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The list of 12 US dropshipping store examples

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Important reminder: These examples are intended to inspire creativity and innovation in building your own brand.

While it can be helpful to learn from successful businesses, it is essential to avoid simply copying their strategies and ideas. Instead, strive to create a unique brand that sets your business apart and resonates with your target audience.

1. Meowgicians

Meowgicians homepage
FoundedDecember 2021 (source: Wayback Machine)
Store typeNiche store
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themeCustom
Dropshipping appDSers
Monthly traffic<5k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of Meowgicians

The first dropshipping store example is called Meowgicians, and it's operating in the pet niche!

The best thing about this dropshipping store is that it has such a refreshing and playful design.

It doesn't look like most other pet stores!

Meowgicians uses the DSers dropshipping app, which allows them to sell pet products like the 'Little penguin' cat sleeping bed, which we also found on AliExpress:

Meowgicians product on AliExpress
Product name'Little penguin' cute cat sleeping bed
Product cost
(including shipping)
Selling price$49.95
Profit margin54.4%
Example profit margin calculation

So, what makes this store from Massachusetts, US, so good?

Let's check out some interesting things about it:

  • Products with a 'Wow'-factor. The products on this store look great and can definitely lead to a reaction like 'Wow! I have never seen something like this before!'
Meowgicians cat product selection
  • A 30-day return policy. Meowgicians has a generous return policy that allows customers to return their product up to 30 days after delivery. This could help improve their conversion rate for sure!
Meowgicians benefits

2. MaxPush

MaxPush homepage
FoundedMay 2021 (source: Wayback Machine)
Store typeOne-product store
NicheWorkout board
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themeShogun Landing Page Builder
Dropshipping appSpocket
Monthly traffic6.5k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of MaxPush

MaxPush is a great example of a one-product store that is taken to the next level in terms of product and design.

This online store from Newark, US sells quite a popular dropshipping product, the workout board, but they've private labeled it and designed an entire store around it!

MaxPush product on AliExpress
Product nameMaxPush
Product cost
(including shipping)
Selling price$58.89
Profit margin53.4%
Example profit margin calculation

Let's discuss why this store is great to look at for inspiration (especially if you're also building a one-product store):

  • They're focused on what's working now. Advertising on TikTok is the main marketing strategy for many successful stores right now.

    Besides making videos themselves, many other creators are showcasing the product. The keyword 'max pushup board' alone has over 44 million views!
Max pushup board Tiktok
  • Lots (Yes, LOTS) of social proof. We could've listed a number of other things, but one thing that really stands out on this store is the amount of social proof they show.

    There's some kind of social proof on every section of their homepage, from Facebook testimonials to a 'Featured on' section!
MaxPush social proof

3. The Peaky Hat

The Peaky Hat homepage
FoundedSeptember 2020 (source: Wayback Machine)
Store typeNiche store
NicheFlat caps
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themeCustom (based on Prestige)
Dropshipping appDSers
Monthly traffic24.2k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of The Peaky Hat

The following US dropshipping store example is called The Peaky Hat.

Any guesses on what products they sell?

That's right, the caps you see in the popular series 'The Peaky Blinders!'

It's quite a fun and unique niche, right?

Here are the same products sold on AliExpress:

The Peaky Hat product on AliExpress
Product nameThe Peaky Dudley Cap
Product cost
(including shipping)
Selling price$39.95
Profit margin56.4%
Example profit margin calculation

Let's check out some things you can learn from this store:

  • Niche selection. We think this is (at least, it was) a great niche for a dropshipping store. The interest in the Peaky Blinders series peaked in March 2022, so this store could probably profit quite a bit from it!
Interest in peaky blinders on Google Trends
  • Product images could be better. Overall, the design of The Peaky Hat looks great, and it definitely fits with the 'old-fashioned' style of the products.

    However, we think it could look much better if the white background of the product images were removed:
The Peaky Hat product page

4. Sage & Sill

Sage & Sill homepage
FoundedApril 2021 (source: Wayback Machine)
Store typeNiche store
NicheHome decor
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themeCustom (based on Impulse)
Dropshipping appDSers
Monthly traffic126.7k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of Sage & Sill

Sage & Sill. That's what the next dropshipping store is called!

This is going to be an interesting one.

Do you know why?

Sage & Sill doesn't look like a typical dropshipping store. But in reality, it is one!

Again, let's check out one of their products. In this case, this little human ceramic planter:

Sage & Sill human planter

And, like with the other store examples, we found a listing of the same product on AliExpress:

Human planter product on AliExpress
Product nameLittle human ceramic succulent planter
Product cost
(including shipping)
Selling price$17.95
Profit margin71.5%
Example profit margin calculation

So, what makes this store so successful? Let's check out some interesting things about it:

  • Color scheme. When going through their website, you can see that Sage & Sill uses a dark green color throughout their website. This gives the store a branded and 'uniform' feel. Even most of their products are green!
Sage & Sill Our Mission
  • Using 'Frequently Bought Together' offers. Sage & Sill does a great job of using a 'Frequently Bought Together' section on its product page to increase its average order value.
Sage & Sill frequently bought together

5. Epic Loot Shop

Homepage of Epic Loot Shop
FoundedOctober 2020 (source: Wayback Machine)
Store typeNiche store
NicheNordic jewelry
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themeCustom
Dropshipping appDSers
Monthly traffic77.9k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of Epic Loot Shop

Here's another unique US dropshipping store! It is called Epic Loot Shop.

It was a bit hard to double-check if they were dropshipping (besides their long shipping times), but here's them confirming that they are using DSers — and that they have used Oberlo in the past:

Proof that Epic Loot Shop uses DSers

We also found some of their products on AliExpress. For example, the Nordic Rune Drinking Mug:

Epic Loot Shop product on AliExpress
Product nameNordic Rune Drinking Mug
Product cost
(including shipping)
Selling price$59.99
Profit margin56.3%
Example profit margin calculation

Let's check out some interesting things about this US dropshipping store:

  • Youtube videos. Epic Loot Shop made a few amazing videos demonstrating its products. Here's an example:
Valknut Sword Necklace
Epic Loot Shop ring size guide

6. Novus Decor

Novus Decor homepage
FoundedFebruary 2021 (source: Wayback Machine)
Store typeNiche store
NicheHome decor
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themeCustom (based on Prestige)
Dropshipping appSpocket & DSers
Monthly traffic20.3k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of Novus Decor

The next store is Novus Decor. And it's our first high-ticket dropshipping store example on this list!

Novus Decor mainly sells interior lighting products:

Novus Decor best sellers

And yes, these can also be found at dropshipping suppliers!

For example, here is the Slender sideway wall sconce on AliExpress:

Novus Decor product on AliExpress
Product nameSlender sideway wall sconce
Product cost
(including shipping)
Selling price$159
Profit margin84.3%
Example profit margin calculation

So, what can we learn from this store? Here are the main things we found!

  • Great profit margins. Since the products sold on Novus Decor have a high perceived value, they can sell them for quite a high price compared to what it costs to buy them through AliExpress!
  • A fitting theme. Novus Decor uses the Prestige theme. Prestige is a theme designed to give your store a high-end and prestigious look, and it perfectly fits Novus Decor's products and style!
Prestige Theme Shopify

Bonus example: Another great dropshipping store selling interior lamps is Mantar Lamps.

7. Strate Fuel

Strate Fuel homepage
FoundedDecember 2022 (source: Wayback Machine)
Store typeNiche store
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themeGempages Landing Page Builder
Dropshipping appSupliful
Monthly traffic<5k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of Strate Fuel

Strate Fuel is another special example!

When looking at this store, you wouldn't think they're dropshipping, right?

After all, they're selling supplements and have their own private-labeled package.

Well, it's still a dropshipping store!

So, how do they do it?

Strate Fuel uses a private label dropshipping supplier called Supliful (check out our review of Supliful here).

Supliful homepage

In Supliful's catalog, you will find 50+ high-quality, FDA-compliant supplements with scientifically proven health benefits.

The founder of Strate Fuel has Supliful installed on their Shopify store and even left a review for it:

Strate Fuel review of Supliful

So, what makes this store so successful? Let's check out some interesting things about it:

  • Focused on benefits. It's always great to focus on the benefits when writing your product description (instead of the features). Those are the real reasons why people are buying your product!
Strate Fuel  benefits
  • Knowledge center. This is something we don't see often on dropshipping stores, but it can be great if you have the knowledge and it fits with your store; selling digital products.

    The founder of Strate Fuel developed four Strate Knowledge documents, in which he put all his cycling knowledge others can learn from:
Strate Fuel knowledge products

8. Vivyd Lights

Vivyd Lights homepage
FoundedDecember 2021 (source: Wayback Machine)
Store typeNiche store
NicheMood lights
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themeCustom (based on Debutify)
Dropshipping appCJdropshipping
Monthly traffic24.9k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of Vivyd Lights

Vivyd Lights is the following example of a well-built US dropshipping store.

They're using CJdropshipping to sell mood lights and even left a review on the Shopify App Store:

Vivyd Lights CJdropshipping review

However, their products can also be found on AliExpress. Here is their 'Golden Hour':

Vivyd Lights product on AliExpress
Product nameGolden Hour
Product cost
(including shipping)
Selling price$29.00
Profit margin58.4%
Example profit margin calculation

Here are two things that this store excels at:

  • The store design fits with the product. Especially the dark background! Think about it, when would you use a sunset lamp? In the dark, right?

    That's why it's great that Vivyd Lights uses a dark background, so the sunset projection images look even better:
Vivyd Lights Instagram section
  • Bundle upselling. Vivyd Lights offers a discounted bundle set for people who want to purchase multiple lamps. It's a great strategy to increase your average order value!
Vivyd Lights product page and bundle

9. ACTbikes

ACTbikes homepage
FoundedJanuary 2021 (source: Wayback Machine)
Store typeNiche store (high-ticket)
NicheElectric bikes
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themePagefly landing page builder
Dropshipping appCJdropshipping
Monthly traffic<5k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of ACTbikes

If you're interested in high-ticket dropshipping, make sure you don't miss this example!

ACTbikes is a high-ticket US dropshipping store selling e-bikes.

They've CJdropshipping installed on their store and even left a review some time ago:

ACTbikes CJdropshipping review

They even have a European version of the store, which you can find here.

The most expensive bike ($2,200) is the 1,000W E-Explorer, of which a very similar one can also be found on AliExpress:

ACTbikes product on AliExpress
Product nameYoung Electric E-Explorer
Product cost
(including shipping)
Selling price$2,199.00
Profit margin33.8%
Example profit margin calculation

As you can see, the difference between product cost and selling price is over $700, which is an amazing benefit that comes with running a high-ticket dropshipping store.

Here are some other things you can learn from this store:

  • YouTube product review. ACTbikes adds a YouTube video on their product page that reviews their e-bike. It helps visitors get a better feel for the bike's appearance, which is great (especially for a high-ticket product).
ACTbikes YouTube product review
  • Keep your customers happy. While ACTbikes can be inspiring design- and product-wise, their customer service seems bad. We always advise putting your customers first; you can learn more about providing excellent customer service in this article!
ACTbikes bad customer review

10. Shiba Coffee Company

Shiba Coffee Company homepage
FoundedNovember 2021 (source: Wayback Machine)
Store typeNiche store
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themeShopify Taste
Dropshipping appDripshipper
Monthly traffic8.6k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of Shiba Coffee Company

Shiba Coffee Company is a US-based online store selling roast-to-order coffee blends:

Shiba Coffee Company coffee blends

But if they're selling private-labeled coffee, how can they be dropshipping?

Shiba Coffee Company uses Dripshipper, a private label dropshipping supplier offering over 40 coffee blends and flavors.

You can choose your preferred coffee roast and the size, color, type, and labeling of your store's coffee bags.

Dripshipper homepage

If you want to learn more about Dripshipper, you can check out our review of it here!

So, what makes this store so successful? Let's check out some interesting things about it:

  • Featured by news sites. Shiba Coffee Company does something unique; they're burning Shiba Inu cryptocurrency coins for every Shiba-branded coffee they sell. Because of this, they've been featured by news sites like Benzinga and The Motley Fool!
Shiba Coffee Company featured on Benzinga
  • Combination of dropshipping and print on demand. Besides Coffee, Shiba Coffee Company uses the print on demand supplier Printify to sell custom products like coffee mugs, t-shirts, and hoodies:
Shiba Coffee Company print on demand coffee mugs
  • Partnerships with cafés and restaurants. Because Shiba Coffee Company did such a great job of creating a brand, they can partner with cafés and restaurants to sell their products at physical stores:
Shiba Coffee Company partnerships

Bonus: If you're interested in dropshipping stores selling coffee, here's another great example of a store using Dripshipper: River Market Roasting.

11. Outlaw

Outlaw homepage
FoundedMarch 2020 (source: Wayback Machine)
Store typeNiche store
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themeCustom
Dropshipping appJubilee
Monthly traffic57.5k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of Outlaw

Let's continue with another amazing example, Outlaw!

And this is another unique store; Outlaw uses the dropshipping app Jubilee to create a private-labeled beauty brand:

Outlaw best sellers

They even left a review for Jubilee here:

Outlaw Jubilee review

Note: Even though we couldn't confirm how many of Outlaw's products are from Jubilee, it's still a great store example for inspiration!

And for those that don't know, Jubilee is a Shopify dropshipping app created to help you build a beauty brand:

Jubilee homepage

If you want to learn more, you can find our review of Jubilee here!

Outlaw does a great job in branding, and you can see that in its success. According to Similarweb, 57,500 people visit Outlaw monthly, and they're even using Shopify Plus:

Outlaw proof of using Shopify Plus

They've even been featured on Shopify's official blog here!

One of the key lessons was that the founder of Outlaw realized that although a sampling kit doesn't offer the best margin, it allows new customers to try out products and become repeat customers.

So, what else makes this store so successful? Here are some things you can learn:

  • Great About Us page. Outlaw has an excellent About Us page, where they talk about things like why they started, their core values, and their vision:
Outlaw About Us page
  • Outlaw's content speaks to its readers. Outlaw does an amazing job of creating a consistent brand voice that engages readers:
Outlaw Shop by scent
  • Scent quiz. For visitors that don't know which scent to pick, Outlaw also designed a scent quiz so they can find out for themselves!
Outlaw Scent Quiz

12. Cultured West

Cultured West homepage
FoundedNovember 2020 (source: Wayback Machine)
Store typeNiche store
NicheHome decor
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themeShopify Craft
Dropshipping appSpocket
Monthly traffic<5k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of Cultured West

Let's end the list with another 'more traditional' US dropshipping store example; Cultured West.

Cultured West uses the Spocket app to dropship artisan home decor items from and to the US.

This is how they can achieve relatively fast shipping times in the US:

Cultured West shipping and delivery

However, we also found their products on AliExpress. Let's take this green basket as an example:

Cultured West product on AliExpress
Product namePhala basket
Product cost
(including shipping)
Selling price$69.00
Profit margin78.2%
Example profit margin calculation

Disclaimer: Cultured West likely buys this basket close to the source from Bangladesh artisans. They mention this on their product page.

Besides Spocket, Cultured West was also using the supplier DropCommerce at one point, but we couldn't verify if it's still installed on their Shopify store.

Cultured West DropCommerce review

So, let's move to the learning points!

  • Donations to charity. For every sale, Cultured West donates $1.00 to support the artisan and maker economy:
Cultured West donations
  • A phone number is available for support. If you can, adding a phone number is always great to offer your customers that little bit of extra support!
Cultured West phone number

Taking action

Reading and absorbing information and knowledge is great (definitely if it's free!), but do you know what's even better?

Taking action!

So, to help you with taking action with what you have learned in this article, take a look at the bullet points:

Where can you find more examples for your dropshipping store?

Would you like to see even more examples for your dropshipping store?

Then don't worry; we've got you covered with some awesome example articles:

And you can find even more articles that will inspire you right here.

Awesome, right?


There you go!

In our opinion, these US-based dropshipping stores have much to offer for those trying to get inspired and improve their stores.

Each example we explored in this article has some unique things that it does really well!

These companies prove that with hard work and dedication, any business has the potential to succeed in today's marketplace!

Thank you for sticking to the end of this article, and we hope you're left feeling inspired and motivated.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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