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Below you will find 11 examples of how various dropshipping stores have used social proof to increase their conversion rate.

Let's begin by understanding the true meaning of social proof.

What is social proof?

When it comes to online shopping, trust is a crucial factor influencing a customer's decision to place an order.

However, most dropshipping stores lack the trust factors that come with a long-standing history, legacy, or well-known reputation.

That's where social proof comes in.

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon where people tend to rely on the actions and opinions of others to determine their own behavior.

This can be particularly powerful in dropshipping to persuade potential customers and ultimately increase sales.

There are many forms of social proof. Typical examples of social proof include:

  • Social media engagement
  • Professional opinions and approvals
  • Customer reviews and ratings
  • Customer video testimonials 
  • Influencer marketing 
  • Celebrity endorsement 
  • Press or media coverage 
  • Affiliate marketing
  • 'As seen on' logos 
  • Guest posting
  • Displaying user behaviors

If you want your audience to trust your dropshipping store, getting social proof on your website is crucial.

11 Types of social proof dropshipping examples

The following examples are all from successful dropshipping stores.

Although these dropshipping businesses have also made other efforts to be successful, implementing social proof strategies is surely one of them.

1. Social media engagement 

Social media engagement may include likes, shares, comments, and tags. 

When someone finds a product article with significant engagement, they naturally feel inclined to check it out.

Many people end up purchasing a product simply because others are buying it.

Check out our first example of social media engagement from a dropshipping company called Sugar And Cotton

Facebook post of Sugar and Cotton

Their Facebook post has thousands of likes, shares, and comments. Moreover, their official page has over a million likes and followers.

A great social media engagement, like the one we showed above, triggers the following actions in a user: 

  • The basic instinct is to follow others. 
  • Fear of missing out (FOMO) by hearing others buying the product. 
  • The natural behavior of keeping up with the trend, even if they don't need the product. 
  • An immediate feeling of the product's usefulness. 
  • Increased trust by believing other people's actions.

How can you show social proof using social media?

You can use the following strategies to increase social media engagement on your posts. 

Utilize multiple social media platforms

While you may focus more on a single social media platform that's giving you positive results, you must explore other platforms too.

Each platform attracts a different type of audience, and you never know which one might welcome your business more.

For example, many users may have gotten bored with their Facebook feeds flooded with commercial advertisements. That's not what they initially joined Facebook for.

On the other hand, you may get an overwhelming response by posting a fun and engaging video of your product on TikTok.

Let's look at an example from a dropshipping company named Fresh Juice Blender:

Fresh Juice TikTok vidoes

They share fun videos of their products on TikTok to increase sales and social proof.

Rerun the same ad for more social proof 

Your post's engagement is an asset for your dropshipping business. You wouldn't want to lose it!

That's why you should repurpose the same post to run an ad for increased social proof. 

Tip: When you're aiming to increase engagement, target a cheaper audience first.

For example, consider running ads targeting teens in developing countries, even if your main audience is in developed countries.

Teens are more inclined to engage with your page, allowing you to establish social proof. You can then use this social proof to run ads in developed countries.

2. Professional opinions and approvals

When customers are unsure how a product will perform, they seek expert guidance.

Smart dropshippers recognize this and proactively showcase expert opinions and approvals for their products on their websites. 

Let's check the following example from a dropshipping company called Neck Recliner:

Neck Recliner's expert reviews

This company also sells other similar dropshipping products like a posture corrector. 

They knew the market would be flooded with these products, and they needed to stand out.

To achieve this, they mentioned expert opinions from two professionals in the relevant field — a medical doctor and a professional wrestler.

How can you show social proof using professional opinions and approvals?

First of all, you must decide if your products need professional opinions or approvals.

Not all products require expert endorsements. For example, it would be good to have expert opinions on health, skin, or general fitness products.

You can use expert opinion in the following ways: 

Get opinions from popular experts 

Popular experts can be international figures who don't need much introduction. Most of your audience will already be aware of those experts.

But, this can be demanding and costly, especially for a dropshipping company. 

Consider this option if you are running a private label dropshipping business.

We will discuss this further in the 'celebrity endorsement' segment of this article, so stay tuned!

Approvals from local experts

Another effective way to get professional opinions is from local experts in your area.

For example, if your product is related to fitness, get an endorsement from a famous gym in your area. 

Similarly, you can get expert opinions about a health-related product from a nearby hospital. But ensure that these opinions are genuine and natural. 

Here's another example GripXT, a dropshipping company that prominently features an endorsement from an orthopedic surgeon:

Surgeon's review of GripXT
Special certifications and eligibilities

Some products are eligible for special programs. If your products qualify for special programs, highlight this information on your store as social proof.

Let's see an example Bamboobies, a dropshipping company that leverages financial account approvals (such as FSA and HSA) as social proof for their products:

Bamboobies' FSA eligible product
Professional certifications and awards

Another way to get expert opinions is by obtaining professional certifications and awards from reputable organizations.

People may be familiar with your business, but they tend to trust certifications and awards. 

For example, endorsements from renowned organizations like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or the American Hospital Association (AHA) can greatly enhance trust if your product involves health issues.

We know that FDA and AHA approvals are not easy, and why would a dropshipper get a product tested that he doesn't even own? 

But you should consider obtaining these certifications and awards to scale your winning products by private labeling them.

Check out another example from a dropshipping company called BackPainHelp, using similar strategies:

Posture Hero social proof

This company has covered many expert opinion options, including an award and endorsement from a spine clinic.

3. Customer reviews and ratings

People want to know about other people's experiences with the product they are about to buy.

This led to the practice of displaying customer reviews and ratings on dropshipping stores.

Let's explore an example from Aesthentials, a dropshipping company selling clothes:

Aesthentials reviews

They have mentioned all of their customer reviews in a single place. Currently, they have over 5,000 reviews, many of which include pictures.

Notably, all of their reviews have received five stars. These reviews play a crucial role in persuading potential customers to place an order.

Plus, they have tagged the 'verified buyers' separately to increase trust. 

You will find the most successful dropshipping stores display customer reviews and ratings on their stores to showcase social proof.

Here is another example from a dropshipping company called Miracle Sofa:

Miracle Sofa's reviews

They have beautifully displayed their customers' reviews around the bottom of their homepage.

The clean and simple display of customer reviews adds attraction and trust to the website.

How can you show social proof using customer reviews and ratings?

You can gather customer reviews and ratings on your dropshipping in the following ways:

Simplify your review process

Writing a review is an extra piece of work for customers. But if you could simplify the review process, a customer may consider leaving feedback.

One of the smartest ways to collect reviews is to provide a URL for review in follow-up emails, allowing customers to easily click the link and share their thoughts.

Look at Bellroy, a private label dropshipping company that utilizes this approach:

Bellroy's post-purchase email
Import reviews from social media

Many customers share their reviews in the comment sections of a company's social media accounts.

You can leverage these reviews by embedding them on your website.

Vertoku, a dropshipping knife company, uses a similar strategy. See the example below:

Facebook reviews of Vertoku
Incentivize your customers for reviews

A customer would not want to leave a review without a reason.

Consider offering incentives, such as special discount coupons in post-purchase emails to encourage customers to take the time to leave reviews on your website.

Import reviews from source websites 

The easiest way to display reviews on your dropshipping store is to import reviews from your source website.

For example, you can import AliExpress product reviews to your Shopify store using apps like and Ryviu

4. Customer video testimonials

Customer videos and testimonials are a step ahead of displaying text or photo customer reviews.

While photos and text can be manipulated, video testimonials look more authentic. 

Have a look at the video reviews from a dropshipping company called Pillow Slides:

Pillow Slides' video reviews

Pillow Slides has included video reviews in addition to text and photo reviews.

These videos feature satisfied customers sharing their positive experiences with the product and the company.

How can you show social proof using customer videos and testimonials?

You can show customer videos and testimonials by using the following ways. 

Incentivize your happiest customers for video reviews

The best way to get genuine testimonials is through your customers.

First, you must find highly satisfied customers who are happy with their purchase. You can check your reviews and shortlist the number of happy customers.

Then send personalized emails and ask them to create a short video describing their positive experience. 

Offer lucrative incentives like a free product or a discount voucher on their next purchase. 

Offer ambassadorship for video reviews

Another approach is to offer brand ambassadorship in exchange for sharing video testimonials.

Here's an example from Inspire Uplift, a dropshipping company that offers brand ambassadorship:

Brand ambassador program of Inspire Uplift
Ask someone from your social circle to record a video 

Consider reaching out to individuals in your social circle who are not camera-shy and are happy to review your product. 

Ship your dropshipping product to their addresses and request a video testimonial in exchange for the free product.

This mutually beneficial arrangement allows you to gather authentic video testimonials.

Hire product testers

Professional video recorders specializing in testing different products can be found with a simple online search.

Freelancing platforms like Fiverr and Upwork have a lot of professional product testers.

You will also find specialized video testers for dropshipping products on these platforms. 

5. Influencer marketing 

Influencer marketing is one of the most useful ways to convince your audience to buy your products.

Many dropshipping and mainstream ecommerce companies use this method to promote their products and show social proof. 

Let's check out an example of influencer marketing from Pillow Slides:

Pillow Slides' influencer marketing

How can you show social proof using influencer marketing?

You can use influencer marketing in the following ways to boost social proof for your dropshipping website:

Explore multiple platforms 

While Instagram is a powerful influencer marketing platform, you shouldn't rely solely on one platform.

You will find multiple influencers and reviewers who make unboxing videos on platforms like YouTube and TikTok

Contact niche influencers

Most influencers work in specific niches. It will be easier to find and collaborate with influencers related to your product's niche.

Let's see the example from another dropshipping company called Notebook Therapy:

Notebook Therapy's influencer marketing

This dropshipping company has hired an influencer from the travel niche to promote their travel journals. 

Liaise with multiple influencers

Contacting multiple social media influencers for various products and featuring them on your website can enhance the impact of your social proof.

While an influencer may promote your product on a one-time basis, consolidating the details of each influencer on your store creates a cumulative effect.

Here's an example from Kawaiies, a dropshipping company implementing this influencer marketing strategy:

Kawaiies Ambassadors

6. Celebrity endorsement 

Celebrity endorsement is a step ahead of influencer marketing.

While celebrity endorsement is not a popular method of gathering social proof in dropshipping businesses, it is still a great way to scale your winning products.

As celebrity endorsement involves higher capital and investment, it is usually feasible for private label dropshipping businesses like BlendJet.

Let's examine their example below: 

BelndJet's celebrity endorsement

BlendJet has collaborated with Jen Selter, an American celebrity, to promote their product.

Her Instagram post also announces a free giveaway for a lucky person who follows and tags BlendJet and Jen Selter. 

So this celebrity endorsement partnership is a win-win collaboration for both parties. 

How can you show social proof using celebrity endorsement?

Here are helpful tips for showing social proof using celebrity endorsements:

Choose a celebrity in line with your product's niche

You should choose the right celebrity to represent your product.

Let's discuss another example of celebrity endorsement for a private label dropshipping company, Hyperice:

Hyperice Presents | Naomi Osaka, US Open Champion

This company has collaborated with 15 well-known professional players and athletes, including Naomi Osaka, shown in the YouTube video above, which has over two million views.

Consider social media celebrities

Social media has given rise to numerous influential personalities with a more significant following than traditional celebrities.

Collaborating with a social media celebrity through a paid partnership can significantly boost your social proof.

Liaise with celebrity managers 

Most famous celebrities have personal managers to organize their daily tasks.

Instead of trying to get in direct contact with a celebrity, you should initiate communication with their managers first.

Building a good relationship with a celebrity's manager increases your chances of securing a celebrity endorsement for your business.

7. Press or media coverage 

Press and media are sources of authentic information. Hence, they are great sources of showing social proof. 

If your target audience reads about your company in the news, their trust in your company will increase manifolds. 

Fortunately, many news platforms cover news articles about products and companies. 

Let's check out one example of press or media coverage for a private label dropshipping company called SandCloud:

SandCloud's media coverage

CNBC covered this article about Sand Cloud in a natural way without giving the impression of a paid promotion. 

How can you show social proof using press or media coverage?

You can use press or media coverage for your dropshipping company in the following ways: 

Check online newspapers 

Many newspapers agree to cover featured articles on their online platforms.

You can contact leading newspapers to include your company's name in their featured articles. 

Let's look at an example of an article about BlendJet:

BlendJet's review by MailOnline

As you can see, DailyMail newspaper has published BlendJet's review on its online newspaper called MailOnline. 

They have a dedicated section for Best Buys, and similar coverage can be sought out.

Issue a press release 

You can also issue a press release for your products or company and submit it to press release organizations. 

Many platforms publish your press release for free. You just have to follow their guidelines. 

Here's an example of a press release from Hyperice:

Heperice press release
Take a news-worthy initiative 

Newspapers like to cover interesting stories in society.

If you want your company to be in the news, take an initiative that the press or media would like to cover. 

This can include sponsoring a social cause or participating in a business expo that garners media coverage.

8. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way of paying others to promote your business or products. In this arrangement, affiliate marketers earn commissions for the sales generated through their efforts. 

A popular way of affiliate marketing is to write affiliate reviews.

They serve as a form of social proof by featuring unbiased opinions about your products from sources other than your company.

Here's an example of an affiliate article featured in Forbes magazine for BlendJet:

BlendJet's affiliate article

As you can see in the screenshot above, Forbes has included BlendJet in its 'vetted' products. This increases a reader's trust in this product.

How can you show social proof using affiliate marketing?

Here are a few tips to increase your social proof using affiliate marketing:

Offer your own affiliate program 

Offering an affiliate program is always a good idea for any business.

You would have to offer commissions for affiliate sales, but it is still better than losing those sales. 

Pillow Slide offers 10% commissions for affiliate sales. 

Pillow Slides affiliate program

In addition, the buyers from affiliate links of Pillow Slides receive an extra 10% off, making it attractive for affiliate marketers to promote their products.

Register with affiliate networks 

You may have an excellent affiliate program, but affiliate marketers may not find it.

That's why you should consider registering your products with dedicated affiliate marketing platforms. 

These platforms are home for affiliate marketers who visit those websites regularly to check products to sell and earn commissions.

You can register your products with leading affiliate marketing platforms like ShareASale and CJ Affiliate. Plus, you have the choice to set commissions per sale. 

When affiliate marketers choose your products from these platforms, your social proof will increase as they promote them through various channels.

Offer special discount coupons 

Customers love discount coupons. You can offer coupons and vouchers to discount platforms to increase traffic and enhance your social proof.

Take a look at discounts offered by a dropshipping store called InspireUplift on

Inspire Uplift affiliate discount codes

When customers view your store's name on such platforms, they already get a sense of social proof for your business.

9. 'As seen on' logos

Displaying logos on your store, especially famous ones, is another awesome way of showing social proof.

You must have seen some B2B companies displaying logos of their corporate clients to establish trust.

But what about dropshipping stores? They can also benefit from displaying logos of the companies where their products have been featured. 

Let's look at the example from a dropshipping store called Saber Masters

Featured logos of Saber Masters

How can you show social proof by displaying 'As seen on' logos? 

You can show featured logos in the following ways:

Displaying press logos 

If your products have been featured in the press, share logos of press organizations to boost social proof. 

Here is an example from a dropshipping company called Sage & Sill:

Sage & Sill featured logos
Displaying magazine logos from your niche

Instead of getting featured in the main media, consider getting your products featured in the magazines from your store's niche. 

For example, Modelones, a dropshipping store selling beauty products, has displayed logos of beauty magazines that featured products from this store. 

Magazine logos of Modelones
Displaying professional customers using your products

Logos are not mandatory all the time. Plus, your customers may not be familiar with all the logos. 

So, you can also display pictures of your products being used in professional places. 

Look at the example from a dropshipping knife store called Vertoku below. This company has displayed its knives in action with professional chefs.

Vertoku's knives at professional places

10. Guest posting 

Guest posting is a way of getting additional traffic by submitting articles to other websites.

When people come across your product or store through other websites or blogs, it naturally builds trust in your business.

For example, Meowingtons wrote a guest post on Medium to celebrate their 4th Meowiversary. 

Meowingtons' guest post

This allowed them to reach a broader audience and gain visibility among Medium's readers.

How can you show social proof using guest posting?

You can use guest posting to boost your social proof in the following ways:

Contact popular websites for guest posting

Many websites offer guest posting services. Some reputable websites like Mashable also feature the best products.

You can reach out to websites with reasonable traffic to get strong social proof.

Consider product-featuring websites

Some websites or blogs, like ShutUpAndTakeMyMoney and OddityMall, feature products from different businesses.

If you submit your unique products to these websites, you can get additional traffic along with social proof. 

Submit a product on OddityMall
Launch an additional blog post

Consider launching your own blogging website with a different name to promote your dropshipping store.

People reading about your store or products through your additional blogs will naturally get social proof about your company. 

11. Displaying user behaviors

Showing user behavior on your website is a type of social proof that involves highlighting the actions of other customers. 

This form of social proof has a psychological impact on your potential customers and encourages them to make a purchase.

For example, a dropshipping company, Modelones, shows the number of products sold in the last 24 hours on its product page.

Modelones user bahavior

This information helps potential customers see how quickly other customers buy from this store.

How can you show social proof by displaying user behaviors?

Here are a few tips to highlight your customers' behaviors in your store. 

Show live pop-ups 

You can use apps and plugins to run automatic pop-ups highlighting what other customers are buying from your store. 

Here is an example from a home decor dropshipping company named Warmly:

Warmly's Live pop-ups

This company uses live pop-ups to show the names of the customers who just bought a product from their store. 

Product tags 

You can also tag your products to show user behavior in your store.

For example, Bohemians Mart, a dropshipping store selling fashion items, highlights best sellers and sold-out products. This triggers the fear of missing out and improves social proof. 

Bohemians Mart's product tags
Frequently bought together

You can also club two or more products to show your audience that other customers frequently buy product bundles from your store.

Let's see an example from a dropshipping store called How Do I Buy This:

Frequently bought together at How Do I Buy This

5 Tips about social proof in dropshipping

As promised at the start of this article, here are five quick tips about enhancing social proof in your dropshipping store.

These tips will equip you with the tools to boost your store's credibility and stand out.

Plus, you will find a bonus tip at the end!

Let's dive in:

1. Show off your social proof in your ads

Don't waste your hard-earned social proof. Incorporate social proof into your advertisements, even for newly launched products.

That way, your ad audience will be easily convinced to buy from your store. 

Here is an example from a print on demand dropshipping company called Ludic Closet

Ludic Closet's Facebook ad

2. Mention social proof on your store's important pages

Your store's homepage, product pages, and checkout page are all critical areas to showcase social proof.

Add customer reviews, testimonials, or any other social proof to these pages to reassure customers that they're making a wise choice. 

For example, a pet dropshipping company called For My Doggy shows stats about its customer reviews right on the top of its homepage. 

For My Doggy's social proof

3. Use social proof in email marketing 

Email marketing is an effective way to reach customers and drive sales, and social proof can be a powerful addition to your email campaigns. 

Consider including customer reviews or ratings in your emails or highlighting popular or best-selling products to increase the trust and credibility of your store. 

4. Boost CTAs with social proof 

You can encourage visitors to take the desired actions using social proof.

Look at the following example from a dropshipping company called The Kawaii Shoppu. They are calling their visitors to join a network of 100K followers on Instagram. 

Join The Kawaii Shoppu's Instagram

5. Make your social profiles verified

Another awesome way to look legit and credible is to get your social profiles verified.

The verified tick on your social profiles will naturally serve incredible social proof to your potential customers.

Here is a screenshot of a verified Facebook page of a pet dropshipping company called Meowingtons:

Meowingtons' verified Facebook page

Bonus tip: Tag your customer loyalty program with social proof 

Launch a customer loyalty program and associate it with boosting social proof for your dropshipping store.

Here is an example of a reward program offered by a dropshipping company called Plushie Depot

Plushie Depot rewards program

Their customers can earn loyalty points by sharing links to social media profiles, eventually increasing the store's social proof. 


Before we conclude, we wanted to share a quick summary of this article so the key takeaways stick in your mind. 

  • Social proof is a powerful tool for dropshipping businesses to build trust, credibility, and customer loyalty. 
  • There are many useful strategies to build social proof for your store. 
  • Social proof helps win more customers and retain existing ones for repeat orders. 
  • Most successful dropshipping stores have strong social proof. 
  • Good social proof makes your store stand out from your competition. 


So, there you have it 一 11 types of social proof dropshipping examples and five tips for creating awesome social proof for your dropshipping store!

Are you ready now to create social proof for your dropshipping store? 

While social proof is an excellent way of influencing your audience, there is no guarantee that your dropshipping business will be successful just by implementing social proof strategies. 

Success depends on multiple other factors, like the selection of products, their descriptions, and how you market them

Share your best social proof strategy with us in the comments section below. 

In case of any queries about this article or about dropshipping in general, don't hesitate to press the 'Contact Us' button at the top!

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