While shopping from a store these days is considered a frantic activity, online shopping has been gradually booming. People are digitally moving forward and shopping online from popular ecommerce brands.

Statistics show that retail ecommerce sales have exponentially increased to 4.9 trillion US dollars worldwide. This makes it a booming industry to tap into if you have a viable ecommerce business idea in your head.

Moreover, ecommerce brand stores are following viable techniques to elevate their business.

These popular ecommerce companies follow the ecommerce brand strategy to provide the customer with a better shopping experience while developing a relationship with the customers.

The following section will show you some great ecommerce brand examples and why their websites contain high ecommerce brand value.

What is an ecommerce brand?

Explanation of what an ecommerce brand is

Some people mistakenly think the logo is equal to the brand of an ecommerce store. Keep in mind that logos, colors, and taglines are all part of a brand.

So, an ecommerce brand is not only the logo representing your business, but it's more about how customers and people talk about the brand. The impression and customers' reaction to your business define your ecommerce brand.

The idea of an ecommerce brand derives from the unmatched characteristics of a business that comes to mind when people hear about your brand name.

For example, Amazon is one of the prominent ecommerce brand names in the ecommerce sector. When people want to purchase any product online, they first check its availability on Amazon. This is the brand impression left by Amazon.

Additionally, when we talk about the online ecommerce brand store, it's apparent that the physical brand store will ultimately come into sight.

Let's get to the comparisons between ecommerce brand stores and physical brand stores:

Online Ecommerce Brand StorePhysical Brand Store
Online brand store is easy to open and cheaper to operate.A physical brand store requires tenants at a place or shopping space.
Online brand stores can reach countless customers.The physical brand store faces low reach due to off-duty days or a lack of business personnel.
The online brand store requires product shipping costs from consumers.Customers can save the shipping cost and immediately take the product home.
The online store collects information from consumers that later provides an opportunity to elevate the business structure.The physical Brand store has less opportunity to collect information from customers.

The 10 great ecommerce brand store examples and why they convert

In the following, we represent the company-based best practices for ecommerce brand stores to build ecommerce brands more appropriately. We hope to help improve your ecommerce brand store and create the store up to your expectations.

The following ecommerce brand store examples contain the overall characteristics of a website and how their store looks so stylish and great in every way.

So, without any further delay, let's head to the ecommerce brand store examples!

Important reminder: These examples are intended to inspire creativity and innovation in building your own brand.

While it can be helpful to learn from successful businesses, it is essential to avoid simply copying their strategies and ideas. Instead, strive to create a unique brand that sets your business apart and resonates with your target audience.

1. The Horse

The horse landing page

The first kind of our ecommerce brand store examples brings us to a gifting shop, The Horse, that has been operating since 2009. The platform is purely dedicated to selling watches and leather products.

They focus on producing products from natural materials and a simple 'The Horse' design.

They mainly focus on creating classic styles of watches and leather products with a simple and minimalistic website design.

What makes The Horse a great branded store?

  • High-resolution videos. The product showcasing is on another side with a video introduction. A model standing with the handbag is a great way of showing the product. Moreover, the video is of high quality, and the product it offers can be clearly seen.
  • Huge product images. The product images are huge on this website. So one can easily observe the design and color of the product. The white background and colorful product images make the website look simple and amazing.
  • Scrolling products and testimonials. The scrolling products with pricing at the bottom introduce different other products. The products also contain some useful customer reviews that make it convenient for a new customer to purchase the product.

    Some bold scrolling testimonials are posted right down the scrolling products to introduce their product's efficiency.

2. Black Diamond Equipment

Black diamond equipment landing page

Love adventures? Here's the Black Diamond Equipment that bears your adventurous trip with its gear collection.

With a bunch of climbers and skiers, they have established a global company that has been designing and providing climbers' and skiers' gear collections since 1957.

Their website showcases apparel, climbing, skiing gear, and protection equipment with simple, high-quality images.

What makes Black Diamond Equipment a great branded store?

  • Simple white background. The white background easily flashes the colorful images on the website. The white background also helps to observe the product more accurately.
  • Stylish representation of the products. The product representation is elaborate and attractive on the website; special messages for all the product categories can attract customers.

    Different types of product displays show how they would work in a real-life situation. Also, opting for diverse colors and special prices are included on the main page.
  • Black Background on the Bottom. The black background offers various community links and subscription services in white fonts that create an elegant and stylish aura of website presence.

3. Ratio Coffee

Ratio coffee landing page

The all-coffee maker solution brings varieties of coffee machinery to make the coffee-making experience smooth and simple.

Their main focus is to make the premium coffee machinery more efficient than the auto coffee maker, and they promote it.

Ratio Coffee shows various machines and accessories of coffee machinery with a simple white background that blooms the product for visitors.

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What makes Ratio Coffee a great branded store?

  • Black background and high-definition video. The high-definition black background video shows the coffee machinery making coffee.

    The video contains a tagline that introduces the machine to how it works. So, a video shows the brief workaround of coffee machinery.
  • The hovering pointer shows different products. Another specialty of this website is that they trickily place multiple products in a single position.

    When anyone hovers over the product, it changes to another product. The white background makes it clear and detailed to observe the product.
  • Various products and blogs. At the bottom of the website, diverse selections of categories have been introduced. Anyone can scroll through the categories and choose their desired product.

    Also, the website includes a blog section to introduce some coffee recipes to visitors.

4. Welly

Welly landing page

Welly is dedicated to serving the children in order to ensure their safe environment.

The website is built for the purpose of children's well-being, and they are determined to provide support to the kids.

The website contains safety kits, bandages, and first aid support for kids with a colorful representation of fonts and images.

What makes Welly a great branded store?

  • Products pop-up and sidebar. While clicking on the 'Shop Category,' it shows a smooth-spreading sidebar. The sidebar contains all of their product categories.

    Hovering the pointer on any category shows the specific product with a vibrant image.
  • High-quality GIF images. The website also shows the product with a high-quality GIF image. The GIF image shows a special or specific product that displays diverse designs and colors of the product.
  • Bottom slider and green background. At the bottom of the webpage, the website contains colorful images with a white background that have been advertised on social media.

    The footer green backgrounds with white icons provide an excellent view of the website.

5. HeBe Boutique

Hebe boutique landing page

The name speaks for itself! HeBe Boutique, this online ecommerce brand, is solely made for women with their daily life accessories.

The website includes many categories and many products for women that are the only destination for style seekers.

The website focuses on bringing new products while maintaining the latest trend and fashion styles. The display of diverse products on the landing page provides convenience for choosing the preferred product in no time.

What makes HeBe Boutique a great branded store?

  • Pop-up product categories. The best part of this website is that you can see all its products while hovering over the category.

    The pop-up categories are divided into two sections, shop and brands. Both of these sections contain many products with just a click away!
  • Click to action button. The white background includes a black call to action button to provide customers with valuable information about products and convert them into potential customers.
  • Highlighting upcoming and top-selling products. The bottom of the website shows new and latest trendy upcoming products.

    Customers can pre-order, sell or get information about new products from there. This helps with the continuous visit of a customer.

6. Dick Moby

Dick moby landing page

This website is all about the fashion and style of eyewear. The specialty of this website is they sell biodegradable eyewear made of bits and pieces of recycled material. They first planned on making quality eyewear in 2012.

Dick Moby focuses on making eyewear from recycled material for both men and women to free the environment from waste materials.

What makes Dick Moby a great branded store?

  • Simple white and sophisticated design. The white background on their website lights up the colorful images.

    The whole website background is white except in the mid-part of the website, where how the products are made has been explained in brief. The brief description also consists CTA button that leads to the product page.
  • A fun way to present the product. This ecommerce brand owner uses big emojis to show the products in a fun way. On starting and mid-part of the website, they displayed some emojis while explaining what their products are made of.
  • Vibrant images and a short video of how they make it. The high-quality image of the product conveniently shows the eyewear's color, shape, and design. Anyone can easily observe the structure and shades of the eyewear shown on their website.

    Also, the short video explains how they make eyewear from simple things that will easily attract enthusiasts and potential customers.

7. Poketo

Poketo landing page

Poketo is the website of art and craft that cumulate design into everyday products.

They have many collections of smartly-designed products that are used by us every day. Additionally, the website holds all kinds of accessories and apparel you need daily.

The website primarily focuses on fashionably designing simple and lifestyle products.

What makes Poketo a great branded store?

  • Quality slide images. The website's landing shows a couple of slider images that display the most popular categories of products. The easy sliding across the pictures and various designs makes the website look more attractive.
  • Exclusive product with white background. Some exclusive products have been shown with prices right down the slider images. The product looks neat and clean with white background.
  • Simple slide product category view. The category bar of the website shows many products under a specific category. You don't need to click it; hover the pointer over any type, and it shows the whole list of products under it.

8. Skullcandy

Skullcandy landing page

Skullcandy provides all your music solutions, such as headphones, earbuds, or sound boxes. Tune into the music on the go with their portable headset and earbuds and listen to the music with high-quality preferences.

This multi-brand ecommerce website aims to provide a high-quality sound experience for customers and inspire people to the music.

What makes Skullcandy a great branded store?

  • Attractive presentation of accessories. The website consists of many useful accessories, and its presentation is top-notch.

    For example, the first image shows air flows blowing around the accessories, and the other red and orange background makes the website look stylish.
  • Showing various categories of products. The landing page shows various product categories that look vibrant and colorful with the added neat and clean fascinating background.
  • Footer links and black background. The website contains various social media links to help the customer obtain more related website information. Also, the black footer background provides an elegant look for the website.

9. Ambsn

ambsn landing page

Here's another edition of the apparel website here. Ambsn produces top-quality menswear, and the convincing website design can attract customers right away. They have lots of apparel categories and collections listed on the website.

Their focus is on producing California-inspired menswear with their simple and well-decorated website.

What makes Ambsn a great branded store?

  • Blue fonts and buttons with white backgrounds. The key specialty of this website is they have included blue fonts and buttons while the background is white. This makes the whole website looks simple but majestic!

    Probably, they wanted to promote a white cloud and blue sky vibe on the website!
  • GIF and multiple images in a single product. The high-quality GIF images in the mid-portion of the website introduce their product.

    Moreover, every product category page displays multiple product images while you keep the pointer over it!
  • Spin-to-win for landing visitors. Landing visitors have a special opportunity to have exciting offers while only you need to give your email address. This attracts more customers to purchase the product at a discount price.

10. Mahabis

Mahabis landing page

This particular website sells footwear dedicated to both men and women. They provide footwear for both summer and winter while maintaining the design and crafting.

Mahabis' purpose is to offer slippers in a more improved, well-designed, and fashionable way and introduce a well-established website to get global recognition.

What makes Mahabis a great branded store?

  • Video promotion. Their website shows how they produce and make footwear on the landing page. Their description and the way of explaining their making are worth watching.
  • Offers and customers rating. They have sold and worked with different organizations, as reflected on their website.

    The customers' satisfaction rating on starting the website is convincing for the visitor. Moreover, student discounts and gifts with footwear can easily attract more customers.
  • Vibrant categories. The landing page shows some of the exclusive footwear deals with discounts. The white background and colorful footwear display make the website look simple and fascinating.


Those are all the examples for now!

We hope to deliver you the best possible ecommerce brand examples, and it will surely inspire you to create your ecommerce venture.

This article aims to understand the ecommerce brand store, and when you kickstart the business, you can improve yourself to create a successful online business.

Research and discuss with the people who have already started; this will eventually help you launch an ecommerce brand!

Want to learn more about ecommerce?

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