AliExpress has a tool called AliExpress Dropshipping Center for dropshippers, but how do you access it? And how do you use it for your dropshipping store?

Follow us below, and you will know how to add it to your AliExpress account and how to use it correctly in 2024 to find awesome products for your store!

The AliExpress dropshipping center helps you find new awesome products for your dropshipping store. It helps you analyze products before selling them, and it helps you find new AliExpress suppliers that you might otherwise never have found. The dropshipping center is free to use, even if you're not dropshipping with AliExpress.

Keep reading below, and you will learn exactly how to access it and how to use it for your dropshipping store.

What is the AliExpress dropshipping center?

Home page of AliExpress dropshipping center

So, what exactly is the AliExpress dropshipping center?

Basically, it's the tool that AliExpress made to make dropshipping with AliExpress easier.

AliExpress dropshipping center helps you find new products and analyze them as well as find new dropshipping suppliers for your store.

But do you know what the best part about the dropshipping center is?

It's free to use!

You can even use it if you're not dropshipping with AliExpress. For example, if you're dropshipping without AliExpress, you can still use it for product research purposes.

Plus, AliExpress keeps updating this tool all the time. With the last update, they redesigned the whole dropshipping center and added a new tool, so now it has many more features. (Don't worry, we will cover them all below.)

What tools does the AliExpress dropshipping center contain?

Now that you know what the AliExpress dropshipping center is, it's time to move on to see what kind of tools they've included in this awesome free tool.

You've got three amazing tools inside the AliExpress dropshipping center. The tools are named the following:

  1. Find AliExpress products to sell. The first one is the main one, and that is the product research tool. This one includes three more tools inside of it!
  2. AliExpress product analysis. The second tool includes an easy way to see how many sales a product of an AliExpress supplier, as well as compare other similar products.
  3. RFQ for product sourcing. This tool allows you to request a quotation from AliExpress suppliers to cut down prices and make more profit! It's the most recent tool offered by AliExpress.

Let's begin with the tool that helps you find products to sell in your dropshipping store.

Tool 1: Find AliExpress products to sell

AliExpress Dropshipping Center Tool 1: This tool will help you find products to sell on your store.

This is a great tool to do product research. It's big now as well (AliExpress keeps updating this all the time; previously it was a much smaller tool).

This tool will show you all the hot dropshipping products in a specific niche (category).

For example, in the screenshot below, you can see how many options there are available just for Toys & Hobbies (the amount of sub-categories is huge).

AliExpress dropshipping center product research

This is also great if you want some inspiration for your dropshipping niche.

If you don't select a niche, you can browse products by filters like 'Winning products' and 'Recommended for you.'

Winning product categories of AliExpress dropshipping center

You can even sort the products by where they ship from and if there is free shipping available:

Finding products in AliExpress dropshipping center

This is a great sorting option if you want to use AliExpress's US-based suppliers to get faster delivery times for your dropshipping store. Or, if you just want to save on the shipping!

And that's not all! You can also filter your product search by the price of the product.

Aliexpress dropshipping center pricing filters

Plus, there are also options for sorting by 'Recommend,' 'Price' and 'Sales.'

Sort by option of AliExpress dropshipping center

Most of these features speak for themselves, so we won't go too in-depth into them. (But do let us know if you're not sure about one of them!)

Here is one more example of what the 'Winning Products' filter looks like:

Winning products of AliExpress

Two things stand out here:

  • Amount of products sold. For each winning product, you can see how many pieces have been sold. This gives you a good idea of how popular the product is for consumers.
  • Growth rate. This is a cool addition by AliExpress. For some of the products, you can see the growth rate from the past 7 days. This is helpful for finding products that are growing in popularity.

This tool will surely give you a lot of ideas for products to sell in your dropshipping store.

One more impressive feature of this tool is the search by image mode.

Search by image on AliExpress dropshipping center

You can upload an image of a product, and then it will search through AliExpress, finding products that look like the image that you uploaded!

For example, we uploaded an image of a popular showerhead product:

Find products feature of AliExpress

They showed exactly the product that we uploaded and multiple different suppliers for that product!

You just have to try out this tool yourself!

Tool 2: AliExpress product analysis

AliExpress Dropshipping Center Tool 2: Product Analysis. Here you will see a graph of the product with the sales volume of the past days.

This one is awesome!

You can input an AliExpress product URL at the top of the product that you want to analyze, and after you click on "Search," you will see a graph with a lot of data from that product.

For example, you can see the “Sale Volume” from that product. They explain it like this:

We personally think that they don’t show the real sales data but a range from 0 to 100. Meaning, the higher the number is, the more popular the product is!

Like Google Trends does as well by showing a graph with search data:

You can even see how reliable their logistics are. This means how high the chance is that the product will come on time.

You can only research one product at the time, and it will only give sales volume from the AliExpress supplier that you copied the product URL from.

So, there could be a chance that other AliExpress suppliers are selling even more of the same product.

But it's still a great tool to quickly see how many products that AliExpress supplier is selling per day, and if it's growing or not!

Tool 3: RFQ for product sourcing

Request for quotation tool of AliExpress

This is quite a recent tool available in the AliExpress dropshipping center.

The RFQ for product sourcing, or more easily said, request for quotation gets dropshippers access to lower prices and better customization options.

Let's look at an example of how the tool works.

To use the tool, you have to provide a link to the AliExpress product page.

For our example, we will use this portable travel toothbrush:

AliExpress product example

So, we pasted the AliExpress product link to the request for quotation tool:

Sourcing a product on AliExpress dropshipping center

When you do this, you will get an extended form where you have to tell what you actually want.

Posting sourcing request on AliExpress

Do you want lower prices or just more customization options? You have to fill in all of your requirements.

Once you have done that, you can submit your request, and the suppliers will be directly in contact with you.

Cool, right?

How do you activate and add the dropshipping center tab to your AliExpress account?

There are mainly three options for adding the dropshipping center tab to your AliExpress account.

If you're looking for the easiest one, scroll down to the third option, and you can join the dropshipping center by simply pressing one link.

  • Place enough orders so that AliExpress thinks you’re dropshipping. This is what happened to us because we suddenly had a notification showing about the dropshipping center.
  • Adding an AliExpress supported app. At the time of writing this, it's DSers, Antdiy, and Topdser. Simply follow the instructions given by the app that you're using.

    You can also take a look at the video below from DSers to see what you need to do:
Link to Shopify and AliExpress - Shopify Tutorial – DSers
  • You can simply go to this link and sign up for the AliExpress dropshipping center. All you have to do is log in to your AliExpress account, accept their terms, and fill in your name to join the AliExpress dropshipping center!

    Or you can copy the AliExpress dropshipping center link here:
Or you can add the AliExpress Dropshipping Center tab to your account by visiting the link provided above

This is the easiest one, and I think it’s available for everyone.

We tested it by creating a new AliExpress account, and it did enable the dropshipping center on my new AliExpress account! Here is what that will look like once you get accepted:

How do you access the AliExpress dropshipping center?

AliExpress dropshipping center button

Alright, now you know what the dropshipping center is and how to activate it, but how do you access it once you get accepted?

So, once you have activated the AliExpress dropshipping center, you can then find it on the home page of AliExpress.

If everything goes well with the activation, you will see the 'Dropshipping Center' button on the header, like in our above image.

Click on that, and it will bring you to the AliExpress dropshipping center!

If it's not visible on the header, you can also find it from the footer section:

Footer section of AliExpress

How do you use the AliExpress dropshipping center for your dropshipping store?

How to Use the AliExpress Dropshipping Center for Your Dropshipping Store?
Here are a few of the products that you will find when you type in "dog" as a keyword!

Now you know everything about the AliExpress dropshipping center, but how do you use it correctly for your dropshipping store?

Well, for starters, it gives you some extra product research tools for free. This is great if you're running your dropshipping store on a tight budget, and can't afford any product research tools yet.

If you’re still doing product research, we suggest checking out the winning products section and browse through the products.

Or simply select the same niche that you have in your dropshipping store.

You will surely find a lot of products there that could bring you a profit!

Or you can go to the sponsored products. There are some interesting products there.

And you can even use the search by image tool, but you will need to have an idea of what kind of product, otherwise you won't know what to upload.

Example of how to use the AliExpress dropshipping center

You're probably wondering how everything works, so we've got a great example for you below. We typed 'pet products' in the 'Find Products to Sell' product research tool:

Searching for pet products on AliExpress

We filtered the search by how many sales the product has, so we got products that are proven to sell.

One of the cat brushes looks cool (just an example), and if we want to compare it to other similar products, we can just click the 'Similar items' button under it.

Example product of AliExpress dropshipping center

This is what results we got for the cat brush:

Similar products to cat massaging tool on AliExpress

This shows you multiple other similar products. Plus, you can see the amount of orders and the sales performance of each product!

Sales performance of AliExpress products

That's good information for selecting a possible winning product.

If you find a product you like, then you can even source a request for a quotation to get savings and more customization options on the product.

Product quotation request of AliExpress product

AliExpress vs. Alibaba Dropshipping Center

Homepage of the Alibaba Dropshipping Center

Did you know that there is also an Alibaba Dropshipping Center available?

But what is the difference between these two dropshipping centers?

The main difference is that the dropshipping center from Alibaba is more focused on connecting your store to Alibaba, while the dropshipping center from AliExpress is focused on providing you with tools to find the best products for your store.

However, don't forget that the Alibaba Dropshipping Center is quite new, so they might add more features later on!

If you're interested in learning more about the other dropshipping center, then check out the article I linked to below:

Alibaba Dropshipping Center: The Definitive Guide (2024)

FAQs of AliExpress dropshipping center

Below, you will find some of the most asked questions that people have regarding the AliExpress dropshipping center.

Is the AliExpress dropshipping center free?

Yes, you can use this tool from AliExpress for free. This is great if you don't want to pay for any product research tool.

Can you use it if you're not dropshipping with AliExpress?

Yes! As long as you have an AliExpress account, you can use it as many times as you want, even if you're currently dropshipping from somewhere else or if you're not dropshipping yet.

My AliExpress dropshipping center is not showing. What to do?

If you correctly applied to the AliExpress dropshipping center, as we said in this article and you still don't see the tab in your account, try the other options (like using a partner app) and try clearing your cache. If all of that doesn't work, try creating a new AliExpress account and see if that works!


Before we go to the conclusion, we've created a quick summary of this article for you so you can easily remember it:

  • AliExpress dropshipping center is a platform that contains three different tools that help dropshippers with product research. All of the tools have a different purpose of use.
  • One of the available tools allows you to find products from AliExpress, one analyzes those products, and one is made for sourcing products.
  • The easiest way to access the AliExpress dropshipping center is through a direct link (click here to access) and signing up for it.
  • There is also an Alibaba dropshipping center. The main difference between AliExpress and Alibaba dropshipping centers is that the AliExpress one is made for product research, and the Alibaba one is made for connecting your dropshipping store with Alibaba.


So, there you have it, the AliExpress ds center! We hope you now know how to access it and how to use it to bring your product research to the next level.

Also, if you want to see more AliExpress product research tools, we suggest reading the article that we've linked below:

AliExpress Product Discovery: 6 Great Product Research Tools

If you run a Shopify dropshipping store, the above AliExpress tools will be helpful to you!

Don't forget to treat your dropshipping store like a real business. Please don't treat it as a way to get rich overnight. Good luck!

Want to learn more about AliExpress?

Ready to move your knowledge about AliExpress to the next level? Check out the articles below:

Plus, don't forget to check out our in-depth guide on how AliExpress works here.

Also, if you haven't created a Shopify account yet (to get your dropshipping store online), then you can click here to get a free 3-day trial + 1 month for $1!

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