on SellTheTrend

Important note: Depending on the product you choose in the Health and Wellness category, you might find some restrictions when advertising on social media platforms.

Some platforms have specific rules and content review practices that may limit the promotion of health products. So, ensure you understand these regulations before planning your advertising strategy.

2. Stationery

Stationery on Google Trends

In our growing digital world, you might think things like stationery aren't needed.

But people still love old-fashioned stationery items — in fact, these items have become more popular recently!

Stationery items are used by people at work and those who like creativity. It can include many things, from pens and notebooks to planners and sticky notes.

A good product you could sell is a desk organizer.

Having a clean workspace can make people more productive and keep things tidy. This is a perfect example, with places to put pens, notebooks, and other items:

Desk organizer on SellTheTrend

Stationery is not just functional but often has an emotional and aesthetic value for people.

Keep this in mind as you curate your products, and make sure you offer a range of designs to cater to different tastes and preferences.

3. Home improvement tools

Power drill on Google Trends

Home improvement is here to stay with more people doing DIY and home renovation projects.

This market is for everyone, from beginners in DIY to experts. This category has many different products, from basic hand tools to complex power tools.

A key product in this category is the power drill. It's a necessary tool for any home improvement project: 

Power drill on SellTheTrend

Don't forget that home improvement customers usually want reliable products.

Make your online store a place people trust to find top-notch tools and think about offering guides and how-tos for DIY fans who want to get better at what they do.

4. Grooming products

Grooming products on Google Trends

Let's face it; people care a lot about their looks! This means that grooming products are always popular.

They're for everyone, from those who just want to look neat to those who love finding new products to improve their grooming routine.

One area that's grown (pun intended!) is beard care. Beards are still a hot trend for men, so products for beard upkeep are wanted all year round.

A product that's both useful and classy is this six-piece beard kit:

Six pieces beard kit

This kit has all the basics for great beard grooming — it comes with a beard brush and comb, scissors, and beard oil, all in stylish packaging.

Ensuring you have a range of products that address different grooming needs while ensuring high quality can help your store stand out and establish a great brand in this evergreen market.

5. Baby products and accessories

Baby products on Google Trends

Regarding evergreen products, baby products and accessories are always great. There's always a demand from new parents who want the best for their babies.

The type of products in this niche can vary greatly — they include baby clothes and toys, feeding items, and safety equipment.

One popular product is this baby swimming ring on Sell The Trend:

Baby swimming ring on SellTheTrend

It has a bright design and safety features to make sure the little ones can have fun and stay safe at the same time. The best thing is that both parents and babies love it!

When talking about baby products, don't forget that it's very important to ensure the safety of the products you sell online. 

Tip: Looking for an all-in-one article about everything you should know about dropshipping? If so, check out our dropshipping guide!

6. Art supplies

Art supplies on google trends

Art supplies cover a wide range of products for both hobbyists and professionals. This category has remained steady as people use art for self-expression and relaxation.

While some art items are seasonal products, meaning they are tied to specific times or events, quite a few sell well all year.

For example, artist brushes are always needed — and good brushes are important for artists to create detailed and smooth works of art.

Check out this great brush set:

Brushes set on SellTheTrend

It has many different types of brushes, so artists can make all kinds of strokes and textures, making it a great item to add to any art supplies store.

7. Phone accessories

Phone accessories on Google Trends

Nowadays, with smartphones being such a huge part of our lives, phone accessories are very popular. 

You can find many products in this category, like phone cases, screen protectors, headphones, and charging cables.

A great product that you could consider selling is the magnetic wireless phone charger:

Magnetic wireless phone charger on SellTheTrend

Wireless chargers are becoming increasingly important as people seek stylish and easy-to-use products.

This charger lets you charge your phone without a cable and stays securely connected because of its magnetic design.

When selling in the phone accessories category, products sell well when they are both innovative and fashionable — people love things that look great!

8. Car accessories

Car accessories on Google Trends

The car accessories category is full of great products for people who own or love cars, from tools that make cars work better to items that make driving more comfortable.

One good product that you could sell is the seat gap storage bag:

Seat gap storage bag on SellTheTrend

This useful bag fits in the space between car seats and gives you extra storage for things like phones, wallets, and water bottles.

It doesn't just work well; it also looks nice inside a car, so many drivers like it.

If you offer a mix of practical and innovative products, your store can gain a great reputation among car owners who are looking for ways to improve their driving experience.

9. Pet care products

Pet care on Google Trends

We all know that pets are part of the family — this means that pet care products are always popular! 

Owners want good things to improve their pets' lives, so pet products are always great to sell.

One product pet owners, especially dog owners, love is pet toys.

Check out this squeaky dog toy on Sell The Trend:

Squeaky dog toy on SellTheTrend

It looks cute, makes a fun sound, and it's even good for the dog's health, so both pet owners and their dogs will love it.

10. Portable chargers

Portable chargers on Google Trends

Everyone needs to stay connected these days, and that's why portable chargers will not go out of style any time soon.

They let you charge your phone, tablet, or other devices anywhere.

A top-selling product you could sell is a foldable solar-powered charger. It's not just any charger — it uses the sun's energy, so it's good for the environment.

Plus, because you can fold it up, it's easy to take with you on any trip.

Portable, foldable solar-powered charger on SellTheTrend

11. Eco-friendly products

Eco friendly products on Google Trends

People are becoming more aware of the environment, and they're always looking for eco-friendly products.

These products are always in need because they're sustainable versions of everyday items.

If you want to sell products that are always in demand, check out this reusable shopping bag that's eco-friendly and can be folded up:

Eco-friendy foldable reusable shopping bag on SellTheTrend

It's light, easy to carry, and great for running errands or shopping, all while helping the planet.

Make sure your products are not only sustainable but practical too! That way, your store can appeal to eco-conscious customers and be part of the movement towards a greener planet.

12. Travel products

Travel products on Google Trends

As people start traveling again and want to see new places, travel products are becoming more popular. They're in demand by people going on trips for work or fun, and they make travel easier and more comfortable.

A product that people will always need and that you should think about selling is the car headrest pillow:

Car headrest pillow on SellTheTrend

It's shaped to support your head and neck, so it helps to stop you from getting sore and makes the trip more comfortable.

13. Electronic gadgets

Electronic gadgets on Google trends

In today's fast-changing tech world, electronic gadgets have become part of our everyday life — they make us more productive, and they're entertaining.

A great product you could think about selling is a USB microphone:

USB microphone on SellTheTrend

People use this handy gadget for things like podcasts, video games, or video calls, and it makes the sound clear and sharp.

It looks good and works well, so people will be interested in buying it.

In addition to microphones, try similar products like wireless earbuds, portable Bluetooth speakers, and webcam covers when looking for the right product that enhances the digital experience. 

14. Smart devices

Smart devices on Google Trends

In today's techy world, smart devices are a big part of daily life. They make things easier, keep us entertained, and help us stay safe.

One product you could think about selling is a wireless mini camera:

Wireless mini camera on Sell The Trend

This cool gadget can connect to your phone and even record at night using infrared vision.

You can complement it with other devices like smart bulbs, smart thermostats, or smart plugs.

15. Jewelry

Jewelry on Google Trends

Jewelry is a category that never goes out of style. From bold to simple designs, the beauty and variety of jewelry attract people of all ages.

One unique product you could sell this year is the magnetic couple necklace. Its elegant and meaningful design is especially appealing to couples:

Magnetic couple necklace on SellTheTrend

It's a great gift and can also be sold as a wedding item, but also perfect for engagements, anniversaries, or just as a gift of love.

In the Jewelry niche, you can offer a range of products, such as bracelets, earrings, and rings. Make sure you keep an eye on the latest trends too!

16. Watches

Watches on Google Trends

Watches have stood the test of time (another pun intended), adding both practicality and style.

While many products come and go with trends, watches remain steady in the market.

One unique product you might want to sell is the ocean strap for Apple Watch:

Ocean strap for Apple Watch on SellTheTrend

The strap's sleek design and wide range of colors, including bright shades inspired by the sea, allow customers to personalize their watch.

It's a great choice for Apple Watch users who want to add a touch of excitement to their everyday look.

17. Clothing

Clothing on Google Trends

Clothing consistently sells throughout the year. Although fashion trends evolve, certain clothes and accessories retain their charm.

If you're looking for evergreen products to sell for your shop, the clothing category should be a top contender.

One accessory that shines is the braided leather bracelet on Sell The Trend:

Braided leather bracelet on SellTheTrend

Its versatile and fashionable design complements a variety of outfits and suits different occasions.

Whether it's a casual day out or a special gathering, this bracelet adds a touch of elegance.

How do you pick the best evergreen products and niches?

Having gone through an extensive list of the best evergreen products for dropshipping, the next question on your mind might be, how do you pick the right ones for your store?

First, delve into some research.

Utilize tools like Google Trends to see what products are gaining popularity or have stable demand throughout the year. This ensures that you sell products with a market rather than investing in products that don't resonate with consumers.

Another incredible resource is Sell The Trend. This platform is tailored for dropshippers and offers insights into product trends, potential niches, and much more.

Home page of Sell The Trend

It’s an excellent tool for product sourcing and getting the lay of the land in terms of what’s hot in the ecommerce world.

Check out our article for more information on dropshipping research tools!

Now, don't underestimate the power of personal interest and passion. Selecting products or a niche that interests you will make your entrepreneurial journey much more enjoyable and meaningful.

Moreover, your enthusiasm will shine through in how you market and communicate with your customers. This could be the secret sauce that sets you apart from others.

Why is passion so important? When you're genuinely interested in the products, you probably know a lot about them already.

This knowledge can be invaluable in crafting compelling product descriptions and providing top-notch customer service.

In a way, the products already have their target market – you! And likely, there are many more people like you.

Lastly, never ignore your gut feeling. Sometimes, despite all the research and data, your intuition can guide you to make the best decisions.

This is especially true in a fast-paced industry like ecommerce, where trends can change overnight.

Taking action

Reading and absorbing information and knowledge is great (definitely if it’s free!), but do you know what’s even better?

Taking action!

So, to help you with taking action with what you have learned in this article, take a look at the bullet points:

  • Look through the best examples of evergreen products we’ve discussed. See what resonates with you or where you think the demand for these products is getting high.
  • Select a product or two, and research to ensure there is a demand for these products. Google Trends is a great tool for this.
  • Not sure about the niches? Revisit this article or check out our 25 Best Dropshipping Niche Ideas to refine your selection.

Final verdict

We’ve delved into the diverse world of evergreen products, covering a range of product types from tech gadgets to pet care.

What's the bottom line?

Staying current by following the latest product trends is crucial, but incorporating evergreen products already known for longevity ensures a stable foundation for sales.

The golden rule? Diversify.

Including many products from different categories will widen your customer base. However, don't lose sight of quality – choose products that align with your brand.

In a nutshell, achieving success in dropshipping requires a combination of strategy, passion, and adaptability. Wishing you success in your ecommerce journey!

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