Are you interested in AliExpress dropshipping? And are you interested in seeing what other stores are currently doing? Awesome! In this article, I will show you 6 amazing AliExpress dropshipping store examples where I will show you why I think they are dropshipping with AliExpress! Awesome, right?

Quick note:
Yes, this article will contain AliExpress dropshipping store examples, but you don’t need to dropship with AliExpress. There are many alternatives to AliExpress available. (Click here to learn more) Plus, you can still read this list if you’re not dropshipping with AliExpress; these are still some great dropshipping store examples to get inspiration from.

Why Is Looking at AliExpress Dropshipping Store Examples Important?

Find out why looking at AliExpress Dropshipping store examples is important in 2020!

One word? Inspiration!

This is great if you’re just starting with AliExpress dropshipping, and you have no idea how your dropshipping store is supposed to look like.

You can learn a lot from dropshipping stores that are getting a lot of traffic. Definitely, these that are still advertising at this moment.

Do you know why?

Well, would anyone still advertise their store, that’s been up for a while if they are not profitable?

Exactly… No!

You can also learn a lot from what kind of products they are selling and what their best selling products are.

You can click here to learn how to find the best selling products of a Shopify store!

The List of 6 AliExpress Dropshipping Store Examples

So, are you ready for some AliExpress dropshipping store examples?

Below you will find a whole list of examples! I will tell you with each example why I think that that the store is dropshipping with AliExpress!

This way, you can hopefully identify these AliExpress dropshipping stores better.

Plus, I will only use the top dropshipping stores from Sell The Trend. (More about that feature here) So you can surely learn a thing or two from these stores!

But I won’t cover the dropshipping stores that I already included in the 17 Most Successful Shopify Dropshipping Store Examples article.

Just to note, I will use steps from this article of mine here. (To see if a store is dropshipping or not)

But I will only use a few steps until I’m more than 90% sure that they are dropshipping with AliExpress (or atleast dropshipping from China)

Otherwise, it might be boring for you if you see me repeat 10 steps for each AliExpress dropshipping store example in this list. You might be thinking then:

“Why so many steps? I already know that the dropshipping store is dropshipping with AliExpress after the first few steps!”

But anyway, you will surely get a lot of inspiration for your dropshipping store.

Let’s go!

1. Super Gadget Store

AliExpress Dropshipping Store Examples: 1. Super Gadget Store

The first dropshipping store example on this list will be the Super Gadget Store.

I guess you can already guess what they are selling on their store haha.

Why do I think this dropshipping store is dropshipping with AliExpress?

Well, firstly because they wrote this in their shipping policy:

Yes, that doesn’t mean anything yet, but most of the time, when you’re dropshipping with AliExpress, and you place all the orders directly, then you can’t change them anymore because you’re not in charge of it. (Although that’s also true when you’re not dropshipping haha)

You will need to contact your supplier, and that might take longer than the cancelation period.

Although there is a cancel order button on AliExpress, that button is if you want to cancel the order, and your supplier didn’t ship it out yet.

I guess that’s why they say “Let us know ASAP”, so they have time to cancel, haha!

Anyway, here is a more clear sign that they are dropshipping with AliExpress:

As you can see, it’s more than 2 weeks. So it’s highly likely that they are dropshipping from China.

Keep in mind that some stores write it as “Working Days”. That means that the shipping time is longer because they don’t include weekends in them because these days are not working days…

This way, they can write a lower shipping time.

Secondly, if you look at their reviews, then you will find the word “seller” a lot:

You might be thinking now, “Why does that matter?”

Well, because most people who leave a review on AliExpress use the word ‘seller’.

If you browse through the review of the store and you find a lot of ‘seller’ in these reviews, then I’m almost 100% sure that they are dropshipping.

At this point, I’m 99% sure that they are dropshipping with AliExpress! Let’s move on to the next example.

2. Gadgets Catalog

AliExpress Dropshipping Store Examples: 2. Gadgets Catalog

The next dropshipping store on this list is called Gadgets Catalog.

This is another store that focusses on all kinds of gadgets.

Why do I think this dropshipping store is dropshipping with AliExpress?

I didn’t want to repeat steps, but this one is just to easy; take a look at their shipping policy:

Fairly easy to see that they are dropshipping from China, right?

Yes, they got 4 days on the left, but you can also do 1-20 days shipping time… It doesn’t mean anything.

Let’s do another one!

Here you can see one of the products that they currently have on their store:

What do you think happens if I do a reverse image search on this product image?

Well, this is what you will find on the second page of Google:

Screenshot from this product on AliExpress

That looks an awful lot like the product on their dropshipping, right?

Let’s move on the next example now, because I’m confident now that they are dropshipping with AliExpress!

3. StrayDeal

AliExpress Dropshipping Store Examples: 3. StrayDeal

The next example on this list is called StrayDeal.

I would say that it’s a general store because they got a lot of different categories inside their store:

Why do I think this dropshipping store is dropshipping with AliExpress?

Let’s make it a bit harder this time! Yes, I could go to their shipping policy again, but I won’t haha.

I decided to go to their refund policy, and look at what I found there:

Why do you think that they don’t want that?

Well, because the address on the package will probably be from their dropshipping supplier and maybe they want to handle the returns themself.

So they don’t want you to send it back to their dropshipping supplier, which is probably in China.

The next thing that I checked was their FAQ page to search for a question like this one:

If they say that they most likely can’t combine products, then that means that they use multiple suppliers! Yes, it doesn’t directly mean that they are dropshipping with AliExpress, but trust me, I saw that question on a lot of AliExpress dropshipping stores!

I even suggest to add it in this article here.

To bump this one to 99% sure as well (without looking at their shipping policy); I will do another reverse image search on Google with this product:

I guess you saw this product already haha!

Look at what I found on the first page already:

Screenshot from this product on AliExpress

Yes, as you can see, it’s not the best AliExpress seller example, but now you at least know that that product is on AliExpress (with the exact product image).

Let’s move on to the next example!

4. The Trend State

AliExpress Dropshipping Store Examples: 4. The Trend State

The Trend State. That’s how the next dropshipping store is called!

Once again, this looks like a general dropshipping store, because they got all kinds of different products!

Why do I think this dropshipping store is dropshipping with AliExpress?

I got a new one as the first one! I checked their reviews, and oh boy…

This screams to me already that they are dropshipping with AliExpress, and that they are one of these store owners that are non-existent with their customer service.

But of course, that only raises it to be 60% sure. Let’s check their products:

If you did some product research before, then you probably recognize most of these products here.

That’s the next step. This might take some time though, but when you researched a lot of products for your dropshipping store, then you know after some time what products most people dropship.

And to make this one 99% sure as well; here is their shipping policy:

Let’s move on!

5. My Deal Searcher

AliExpress Dropshipping Store Examples: 5. My Deal Searcher

The next dropshipping store example on this list is called My Deal Searcher.

This is another general store with lots of different products!

Why do I think this dropshipping store is dropshipping with AliExpress?

I’m already a 99% sure because of this note:

This is most likely caused by their Chinese suppliers not working due to the Chinese new year and the Corona Virus.

But I’ll show you one more example; their product descriptions:

Simple and easy, sure, but it looks almost exactly like the product descriptions that you get from your AliExpress suppliers.

What does the product do? Why should I purchase this product? And so on; all questions that you can cover here. (More information about product descriptions here)

Let’s move on to the next AliExpress dropshipping store example!

6. NimbleBlue

AliExpress Dropshipping Store Examples: 6. NimbleBlue

The last AliExpres dropshipping store example on this list is called NimbleBlue.

I guess you can call it a general store with their 3 products:

Why do I think this dropshipping store is dropshipping with AliExpress?

I got another new thing that you can check! You will need to search for something like this in their FAQ page or shipping policy:

If they have something included about customs charges and they say that you need to pay for that, then that’s a great indicator that they are dropshipping. And most likely that they are dropshipping from China.

Let’s combine that with their shipping policy, and you a 99% sure that they are dropshipping with AliExpress:

Awesome, right?

How Did I Find These Dropshipping Stores? And How to Find More?

If you think now something like “Well… 6 examples, that’s a lot, but that’s definitely not enough for me”.

Then don’t worry!

I got two great tips for you to find more AliExpress dropshipping stores.

The best part? You can even use these tips to find products to sell on your dropshipping store!

1. Sell The Trend

As you could read above, I used this product research tool to create this list of AliExpress dropshipping store examples!

Sell The Trend is created to help you find your next winning product in seconds. Plus, you can use their Shopify store explorer to find other dropshipping stores:

Screenshot from their Shopify store explorer with the “Dropshipping Stores” filter on

You can read my full review of Sell The Trend here.

Or you can click here to get their free 7-day trial! Not good enough for you? No worries, you can cancel it anytime (even before you start paying)!

2. 5 More Ways to Find Other Dropshipping Stores

How to Find Other Dropshipping Stores in 2020? 5 Amazing Tips!

My next tip will be a different article of mine.

This article contains 5 more ways to find dropshipping stores. I’ll cover methods like how to use, Google, and Facebook to find other dropshipping stores!

If you’re interested in learning more, then I suggest reading the article I linked to below:

How to Find Other Dropshipping Stores? (5 Amazing Tips)

Other Examples for Your Dropshipping Store

Do you want more examples for your dropshipping store?

Then don’t worry, I got you covered with some awesome example articles!

Awesome, right?

And even more dropshipping example articles are on the way.

So, subscribe to my push notifications or email list, and I will keep you updated when they are published!

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So, there you have it! 6 amazing AliExpress dropshipping store examples.

I hope you have some great inspiration right now to make your own dropshipping store even better than it already was, and I hope that you learned a lot about how to find out if a store is dropshipping with AliExpress!

Don’t forget to check out these other dropshipping store examples lists to learn even more:

If you got more awesome AliExpress dropshipping stores for this example list or if you have any questions regarding dropshipping, then let me know by commenting below or contacting me directly by pressing the “Contact Me” button at the top!

Good luck with your dropshipping store!


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