Are you looking to organize your own Instagram shoutouts, but are struggling for ideas? Then you're in luck; I have compiled 10 Instagram shoutout examples for you in this article! Hopefully, they will give you inspiration for your own Instagram shoutouts!

But, first of all, let's quickly discuss what Instagram shoutouts exactly are.

What is an Instagram Shoutout?

An Instagram shoutout is when another Instagram account promotes your product on their account.

Often, the Instagram account giving the shoutout has a lot of followers. In other words, they can reach a lot of people and potentially influence their followers to buy your products. That is why these accounts are often called “influencers”.

This kind of “influencer” marketing has been gaining a lot of popularity in the last few years, and the number of sponsored posts is rapidly growing, as shown by the following infographic:

brand sponsored influencer post growth

Instagram influencer marketing has a lot of advantages and I could write a whole article about it, but one of the biggest advantages is that often, people will trust the influencer which they follow more than some company from an ad they see. In short, Instagram influencers can create more trust for your brand.

If you want to learn more about Instagram influencer marketing, check out this article!

instagram influencers create trust stats

This is why I think it's worth it to give an Instagram shoutout a shot and see how well it works for your business.

Before we move on to the 10 Instagram shoutout examples, let me quickly explain how you can let an Instagram influencer post a photo/video of your product!

Basically, there are five reasons why someone would make an Instagram shoutout for you:

  • Paid shoutouts: These are the “classic” shoutouts. You pay an influencer a certain amount of money, and in return, he or she will make an Instagram shoutout for you.
  • (Free) product shoutout: This one works almost the same as the paid shoutouts, but instead of money, you give the influencer your product for free or sell it to them for a discount.
  • S4S: Shoutout for shoutout happens when both you and the influencer you're working with have a relatively large following and are not competitors of each other. In that case, you can agree with each other that you will give them a shoutout on your page, and in return, they will give you a shoutout on their page.
  • Word-of-mouth shoutout: These are often the best kind of shoutouts. What makes them so good? Well, you won't have to do anything for them (if you have an excellent product, of course)! This shoutout happens when someone is so happy with your product, they just decide to post it on Instagram and tell others about it!
  • Affiliate marketing shoutout: This shoutout is like a contract between the influencer and the brand. The influencer will post a shoutout for the brand and will add their own affiliate link to the shoutout.

    That way, the brand can keep up with how many sales came from the shoutout and the influencer will get a commission from each sale! For example, MVMT Watches has an ambassador program for these kinds of shoutouts.  (You can learn more here about how to use affiliate marketing as an ecommerce store owner)

I know you're waiting for my promised 10 Instagram shoutout examples, so let's get started!

P.S. If you don't have an Instagram account yet, check out this article, which goes over creating and growing your Instagram profile!

The List of 10 Instagram Shoutout Examples

To make sure you will know where to look at, learn something, and get inspired by these Instagram shoutout examples, I will do the following for each example:

  • Share the link to the Instagram shoutout. So you can watch it your self (and you can read the comments). You can either click on the text below the screenshot or click on the screenshot itself to go to the shoutout!
  • Post a screenshot of the Instagram shoutout example. So you can easily see how it looks like and the shoutout's stats, like views, likes, and engagement.
  • Tell you what is so great about that Instagram shoutout. So you will know where to pay attention to.
  • And I will link to the online store's homepage for the advertised product! So you can check out their whole store and learn hopefully even more!

Keep in mind that shoutouts don't always stay online forever on the influencer's page. Some companies make deals that the shoutout is online for a set amount of time.

This is great if you're running a promotion with a deadline, and you don't want your future customers to be disappointed if they see an old shoutout post with a promotion that you're not running anymore.

That's why you will see that some of the shoutouts are currently offline, we try to keep each article updated, so I will link to the influencer's page instead. Plus, don't forget that I took a screenshot of each shoutout for you.

Alright, let's get started for real now; I hope you will get inspired!

1. Homedepot

homedepot instagram shoutout examples
Source (Shoutout offline)

This isn't your typical ecommerce Instagram shoutout, it is actually a post to promote The Home Depot, which is a really big company in the USA, but it is a really good shoutout.

What is so great about this Instagram shoutout example?

  • Dogs! Normally, an Instagram shoutout consists of a male or female posing with the product. That's not the case with this Instagram shoutout though! Here, you see 2 dogs posing with the product, which makes it much more attention-grabbing and interesting!
  • Not only humans love it, dogs too! That is written in the text at least. Why would you do it like that? To attract the dog-loving audience even more!
  • Creative + Youtube tutorial. They have made a video on their Youtube channel telling you exactly how to set this up using their products! Some people will even subscribe and maybe get inspired by watching their other Youtube videos.

2. Electrolit

electrolit instagram shoutout examples

This is a shoutout for Electrolit, a hydration drink company from the USA.

What is so great about this Instagram shoutout example?

  • Shows the product in use. What better way to give a shoutout for a product than to show the product in the exact situation where it is designed for?
  • Beautiful picture. The product is shown in an amazing picture with awesome scenery, which will attract more people to like the shoutout.
  • Interesting story. People who love nature will happily read the description of her experience climbing in the Sequoia National Park, and at last, also read about the shoutout to Electrolit's drink for the hydration!

3. Nautandchain

nautandchain instagram shoutout examples
nautandchain instagram shoutout examples

This Instagram shoutout example is for Nautandchain, a company selling mainly chains and bracelets. They have a nice Shopify store as well!

What is so great about this Instagram shoutout example?

  • Shows the lifestyle the product is trying to sell. This product is inspired by the ocean, so the best place to take a picture for an Instagram shoutout is by the ocean!
  • Includes a call to action. By including a call to action at the end of the description, people will know that they can find this product when they click on the link in his bio. This will attract more visitors to their website and potentially get them more sales!
  • Shows the products up close. This Instagram shoutout includes a second picture in which the influencer showcases his favorite Nautandchain pieces. By doing this, big fans of him will be eager to also look at their collection and find out what their favorite piece is! Also, it gives the product more attention.

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4. PSD Underwear

psd underwear instagram shoutout examples

This is a shoutout for PSD Underwear, an underwear company (who would've thought haha!). And they went in big with this one; they partnered up with Ninja, who has almost 15 million followers on Instagram!

What is so great about this Instagram shoutout example?

  • Recognizable photo. This could be you, sitting on the couch browsing Instagram and seeing a giveaway 1000 “free” pairs of underwear! He also wears the underwear himself, for some extra attention.
  • Free + Shipping. This is an old trick, set up your product for a price of 0$ on your store, only to then later ask for a higher shipping price. People are inclined to buy the product because they think they are getting underwear for free. Are you interested in whether or not the Free Plus Shipping still works right now? Then check out our article about it!
  • National Underwear Day. They planned this shoutout perfectly; what better day to post a shoutout like this than on #NationalUnderwearDay?

5. Allbirds

allbirds instagram shoutout examples
allbirds instagram shoutout examples

This one is from the company Allbirds. They try to make their shoes as sustainable as possible! One of the things you can look at in this store is their homepage.

What is so great about this Instagram shoutout example?

  • Real customer experience. One of the most important factors to have a successful Instagram shoutout is to NOT make it look like an advertisement. By letting someone genuinely tell their own experience with your product, people will be much more likely to believe them (remember what I said about trust?) and purchase your product.
  • Includes Youtube video. People who are interested in the shoes and in a more detailed story about his experience can also view the Youtube video he made about the Allbird shoes:
Allbirds Dashers - The First Sustainable Running Shoe
  • Close-up photo of the product. His followers will get a closer look at the product and will be more likely to think about it.

6. SunGod

sungod instagram shoutout examples
sungod instagram shoutout examples

This shoutout promotes SunGod, a sunglasses company.

What is so great about this Instagram shoutout example?

  • Doesn't look like an ad. If you saw this picture come up when scrolling on Instagram, you would think that it is just a selfie picture from the influencer you're following. But actually, it is a shoutout! People who like the sunglasses he is wearing can just go to SunGod's Instagram account and shop for their own!
  • Includes a second picture to highlight the product. In case people didn't notice it, he included a second picture with the sunglasses on his face! Now, the people who like them will definitely check out SunGod's Instagram account.

7. Jawzrsize


You've just seen an Instagram shoutout for Jawzrsize, a device that promises to redefine your jawline.

What is so great about this Instagram shoutout example?

  • Video Shoutout. By making a video instead of a picture, this influencer can show exactly how the product works and what kind of results you can expect to get!
  • Recommendation from a professional and well-known KSW fighter. By picking this influencer, Jawzrsize will probably get even more sales. People will believe influencers with “authority” even faster.
  • Simple & easy to follow description. The influencer only put a few sentences in the description. It looks so clean and less spammy, right?

8. Ivory Ella

ivory ella instagram shoutout examples

This shoutout is from Ivory Ella, a clothing store that donates 10% of net profits to Save the Elephants and other charitable causes.

Tip: Interested in starting your own clothing store? Check out our list of the best clothing dropshipping suppliers here!

What is so great about this Instagram shoutout example?

  • Excellent timing. Since Ivory Ella wants to save elephants, what better day to post this shoutout than on World Elephant Day? The influencer's fans will be even more inclined to save the elephants and purchase a clothing piece to contribute to that good cause!
  • Matching elephant. The logo of Ivory Ella is an elephant, and bringing a plush elephant toy to the picture was such a nice idea. The colors, elephant, and clothing match so nicely on this picture and make it even more likable!

9. Huel

huel instagram shoutout examples

We've come to the shoutout from Huel, a company that provides nutritionally complete food!

What is so great about this Instagram shoutout example?

  • The product fits in the picture. In this case, the black and white bottle fits nicely in the picture. Make sure that your product stands out in the picture, but it should fit with it as well.
  • Awesome description. The description explains exactly what this product is about and how it can offer you a solution to your food pattern!
  • Recognizable. Some people will recognize themselves in the description of this shoutout. Maybe they also find themselves being too busy to eat healthily, which will make them want to buy products from Huel even more.

10. Nomatic

nomatic instagram shoutout examples
Source (Shoutout offline)

Sadly, we have come to the last shoutout in our list of Instagram shoutout examples.

Don't worry, we haven't saved the worst for last! This Instagram shoutout is for the Nomatic backpack.

What is so great about this Instagram shoutout example?

  • Free product shoutout. Remember what I told you about different Instagram shoutout types? One of them was the “free product shoutout”! By doing this as a company, people will also see that you are kind (gifting a backpack to someone), and the chance of them purchasing your product will rise!
  • Showcasing the product in use. The picture shows exactly how the product looks and is used!
  • Great description. This description is very nicely laid out. It is formatted very well, which makes it easy to read. It uses the perfect amount of emojis, not too much and not too little. Also, it mentions all the cool features of this backpack!


There it is! 10 Awesome Instagram shoutout examples.

I hope that after reading this article, you're inspired and maybe even already have an idea of how your own Instagram shoutout could look like!

If you would like to create your own Instagram shoutout, one of the first steps would be to search for an influencer. Well, you're in luck! We have a whole article about finding Instagram influencers for dropshipping!

If you are still not tired from these 10 Instagram shoutout examples, you can view 13 great Instagram account examples here. (From other amazing ecommerce stores)

Plus, check out our list of 10 Instagram Story shoutout examples!

If you have any questions about this article or about ecommerce in general, then let me know by commenting below or contacting me directly by pressing the “Contact Us” button at the top!

Good luck with your Instagram shoutouts!

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