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Hey! My name is Patryk and I've been in the dropshipping game for 5+ years now. After seeing all the dropship "gurus" trying to sell their courses, I decided to help build Do Dropshipping, share everything I've learned, and make all information you need to succeed in dropshipping available for free to everyone!

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  1. VR Kumar D Reply

    You are sharing a lot of valuable information.
    Does one domain work for customers worldwide and for all niches! Though having multiple stores and multiple domains is not a fair option.

    Could you through some light on domain names and demographic target and SEO etc.

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      Patryk Reply

      Hi Kumar,

      I’m glad to hear that you found the article to be valuable. If you’re looking to target customers worldwide in a variety of niches, I recommend using the “.com” domain which should be efficient and recognizable for most of the world’s population. I agree that creating multiple stores and domains would not be a fair option.

      I think that this article will help you when it comes to registering your domain. If you want some more information about demographics, check out this article for the best countries to target. Lastly, this article will help you to improve your store’s SEO.

      I hope these article will be valuable for you as well 😊
      – Patryk

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