Are you looking for inspiration to start your dropshipping store in the UK?

Whether you're new to dropshipping or a seasoned veteran, looking at successful businesses can be incredibly useful.

In this article, we'll show off 13 of the best dropshipping stores from the UK and discuss why they are ones to strive after.

We hope you'll pick up plenty of ideas for things to adopt (or even avoid!) on your own online store.

So, whether you're planning your first venture or already running a profitable business, let's look at some of the best examples Britain has to offer!

The list of 13 UK dropshipping store examples

So, are you ready for some inspiration?

Let's dive right into the store examples!

Important reminder: These examples are intended to inspire creativity and innovation in building your own brand.

While it can be helpful to learn from successful businesses, it is essential to avoid simply copying their strategies and ideas. Instead, strive to create a unique brand that sets your business apart and resonates with your target audience.

1. Titan Power Plus

 Titan Power Plus homepage
Incorporated on24 April 2019 (source:
Store typeNiche store
NicheCharging equipment
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themeShogun Landing Page Builder
Dropshipping appN/A
Monthly traffic178.3k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of Titan Power Plus

Note: If we didn't find a dropshipping app in the website's code, it's likely that they have a close relationship with their supplier or are fulfilling orders with a dropshipping agent.

Let's start with one of the most successful dropshipping stores on this list; Titan Power Plus.

According to Similarweb, they get 178.3k monthly visits, resulting in an estimated annual revenue of $2.0M to $5.0M!

Titan Power Plus on Similarweb

But how do we know that they're dropshipping?

Well, after some digging, we found a web page where they admit it themselves.

Here is a job opening for a customer service agent from Titan Power Plus, which clearly states that it's a dropshipping store:

Titan Power Plus job opening

Besides, we even found their product called 'Titan Cable' on AliExpress:

Titan Power Plus dropshipping product on AliExpress
Product nameTitan Cable
Product cost
(including shipping)
Selling price$25.00
Profit margin79.5%
Example profit margin calculation

As you can see, Titan Power Plus has a great profit margin of 79.5% on this charging cable.

So, what makes this store so successful? Let's check out some interesting things about it:

  • Using a page builder. Instead of designing the storefront directly from a Shopify theme, Titan Power Plus uses a page builder (Shogun). This allows them to fully customize the store to their liking and make it much more unique!
Titan Power Plus page builder
  • Bundle builder. Titan Power Plus designed a 'Bundle builder' feature for their store. Using it, customers can build their own bundle of products and get generous discounts. It's a common trick for how dropshipping stores can increase their sales!
Titan Power Plus bundle builder

2. Coddies

Coddies homepage
Incorporated on19 March 2018 (source:
Store typeNiche store
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themeCustom (based on Impulse)
Dropshipping appN/A
Monthly traffic15.2k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of Coddies

Coddies is a UK dropshipping store selling funny flip-flops and socks.

It was started in early 2018 by Jack Bennet. He was bored with the 'standard' summer shoe style and wanted to shake up the footwear industry.

So, he let himself get inspired by his travels all around the world and started selling the most unique and fun footwear.

Well, it became a big success!

According to Jack Bennet's LinkedIn page, Coddies' products have been seen by millions and are even worn by celebrities like Dua Lipa and Doja Cat.

Coddies experience from founder on LinkedIn

Coddies' flagship product is the pair of Fish Flops:

Coddies Bass Fish Flops

Which we also found on AliExpress:

Coddies dropshipping product on AliExpress
Product nameCoddies Bass Fish Flops
Product cost
(including shipping)
Selling price$24.77 (£19.99)
Profit margin60.7%
Example profit margin calculation

Here are two great things Coddies does that you can learn from or get inspired by:

Coddies Christmas product description

And in 2021, Coddies even launched a collection of new styles specifically to give their customers new ideas for Christmas presents:

Coddies new styles launch
  • Supporting charities. Coddies sells many fish-related items, so the fact that they donate 1% of sales to ocean conservation charities fits perfectly with that!
Coddies charity support

3. Noho Home

Noho Home homepage
Incorporated on13 April 2021 (source:
Store typeNiche store (high-ticket)
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themeCustom (based on Prestige)
Dropshipping appDSers
Monthly traffic35.2k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of Noho Home

If you're interested in high-ticket dropshipping, make sure you don't miss this example!

Noho Home is a high-ticket UK dropshipping store selling various items over £1,000 in the home niche.

According to Similarweb, around 33% of its traffic comes from the UK. But one funny thing is that it's not their number one traffic source, which is Albania, with around 35%.

Similarweb even places Noho Home in third place (after Ikea and Wayfair) for furniture stores in Albania:

Noho Home Similarweb ranking

It looks like Noho Home is still scaling, as its founders are actively recruiting on LinkedIn:

Noho Home LinkedIn job opening

Besides having the dropshipping app DSers installed, we strongly feel that they're dropshipping because they have shipping times of four to eight weeks, and you can find their products on AliExpress.

For instance, the Manon Armchair:

Noho Home Manon Armchair

Here it is on AliExpress:

Noho Home dropshipping product on AliExpress
Product nameManon Armchair
Product cost
(including shipping)
Selling price£2,613
Profit margin76.7%
Example profit margin calculation

As you can see, the difference between product cost and selling price is over £2,000, which is an amazing benefit that comes with high-ticket dropshipping stores.

Here are some other things you can learn from this store:

  • Be aware that people may copy your store. If your dropshipping store proves successful, people will copy your store to try and replicate that success. The same happened to Noho Homo, which sparked a lengthy (but interesting) discussion on this Reddit post here:
Noho Home discussion on Reddit
  • Product care guides. Noho Home sells high-ticket items, so their customers will want to take care of them well. So, Noho Home created a product care guide page that outlines how to correctly maintain the products:
Noho Home product care guide

4. More Than A Backpack

More Than A Backpack homepage
Incorporated on16 July 2021 (source:
Store typeNiche store
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themeCustom (based on Empire by Pixel Union)
Dropshipping appDSers
Monthly traffic58.6k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of More Than A Backpack

Let's continue with More Than A Backpack. Quite clear that they focus on backpacks, right? Or is there more than just a backpack? 😉

Well, yes, there is! That's because this UK dropshipping store also sells handbags, bags for cameras, and various accessories.

So, why do we think this awesome-looking store is dropshipping? There are several reasons. For example, they state the following in their footer:

We source our backpacks from all over the globe to offer you something you won't find close to home.

That's definitely a friendly way of saying the following, right?

We buy our products from Chinese suppliers, so you don't have to.

Continuing our research, we tried to find their Mochilas School Backpack on AliExpress:

More Than A Backpack School Backpack

And here it is:

More Than A Backpack dropshipping product on AliExpress
Product nameWaterproof Mochilas School Backpack
Product cost
(including shipping)
Selling price£33.00
Profit margin59.9%
Example profit margin calculation

Let's check out some things that you can learn from this store!

  • Tell a story. Something that distinguishes a branded dropshipping store from a non-branded one is that branded stores often tell a story. This helps to form a more personal connection with visitors and is likely to increase the conversion rate!
More Than A Backpack story
  • Create a blog/journal. Starting a blog or journal is a great thing to do when growing your dropshipping store. It shows your visitors that you have knowledge of your niche, so it helps to build trust! Not to mention, you may get some free traffic to your store from your articles!
More Than A Backpack Journal

5. The Kawaii Shoppu

Homepage of The Kawaii Shoppu
Founded15 November 2019
Store typeNiche store
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themeCustom (based on Empire by Pixel Union)
Dropshipping appDSers
Monthly traffic61.3k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of The Kawaii Shoppu

The next UK dropshipping store example is The Kawaii Shoppu.

This store started around 15 November 2019 and installed the Oberlo app almost directly (meaning: they are dropshipping via AliExpress).

Proof that The Kawaii Shoppu is using AliExpresss

After the Oberlo shutdown, they installed the DSers app and didn’t uninstall it yet — they even wrote a review on the Shopify App Store for the DSers app:

Review for DSers from The Kawaii Shoppu

We also found several of their product on AliExpress. For example, this Miffy Cool Mist Humidifier:

The Kawaii Shoppu dropshipping product on AliExpress
Product nameMiffy Cool Mist Humidifier
Product cost
(including shipping)
Selling price£18.98
Profit margin45.8%
Example profit margin calculation

Here are some things you should pay attention to for this store:

  • A great design. Take a look at The Kawaii Shoppu. Do you see how well their design fits with their target audience? Much better than a few random colors, right?
The Kawaii Shoppu website design
  • A serious Instagram account. The Kawaii Shoppu currently has more than 135k followers on its Instagram account! Check out the account here for some inspiration.
Instagram account from The Kawaii Shoppu

6. Fresh Frenzy

Fresh Frenzy homepage
FoundedDecember 2018 (source: Wayback Machine)
Store typeNiche store
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themeIcon
Dropshipping appDSers
Monthly traffic44.2k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of Fresh Frenzy

Fresh Frenzy is the name of the next dropshipping store on this list.

You can see it's an online store from the UK from its Terms of Service:

Fresh Frenzy Terms of Service

Fresh Frenzy sells various products that are perfectly suited as gifts. Seemingly, it's going really well for them, as Similarweb estimates a monthly visitor count of 44.2k!

However, while it's a UK-based store, around 85% of its traffic is from the US (also estimated by Similarweb).

You can also see this from the product prices, which are displayed in Dollars:

Fresh Frenzy Elephant Cuddle Pillow

We also found this product on AliExpress, so let's do a profit margin calculation for it:

Fresh Frenzy dropshipping product on AliExpress
Product nameElephant Cuddle Pillow
Product cost
(including shipping)
Selling price$39.00
Profit margin66.7%
Example profit margin calculation

Not too bad, right?

And there are still a lot of things you can learn from this store:

  • Great product images. In a world where people are constantly bombarded with images, it’s important to ensure that the ones you use are high quality. Great images can help your store stand out and give customers a positive impression of your dropshipping store:
Fresh Frenzy Gift Ideas
  • Sticky 'Add To Cart' bar. Fresh Frenzy added a great element to their product pages that's likely to increase conversions; a sticky 'Add To Cart' bar. Using it, visitors can add the product to their cart at all times, even from the footer:
Fresh Frenzy sticky add to cart

7. Plushyz

Plushyz homepage
Incorporated on7 September 2020 (source:
Store typeNiche store
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themeCustom
Dropshipping appCJdropshipping
Monthly traffic<5k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of Plushyz

Next up is Plushyz, and it's a bit of a competitor for a dropshipping store we saw earlier, Coddies.

This is an online store from the UK, which can be seen from the 'Contact us' details in the footer:

Plushyz footer

And like Coddies, Plushyz sells various funny slippers, like these Sharky'z Shark Slippers:

Plushyz Shark Slippers

We also found them on AliExpress:

Plushyz dropshipping product on AliExpress
Product nameSharky'z Shark Slippers
Product cost
(including shipping)
Selling price£29.00
Profit margin70.9%
Example profit margin calculation

So, what can you learn from this store? Let's take a look:

  • A mobile-first design. When looking at Plushyz's store using a desktop, some sections can look a bit 'off.' However, when you open the store on your mobile phone, you will see that's where all the focus is. Having a mobile-first design is great because most of your visitors will use a mobile phone!

    Take a look at this homepage section from a desktop view:
Plushyz desktop view

Versus the mobile view:

Plushyz mobile view
  • Focused on TikTok. Advertising on TikTok is one of the best marketing methods right now, and Plushyz isn't planning on missing that opportunity!
Plushyz TikTok section on homepage

8. Paparazzo

Paparazzo homepage
Incorporated on4 September 2020 (source:
Store typeNiche store
NichePhotography tools
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themeZipify Page Builder
Dropshipping appN/A
Monthly traffic11.6k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of Paparazzo

Paparazzo is a dropshipping store specializing in simple-to-use tools that solve specific problems during the photography process.

For instance, they sell this kit designed for mobile creators and TikTokkers:

Paparazzo Mobile Creator Starter Kit

Looks like a fun niche, right?

However, keep in mind that you're currently looking at an evolved stage of the business. Actually, Paparazzo started in September 2020 as a one-product store selling an auto-tracking phone holder.

We know this from a quote from the founder, Matthew Leonard:

Our target market is anyone who wants to create content at home, or just spend more time with a loved one in a digital world by supplying tech products that make this easier and more fun. Our current product is called Paparazzo. An auto-tracking camera that will follow you wherever you go and keep you in the frame.

Matthew Leonard, Paparazzo (source)

However, at the time, Paparazzo had a difficult time finding a way to achieve fast shipping times, so they partnered with a Chinese logistics company and were featured in one of their success stories:

Paparazzo news article

Cool to see, isn't it?

Now, let's make a profit margin calculation of their Mobile Creator Starter Kit:

Paparazzo dropshipping product on AliExpress
Product nameMobile Creator Starter Kit
Product cost
(including shipping)
Selling price£69.00
Profit margin80.5%
Example profit margin calculation

So, what else can you learn from this store? Let's take a look:

  • 'Frequently Bought With' offers. Paparazzo places relevant offers on their product pages to try and increase their average order value:
Paparazzo Frequently bought with offers
  • Ambassador program. Paparazzo does a great job of using affiliate marketing to increase its sales. Basically, an influencer can join Paparazzo’s ambassador program (created with UpPromote) to promote their products. And if someone purchases a product through them, they will get up to 12% of the revenue:
Paparazzo Ambassador Program

9. Gentcreate

Gentcreate homepage
FoundedApril 2021 (source: Wayback Machine)
Store typeNiche store
NicheBags & phone cases
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themeCustom (based on Prestige)
Dropshipping appCJdropshipping
Monthly traffic6.8k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of Gentcreate

Next up is Gentcreate, a dropshipping store that sells various bags and phone cases.

So, what's so interesting about this store?

Well, it's their branded product! Check it out:

Gentcreate iPhone case

They claim it's a handmade iPhone case from high-quality Italian calfskin leather.

And with a price tag of $89.99 and the Gentcreate logo placed on the back, you would almost believe it, right?

But take a look at this AliExpress listing first:

Gentcreate dropshipping product on AliExpress

That's right, it's the same product, and the AliExpress seller offers to customize the phone case with your own name. It's a business that resembles print on demand!

Product nameLeather iPhone Case
Product cost
(including shipping)
Selling price£73.91 ($89.99)
Profit margin78.1%
Example profit margin calculation

Branding the phone case gives it a luxurious appearance and increases its perceived value. Thus, Gentcreate can sell it for a whopping $89.99. That's even a lot more than Apple's own leather cases!

And they do admit that their products are made in China on the About Us page:

Gentcreate About Uspage

Here are some other interesting things we noticed about Gentcreate:

  • A fitting theme. Gentcreate uses the Prestige theme. Prestige is a theme designed to give your store a high-end and prestigious look, and it perfectly fits Gentcreate's product and style!
Prestige Theme Shopify
  • Featured on other news websites. During our research, we found this store in an article on Newstrail, a popular news website. This is a great thing for their SEO. Oh, and one more thing, they even have a Crunchbase profile!
Gentcreate featured on Newstrail

10. Cozy Up!

Cozy Up! homepage
Incorporated on1 December 2021 (source:
Store typeNiche store
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themeVenture (not available anymore)
Dropshipping appDSers
Monthly traffic6.8k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of Cozy Up!

Cozy Up! is a colorful dropshipping store that sells products that fit their name, plushies.

Here is their Long Cat Pillow Plush on AliExpress:

Cozy Up! dropshipping product on AliExpress
Product nameLong Cat Pillow Plush
Product cost
(including shipping)
Selling price£42.00
Profit margin39.3%
Example profit margin calculation

So, what can you learn from this store?

  • A small profit margin. One thing that Cozy Up! may improve on is its product pricing strategy. Their profit margin is 39.3% for the 130 cm plushie, but for the smaller variants, it's even lower! For instance, they sell the 50 cm variant for only £14.00, including shipping:
Cozy Up! Cat Pillow Plush
  • Simple but effective. Cozy Up! has a pretty simple website design, but we think it would work well! There are few distractions, perfect for leading visitors down the purchase funnel as efficiently as possible.
Cozy Up! product description

11. Mdrnized

Mdrnized homepage
FoundedDecember 2021 (source: Wayback Machine)
Store typeNiche store
NicheHome decor
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themeCustom (based on Warehouse)
Dropshipping appDSers
Monthly traffic6.0k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of Mdrnized

The next store, Mdrnized, sells all kinds of home decor items. It's a great source of inspiration for some awesome product ideas!

Take a look at their best sellers in this overview here:

Mdrnized Best Sellers

And sure enough, all of them can be found on AliExpress, including this Moon LED Wall Lamp:

Mdrnized dropshipping product on AliExpress
Product nameMoon LED Wall Lamp
Product cost
(including shipping)
Selling price£53.00
Profit margin49.7%
Example profit margin calculation

Here are a few things to check out for this store:

  • A professional appearance. Just look at their homepage; does that look like a dropshipping store or a professional brand that is here for the long term?
Mdrnized Our Collections
  • Product reviews. Mdrnized adds product reviews to its product pages for increased social proof.

    The great thing about these reviews is that they also include an image, which makes them more trustworthy and also gives the customer a better opportunity to see how the product will look in real life!
Mdrnized product reviews

12. ZenQ

ZenQ homepage
Incorporated on9 November 2020 (source:
Store typeNiche store
NicheHome decor
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themeCustom
Dropshipping appDSers
Monthly traffic<5k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of ZenQ

Let's continue with ZenQ, another dropshipping store in the home decor niche!

Like Mdrnized, ZenQ has some amazing-looking items for your home.

An example is this Cute Deer LED Night Lamp, which we also found on AliExpress:

ZenQ dropshipping product on AliExpress
Product nameCute Deer LED Night Lamp
Product cost
(including shipping)
Selling price£32.99
Profit margin55.3%
Example profit margin calculation

Here are two things to learn from this store:

  • Active Instagram profile. ZenQ has over 2,000 posts on its Instagram account. They also have over 400k followers, but we suspect some of them may be fake:
ZenQ Instagram profile
  • Pinterest profile. ZenQ is doing great with its social media profiles! They currently also get over a million monthly views on Pinterest. (Click here to see the Pinterest profile.)
ZenQ Pinterest profile

13. Pawsitive Vibes

Pawsitive Vibes homepage
FoundedMay 2018 (source: Wayback Machine)
Store typeNiche store
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themePageFly landing page builder
Monthly traffic5.8k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of Pawsitive Vibes

Pawsitive Vibes is a Spocket store for the pet-loving community.

The store primarily focuses on unique gifts for dogs, cats, and owners.

You'll find products like custom dog bandanas, cat collars, and pet-themed home goods.

We know that they're using Spocket since they left a review for the app recently:

Pawsitive Vibes Spocket review

What sets Pawsitive Vibes apart is its commitment to more than just selling products.

A portion of their sales goes towards helping animals, so they're definitely making a positive impact:

Pawsitive Vibes About Us

Here are some other things to learn from this store:

  • Blog. They have a blog section with articles like "How to Choose the Perfect Dog Bandana" and "Spoil Your Pup with a Homemade Dog Cake for Birthday." This kind of content can keep visitors engaged and coming back for more.
  • Catchy tone. Pawsitive Vibes is filled with catchy messages like 'Drama Free Returns' and 'You Shop, We Give.'
  • Pet Matcher Quiz. Pawsitive Vibes offers a fun Pet Matcher Quiz. This is a brilliant strategy because quizzes can keep visitors engaged longer on the site. Plus, based on quiz results, they can offer personalized product recommendations:
Pawsitive Vibes Pet Matcher Quiz
  • Free dog birthday cake recipe. This free recipe is a fantastic example of how stores can offer value to their audience while building up their email list:
Pawsitive Vibes Free Recipe

Where can you find more examples for your dropshipping store?

Would you like to see even more examples for your dropshipping store?

Then don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with some awesome example articles:

And you can find even more articles that will inspire you right here.

Awesome, right?

Taking action

Reading and absorbing information and knowledge is great (definitely if it’s free!), but do you know what’s even better?

Taking action!

So, to help you with taking action with what you have learned in this article, take a look at the bullet points:


There you go!

I think we can all agree that these UK-based dropshipping stores have a lot to offer for those who're trying to learn more about dropshipping.

Each example we explored in this article provided unique insights about different aspects of dropshipping, from store design to marketing.

These companies prove that with hard work and dedication, any business has the potential to succeed in today's marketplace!

Thank you for sticking to the end of this article, and we hope you're left feeling inspired and motivated.

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