Are you wondering what a review page is or how to create one for your own Shopify store?

Then this article will be awesome for you!

I will show you exactly what a review page is, how you can create one for yourself, and I got 8 awesome Shopify review page examples for you so you can create an awesome page for yourself!

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What is a Shopify review page?

Before we begin with the Shopify review page examples, it's important to know what a review page is. If you already know it, then feel free to scroll down!

A review page is basically a page that contains all or most of the reviews that you got.

Shopify Review page example: Notebook Therapy
Source: Notebook Therapy

These pages are usually called “Reviews”, “Happy Customers”, “Our Reviews”, “Feedback”, and there are many more variations to it.

But the basics stay the same; you display the reviews that you got from your customers on one page. (And yes, having reviews has lots of benefits)

The main difference between reviews on your product pages and reviews on a review page is that a review page contains reviews from all your products combined, while a product page usually only contains reviews for that product.

That's a lot of times “reviews”, right? Try to say the sentence above out loud haha!

The great thing is that these review pages can also rank on Google when people are searching for your store name + reviews. For example, do you see their page ranking number one here:

Awesome, right?

The List of 8 Shopify Review Page Examples

Below you will find a whole list of Shopify review page examples! Don't forget to look at what else that Shopify store is doing so you get a lot of inspiration for your own Shopify store.

I will cover below how to create a review page on Shopify and how to get reviews even when you don't have any sales yet.

So, are you ready for some Shopify review page examples?

Let's begin!

1. Death Wish Coffee

Shopify Review page example: Death Wish Coffee
Screenshot of their review page

The first Shopify review page that you can take a look at is the one from Death Wish Coffee.

2. Melbourne Watch Company

Shopify Review page example: Melbourne Watch Company
Screenshot of their review page

Next up is a watch store called Melbourne Watch Company. This company does it a bit differently.

Instead of just having customer reviews there, which they integrated with Trustpilot, they also have a section with all the websites that they are featured on:

Here they show that they have been featured in the press as well

3. SkinnyMe Tea

Shopify Review page example: SkinnyMe Tea
Screenshot of their review page

Let's continue this list with the review page of SkinnyMe Tea. Which they called their results page.

Here they show all the reviews of people who took their tea. Most of these reviews contain before and after pictures.

They also included some testimonials of Instagram influencers at the end:

An example from a testimonial from an Instagram influencer

4. Snow

Shopify Review page example: Snow
Screenshot of their review page

The next Shopify store with a review page is from Snow. You have probably heard of them before, but if not, they make teeth whitening kits.

They use their review page to show that their product works. Just go to their site and take a look. There are a lot of faces there, so that's why I didn't take a screenshot of it.

Another thing that they added to this review page, is that they show a few mentions of where they were mentioned in the press:

They also show where they have been covered in the press

5. Notebook Therapy

Shopify Review page example: Notebook Therapy
Screenshot of their review page

The next review page example that I got from you is from a dropshipping store called Notebook Therapy.

They got a lot of reviews with images from their customers. Looks awesome, right?

6. Cupshe

Shopify Review page example: Cupshe

Let's continue this list with the review page from Cupshe.

They included a lot of pictures from their customers at the top (under ‘From our Community'), and under that, they included a lot of text reviews.

Looks nice, right?

7. BLK & Bold

Reviews page from BLK & Bold

Next up is a Shopify store called BLK & Bold. They collected a lot of reviews with customer images on a Reviews page.

8. Aloriam Pillows

Shopify Review page example: Aloriam Pillows
Screenshot of their review page

The next Shopify store is called Aloriam Pillows. They do things a bit differently with their feedback page than the other Shopify stores on this list. That's why I included them on this list.

Do you know what they are doing differently?

Well, they included screenshots of emails that they got from happy customers.

How to create a Shopify review page?

So, now that you saw a lot of review page examples, and hopefully, you learned a bit from the Shopify stores that created these pages.

It's time now to create a Shopify review page for your own store. How awesome is that?

Just follow me step-by-step below!

Also, after this, I will go over how to get reviews on your Shopify store in case you don't have any reviews yet to display on your review page

Step 1. Adding a Shopify review app that

The first step will be the easiest but also the hardest step. You will need to decide which review app you want to use for your Shopify store. Keep in mind that all of the options below have free versions or trials available.

This way, you can make the best decision for your store.

If you already got a review app that you can create a review page with, then feel free to scroll down to the second step.

If not, then I got three awesome options for you below. I suggest going to their websites to see all their features, because If I want to cover them all here, then that will be a long read for sure.

1. Loox

Shopify review page apps: Loox

The first one that you can go with is called Loox. You saw this one above with the Shopify store Notebook Therapy.


Shopify review page apps:

The second option is called

3. Yotpo

Shopify review page apps: Yotpo

And the last awesome option is called Yotpo. You saw this one above with the Shopify store Cupshe.

Step 2. Creating your review page

After you have decided which Shopify review app you go with, it's time to create your review page.

I will use Loox for this example.

As you can see in the image below, they already have a template for you so you don't need to create the review page separately in a page builder or something.

Here is an example for you on how that page will look like before you press ‘Save':

Step 3. Adding your review page to your Shopify store

Now it's time to add your review page to your Shopify store.

You can do this by going to Online Store -> Navigation, then simply select the menu that you want the review page to appear. For example, the footer menu or the main menu at the top.

I will go for the main menu in this example.

Now, simply press on ‘Add menu item' at the bottom and then, if everything worked correctly, you will see this popup:

You can give the page a name here. This name will be used to display it in your store.

Now you can search for the page that you just created in the previous step and add it to the menu by clicking on ‘Add'.

Note: Don't forget to click on the page name before you click on ‘Add'

Then press ‘Save Menu' and go to your store to check if the review page has been added to the menu that you wanted.

Congratulations! You now got a review page on your Shopify store, but how to get reviews for your page? Let's find that out next!

How to get product reviews on a Shopify store?

How to Get Product Reviews Even With No Sales on Shopify in 2023?

Last but not least, how to get product reviews on your Shopify store?

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How to Get Product Reviews on Shopify? (Even With No Sales)

How do you create a Shopify store without holding any inventory?

Are you wondering what dropshipping is? Or why ecommerce stores use it to have no inventory at all? If so, then I suggest reading the article I linked to below:

Dropshipping for Beginners: What Is It & How to Start Today?

That article will explain everything to you about what dropshipping is and why people start dropshipping stores.

How does dropshipping work - Infographic

If you already know about dropshipping, then take a look at these awesome articles that will help you create a much better dropshipping store:

And also, if you didn’t create a Shopify account yet (to get your online store online), then you can click here to get a free 3-day trial + pay $1/month for the first 3 months!


So, there you have it; everything you need to know to create an awesome review page for your Shopify store. I hope you also learned something from the stores that I included as an example in this article.

Plus, I hope the extra article at the end was helpful as well in case you were not sure yet how to collect product reviews on your Shopify store.

If you got any more Shopify product review page examples or if you have any questions, then let me know by commenting below or contacting me directly by pressing the “Contact Us” button at the top!

Also, let me know if you already had a review page on your Shopify store or not.

Good luck with getting reviews for your review page. I believe in you!

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