Do you want some inspiration for your product descriptions? Do you want to take your ecommerce store to the next level in 2024?

Then this article will be a great start!

Below you will find eight excellent product description examples that will give you a lot of inspiration. By studying these ecommerce product description examples, crafting an excellent product description for your ecommerce store will become a lot easier!

Last but not least, we will also give you five tips for writing an excellent product description.

Let's start by looking at what a product description exactly means:

What is a product description?

What is a product description - Explanation

A product description is a part of your product page that tells your visitors about the benefits of your product. It can help your visitors to learn more about the product and decide whether or not to buy it.

In a product description, you can write about everything that your visitors would want to know about the product.

As such, a product description can include things like:

  • A sizing guide
  • Product features
  • Product benefits
  • Package contents
  • And so on.

If you plan to get free traffic to your store using SEO, it's crucial to spend some time on your product descriptions. Good product descriptions will increase your chances of ranking in search engines like Google!

How do you write a product description for ecommerce stores?

At the moment, you know that product descriptions are crucial, but do you know how to write one?

Contrary to what you might think, writing good product descriptions isn't as easy as it may sound.

However, one thing is certain; copying product descriptions directly from your competition is not recommended.

The best product descriptions are the ones you create yourself. Start by collecting all the details and benefits of the product. After that, decide how you want your product description to look. Finally, don't forget to use the language of your target audience!

For a step-by-step guide on writing product descriptions, check out our comprehensive guide:

How to Write Product Descriptions for Ecommerce Stores

The list of 8 product description examples for ecommerce

While we don't recommend directly copying product descriptions from others, looking at other product descriptions is definitely great to get inspiration.

By looking at product description examples, you will likely get new ideas for your own store. You may see a writing style that you really like, or you may find some benefits that you haven't thought of before, and that can also be applied to your product.

Whatever it is, it's never a waste of time to look at product description examples!

Below you will find a whole list of product description examples from ecommerce stores. But don't worry, we won't just post a few links and call it a day!

For each product description example, we will:

  • Post a screenshot of the product description.
  • Link to the product page.
  • Tell you what you can learn from the product description example.

Don't forget you can also look at other products from that ecommerce store and find even more product descriptions!

Keep in mind that every store has its own taste, preferences, and style, and there is no single "perfect" product description.

We hope to open your eyes so you can see that there is so much possible with your product descriptions.

As a final note, we didn't pick these ecommerce stores because they have the most sales or traffic. We chose them because they stand out from a lot of other stores. So, they will surely give you new insights into how you can create a product description!

Ready to start?

Let's go!

1. Blendjet

Blendjet product description example

We will kick off this list with a product description example from Blendjet. It's an ecommerce company you may have heard of before. Blendjet private-labeled its products to become a genuine brand in the portable blender industry.

Blendjet's product description is too long to fit in one image, so to get the most out of this example, make sure to visit their product page!

What can you learn from this product description example?


When looking at Blendjet's product description, you will notice that they place GIFs below pretty much every one of their headings. This gives the product description a whole new dimension that can't easily be reached using normal images.

Color matching

The colors in Blendjet's product description match the color scheme of the whole online store really well. Blendjet has a blue color theme. Therefore, they are using blue backgrounds, headings, and portable blenders in their GIFs.


I think Blendjet has done a great job on its product page layout. Their product description is separated on the page. Also, I love the way in which the page is split in half! It gives the product description a nice contrast.

Features vs. benefits

In my opinion, it would be better if Blendjet would put "Blendjet 2 Benefits" on the left-hand side instead of "Blendjet 2 features". You should always try to focus on your product's benefits in the product description!

2. Happy Skin Co

HappySkinCo product description example

The following product description example is from an ecommerce company called Happy Skin Co.

Happy Skin Co has separated its product description into a couple of sections. First, they have written some text about the product, after which there are two extendable tabs that will show what you will love and what is included!

What can you learn from this product description example?

Separated product benefits and package contents

Happy Skin Co uses a layout in its product description that separates the product benefits and package contents from the standard description text.

When you click on the tabs "What You'll Love" and "What's Included", you will see the product benefits and package contents displayed in a simple and amazing manner:

HappySkinCo benefits
Use of tabs

Some people hate it, some people love it, but I think using tabs in your product description can be great to give your product page a clean look.

When seeing the page for the first time, the tabs are closed. If a visitor is interested in seeing more details about the product, then they can simply click on the tab to view more detailed information!

Exciting writing style

Take a look at Happy Skin Co's product description. I think they have a great and exciting writing style.

I love the use of the extra confirmations like "(yes ANY part)" and "(enough to last you over 10 YEARS)".

HappySkinCo product description

Also, I really like they didn't use standard terms like "Benefits" and "Package Contents". Instead, Happy Skin Co has rewritten it to "What You'll Love" and "What's Included"!

3. Indestructible Shoes

Indestructible Shoes product description example

Let's continue with Indestructible Shoes. (By the way, have you already seen their amazing Facebook ad example?)

Indestructible Shoes is an ecommerce company selling, well, indestructible shoes!

You can see their product description above, but be aware, it's not all! Check out their product page to see Indestructible Shoe's full product description.

What can you learn from this product description example?

Spectacular images

In this product description example, you will see how the company put its shoes to the test. They have hit them with a hammer, walked them on a plateau of nails, and demonstrated their resistance to fire.

Indestructible Shoes images

The images give the features more meaning and will lead to more visitors believing the company's statements.

Focus on the benefits

Each of the images in the product description comes with a piece of text that focuses on the benefits of a specific feature. For example:

  • The shoes will prevent stinky and sweaty feet because of their breathable flymesh.
  • Furthermore, they will protect your toes from falling and crushing objects thanks to the European steel toes.
  • Last but not least, your feet will be safe from the workplace and environmental hazards thanks to the shoes' puncture resistance.
Indestructible Shoes benefits
A testimonial at the top of the product page

The company has put someone's review at the very top of their product description/page:

Testimonial at top of product page example

Some say that having social proof at the top of your landing page is great to have. However, others don't really like it.

In the end, it's your choice whether or not to add a testimonial like this to the top of your product page.

A great way to make this decision for your store is to A/B test it. In other words, you can run your store for a couple of days with social proof and then a few days without it. By analyzing the difference in your conversion rate, you will be able to tell what is better!

4. Chubbies Shorts

Chubbies product description example ecommerce

Chubbies is an ecommerce company selling shorts designed for the weekend.

When analyzing products in the fashion niche, you will often notice that the product descriptions are relatively short. In this niche, the images have to speak a thousand words!

However, Chubbies doesn't neglect its product descriptions. By putting a focus on them, Chubbies has created short but powerful product descriptions for their fashion items!

What can you learn from this product description example?

Be yourself

Chubbies has developed their own way of talking on their online store. Their writing style is unique, funny, and engaging. By being yourself, you can make your online store unique and differentiate yourself from your competition.

Speak the language of your audience

In their product descriptions, Chubbies doesn't add 'standard' or 'generic' product benefits. Instead, they translate those benefits in a way that appeals to their target audience.

Chubbies own writing style

This allows visitors to identify themselves in the product benefits, making them more likely to purchase the product.

Add icons for the finishing touch

In my opinion, the icons in the product description add the finishing touch. They make the product description much more clear and easily scannable. In short, they are simple but very effective!

If possible, try to add icons to your product description as well!

5. Notebook Therapy

Notebook Therapy product description example

We will continue with an online store that not only has great product descriptions but is doing really well overall as well, Notebook Therapy.

For those that are wondering, this is an online store that uses dropshipping as its fulfillment method. (You can learn more about dropshipping here)

If you are interested, you can check out Notebook Therapy's whole store through their homepage here.

What can you learn from this product description example?

Add value to the product

In their product description, Notebook Therapy creates a "premium" feel for their product. It reminds me a bit of how Apple talks about its products.

Phrases like "Designed by our team in Tokyo" and "our perfect summer release" make it seem like there has been put a lot of effort into designing the product.

Add value to product description

Due to this style of writing a product description, a simple notebook that is likely made in China will have an increased perceived value. In other words, people won't be scared off by a slightly higher than average price for a notebook.

Add the product benefits

In this product description, Notebook Therapy not only adds the product's features but the product's benefits too.

The benefits of a product are the things that a product can offer to satisfy the needs, desires, and wants of a customer. A product benefit can be anything that a customer hopes to get, feel, or achieve when using the product.

Here are some examples of how Notebook Therapy links the product's benefits to the features.

160 GSM ultra-thick bright white paperNo bleeding or ghosting
180° lay flat designEasily lay flat on your desk
2 bookmark ribbonsEasily swap between your 'go to' pages

And here is where those features and benefits are located in Notebook Therapy's product description:

Product benefits linked to features in product description example

Do you see how it works now?

People buy a product because they want to solve a problem or fulfill a need, so it's important to always include the product's benefits!

Free shipping tab
Excellent shipping tab in product description example

In my opinion, Notebook Therapy's shipping tab looks great.

Notebook Therapy offers free worldwide shipping for all orders, which is very attractive for customers all over the world. Besides that, all orders are tracked.

The aesthetics of the shipping tab are awesome too. Notebook Therapy uses bold text where it fits and a bold purple text for the most important parts. Furthermore, the shipping tab includes a nice-looking table that gives a clear overview of all estimated delivery times.

6. Wyze

Wyze cam product page

Wyze is a Shopify store that sells related to outdoor home security as well as home connectivity and connection.

Most of their products connect with each other, which means that together with their smartphone app, you can create an integrated security system for your home.

But enough of that, let's focus on Wyze's product description now!

You can see how it looks above, so let's take a look at what you can learn from it:

What can you learn from this product description example?

Includes upsells and cross-sells

Wyze does a great job of trying to increase its average order value by using upsells and cross-sells.

At the top of the product page, they make an attempt to make the customer purchase more cameras by offering a discount for the 3-pack.

And when scrolling down, you can see an offer for a microSD card that can be used in combination with their security camera.

Users can add this microSD card to their carts directly from the product page of the security camera:

Wyze product description upsell example
Focuses on the product's benefits

One of the most important things to do when writing a product description is to focus more on the product's benefits, and less on the product's features.

Wyze does this the most in the section illustrated below, where they highlight the benefits of the security camera's features:

Wyze product page description focused on benefits
No long sentences or pieces of text

Generally, it's better to avoid long pieces of text in your product description because it makes it less engaging and more difficult to read. As a consequence, people will simply scan over it and continue reading the following (and easier-to-read) paragraph.

Wyze does a great job of telling about their product using images and short pieces of text:

Wyze cam person detection

7. Carbon Coco

Carbon Coco product description example ecommerce

The next product description example is from Carbon Coco, an Australian ecommerce company selling charcoal beauty solution products.

You saw Carbon Coco's product description above. Now, let's find out what makes it so great!

What can you learn from this product description example?


It can be seen that Carbon Coco tried to keep their product description as simple as possible.

This product description features a lot of headings, icons, and simple keywords, which makes it easy to read.

Carbon Coco also added some text to their product description, but I think that many visitors will rather focus on the sections "What you get", "What's in it?", and "How to use it"!

Focus on benefits instead of features

Besides the main product description tab, Carbon Coco added a tab for the product's benefits.

That's great! I always love it when a company focuses on benefits instead of features:

Carbon Coco product description benefits

Once again, Carbon Coco kept it simple here by adding eight simple benefits, each with its own custom-made icon.

Video reviews and tutorials

Under the page section I have highlighted above, Carbon Coco added another "benefits" section with two awesome videos about their product:

Carbon Coco video in product description example

The videos show happy customers using the product and showing you their benefits!

Simple refund policy

Carbon Coco added one of the standard pages for an ecommerce store, the return/refund page, as one of their product description tabs:

Carbon Coco refund policy

Once again, Carbon Coco continues to keep things as simple as possible.

They work with a "Love it or Leave it" policy. Simply said, if you do not see results within 14 days, you will get a full refund.

In my opinion, adding a simple return policy like this one in your product description works really well to build trust in an ecommerce store.

And if you know that your products work, why wouldn't you offer your customers such a policy?

8. Pela Case

Pela Case product description example ecommerce

At last, we have a product description example from Pela Case.

Among others, Pela Case sells eco-friendly phone cases which are 100% compostable.

When looking at their product description, you may think: "Well, is this it?"

Nope, this isn't Pela Case's full product description! Further down on their product page, you will see a more detailed product description, as well as their guarantees. So, take a look at their product page here!

What can you learn from this product description example?

Include your brand's mission

In their product description, Pela Case doesn't just talk about their phone case, but about what they are doing to build a more sustainable planet.

It turns out that Pela Case is a member of 1% for the Planet, which allows them to support organizations who are working hard to better the planet:

Pela Case product description with brand's mission
Add your guarantees

On the product page, Pela Case added four guarantees they offer when someone purchases their product.

As you can see, they used headings and icons to make the whole thing easily readable and understandable!

Pela Case guarantees

Among the guarantees, there is a pretty cool one; the "Screen Protection Guarantee". If your screen cracks while you are using a Pela Case and one of their liquid screen protectors, Pela Case will pay for your repairs!

Include GIFs and videos

Pela Case uses GIFs and videos in their product description.

In my opinion, this looks awesome since a video can often give a much better representation of how your product looks and feels compared to a simple image.

Use of gifs and videos in ecommerce product description example

It's also amazing that Pela Case performed a 20-foot drop test using an iPhone 11 and a Pela Case. It turns out that the case is super-protective, even while it is made from 100% compostable materials!

5 Tips for writing an excellent product description

Before ending the article, we wanted to give you five quick tips for writing an excellent product description.

That way, you will be even better prepared when it comes to writing a product description for your own ecommerce store!

Plus, I even included a bonus tip at the end for you in case you're having trouble with coming up with ideas for your product description.

Let's get started:

1. Focus on your product's benefits

By focusing on your product's benefits, you will not only tell your customers about what your product can do but also how it can solve their problems!

A great example of a brand we have seen today that focuses on benefits is Carbon Coco.

For each of their products, Carbon Coco uses a separate benefits tab, like this one:

Carbon Coco product benefits example

2. Tell a story

Who doesn't like a good story?

By telling a story in your product description, you can make it much more engaging to read. Your visitors will feel like they are simply reading a good story instead of a description of another store trying to sell them something.

Blendjet was one of the ecommerce stores that did this really well. Take another look at their product description above, or check out this one for more inspiration:

3. Level up your product description by using GIFs, videos, and/or icons

GIFs, videos, and icons basically level up your product description by adding another dimension.

They can make your product description more:

  • Interesting to watch/read
  • Easier to understand
  • Exciting

Besides that, GIFs and videos can often display your product's look and feel in a much better way than images can.

For a great example, take another look at how Blendjet used GIFs in their product description!

4. Hook your visitors to keep them reading

When working on your product description, try to include a hook in the first sentence.

If you're not sure what a hook is, it's a term used a lot in marketing, copywriting, and even English classes to describe the words you use to communicate your big idea or your offer in a way that “hooks” people's attention. Your hook is what gets people interested in what you have to say or what you have to offer.

Source: Firecracker Communications

For example, let's say you're selling something like a clothing box.

In that case, your hook could be:

Don't you hate it when all your clothing is everywhere, except where you expect it to be? Well...

And then you can start your description! No need to place the dots there, of course.

Note: Want to know how to make your product pages even better? Check out ConvertMate 一 a Shopify app that uses AI to optimize product pages, improve SEO, and track customer behavior.

5. Develop your brand's own writing style

As I said before, developing your brand's own writing style can be a great strategy to make your store more unique and to differentiate yourself from the competition.

A great example of an ecommerce store that did this was Chubbies. This ecommerce store uses a writing style that is very different from most other stores.

As an example, take a look at the section where Chubbies talks about their brand and vision:

Own writing style for ecommerce brand example

Bonus tip: Using an AI (artificial intelligence) tool that helps you create a product description

If you're still stuck with creating your own product description, then don't worry!

This bonus tip will help you; using an AI tool. You might have heard of it already or maybe not, but this is the latest hype in the marketing space.

For this example, let's use one of the best ones out there: Jasper.

Unlike other tools that generate words, this one actually does the work for you! You can upload some content, and it will spit back to you what would make sense in context - saving time and hassle!

Let's put it into action! Suppose that we want to sell this amazing looking bed for dogs:

Now let's head over to Jasper and simply put your information in the 'Product description template'.

Don't worry though, they can also help with things like the product name, but I kept it simple for this example:

And don't forget that this is to get you started - to give you inspiration. You can still make edits to make it fit with your ecommerce store, and you can even combine multiple outputs to create one amazing description!

Sounds great, right?

If you think so as well, then check it out here and get 10,000 extra words for free!

Note: Did you know that Jasper launched Jasper Art? This helps you create images with AI! Check out our in-depth review here.


So, there you have it! Eight awesome product description examples and five tips for writing excellent product descriptions.

Are you ready now to write your own product descriptions?

I hope so, but for a little extra help, check out our other article about how to write awesome product descriptions for your ecommerce store!

Plus, I suggest reading this article here that teaches you everything about copywriting, which is very important when you want to write convincing product descriptions.

And don't forget about the bonus tip I gave above if you're stuck in the brainstorming phase for your product description! (You can get 10,000 words free by clicking here)

If you have any questions about this article or about ecommerce in general, then let me know by commenting below or contacting me directly by pressing the "Contact Us" button at the top!

Good luck with your online store, and don't forget that success doesn't come overnight!

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