These days, having a successful ecommerce business requires more than just a website and a shopping cart.

If you want to reach the broadest possible audience and get them to buy from you over your competitors, you’ll need to do more than just having a website.

There’s a lot of inspiration to be found on Instagram. From fashion bloggers to athletes and celebrities, people from all walks of life use the social media platform to show off their personal lives.

But what about ecommerce Instagram accounts?

There are some fantastic examples of ecommerce stores using Instagram.

They’re using the platform to share their wares, engage with customers, and show off their brand.

However, when it comes to finding inspiration for your ecommerce store's Instagram account, it can be hard to find where to look.

That's why we have compiled a list of 13 examples of ecommerce stores with excellent Instagram accounts. Hopefully, you will get your inspiration from these account examples!

Why do you need an Instagram account for your ecommerce store?

There are so many reasons why using Instagram for your ecommerce store is an amazing decision.

First of all, you can use Instagram to direct both paid and free traffic to your store.

You can get free traffic on your ecommerce store from your account's organic growth and use Instagram ads or Instagram influencers as a way to increase your sales even more.

Using influencers will not only bring you extra revenue but more trust for your business as well:

Instagram influencers create trust for ecommerce store

That's because Instagram influencers can give shoutouts to your ecommerce store, like this one:

Instagram shoutout example ecommerce

Tip: If you need to find an influencer for your Instagram shoutout, check out Shopify Collab. It is an official Shopify tool that allows you to connect with creators, send them samples, and pay them automatically!

If you are interested in more of these, then check out this article to find nine other excellent Instagram shoutout examples!

Another great reason for using Instagram is Instagram Shops.

Instagram shops

With Instagram Shops, Instagram users can browse and purchase products without going off the platform and stay on the app they love; Instagram.

Yes, you read that right, Instagram lets people check out directly in the app:

Instagram shop checkout

Plus, you can even use the feature to create an ecommerce store without a website.

Besides using Instagram influencers, you can also advertise your products on Instagram through Facebook Ads. Creating an Instagram account for your ecommerce unlocks your ability to do that!

Furthermore, you can use Instagram to engage with your fans, strengthen your brand's word-of-mouth marketing, and increase your brand awareness by doing giveaways!

Alright, I hope you’re convinced by now, and if not, you will find nine reasons why you need Instagram for your ecommerce store here.

Let’s continue with the list of examples, and don’t worry, after the Instagram account examples, I will show you exactly how to grow an account for your own ecommerce store.

The list of 13 Instagram account examples from ecommerce stores

To make sure you will know where to look at, learn something, and get inspired by these Instagram account examples, I will do the following for each example:

  • Share the link to the Instagram account. So you can check out the account and all of their post (or their Instagram Shop) for yourself. You can either click on the text below the screenshot or click on the screenshot itself to go to the account.
  • Post a screenshot of the Instagram account. So you can get a quick overview of how the account looks like and easily see their stats, like the number of followers.
  • Tell you what is so great about that Instagram account by giving you a list of key takeaways. That way, you will know what that particular ecommerce store did very well. You will be able to use that as inspiration to improve your own Instagram account!

Just don’t forget; inspiration doesn’t mean copying everything from the other ecommerce store and making it your own! Try to create a unique ecommerce store and Instagram account.

Alright, let’s get started for real now; I hope these examples will inspire you to create an Instagram account for your own ecommerce brand!

1. Cupshe

Cupshe Ecommerce Store Instagram Account Examples

We are starting off with Cupshe's Instagram account. Cupshe is a beachwear brand that is created for the most vibrant and fearless women in the world. Using platforms like Instagram, they have built an incredible community of women who move forward in style and comfort.

As you can see, their Instagram account has close to one million followers!

Cupshe quote post

Cupshe's goal is to create something that’ll make every woman feel beautiful, inside and out.


  • Use quotes. Quotes are always a nice addition to an ecommerce store's Instagram account. They can be picked to represent the company's message and can define your Instagram account's vibe.
  • Branded hashtag. By creating and promoting the hashtag "#cupshe", the company allows its fans to become a community and post user-generated content together.

2. Dr. Squatch

Dr. Squatch Ecommerce Store Instagram Account Examples

We will continue with Dr. Squatch.

It's a funny name for an ecommerce brand, isn't it?

Dr. Squatch is looking to raise the bar of the men's grooming industry by providing natural products that allow you to feel like a man and smell like a champion.

This company is pretty confident that they produce the best soap in the world. If you don't agree, they will refund you, no questions asked.

Dr. Squatch Instagram story

It seems like some people agree that it's the best soap in the world, though. Dr. Squatch's Instagram feed is filled with happy customers.


  • Creative. In my opinion, Dr. Squatch's Instagram account shows a high level of creativity. For instance, I love their motto, "Get Dirty, Stay Clean", and meme posts. They suit the target audience and product very well.
  • Keeping stories alive. Besides being active in their feed, Dr. Squatch posts a lot of Instagram stories as well. As you can see above, they primarily showcase their happy customers!

Tip: If you also need some user-generated content (UGC) videos for your Instagram account, we definitely recommend checking out a service like Billo!

3. Secretlab

Secretlab Ecommerce Store Instagram Account Examples

This company, Secretlab, was founded by two professional gamers who designed an award-winning gaming seat after being dissatisfied with the options on the market.

As you can see, they have built quite a large community on their Instagram account with relatively few posts!

Secretlab user-generated content post Instagram

Their chair looks great, doesn't it?


  • Bio. Secretlab's bio is simple, powerful, and effective.
  • Creating scarcity. Secretlab is creating scarcity by releasing special editions of their gaming chairs with "drops". In other words, they announced several rounds in which only a limited number of people can purchase the product. Usually, these drops sell out in just a couple of minutes! Doing this also encourages people to follow them to stay up to date on the latest updates.
  • User-generated content. Do you see Secretlab's latest post above? It's actually the gaming setup of one of their followers who has sent the picture to them!

4. Gymshark

Gymshark Ecommerce Store Instagram Account Examples

Who doesn't know Gymshark?

It is one of the most famous examples of a brand that started dropshipping but has since grown into a full-grown ecommerce brand.

Gymshark is selling fitness apparel and accessories. The company started in 2012 and has now grown into one of the most recognizable fitness brands! As you can see, they are supported by millions of highly engaged Instagram followers.

Gymshark IGTV


  • Think about your audience. What kind of people will buy Gymshark goods? That's right, those who love fitness. Now, go and scroll through Gymshark's Instagram feed. What do you see? Fitness content!
  • Celebrities and influencers. Gymshark creates posts with celebrities and influencers on their Instagram account. For example, in an IGTV post, they asked 20 questions to Ryan Garcia, an American boxer.

5. Mous

Mous Ecommerce Store Instagram Account Examples

Mous is an example of an ecommerce store that just does everything really well.

Have you ever been targeted by their Youtube ads, for example?

Well, I did get targeted a couple of months ago, and I still remember how great that ad was. But that's something for a different topic, haha!

Mous is on a mission to create slim and highly protective cases, and they are willing to go a long way to achieve it. For example, they have dropped phones out of helicopters and have sneaked into Apple stores to test their new iPhone cases in front of crowds.

Mous Instagram engagement with fans

As you can see, their Instagram account looks as great as their cases. They have great images, an excellent bio, and a unique logo.


  • Humor. Their bio might be one of the best ones I have seen. Especially the sentence "Is there a Mous in your house?".
  • Celebrating special global days. For International Women's Day 2021, Mous published several Instagram stories in which women working at the company presented their stories and vision.
  • Engaged with the audience. Take a look at any of Mous' posts yourself. You will see that they reply to every question. That's what you call putting the customer first!


MVMT Ecommerce Store Instagram Account Examples

MVMT was created to disrupt the overpriced and outdated models of the fashion industry.

A combination of their quality, minimalist design, radically fair prices, and social media presence led them to become one of the big names in the fashion industry.

MVMT Instagram shop example

As you can see, MVMT has private labeled its products to create a genuine brand.


  • Great photography. MVMT definitely doesn't save on hiring cheap photographers. Take a look at their feed of images; they all look great!
  • Using Instagram shops. As you can see above, MVMT uses Instagram shops which allows their customers to shop for and purchase products all within the Instagram app.

7. Ivory Ella

Ivory Ella Ecommerce Store Instagram Account Examples

Ivory Ella is on a mission to protect the elephants.

By donating a percentage of their profits, Ivory Ella has already donated $1.9 million to Save The Elephants and other charitable causes.

Just like Ivory Ella cares for the elephants, they care for their Instagram account. It looks amazing!


  • Supporting a good cause. Just like I mentioned, 10% of Ivory Ella's net profit goes to charitable causes.
  • Travel shots. Ivory Ellas has some colorful travel shots on their Instagram feed. Of course, you won't miss the "elephant element" in most of their posts.

8. Lensball

Lensball Ecommerce Store Instagram Account Examples

The following company is Lensball. And, their main product is... The Lensball!

It is used both by professional and hobbyist photographers to take their shots to the next level.

Lensball Instagram feed


  • Amazing photography. Lensball has got some amazing images on their Instagram feed. It's something that you might expect for a company selling photography accessories, but still. What's best about it is that pretty much every one of their images includes their product, the Lensball!
  • Bio. In my opinion, their first sentence, "A great photo just takes some balls", is superb.

9. Black Rifle Coffee

Black Rifle Coffe Ecommerce Store Instagram Account Examples

Black Rifle Coffee is a veteran-owned coffee company serving premium coffee to people who love America.

By developing their product with the same focus that was necessary during the founder's military times, the company has accumulated a real brand with over 1.5 million followers on their Instagram account.

Black Rifle Coffee IGTV


  • Remembering where you come from. Black Rifle Coffee is owned and operated by veterans. But the great thing is that you would know this without them having to tell you. Everything about the company, their name, theme, and colors, is related to the military.
  • Making use of Instagram's features. This Instagram uses almost every feature Instagram offers. They have an Instagram Shop, post Reels, create videos on IGTV, and use shoppable posts.

10. Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club Ecommerce Store Instagram Account Examples

We will end off the first 10 Instagram account examples with Dollar Shave Club, an ecommerce brand that disrupted the shaving industry.

By delivering "F*cking Great Blades" and using a subscription-based pricing strategy, the company gained many new customers who loved their prices, ease of use, and flexibility.

Dollar Shave Club is definitely a unique ecommerce store, as their style is easily distinguishable from other ecommerce stores and brands.

Dollar Shave Club drawing IG post


  • Funny and creative posts. Take a look at Dollar Shave Club's Instagram feed. The great thing is that you would consider giving them a follow, even if you aren't interested in their product at all!
  • Amazing graphics. Dollar Shave Club has probably hired a graphic designer because they post awesome images that correlate to their product and niche.

11. Huel

Huel Ecommerce Store Instagram Account Examples

Huel (Human + Fuel) is an ecommerce store that produces nutritionally complete food that is quick to prepare and does not generate a lot of waste.

As you can see, they have created their brand and Instagram account with a black & white theme. The company keeps its followers engaged by uploading stories and creating meme-like posts on its Instagram feed.


  • Engaging the audience. Huel is engaging their fans by inviting them to join challenges like "Fuel with #Huel". They also keep the audience engaged by posting updates of the challenge on their Instagram story.
  • A mix of lifestyle images and memes. Huel posts a combination of "funny" meme images and visual lifestyle images that promote their product. They often don't show the product directly but make it look "natural" in its environment. This helps the audience avoid getting the feeling that they are getting sold into something.

12. Pura Vida Bracelets

Pura Vida Bracelets Ecommerce Store Instagram Account Examples

Pura Vida Bracelets is a creating a movement that is celebrating the simple things in life, or “Pura Vida”, as Costa Ricans would call it.

As you can see, they have an amazing Instagram account example. Hopefully, it gives you a lot of inspiration for your own ecommerce store's Instagram account!

Pura Vida Instagram feed ecommerce store


  • Insanely active. Pura Vida Bracelets already created more than 8,000 posts on their Instagram account. That's the most of all Instagram account examples on this list!
  • Awesome story highlight designs. In my opinion, those icons and colors look great together. What do you think?
  • Using a lot of colors. Unlike the previous Instagram account example Huel, which rocks a black-white theme, Pura Vida Bracelets goes all out on the brightest colors. While scrolling through their feed, you almost feel as if you're on a sunny tropical island.

13. Manscaped

Manscaped Ecommerce Store Instagram Account Examples

We will end this list of ecommerce store Instagram account examples with Manscaped.

Manscaped is a company selling trimming products with great names. Here's a selection of how they have named their products:

  • "The Lawn Mower"
  • "Weed Whacker"
  • "The Shed"

Sounds incredible, right?

Besides having great product names, Manscaped has an amazing Instagram account as well. Take a look at it yourself here.


  • Promoting their newest product. Manscaped uses the link in their bio to redirect users to their latest product. If you've been paying attention, you've probably noticed that many of the top ecommerce store Instagram accounts do this! (Check out these Linkpop examples here)
  • Full use of Instagram highlights. Using highlights, Manscaped shares all kinds of content with their audience, like grooming tips, frequently asked questions, and Spotify playlists.

How do you grow your ecommerce Instagram account?

How To Grow Your Dropshipping Instagram Account From Scratch?

So, did these awesome Instagram account examples motivate and inspire you to create your own Instagram account?

If so, that's great!

But how do you start an Instagram account, and how do you get the most out of it?

Well, there are so many options to grow your ecommerce store Instagram account. Think about using hashtags, doing giveaways, engaging with people inside your niche, and using shoutouts on other pages.

The thing you do need to keep in mind is to stay consistent with posting on your Instagram account. You need to be consistent; once you start posting, keep posting!

Don’t skip days because you don’t feel like it or think something like “I will never make it”. You need to push through this; don’t give up!

If you’re interested in learning more, then I suggest reading our complete guide for growing an Instagram account:

Instagram Accounts: Create & Grow Your Profile!

In that guide, you will find how to create your account, but it will also show you many ways to grow your Instagram account from scratch.


That's it!

You just witnessed 13 amazing Instagram accounts from ecommerce stores.

As you could see, all accounts excelled in their unique elements.

In general, we saw that the following takeaways were common:

  • Your bio. Take your time to craft your ideal Instagram account bio.
  • Your brand's story. Tailor the "feel" of your Instagram account to your brand's story and products.
  • Instagram features. Use as many Instagram features as possible (including Instagram shops) to utilize the platform to its fullest potential.
  • Be engaging. Make sure your followers don't feel neglected; engage them with discussions, challenges, stories, and more!

By following these messages, you will end up with an Instagram account that others will be inspired by. So, try to keep them in mind and improve your Instagram account accordingly.

If you loved these account examples and are seeking more, I recommend taking a look at these 11 dropshipping Instagram account examples as well. These are Instagram accounts of dropshipping stores, but trust me, they are amazing!

If you have questions regarding your Instagram account or anything else, then let me know by commenting below. Also, let me know in the comments below what your biggest takeaway was from this article!

I wish you the best of luck with creating and improving your Instagram account!

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