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My name is Richard, and I created Do Dropshipping after I saw so many paid dropshipping courses popping up. The goal of Do Dropshipping is to put these “gurus” out of business by giving everyone access to the information that they need to start their own dropshipping business today. No more paid dropshipping courses!

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  1. Love the read mate, very easy to read and helps alot for newbies,

    thanks again

  2. So when creating multiple ad sets for Facebook, what should the difference be between them? Also, how do Instagram influencers usually charge for shout-out posts?

    • Do Dropshipping - Author Logo

      Great questions!
      Every ad-set should be testing something different. Think about a different country, different targeting (wine lovers, beer lovers, moms and so on.) or simply a different age.
      I suggest when you’re first creating your PPE ad-sets that the only difference between ad-sets is the targeting! (So same countries, same age). So you know what interests work and what not work before you narrow it down on age, gender & country.
      I suggest watching a few videos (like this one, and this one) to learn how to target on Facebook if you don’t know that.

      Regarding your Instagram question. It all depends on how big the page is and what kind of niche you’re in. I suggest asking a few Instagram pages in your niche for their prices to get an idea of how much they charge in your niche!
      Let me know if something was unclear to you or if you have any more questions! I’ll be happy to help you!

      • Hi,

        Really good read you got here. I just have some few questions.

        For testing a PPE campaign, as for the ads itself. Do you still split test the creatives and copies of each ads per ad set?

        And lets say I duplicate my ad set to try different targeting, do I need to check the box “Show existing reactions comments and shares on new ads”


        • Do Dropshipping - Author Logo

          Hi Juls,

          Thank you for your great comment! I’ll go over your questions below:

          1. I hope I read your question right, but if not, then let me know. If you want to do the PPE testing, then the simplest thing to do is to only test one thing at a time.

          So, that means that you should only change one thing (creative, caption, targeting, etc.) per PPE adset. (If you’re not sure which one to test, then test the targeting as that’s one of the most important things later on)

          Of course, that isn’t written in stone, you can change more things at the same time if you want, but it will be harder to see what worked or what didn’t work if you changed a lot of things per adset. Does that make sense?

          2. Yes, you can press that checkbox. When I wrote this article, that wasn’t an option yet. (This is one of the first articles on Do Dropshipping) But you can still do it the same way as I wrote in the article. You can find the Post ID under Engage customers -> Page posts -> Ad posts

          Good luck with everything!
          – Richard

    • Hi, does this still work for you. Well it might as your pixel would already be full of data. Anyways, there are recent changes so I wanted to ask. Would love an honest reply.

      • Do Dropshipping - Author Logo

        Hi Henry,

        Thank you for your comment! Great question, we didn’t test it yet with the recent changes (like iOS 14), but I’m planning to write an updated version or a new one later on (if needed).

        Good luck with everything! 😊
        – Richard

  3. Your information is genuine and very helpful for beginners like me. Please keep up the awesome job! Thank you!

  4. Hi,

    This may seem like a stupid question, but in order to test a product, you need a site?

    So every single time you want to test you must create multiple sites?

    Would be nice if there was a way to test without having to create a site, then dump it and create another etc etc?

    Thanks for the guide it was really useful!

    • Do Dropshipping - Author Logo

      Hi Ben!

      I think you’re not understanding it correctly. You got 1 site (your dropshipping store, for example on Shopify – which you can find online with your own domain name, like:
      You then need to have products on your site in order to sell something to people. (for example, what is a grocery store without any products inside the building?)

      You don’t create multiple sites, you add multiple products! (for example, on Shopify, you can add as many products as you want)
      If you don’t like the product, then you remove that product, not your site.

      I hope that made it a bit clearer for you! Let me know if it wasn’t clear enough or if you have any more questions 😊

  5. Hi, can you check my store please?
    I have created it for almost three months and do many facebook ads, but still not got one sale now.

    • Do Dropshipping - Author Logo

      Hi! What is your selling point? What makes your handbags different than the ones that your dropshipping store visitors can buy at their local store?
      Also, how are people reacting to your Facebook ads? Any comments, link clicks or Add To Carts?

      You can also email me, in case you don’t want to comment that information here, by pressing “Contact Us” at the top

  6. But what if I use a winning product finder to find a winning product, then run a Facebook conversion ads for it. Will that be bad?

    • Do Dropshipping - Author Logo

      Hi Patrick, you can do that as well! Product research tools are there to save you time on testing.

      Although, I do suggest you test it with a PPE ad first.

      This way, you can see if your Facebook Ad targeting is working for that product.

      If you target the wrong people, then it doesn’t matter if your product is from a product research tool, it will most likely not sell.

      For example, targeting dog lovers for your just found cat product!

      Good luck with your dropshipping store, I wish you the best!

  7. CPM for one of the conversion campaign with purchase optimization event is about $70. What does this mean?

    • Do Dropshipping - Author Logo

      Hi Pavan,
      CPM means how much it costs to reach 1000 people. $70 is quite high though.
      If you want an example, take a look at my PPE campaign examples at the end of the blog post. It’s the last row there; CPM (Cost per 1000 Impressions).

      Yes, that’s a PPE campaign, so that’s why it has a lower CPM.

      Let me know if that helped you further or if you got any more questions!

  8. Hi Richard,

    I have been consuming your articles for the last week and thanks for the amount of detail you put in. This has definitely been the best resource I have found so far.

    When running multiple ad sets, are they all about the same product? Are the posts i.e image and videos the same for all the ad sets? Therefore do you only change the people who you target and not the posts? But I can see in one of your answers to a comment above you suggest to not change the country and age?

    Also should I target more than one country when running these PPE campaigns?


    • Do Dropshipping - Author Logo

      Hi Abdu,

      That’s great to hear that my articles are helpful to you!

      I’ll answer your questions in the sequence that you wrote them:

      1. Multiple ad sets for the same product? Yes! Your goal is to test one product. The method that I talked about here is that you create a few ad sets so you can test different things (like targeting). These ad sets will be for the same product. Otherwise, if the ad sets are not for the same product, how can you compare ad sets then to see which one is doing the best for your product? (I hope you understand this one. It was a bit hard to explain, let me know if you didn’t, then I’ll try again!)

      2. Post i.e. image, and videos the same for all the ad sets? This depends on you. If you want to test different images or videos as well, then go ahead! But you could also test it with the same image/video if this will be your first PPE product test! Otherwise, it might be too much for you at the beginning. But you could definitely look into testing more things! (Like different image/video or ad copy)

      3. Only change people to target or posts as well? See my response above on your second question. You can test it both if you want, but I suggest to test only the targeting at first, so you don’t overwhelm yourself with so much different data. (One thing to note, not sure if you have experience with marketing or not, if you do, then go ahead and test everything you want!)
      And for the country and age: I suggest not touching the age yet; see what Facebook gives you for data after that day of testing. After that day, you can always change it if you see that one particular age group is really interested in your product. And for countries, see my last answer below.

      4. Target more than one country? Yes, you can, but the thing is that this depends per niche and product. So I can’t say that you need to target the US only or UK only. I’ll give you three examples, though:
      – You can target the big five (United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand) together.
      – You can target worldwide (just don’t forget to remove a few countries, you can find that on YouTube).
      – Or you can just target one country and see how it goes with your testing. If, for example, the United Kingdom, doesn’t work, then you could try the United States!

      Just don’t forget to check with your dropshipping supplier if they ship to the countries that you want to target!

      Let me know if this was clear to you (I know it was a lot) or if you got any more questions!


  9. Thank YOU SO MUCH For this amazing article! and THANK YOU for the amazing site! Seriously, I’m very happy I was able to come across this extremely helpful platform!

    • Do Dropshipping - Author Logo

      Hi Nadine,

      Thank you for another awesome comment 😊

      Good luck with your dropshipping journey and let me know if you ever need any help!
      – Richard

  10. Hi! Just find this website and it’s really good stuff that you working here, thanks for the contents!
    I’d like to ask, since you mention that only test one product with all the adsets at one time, what if I sell multiple different product in niche store? should I test different product everyday and find the one that sell at the end?

    • Do Dropshipping - Author Logo

      Hi Levon,

      That’s awesome to hear, thank you! 😊

      Great question! I personally think, if you’re a beginner, that you should only focus on 1-3 products at the same time. (You can learn more about why I say that here)

      So this also means that you will only test 1-3 products at the same time on Facebook (if that’s the advertising platform that you start with).
      Just to note, if you’re not a beginner and already got experience, then of course, go ahead and test multiple products at the same time if you’d like that.

      Let me know if that helped you further or if you got any more questions!
      – Richard

    • Do Dropshipping - Author Logo

      Hi Tosha,

      Thank you for your comment! That’s a great question. I will definitely update this article once we published more articles around the Facebook Ads topic (soon).

      But until then, I suggest you start with $10 per day budget adsets. Try to let these run for 3 days, so you give Facebook enough time to figure out who the best people are for you.

      Don’t forget to create a separate conversion campaign on Facebook if you used the PPE testing method as discussed in this article. You don’t need to create separate campaigns for each product or service, but it’s best to have adsets with the same objective in one campaign. (For example, the PPE adsets in a PPE campaign & the conversion adsets in a conversion campaign)

      Let me know if that’s clear for you or if you got any more questions!
      – Richard

      • That’s super helpful, thank you!

        One more, unrelated question. I started my first PPE campaign yesterday. Is it a bad sign if it takes longer than 24 hours to get 1,000 impressions? My campaign has been running for 20 hours and only has 2,401 impressions for four ads sets (344, 653, 695 and 709). I just didn’t know if the slower impression rate could indicate a bigger problem?

        Thanks again for all of your insight! This is the best video I’ve watched so far (from a beginner’s perspective).

        • Do Dropshipping - Author Logo

          Hi Tosha,

          Sorry for my late reply. I hope you had an amazing weekend! Great to hear that it was helpful 😊

          The campaign has probably ended now (sorry), but no, as far as I know, it doesn’t matter as long as the CPM is alright.

          The best way to know for sure is to check how much the adsets spent already instead of looking at the total impressions they got.

          Maybe the adset with 344 impressions spent less than the adset with 709 impressions! That’s why it’s always best to wait until at least one day has passed.

          Also, just to be sure, which video do you mean with ‘this is the best video I’ve watched’?

          Let me know if you got any more questions, and I wish you the best with everything!
          – Richard

  11. How are you brother, excellent content, very valuable!

    I would like to solve a doubt, for example if I do a PPE campaign with 5 sets of ads and three creatives each can be these same creatives in each set of ads changing only the segmentation?

    Could it be feasible and yield good results doing it correctly in this way?

    • Do Dropshipping - Author Logo

      Hi Marco,

      Thank you for your great comment! The beauty of the testing part is that you can test whatever you like 😊

      But indeed, it’s better not to change that many things per test. Here’s a great article from AdEspresso, which mentions this as well:

      “While it might be tempting to start testing everything at once, think about it:

      The fewer ad variables you have, the quicker you’ll get relevant test results.

      Moreover, testing a single ad variable per experiment will make it easier to track and evaluate the result.”

      Let me know what you think, and good luck with everything!
      – Richard

  12. How are you Richard, I hope you can also help me with these questions:

    Do I have to create and configure a completely new store for each product?

    I can validate the product by configuring the store in facebook and if it is accepted I can move on to create the store in shopify?
    the shopify store?

    Once the product is validated in this way, how long should I wait or what should I base my decision on or what should I base it on to be able to scale it?

    Thank you!

    • Do Dropshipping - Author Logo

      Hi Marco,

      Thank you for another great comment!

      Great question, no you don’t need to create a whole new store for each product that you’re testing. However, this does depend a bit on the products that you’re adding. For example, if you’re in the dog niche and you’re suddenly testing a product for horse lovers, then that might look a bit weird.

      Another option for this is looking at a general store, which you can find more information about in this article here!

      Also, here’s another great article, which will help you with the other question 😊

      Good luck with everything, Marco!
      – Richard

  13. This information is VERY valuable and applicable. I love the step by step approach used. Makes it so easy to understand. Just wanted to leave my appreciate. 🙏🏾

    • Do Dropshipping - Author Logo

      Hi Dia,

      Thank you for your amazing comment! That is so great to hear 😊

      Good luck with everything!
      – Richard

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