Are you interested in AliExpress dropshipping? And are you interested in seeing what other stores are currently doing? Awesome!

This article will show you six outstanding AliExpress dropshipping store examples.

You will read all about how you can see that they're dropshipping and what you can learn from them. Awesome, right?

Quick note: Yes, this article will contain AliExpress dropshipping store examples, but you don't need to dropship with AliExpress.

There are many alternatives to AliExpress available. (Click here to learn more) Plus, you can still read this list if you're not dropshipping with AliExpress; these are still some great dropshipping store examples to get inspiration.

What is AliExpress dropshipping?

When you are doing AliExpress dropshipping, then you are dropshipping with AliExpress as your dropshipping supplier.

What is a dropshipping supplier infographic

With AliExpress dropshipping, you start by searching AliExpress for a product to sell. This is called product research.

When you have found a few products you want to sell, then you import these products to your store with a dropshipping app like DSers. We suggest having between 5-20 products in your store.

Then it’s time to create and optimize your product page. This is the page where people can buy the product that you just imported from AliExpress.

Here's an example of a product page:

Dropshipping store product page example

With a few products published on your online store, you're almost ready to start selling! But don't forget to give your dropshipping store some attention before heading to the marketing part. Check out this checklist to ensure you're setting up your Shopify store correctly.

Once you have a nicely-looking store and everything set up, you can start doing online marketing through Facebook Ads or Instagram Influencers, for example.

This is how your Facebook Ad could look:

Dropshipping Facebook ad example

If you're interested in more Facebook ad examples, check out our Facebook ad examples article here!

Now, people can find your store and purchase some products from you. After subtracting all your costs, you will hopefully be left with a profit!

But how will you do all these steps of creating a dropshipping store yourself?

If you're just starting with AliExpress dropshipping, it can be a bit confusing. For example, how do you know how your store is supposed to look?

To help you, we made this list of six awesome AliExpress dropshipping store examples.

We hope that you will be able to get inspiration and learn some new things from these examples!

The list of 6 AliExpress dropshipping store examples

So, are you ready for some AliExpress dropshipping store examples?

You will find the whole list of examples below. For each one, we will tell you:

  • Why we think it is an AliExpress dropshipping store
  • What you can learn from that dropshipping store

Just to note, we won't cover the dropshipping stores that we already included in the 23 Most Successful Shopify Dropshipping Store Examples article.

Also, we will use steps from this article here to see if a store is dropshipping or not.

But we will only use a few steps until we're more than 90% sure that they are dropshipping with AliExpress (or at least dropshipping from China).

Otherwise, it might be boring for you to see us repeat ten steps for each AliExpress dropshipping store example in this list. You might be thinking then:

"Why so many steps? I already know that the dropshipping store is dropshipping with AliExpress after the first few steps!"

But anyway, you will surely get a lot of inspiration from this article.

Let’s go!

Important reminder: These examples are intended to inspire creativity and innovation in building your own brand.

While it can be helpful to learn from successful businesses, it is essential to avoid simply copying their strategies and ideas. Instead, strive to create a unique brand that sets your business apart and resonates with your target audience.

1. Notebook Therapy

Homepage of NotebookTherapy

The first dropshipping store example on this list will be Notebook Therapy.

As the name implies, this store is mainly selling notebooks. However, they also offer notebook-compatible products like stickers, backpacks, and pens!

Why do we think this dropshipping store is using AliExpress?

An example of a product that this store sells is shown below; 'Tsuki Pop-up Pencil Case.'


Looks cute, right?

But why do we think that this store is dropshipping?

Well, we found the same product on AliExpress. Check it out:


This is already a strong indicator that the store is dropshipping, but let's look further.

We can check if this store is dropshipping by looking at what they wrote in the shipping policy:


As you can see, they have relatively long delivery times, which can sum up to a maximum of 35 days!

At this point, we're 99% sure that they are dropshipping with AliExpress! So, let's look at what you can learn from this dropshipping store example.

What can you learn from this store?

Store design

You can see that someone put in the effort to make this store look amazing. The layout, logo, and product pages look great. Basically, it all comes down to the fact that it doesn't look like a dropshipping store at first sight!

Social media

Notebook Therapy does a great job with its Social Media profiles. For example, their Instagram page has more than one million followers! Plus, they currently get almost two million monthly views on Pinterest. (Click here to see their Pinterest profile.)

You can find their Instagram page here

Notebook Therapy uses the power of social media influencers to market its products.

Take a look at this page here to get some inspiration on creating a page for announcing that you want to work with influencers.


2. Warmly

Warmly AliExpress dropshipping store homepage

The next dropshipping store on this list is called Warmly.

This one is an AliExpress dropshipping store in the home decor niche!

Why do we think this dropshipping store is using AliExpress?

We didn't want to repeat the steps, but this one is just too easy; take a look at their shipping time:

Warmly shipping time

Fairly easy to see that they are dropshipping from China, right?

Let's do another check and see if they say something interesting on their 'About Us' page.

In fact, they admit that they are dropshipping here, just in nicer words:

Warmly About Us page

Now, let's move on to the learning points because we're confident they are dropshipping with AliExpress!

What can you learn from this store?


In our opinion, this dropshipping store's homepage gives a good first impression to its visitors. It does give the store a luxurious feeling, and you wouldn't immediately think it's a dropshipping store:

Warmly homepage categories

Furthermore, take a look at their footer:

Warmly footer

Looks clean, right?

Product images

We suspect that one of the primary reasons for this store's luxurious feel is its consistent use of high-quality product images.

Just check out the product images of some of their best sellers:

Warmly high-quality product images

They all look great, right?

3. Palo

Palo AliExpress dropshipping store homepage

The following example on this list is called Palo.

This is a great example of a general dropshipping store!

Tip: If you want to see more general dropshipping store examples, check out this article!

Why do we think this dropshipping store is using AliExpress?

To check if this is an AliExpress dropshipping store, let's take a look at one of their products:

Palo camera lens mug

Looks like a branded lens coffee mug, right?

But take a look at what we found on AliExpress:

Camera lens mug on AliExpress

As you can see, it's the same product. The only difference is that they added a nice background to it!

What can you learn from this store?

Great product selection

If you're unsure what products to offer on your dropshipping store, you may want to check out Palo's website for some new ideas!

They offer various awesome dropshipping products from multiple niches, like these:

Palo product selection

So, if you want any inspiration on what to sell on your online store, then maybe you will find some cool products here!

Product names

Let’s take a look at their products’ names. You will be able to see some of them in the images above.

Palo wants visitors to believe that its products are branded. Thus, they have given their products branded names like 'Kraken - The Octopus Ring' and 'The Original Camera Lens Coffee Mug.'

We really like naming your products like this.

And if you're worried about the trademark symbol, we found that it has no legal meaning. So, you can use it in your product names without getting into legal issues.

Sticky add to cart

Palo created a ‘sticky add to cart bar’ that follows you as you scroll down the product page.

This is a great way to ensure that your visitors can find your product’s add-to-cart button at all times!

Palo sticky add to cart bar

4. Sage & Sill

Sage & Sill AliExpress dropshipping store homepage

Sage & Sill. That's what the next dropshipping store is called!

This is going to be an interesting one.

Do you know why?

Sage & Sill doesn't look like a typical dropshipping store. But in reality, it is one!

Why do we think this dropshipping store is using AliExpress?

Again, let's check out one of their products. In this case, this little human ceramic planter:

Sage & Sill product page

And, like with the other store examples, we found a listing of the same product on AliExpress:

Human ceramic vase on AliExpress

And to make this one 99% sure as well; here is their shipping policy:

Sage & Sill shipping policy

Let's move on to the learning points!

What can you learn from this store?

Color scheme

When going through their website, you can see that Sage & Sill uses a dark green color throughout their website. This gives the store a branded and 'uniform' feel.

Sage & Sill Our Mission page

Even most of their products are green!

Use ‘Frequently Bought Together’ offers

Sage & Sill does a great job of using a ‘Frequently Bought Together’ section on its product page to increase its average order value.

In other words, they offer accompanying products that customers can buy together for a discount. Check it out below:

Sage & Sill Frequently Bought Together offer

5. For My Doggy

For My Doggy AliExpress dropshipping store homepage

The next dropshipping store example on this list is called For My Doggy.

This one is an AliExpress dropshipping store in the pet niche!

Why do we think this dropshipping store is using AliExpress?

First of all, take a look at this store's shipping policy page:

For My Doggy shipping policy

That's already an unusually long shipping time, right?

Well, not according to this store's owner, as they put 'fast delivery' as one of the reasons for customers to choose them:

For My Doggy 'Why Pet Parents Trust Us' section

Now, let's take a look at one of their products and see if I can find it on AliExpress again:

For My Doggy dog shoes product

Well, guess what? Here it is!

Dog shoes on AliExpress

Now that we can confidently state that this is an AliExpress dropshipping store, let's take a look at the things you can learn from it!

What can you learn from this store?

'Free + Shipping' offers are still working

If you thought you saw something unusual on the dog shoes product page above, then you're right!

For My Doggy uses a 'Free + Shipping' offer here.

In other words, they try to lure customers in with what seems like a great deal, a free item! They just have to pay for the shipping costs.

However, when customers proceed to check out, they will see that the shipping cost is relatively high:

For My Doggy checkout for Free+Shipping offer

And that's because it includes some profit for the dropshipping store!

Product reviews

For My Doggy puts product reviews on its product pages for increased social proof.

The great thing about these reviews is that they also include an image, which makes them more trustworthy and also gives the customer a better opportunity to see how the product will look in real life!

Likely, these reviews are simply imported from an AliExpress product page. The great thing is that they have filtered out all elements revealing that the reviews come from AliExpress, like the terms ‘seller’ and ‘fast shipping’:

For My Doggy product reviews

6. GripXT

GripXT AliExpress dropshipping store homepage

The last AliExpress dropshipping store example on this list is called GripXT.

This is AliExpress dropshipping store focuses on selling one main product, their grip strengtheners. However, they offer complementary products too to increase their average order value!

Why do we think this dropshipping store is using AliExpress?

Let's look at this store's main product:

GripXT grip strengtheners

And once again, we found the same product on AliExpress:

Grip strengtheners on AliExpress

Besides this, here's their shipping policy:

GripXT shipping policy

As you can see, it all fits the same pattern again.

However, their shipping time to the US is relatively fast, so they may be using a US dropshipping supplier!

What can you learn from this store?

Using GIFs in the product description

With a product like these grip strengtheners, people may not fully understand how it works and how it can benefit them.

Using GIFs, GripXT can show visitors their product in an engaging and easy-to-understand way!

GripXT product description GIFs
Use affiliate marketing

GripXT does a great job of using affiliate marketing to increase its sales.

If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, take a look at this infographic:

How does affiliate marketing work - Infographic

Basically, an influencer can join GripXT’s affiliate program to promote their products. And if someone purchases a product through them, they will get up to 10% of the revenue!

GripXT affiliate program

How do we find successful Shopify dropshipping stores?

If you're now thinking something like, Well... six examples, that's definitely not enough for me.

Then don't worry!

We've got two great tips for you to find other AliExpress dropshipping stores.

1. Sell The Trend

Screenshot from their Shopify store explorer with the "Dropshipping Stores" filter on

Sell The Trend is awesome for finding other dropshipping stores out there!

And not only that, it’s created to help you with your product research — thanks to all the different tools inside Sell The Trend, like Nexus:

Sell The Trend Nexus product examples

If you're interested now in Sell The Trend, then you can click here to read our in-depth review of Sell The Trend. We've updated that review with their latest changes in 2024!

Or you can click here to get their free 7-day trial! Not good enough for you? No worries, you can cancel it anytime (even before you start paying)!

2. 5 More ways to find other dropshipping stores

How to Find Other Dropshipping Stores in 2024? 5 Amazing Tips!

Are you interested in learning more ways to find other dropshipping stores?


We wrote another great article that contains five more ways to find dropshipping stores. We'll cover methods like how to use, Google, and Facebook to find other dropshipping stores!

We'll even guide you on how to see if a store is dropshipping or not. If you're interested in learning more, we suggest reading the article that we've linked below:

How to Find Other Dropshipping Stores? (5 Amazing Tips)

Other examples for your dropshipping store

Do you want more examples for your dropshipping store?

Then don't worry, we've got you covered with some awesome example articles!

And you can find even more articles that will inspire you right here.

Awesome, right?


So, there you have it! Six amazing AliExpress dropshipping store examples.

We hope you are inspired now to make your own dropshipping store even better than it already was and that you learned a lot about how to find out if a store is dropshipping with AliExpress!

If you have more awesome AliExpress dropshipping stores for this example list or have any questions regarding dropshipping then let us know by commenting below or contacting us directly by pressing the 'Contact Us' button at the top!

Good luck with your dropshipping store!

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