If you're interested in starting an online business in India, you've probably come across dropshipping or print on demand (POD).

Maybe you've even started your store already!

Either way, if you want to improve your store, looking at the top-performing stores can give you some excellent inspiration.

In this article, we'll show you the top dropshipping and print on demand stores in India and tell you what you can learn from them!

8 Top dropshipping & print on demand store examples in India

Here are the eight examples of dropshipping and print on demand stores in India:

Important reminder: These examples are intended to inspire creativity and innovation in building your own brand.

While it can be helpful to learn from successful businesses, it is essential to avoid simply copying their strategies and ideas. Instead, strive to create a unique brand that sets your business apart and resonates with your target audience.

1. Slursh

Slursh homepage
FoundedDecember 2021 (source: Wayback Machine)
Store typeDropshipping store
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themeCustom
Dropshipping appvFulfill
Monthly traffic9.4k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of Slursh

Our first dropshipping store example is Slursh.

If you want to find inspiration for the design of your dropshipping store, Slursh is definitely one to look at!

The main products of Slursh are blenders. However, they also sell other related products, such as water bottles, vegetable choppers, or protein shaker bottles:

Slursh all products

As you can see, they even have a branded version of this blender called "Bolt."

Because of this, Slursh reminds us of, perhaps, one of the most popular dropshipping store examples, Blendjet:

Blendjet product page example

If Blendjet sounds familiar, then you may be a frequent reader of our articles.

We've mentioned them a few times on Do Dropshipping, like in this article about private label dropshipping suppliers.

Speaking of suppliers, where does Slursh buy its products?

One of the installed Shopify apps on Slursh is vFulfill, a dropshipping supplier for stores in India:

vFulfill Shopify app

Considering vFulfill is the only dropshipping app installed on Slursh, it's safe to say that they use it to source their products (even their branded blender).

Without getting too carried away, here are some other things you can learn from this store example:

  • Website design. One of the things that immediately stands out when you look at Slursh is their amazing website design. It's modern and clean, the colors fit well together, and it just looks very friendly and trustworthy!
Slursh homepage section
  • Great social proof. Like Blendjet, Slursh has 'Happy Customers,' 'Recipes,' and 'Our Blogs' pages. The reviews on the 'Happy Customers' page provide lots of social proof, while the 'Recipes' and 'Our Blogs' pages allow Slursh to position themselves as an authority in the blender market!
Slursh happy customers
  • Misleading product images. On a less positive note, some product images on Slursh might be a bit misleading. For instance, for the 'Swirl Portable Blender,' they show a branded Slursh blender as the first product image, but if you check the other images, it shows the general 'Fresh Juice' AliExpress blender:
Slursh product example
  • Inventory management issues. Also, there are some products, like the same 'Swirl Portable Blender,' that show as 'Out of Stock' on their homepage, while they appear in stock on the product page:
Slursh out of stock products

2. Fully Filmy

Fully Filmy homepage
FoundedMay 2015 (source: Wayback Machine)
Store typePrint on demand store
NicheFan merchandise
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themeCustom
Dropshipping appPrintrove
Monthly traffic181.3k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of Fully Filmy

The founders of Fully Filmy had a great idea: to build an Indian print on demand store for people obsessed with movies.

And since the Indian film industry is the largest in the world in terms of number of films produced, we can only guess that this idea turned out quite well!

Currently, Fully Filmy sells over 2,000 products and has over 10,000 variants.

They're spread in various categories, including Hollywood, Bollywood, Kollywood, Music, Football, and more!

Fully Filmy Bollywood collection

To offer (and fulfill) all those items, Fully Filmy uses Printrove, India's top print on demand platform:

Printrove Shopify app store

With Printrove, you can sell self-designed products like T-shirts, hoodies, phone cases, pop grips, and mouse pads! (To learn more, check out our Printrove review here!)

Here are some other things you can learn from Fully Filmy:

  • User-friendly shopping experience. Even though Fully Filmy sells so many different products, they did a great job of sorting it all using categories and mega menus. As a shopper, it's quite easy to find the products that interest you:
Fully Filmy Collections
  • Great social presence. Over the years, Fully Filmy did an excellent job of building up its reach on social media platforms. They have almost 200k followers on Instagram, over 500k subscribers on YouTube, and almost 20k followers on Twitter!
Fully Filmy YouTube channel
  • Don't forget to consider copyright law and licensing. If you're thinking of starting a print on demand store that sells products related to someone else's brand, research what kind of designs you can and can't sell (to prevent getting sued).

3. The Mortal Soul

The Mortal Soul homepage
FoundedFebruary 2019 (source: Wayback Machine)
Store typePrint on demand store
NicheArt and posters
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themeAvone
Dropshipping appPrintrove
Monthly traffic33.7k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of The Mortal Soul

The Mortal Soul is another Indian print on demand store using Printrove as their supplier.

However, instead of focusing on movies, they operate in the home decor wall art and posters niche.

Within this category, you will find various subcategories, from modern art to supercar posters:

The Mortal Soul Photo Gallery

We particularly liked their personalized posters.

For instance, this custom street map:

The Mortal Soul Custom Street Map Wall Art

Here are some things you can learn from this store:

  • Offer a mix of ready-to-go and custom products. The Mortal Soul offers a nice balance of ready-to-go and custom art. For those who like a design they see, they can purchase it. However, if someone would like to personalize their order, that's possible too:
The Mortal Soul Movies and Series
  • Set clear expectations. We love this particular section on the product pages of The Mortal Soul, which clearly outlines what the customer can expect regarding the delivery time:
The Mortal Soul delivery time outline

4. Wooden Twist

Wooden Twist homepage
FoundedFebruary 2020 (source: Wayback Machine)
Store typeDropshipping store
NicheHome furniture
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themeEmpire (& Shogun page builder)
Dropshipping appCJdropshipping
Monthly traffic261.3k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of Wooden Twist

Wooden Twist is an Indian dropshipping store offering anything you need for your home.

They have everything from furniture to posters, curtains, and lamps!

Let's take a look at the product that's featured on their homepage:

Wooden Twist product example

You can find similar stools on AliExpress or CJdropshipping (which is installed on this store):

Wooden Twist product on AliExpress

However, a unique thing we found is that other sellers are also allowed to sell on Wooden Twist:

Wooden Twist partners

For instance, the product below is sold by a partner:

Wooden Twist product from other seller

This sculpture is sold by 'Decor de Maison,' and we couldn't easily find it on supplier sites like AliExpress or CJdropshipping.

So, you can also view Wooden Twist as a mini-Amazon from India!

Here are some other things you can learn:

  • Offer a WhatsApp contact feature. It's awesome for customers to send a quick WhatsApp message about their questions. So, if you can, offer it on your dropshipping store!
  • iOS and Android app. Wooden Twist even has its own iOS and Android apps!
Wooden Twist apps

5. Muselot

Muselot homepage
FoundedMarch 2021 (source: Wayback Machine)
Store typePrint on demand store
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themeDawn
Dropshipping appPrintrove
Monthly traffic37.2k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of Muselot

Muselot is an Indian print on demand store using Printrove as their supplier.

The products sold vary widely. Some cater to foodies, others to moms, and others to music lovers.

Muselot categories

Here are some things you can learn from this store:

  • Invest time into your POD designs. The print on demand designs from Muselot look amazing, don't you think?
Muselot POD design examples
  • Add a size chart if you're selling apparel. Clothing has one of the highest return rates out of any product category. However, you can reduce your return rates by adding size charts to your online store:
Muselot size chart
  • Don't forget to brand your 'Track your order' page. Muselot did a great job of adding a 'Track your order' page for its customers, but it would have been even better if it had used their brand colors:
Muselot track your order page

6. Blinglane

Blinglane homepage
FoundedNovember 2012 (source: Wayback Machine)
Store typeDropshipping store
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themePrestige
Dropshipping appDSers
Monthly traffic106.9k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of Blinglane

Blinglane is a dropshipping store in the jewelry niche based out of New Delhi, India.

They offer your everyday rings and bracelets, and they even stand out by offering personalized jewelry:

Blinglnae personalized jewellry

Blinglane is dropshipping in India using the DSers app.

DSers Shopify app

DSers is an AliExpress dropshipping app that you to place orders on AliExpress in bulk, track shipments, and manage products.

Most people use DSers because it can save you up to 96.7% of the order fulfillment time by allowing you to place your dropshipping orders on AliExpress in bulk:

Order in bulk feature of DSers

Here is what you can learn from Blinglane:

  • Build a community. Our favorite section of Blinglane's homepage is where they show all the pictures of their happy customers. It creates a sense of community:
Blinglane social community
  • Consider creating an affiliate program. If you receive considerable traffic on your dropshipping store, consider creating an affiliate program so your customers can promote your brand for you. Blinglane did it and even attached the catchy #Blingfluencer to it, which is a smart move:
Blinglane affiliate program

7. Red Raven Store

Red Raven Store
FoundedMarch 2021 (source: Wayback Machine)
Store typePrint on demand store
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themeCustom
Dropshipping appPrintrove
Monthly traffic27.5k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of Red Raven Store

Red Raven Store is a print on demand store from India that focuses on the sports niche.

They have designed items for sports, including football, cricket, Formula-1, tennis, and more.

According to their About Us page, the store was founded by a group of MBA graduates who wanted to do something with their passion for design.

And, according to their Instagram page, it's going quite well since they currently have 5,000+ orders and counting!

Red Raven Store best sellers

Here are some things you can learn:

  • Create an FAQs section. A good FAQs section can help resolve any doubts that your customers have, plus you'll have fewer customer service queries to answer!
Red Raven Store FAQs section
  • Invest time in amazing and unique designs. If you're running a POD store, one of the few things differentiating your store from the others is your designs. So focus on making them as good as you possibly can!
Red Raven Store designs

8. Cases Villa

Cases Villa homepage
FoundedAugust 2020 (source: Wayback Machine)
Store typeDropshipping store
NichePhone cases and chargers
Ecommerce platformShopify
Store themeCustom
Dropshipping appN/A
Monthly traffic40.9k (source: Similarweb)
Overview of Cases Villa

Note: If we didn't find a dropshipping app in the website's code, it's likely that they have a close relationship with their supplier or are fulfilling orders with a dropshipping agent.

Last on our list is Cases Villa, an Indian dropshipping store selling phone cases and chargers, primarily for Apple devices.

As you can see, we didn't find any dropshipping app in the website's code, so why do we think that it's a dropshipping store?

Well, we found some of their products on AliExpress.

Take this phone case, for example:

Cases Villa product example

This is the same exact phone case on AliEpxress:

Cases Villa product on AliExpress

Plus, we saw that they still have the Oberlo dropshipping app installed since 2020. Oberlo has since been discontinued, but it's just another indicator that this store is dropshipping.

So, what can you learn from it?

  • Be a one-stop shop. Let's say you just got a new iPhone 15. If you shop on Cases Villa, you can get a new case, screen protector, charger, and lens protector for your phone, all within one order!
Cases Villa categories
  • Create unique images and videos. This will help you stand out from your competitors. For instance, Cases Villa creates their own videos of their products on their Instagram page:
Cases Villa Instagram videos

Taking action

Reading and absorbing information and knowledge is great (definitely if it's free!), but do you know what's even better?

Taking action!

So, to help you with taking action with what you have learned in this article, take a look at the bullet points:

Where can you find more examples for your dropshipping store?

Would you like to see even more examples for your dropshipping store?

Then don't worry; we've got you covered with some awesome example articles:

And you can find even more articles that will inspire you right here.

Awesome, right?


There you go!

In our opinion, these dropshipping and print on demand stores have much to offer for those trying to get inspired and improve their stores.

Each example we explored in this article has some unique things that it does really well!

Thank you for sticking to the end of this article, and we hope you're left feeling inspired and motivated.

And if you're looking for even more inspiration, we highly recommend checking out these dropshipping store examples from the US.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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