One of the best ways to attract customers to your dropshipping store is through Google Ads.

It's like a digital billboard that only gets seen by people who are looking for something your store can offer.

And the best part? You only pay when someone clicks on your ad!

12 Google Ad examples from dropshipping stores

In this article, we will show you 12 real-life examples of dropshipping stores that have successfully used Google Ads.

We’ll walk you through what these stores did right and how you can apply these strategies to your own business.

Let's dive in!

1. The Peaky Hat

Peaky Hat homepage

The first Google Ad example is from a dropshipping store called The Peaky Hat.

Any guesses on what products they sell?

That's right, the hats you see in the popular series ‘Peaky Blinders!'

It's quite a fun and unique niche, right?

With so many available designs, they've positioned themselves as the go-to online store for fans of the series and anyone looking to adopt this distinctive style.

Here is an example of their branded Google Ad:

The Peaky Hat Google Ad example

Here are some things to learn:

  • Exclusive. They say they've got the 'Original Peaky Hats.' It shows exclusivity!
  • Save money. They've got a sale with up to 30% off.
  • More than just fashion. They believe these hats give you confidence and power. It's a bold claim, but who doesn't want to feel confident? Plus, using words like 'Power' and 'Self-Confidence' adds an emotional element to the product, making it more than just a hat.
  • Limited-time offers. Have you spotted that Halloween Sale? It means they're actively preparing their store for Q4.
  • Customer ease. Peaky Hat highlights features like 'Free Worldwide Shipping.'
  • Sitelinks. The Peaky Hat uses sitelinks, a Google Ads extension that allows you to display more links to your store, not just the homepage. This gives you more real estate (which pushes down the other results) and allows you to share more about your brand.

As a bonus, we also found a Google Shopping Ad from The Peaky Hat:

Peaky Blinders hats Google Ad example

Note: The Peaky Hat was also featured in our list of the 12 best dropshipping store examples in the US.

2. Sage & Sill

Sage&Sill homepage - Dropshipping store example

Sage & Sill is all about making your home look and feel good with some awesome plant-inspired decor.

They've got everything from vases to planters, made using modern designs that let you show off your plants in style.

Now, let's take a look at their Google Ad:

Sage and sill Google Ad example

Here are some things we noticed:

  • Official stamp. Right off the bat, they're making it clear with 'Official Website.' This means you're dealing directly with them and not some third party.
  • Easy shopping experience. Not a fan of shipping fees? Neither are they! They're offering free shipping to get items to customers' doorsteps without any extra cost.
  • Shop with confidence. Bought something and having second thoughts? No worries. Sage & Sill has a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, if you change your mind, returning items is easy.
  • Sale alert. Who doesn't love a good deal? Sage & Sill shows they're cutting prices with a sale that lets you save up to 50% on items.
  • Fresh finds. The seasons are constantly changing, and so is their stock. Sage & Sill is introducing new arrivals that fit the new season.
  • Need assistance? Got a question? Sage & Sill's 'Contact Us' option shows they're always available to help out.

We also found some Google Shopping Ads of Sage & Sill:

Sage and sill Shopping Google Ad example

They show some high-quality images together with some social proof and the possibility of free shipping!

3. Live Outlaw

Live Outlaw homepage

Live Outlaw offers a taste of the rugged American West in its products.

They sell a range of scented products, from colognes to natural soaps and body washes, all infused with what they describe as 'true-to-life Western scents.'

Live Outlaw positions itself as a store offering products that are authentically American, with the spirit of the Wild West.

Something notable is their commitment to ethical production, as evidenced by the emphasis on their goods being made in the US, cruelty-free, and natural.

Outlaw perfume Google Ad example

Here's what might catch a customer's attention:

  • Catchy headline. The ad captures attention with its tagline 'Scents Of The American West.' It's almost like it paints a picture of wide-open spaces and cowboy adventures.
  • Ethical production. The emphasis on goods being 'made in the USA, natural, cruelty-free' resonates with those who are increasingly conscious of ethical shopping choices.
  • Bold promises. The phrase 'fully amazing, guaranteed' shows their confidence in the product's quality.
  • Variety of scents. Highlighting the 'true-to-life Western scents' hints at the uniqueness and variety of available fragrances.
  • Special offers. 'Most Scents On Sale!' suggests that now's a good time to buy, potentially helping visitors make quicker purchase decisions.
  • Product range. The ad shows they've everything from bestsellers to solid colognes and sample packs, catering to different consumer needs.
  • Adventure and lifestyle. The mention of 'Outlaw Cologne' as a 'perfect sidekick in a life of true adventure' helps promote the values and story of the brand!

We also found that they're targeting keywords related to their products, like 'calamity jane cologne':

Calamity jane cologne Google Ad example

As you can see, they even get a dedicated product box on the right!

Calamity Jane Cologne product details Google Ads

You can see that the ad copy uses a playful tone, with phrases like 'Smell like a legend!'

They even added a reference to Calamity Jane's drinking habits.

This cheeky tone gives a sense of the brand's target audience: humorous, lively, and bold.

All in all, Live Outlaw doesn't just sell a cologne; it sells an experience, the feeling of embodying a legendary Western figure.

This emotional connection, paired with detailed product information, ensures that potential customers are both intrigued and well-informed!

Plus, since it's their product, they're shown as the only store selling it on Google:

Calamity Jane Cologne store details Google Ads

4. Pillow Slides

Pillow Slides homepage

Pillow Slides is a one-product store selling 'Pillow Slippers' for men, women, and the youth.

Before we move on to their Google Ad, we just wanted to say that it's one of the best-looking dropshipping stores we have ever seen.

You can learn so much by looking at this store; we could write an entire article about it!

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this store is that they took these 'boring' pair of slippers:

Pillow Slides on AliExpress

And made them much more interesting with an amazing branded store design:

Pillow Slides product page section

Guess what? It became a big success!

Just listen to Jake, the founder of Pillow Slides, who claims he's making $10M+ with this store:

How This 23 Year Old Makes $10M+ Selling Slippers

Now, onto their Google Ad!

We found this interesting one where Pillow Slides appears under the keyword 'cloud slides':

Pillow Slides Google Ad example

This Google Ad campaign is a strategic move by Pillow Slides to target potential customers searching for their competitor, Cloud Slides.

By bidding on the competitor's brand name as a keyword, Pillow Slides can 'steal' some of the traffic and interest generated by Cloud Slides to their own products!

Note: Pillow Slides was also featured in our list of the 17 top dropshipping store examples.

5. Titan Power Plus

Titan Power Plus homepage

This is one of the most successful dropshipping stores: Titan Power Plus.

According to Similarweb, they get over 331k monthly visits!

Titan Power Plus Similarweb stats

But how do we know that they're dropshipping?

Well, after some digging, we found a web page where they admit it themselves.

Here is a job opening for a customer service agent from Titan Power Plus, which clearly states that it's a dropshipping store:

Titan Power Plus job opening

Besides, we even found their product called 'Titan Cable' on AliExpress:

Titan Power Plus dropshipping product on AliExpress

The Google Ad campaign for Titan Power Plus shows their selection of flagship products, focusing on their unique selling points:

Titan Power Plus Google Ad example

The ad shows for the keyword 'titan charging cable,' so besides showing just the homepage, there are links to several relevant products:

  • 3-in-1 Foldable Charger. A versatile wireless charger for users who value tidiness and convenience during travels.
  • The Titan Smart Cable. Promises charging speeds that are up to 2.4x faster.
  • Titan PD Cable. A highly durable and unbreakable cable for consumers who need long-lasting products.
  • Titan Buds 2.0. Expanding beyond cables, the ad also introduces earbuds.

6. Fresh Juice Blender

Homepage of Fresh Juice Blender

Fresh Juice Blender started around June 2021 and became a company in the UK on 26 August 2022 — meaning something is going right!

Their products are for those who enjoy fresh beverages like protein shakes, smoothies, drinks, and fruit juices on the go.

Regarding the Google Ad example, they use a strategy similar to Pillow Sides, bidding on competitor keywords.

For this example, it's a keyword from the competitor Chef Bottle:

Chef bottle blender Google Ad example

However, as you can see, even Amazon shows up for this query, as well as a third electric blender store.

In fact, Fresh Juice Blender is in the third position between the sponsored results:

Fresh Juice Blender Google Ad example

Poor Chef Bottle, they're all the way down in fourth place!

The ad from Fresh Juice Blender is relatively simple, stating the benefits of the portable blender (compact, powerful, and easy to use). Plus, they make themselves an authority by stating they are 'The original.'

As a side note, we also saw that they're doing great with SEO.

For instance, they are dominating their main keyword, fresh juice blender, on Google:

Fresh Juice Blender Ahrefs stats

7. The Shark Blanket

The Shark Blanket product page

The Shark Blanket is a one-product dropshipping store selling a unique product, the 'Shark Blanket.'

It combines the comfort of a blanket with the fun design of a shark, making it ideal for movie nights and themed sleepovers.

The product appeals to both children and adults, offering a playful twist to traditional blankets.

The store's Google Ad shows for the commercial keyword that fits perfectly with their product 'shark hooded blanket':

Shark Blanket Google Ad example

Here are some things to learn from this example:

  • Unique selling point highlighted. Have you ever thought of combining comfort with fun? This ad does just that by showing a picture of a shark blanket.
  • Emotion-driven tagline. 'Elevate Your Movie Nights Today With Our Shark Blankets.' Imagine snuggling up for a movie, but you're wrapped in a shark-themed blanket. Sounds fun, right?
  • Urgency created with limited-time offer. We humans love deals, especially when they're ticking away. The 'Free Shipping Today Only' is a great way to capture attention and create urgency simultaneously.
  • Social proof. 'The #1 2023 Blanket' - When we hear something's #1, it catches our attention. If it's the top blanket of 2023, it must be good!
  • Seasonal discount. The '50% off Shark Blanket™ - Valid Sep 29 - Oct 31' deal is like a sweet cherry on top!

8. American Legend Rider

American Legend Rider homepage

American Legend Rider is a dropshipping store dedicated to motorcycle enthusiasts.

With items like apparel, including T-shirts and high-top shoes, as well as vital safety gear like motorcycle body armor sets, they sell both functional and fashionable products for riders.

From their shipping time and products, it becomes evident that they're dropshipping:

American Legend Rider shipping time

Their Google Ad targets their own brand keyword:

American Legend Rider Google Ad example

Here are some things you can learn from it:

  • Value proposition. They emphasize premium quality with phrases like 'Buy Premium Quality Items For Insane Price.' This instantly tells the customer that they have high-quality items, possibly at a competitive price.
  • Engagement with community. The call to 'Use Your Coupon And Join Our Community Today!' promotes a nice deal and a community behind the brand.
  • Urgency and deals. By stating 'Don't Miss This Huge Sale,' they're creating a sense of urgency, compelling users to click on the ad and explore the sale before it ends.
  • Highlighting products. The ad quickly lists categories like apparel, accessories, and a special section, 'For Her.' It gives users a snapshot of what they can expect on the website.
  • Additional incentives. American Legend Rider promotes free shipping and hassle-free returns, minimizing the potential risks or barriers for a customer to purchase.
  • Social proof. The final section, 'Enjoy being part of our satisfied customers community,' reinforces trust in the brand by implying a large and happy customer base.

9. Normest

Normest homepage

Normest is a dropshipping store selling premium wallets.

They focus on wallets made from premium materials, such as leather, carbon fiber, or aluminum.

When searching for 'air tag wallet apple,' you can see their Google Ads appearing, both in the regular search results and in the Sponsored shopping ads on the side:

Air tag wallet Apple Google Ad example -  Normest

Here's what the ad highlights:

  • Product. Normest isn’t just selling a regular wallet. Their ad tells us that this wallet is specially designed to snugly fit an Apple AirTag.
  • Ranking and recognition. The ad confidently labels it as the '#1 Rated AirTag Wallet' for 2022.
  • Design features. It also highlights the wallet's ability to hold between 1 to 12 cards and 20 bills. Plus, it has RFID protection.
  • Material quality. The ad mentions 'Premium Leather Wallet,' signaling that it's a wallet that's built to last.
  • Visual appeal. The product image in the ad gives you a clear look into how the AirTag fits into the wallet.

If you're interested in seeing the product, the Google Ad directs visitors to this product page:

Normest Google Ad landing page

And we also found the product on AliExpress here:

Normest wallet on AliExpress

Another interesting Google Ad strategy from Normest is that they're targeting the 'Normest vs competitor' keywords.

For instance, if someone wants to learn more about how Normest's products compare to those from Ridge, they would Google 'normest vs ridge,' and Normest's store will show up first:

Normest vs Ridge Google Ad example

10. Bobo's House

Bobo's house homepage

Bobo's House isn't your typical online store.

They specialize in a sub-niche of the 'kawaii' market, namely Asian-inspired Kawaii items.

If you're unfamiliar with the term, 'kawaii' is the Japanese word for 'cute,' and it's a significant trend in pop culture.

Bobo's House offers various of these 'kawaii' products, from hoodies and sweaters to accessories like keychains and AirPod cases.

Here is an example of their Google Ad:

Bobo's house Google Ad example

Let's break it down:

  • Limited-time offers. One thing that jumps out is the sense of urgency. Bobo's House is giving customers a limited time to enjoy free shipping and up to 20% off their entire order. These deals can make a shopper think, 'I better grab this offer before it's gone!'
  • Order benefits. You'll get free shipping if your order is over $30.
  • Fall sale highlight. They have a special 20% off Fall sale going on. So, if you were thinking about a cozy hoodie for the colder months, now might be the perfect time.
  • Assistance. The ad points towards a detailed FAQ section for all curious visitors. And if their question remains unanswered, Bobo's House encourages you to submit a form.

11. DynamicSabers

DynamicSabers homepage

DynamicSabers is a dropshipping store operating in the lightsaber niche.

There are lots of Star Wars enthusiasts, and this store is targeting that passion by offering 'real-life' lightsabers.

As such, their Google Ad campaign targets keywords like 'real light sabers':

DynamicSabers Google Ad example

Fun fact: Unlike many toy versions, these lightsabers are actually built for dueling. They can withstand actual combat. A dream come true for fans who've always wanted to engage in epic lightsaber battles!

Here's a breakdown of the ad:

  • Experience over product. The ad immediately promises an experience, lightsaber dueling. This smart move targets the desires and emotions of Star Wars fans.
  • Free international shipping. DynamicSabers offers free international shipping, something that's always appreciated by customers.
  • Warranty. Offering a one-year warranty emphasizes the quality of their product.
  • Range of collections. The mention of various collections like 'Apprentice,' 'Knight,' and 'Master' cleverly tells about the progression of a Jedi or Sith's training, resonating with fans.

Here's another example of a Google Ad by DynamicSabers:

Led light saber Google Ad example

12. Focal Decor

Focal Decor homepage

Finally, we have Focal Decor, a dropshipping store selling unique lighting pieces.

The store offers a variety of products, from pendant lights and wall lighting to chandeliers:

Focal Decor product page

Here is their Google Ad for 'unigue lighting':

Focal Decor Google Ad example
  • Spelling error in the keyword. Did you notice the keyword says 'unigue' instead of 'unique'? We suspect Focal Decor is intentionally targeting it, hoping to appear first on what's normally a high-competition (and high-cost) keyword on a lower bid.
  • Unbeatable price proposition. The ad headline catches attention with its promise of 'unique lighting pieces at unbeatable prices.'
  • Extensive collection highlight. By segmenting their collections into 'Pendant Lights,' 'Wall Lighting,' and 'Chandeliers,' the ad gives a feel of what products the store offers.
  • Trust factor. A significant point they highlight is the '30-day, No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee.' This provides peace of mind to potential customers, making them more likely to make a purchase.

What are the different types of Google Ads?

You may be aware that there are various types of Google Ads.

From these examples alone, you've seen Google Ads that display above the organic search results and ads that display in a 'Shopping' grid, either as a row on top or in the sidebar on the right.

However, there are even more Google Ad types to choose from:

All Google Ad campaign types

So, if you want to start with Google Ads, it's handy to know which option is best.

Here is a simple overview:

  1. Search Ads:
    • Definition: These are the most common types of ads that appear on Google search results pages. They're typically text-based and triggered by specific keywords.
    • Use: For reaching customers who are actively searching for specific products.
  2. Performance Max Ads:
    • Definition: A campaign type that includes all Google Ad types. It focuses on optimizing performance across all different channels using Smart Bidding.
    • Use: For an easy-to-setup, AI-optimized Google Ad campaign.
  3. Display Ads:
    • Definition: Display ads appear on Google's partner websites that are part of the Google Display Network (GDN), like YouTube or Gmail.
    • Use: For generating brand awareness or retargeting strategies.
  4. Shopping Ads:
    • Definition: These are product-based ads that show a photo of the product, its price, and the store name. They appear in Google Shopping results and sometimes alongside search and display ads.
    • Use: For highlighting individual products directly to consumers.
  5. Video Ads:
    • Definition: These ads play before, during, or after videos on YouTube and other Google Display Network sites.
    • Use: For improving brand awareness.
  6. Demand Gen Ads:
    • Definition: A relatively new Google ad type, launched in June 2023. It uses visual assets across platforms like YouTube, YouTube Shorts, Discover, and Gmail.
    • Use: For an AI-powered, visual Google Ad campaign shown in YouTube Shorts, YouTube in-feed, or Google Discover.

How do you write a good Google Ad?

Do you want to make your Google Ad shine and get those clicks to your dropshipping store?

That's awesome!

However, in reality, that can be easier said than done.

Here are some of our top tips for creating a great Google Ad for your dropshipping store:

  1. Know your audience. Think about who's going to see your ad. What do they like? What are they looking for? What tone of voice do they like?
  2. Make a catchy headline. This is the big, bold text your customers see first. Make it count! And sometimes, simple words do wonders. It's better to write a clear message and clearly convey your value proposition. No need for fancy terms.
  3. Include a strong call to action (CTA). Tell your viewers what to do next. Like 'Buy Now' or 'Learn More.' You may also try making it exciting and urgent, like 'Grab Yours Today!'
  4. Highlight your unique value proposition. For example, if you're selling the pizza with the cheesiest cheese, say it. 'Cheesiest Pizza in Town!' Or, since many dropship products aren't found in local stores, you can use phrases like 'Exclusive Collection' or 'Not Found in Stores.'
  5. Keep your promises. It's important to match your ad with your landing page. If your ad says 'Cheesiest Pizza,' your page should show that cheesy pizza!
  6. Optimize for mobile. Lots of people use their phones to Google things. So, ensure your ad looks good on mobile!
  7. Consider Google's recommendations. After running your Google Ad campaign for a while, Google will give you various recommendations for improving it. You should consider them!

Tip: You can also check out some of the best free Google Ads courses here!


Before we go to the conclusion, we've created a quick summary of this article for you, so you can easily remember it:

  • Think about the keywords you want to target. Do you want to target brand keywords like 'Peaky Hat' or product keywords like 'Peaky Blinders hats'? (Or both?)
  • Try out various Google Ad types. The most popular Google Ad for dropshipping stores is the search ad, but why not try a shopping ad too?
  • Show your sales. If you've got any products on sale, tell about it in your ad!
  • Consider your competitors. It may be worth it to bid on their brand keywords!
  • Keep your ad up-to-date. If there are any special events coming up (like Halloween in Q4), add something about them in your ad.
  • Don't forget about sales tactics. It can definitely be worth it to add elements of urgency, trust, social proof, or scarcity to your ad!


By now, you should have a clearer picture of Google Ads and how they can help your dropshipping store.

Here's a simple takeaway: Google Ads is a blend of facts and creativity.

Yes, numbers and targets are essential, but understanding what people feel and want is just as crucial. So, it's all about balance.

To wrap it up, try to learn as much as you can about Google Ads, understand your audience, and always be ready to try something new.

Best of luck!

Want to learn more about Google Ads?

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